The Hike ( Part Two )

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The Hike ( Part Two )My phone alarm went off right at 7:30 a.m. I turned it off and lay in bed for a minute. Then figured why waste my time getting ready if Jacob over slept or cancelled our hike. I texted him Good Morning Handsome. ( He kept calling me beautiful all the time and once when I called him beautiful back he said men are handsome not beautiful so it was kinda our pet names for each other.) I was contemplating if I should roll over and go back to sleep or get ready for our hike when my phone buzzed, it was Jacob and he texted me Morning Beautiful i’ll be by in like twenty minutes. I texted him back Ok handsome. Everything i needed i set out the night before on my chair. Some new socks that the package said where just for hiking (even though they felt funny on my feet when i tried them on) a pair of my blue shorts, my blue mandi top and my swimsuit. I own four different swimsuits and really had a hard time in picking out which to wear for our hike. I had a white two piece but noticed in my bedroom mirror you could kinda see my nipples through it. I had a solid black one but did’nt want to wear a one piece. I had my favorite two piece but you could pull on the strings of the bottom and it would come undone and i thought that might be to much for jacob to handle. So i settled on my multi colored two piece. I did’nt like how it made my hip bones stick out but the brown stripe on it matched the brown on the top of my hiking socks. I went into the bathroom and my Mom was the only one up drinking coffee and she said Hello dear and i said Hello Mom she said you have fun today with your friends at your pool thing. I said i will. I hated lying to my Mom and seldom did. But i also had the feeling Mom Knew i was up to something. I swear her eyes said I know what your up to Cheyenne.I got done brushing my teeth and using mouth wash and went back into my room and undressed. I caught a glimpse of myself standing naked in front of my mirror and couldn’t help but think look how ugly I am. I mean look at me my hip bones are to big, I have no cleavage at all my arms and neck are to long. My collar bones stick out to much. I’m way to skinny. I have no ass at all. Maybe that’s why Jacob said he would maybe have sex with me. He was just desperate and didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Why would any white guy think i wasn’t anything but an ugly little Indian girl? Just then I got a text from Jacob telling me he was on his way. I texted him back ok. I kinda quickly put my swimsuit on then my shorts and mandi top. I put those wierd feeling hiking socks on then my shoes. As i was putting up my hair into a pony tail i noticed my Mom in my doorway. I turned around and she walked up to me and said i’m going back to bed for awhile have fun with your friends and I could not even look at her. I knew she knew! I could tell the way she looked. She looked happy but like worried for me. I said i will Mom trying to stop my voice from cracking. I hated lying to her so much and hated that she seemed worried. My Mom then did the strangest thing and kissed me on the forehead like when i was real little then just stood there a second smiled and walked out of my room. I really wanted to cry. I mean I really wanted to tell her what was going on. I mean i knew what sex was but i wanted to ask her questions and tell her who liked me. She made me feel like a little girl again and i wanted to be her little girl again.Just then my phone buzzed. I picked it up and it was a call from Jacob. Jacob and i never talked on the phone., Never. I pressed the green phone icon and said Hello Jacob then he said Good morning beautiful and i could tell he was all full of energy. Jacob then asked if i was ready. i looked in my bedroom mirror like doing inventory and said Yup I’m ready.Then Jacob said good he was in his car out front and i said ok i’ll be out in a minute I got a Ok beautiful and then we hung up. As i was leaving the house i noticed how quite it was and that my Mom had gone back to bed.Wow it was pretty sunny out already but it wasn’t really hot yet. I looked up and there was jacob sitting in his car. He looked up and smiled at me and I smiled back him and noticed his car windows where all down. I said hey through his passenger window and opened his car door and got in.We talked about the weather and how hot we thought it was going to be today and other stuff. I think we could both tell that there was some tension between us but not like bad tension. We never talked the same in person as the things we texted about. I asked him when we got on the on ramp for the highway and he put up his car windows where are we going hiking and Jacob said just the other side of the river. He then asked if i’d ever hiked there and I said no.He told me him and Wild bill go hike there a lot in the winter. It occured to me he didn’t have his dog with him. I mean Jacob told me Wild bill was his most faithful hiking companion so i asked him. Jacob told me he couldn’t watch Bill and me at the same time so it was safer for him to stay at home. And jacob also said the news said todays high temp was going to be 95 degree’s and that was really hot for a black dog with long hair. I never thought of that and agreed.We pulled off the highway went up a huge hill then about 3 minutes later we where traveling down a dirt road. After we stopped Jacob asked me while he dug around in his back seat for something if i had to go to the bathroom at all because he pointed and said that’s the only bathroom in the whole park. i said no I am good. After Jacob got his backpack from the back of his car he made sure all his doors where locked and did the funniest thing. He pulled open his gas cap door kinda rolled up the lanyard around his keys and put them by his gas cap and closed the door. I smiled at him. I didn’t bring my cellphone because it would be a nightmare to lose anything out here.I noticed Jacob had a decent sized backpack over his shoulder and two good sized hiking bottles that i could see through their sweat both had ice something in one and ice water i think in the other. we walked the length of the gravel parking lot and looked a the billboard the park had posted warning us about rattlesnakes and all the information anyone would want on Peregrine Falcons.After we where up the trail about 5 to 10 minutes Jacob made me aware anytime i wanted to rest or drink just say so. I said okay. He also said he brought nuts, chips, jerky and couple sandwiches from the deli. we walked without talking for i don’t know a mile or two when Jacob stopped under some trees in the shade and looked right at me. Oh my God this was the moment. I could tell he kinda looked like a little boy up to something. He then said you know Cheyenne when we stop talking and feel the tension build between us it’s our bodies talking to each other. And i giggled and said really. Jacob said yes and took like two steps towards me and kind of grabbed my arm not tightly and he looked down at me and i looked right back up to him, jacob then said if he kissed me our bodies would settle down. i swallowed and felt like a stillness come over my whole body. I closed my eyes and and said an ok only i thought i could hear. Then i parted my lips and waited. I could feel Jacobs mouth was close to mine. I could feel his hot breath and could feel him smelling me all of a sudden he softly kissed me on my forehead. I opened my eyes and he stood there smiling down at me. I was kind of shocked and smiled up at him. That was the most beautiful romantic thing ever!jacob let my arm go, we drank some water and he told me the trail went all down from here. We rounded like a bend in the rock face and holy crap we where really up high. After about a quarter of the way down a couple falcons appeared and we both stood watching them. Wow they are big i said. While we stood there watching them jacob put his hands around my waist and i wanted to stay in this beautiful moment forever. The birds and where we where and him holding me oh it was so perfect. At one point i rubbed my face kinda on his shoulder while watching the birds. He let my waist go when the birds where gone and we headed down the incline. Almost all the way down we stoped and sat on some big rocks and both drank water. We both agreed the sun was starting to get hotter. The earth finally flattened out and we where in the forrest next to the river. It was cooler by far in the forrest. Jacob said straight up ahead there is some really wierd stuff you should see. A few minutes later we came across this old rusted bed, an old rusty stove and a chair wierd i thought they had to be from like 1950. We then crossed a dry stream and Jacob said soon we’d take a left where he knew a nice spot to chill with a break in the canopy of foliage with some fallen tree’s close to the river. We hiked and i could really smell the river, somehow it smelled cold.Then boom we where standing in sun that was peeking out between the branches. I noticed a used fire pit and jacob saw where my eyes where looking and said that was him in the winter i thought cool. He then took off his pack and i just stood there. Should i sit on one of the logs? Jacob then said check this out and and walked down a very black dirt path he kind of had to lean over to do so. I did’nt even notice the path. after maybe 30 seconds we where both standing on the rocks in full sunlight looking at the river. jacob said maybe later we can wade the river and go to the island in the middle. I said that would be fun. I could see the crystal clear water wasn’t even two feet deep. After awhile Jacob turned around and we both where back where his pack and downed trees where.Jacob handed me a water and it was so good and cold while he opened his pack and took out one of those cheap road side thrift store blankets with a bear in some tress on it. He laid it on the ground smiled at me and kinda laid down on it but was using the downed tree as a back rest. He kind of looked at me so i joined him. We both laid there passing water back and forth when Jacob sat up, he took off his shoes and stuffed his socks in them and set them on the ground next to the blanket. I couldn’t help but giggle when he started wiggling his toes. he laughed and i said his feet where ugly and he agreed. I noticed they where super white and even wrinkly.He said well i bet your feet aren’t any prettier and i agreed. Jacob said he didn’t think any part of me could be ugly and I said watch and I took off my shoes and my socks. jacob said they didn’t look ugly at all just sweaty. I said whatever.We had an moment of awkward silence then Jacob kind of laid down using the log again but a little bit closer to me this time. After awhile of both just laying there with our eyes closed Jacob broke the silence and said I think our bodies are talking again. Aha they are. Jacob lifted up his arm and said move a little closer. As i was moving a little closer to him he guided me with his hand under my shoulder then my back and my hand was on his chest and i looked at him, our lips where so close he smiled at me and I put my head in the crook of his shoulder. I don’t know how long we lay there sometimes I could hear Jacobs heart beat when i paid attention. Now and then the river would catch my nose and the sun would flicker through the branches. I almost fell asleep a couple of times. This wasn’t an awkward silence, this silence felt right. Jacob then moved and slid his hand under mine and we where kind of holding hands.Jacob said it was getting really hot and it was. He then asked if i had brought a swimsuit or if we where going to go skinny dipping and i playfully slapped his chest and said he was so bad. I told him yes i had it on under neath my clothes and he asked if i’d like to cool off in the river and i said no i was good. Jacob said ok. Then something important occured to me and before i could chicken out i quickly stood up and pulled my mandi shirt over my head and set it on the log. I looked down at Jacob and as i unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped them his eyes never left my body. I kind of let them slide down then stepped out of them and when i did Jacobs hand was on my calf slowly going up and down on it. I didn’t know what to do but i liked his hand on me. He then kind of pulled my leg towards him a little and my foot was on his chest. He took my foot and lightly kissed the tip of my big toe, then he kissed my toe next to my big one. Then he raised my foot up and kissed the bottom of my big toe and i could feel him like suck and kiss the bottom of my foot. I wanted to through my head back but didn’t because i knew i’d fall. He let go of my foot and while i stood there jacob sat up and took his shirt off then leaned back on the log and opened his arms.i got on my knees next to him and just looked at him and he put his hand on my hip almost touching my ass. He then guided me almost like before but not only was my hand on his chest but so was my head. Jacobs hand was slowly going back and forth from my shoulder to my waist, over and over he did this. At one point he put his hand over mine and was having me move it over his chest and stomach. He removed his hand but i kept moving mine. Everytime i moved my hand below Jacobs belly button i could tell it excited him. Just like everytime Jacob moved his hand almost past the waist of my swimsuit bottom i got jumpy. I don’t know how long we lay there holding and touching each other when Jacob said he had some Honey Oil for tanning and he asked if he could give me a massage. I said okay. He got up and walked a few paces and i said out of the blue to jacob what other things for me are in your bag. I think this kind of caught Jacob off guard and he just stood there then said with a big smile that he did not know. i said he was stupid and laughed. jacob was then on his knees next to me and i said no massage until you tell me what’s in the bag. jacob looked down at me and i could tell i was frustrating him. Then his eyes got wide and he grinned and said he would tell me while he massaged me. i gave him a fake angry stare like i was mad at him and when i did he leaned in and kissed me. For a second i let him then quickly removed my lips from his and said nope your trying to change the subject! He laughed and said ok ok i’ll tell you during your massage i said ok. I rolled over onto my stomach with my hands at my sides but right before i did i gave jacob the dirtiest look i could he never lost his smile. I then heard the cap click on the honey oil and felt him drizzle some down the center of my back and then like right below my butt down the center of both legs. I sighed when jacobs hands touched my back.Jacob then said ok Cheyenne what’s in my pack, you have to understand i’m older than you. And i said i knew that. Jacob then said he of course was not a virgin like me and i replied Aha and I knew he was choosing his words wisely.Jacobs hands where not on just my back, arms, and shoulders now but one was rubbing the oil he had put on my legs. I was fully aware of him little by little going higher up my leg almost to my inner thigh. Jacob said he didn’t want to lie to me but he didn’t know how to talk to me because i was a virgin he didn’t want to scare me either. i said hmmm just be honest i told him and he said okay. His hand that was on my leg and then the other leg reached the point where it was a hair away from running out of inner thigh so i changed the direction of my head and was looking away from Jacob and opened my legs a little more.Jacobs other hand not on my opened legs was slowly pulling the string on my swimsuit top. i don’t know if he knew I knew what he was doing but i let him. Jacobs other hand was so far up my inner thigh sometimes his thumb and part of his hand where like touching the bottom of one of my butt cheeks. Jacob said Cheyenne and i said yes and he said the only thing that he could tell me was no matter what we did that i could trust him and i said okay.More than one time now one of Jacobs hands slid across my ass and his other hand was going so low down my back that he was kind of pushing my bottoms down. Jacob then said raise your head up a minute Cheyenne and i said ok trying to do it without exposing my tits and before i knew what he was doing i felt something on my face. I panicked a little and Jacobs mouth was right next to my ear and he loudly but still whispered relax Cheyenne and i did. After Jacob tied a blind fold (I think it was silk. It was so soft)together on the back of my head flipping my ponytail over it, his hands where both back on my legs and back. More than one time now the tips of his fingers where under my swimsuit bottom and his other hand more than once grazed the side of my breast. Once i think Jacob wanted a handful of my little boob because he tried rolling me over a bit but i wouldn’t let him. Jacob started lightly kissing my back and shoulders and more than once was letting his finger tips go into the top of the crack of my ass. Out of nowhere Jacob not only moved his hand up my inner thigh but before i could react his whole hand was like cupping my whole vagina and his wrist was on my ass. I lifted my head and arched my back and he ran his hand quickly from my vagina across my ass and had his hand between my shoulder blades lightly pushing me back down as he rubbed my back and I relaxed again.As i lay there his hands where moving fast and slow all over me. I liked his hands caressing my inner thighs. Jacob was kissing and even lightly licking the back of my neck he would move his hand and inch down my swim suit bottom every now and then. I really didn’t know how much of my ass was showing and didn’t care then Jacobs side wasn’t touching my side anymore and his lips where in canlı bahis the small of my back right above my butt.Both of my legs had his hands on them from my ankles all the way to the bottom of my ass. While he was kissing and running his tongue down the small of my back he didn’t stop at my back and i could feel him lightly brush his lips then his face on my ass cheek. Jacob was driving me nuts running his tongue back and forth from the crack of my ass to the small of my back when his hands went up my thigh he rubbed my vagina through my swimsuit bottom and then was inside my swimsuit bottom kind of squeezing my whole right butt cheek when he did i did’nt mean to but a moaned out an ohhhh.Jacob’s breath was in my ear and he lightly sucked my earlobe and said relax. i squeaked out an okay with a soft cracked voice. Jacob then must have been like sitting next to me rubbing me all over because i could feel his knee and leg down my side. While he was rubbing me all over he stopped and put a finger in each side of my swimsuit bottom sides and slowly pulled it down exposing my entire ass. Both of his oiled hands where then on my ass and he slowly ran them up my sides with his thumbs in the middle of my back. When he hit a certain place in my back i said oh again and tried to arch my back but his hands where on my back not letting me. Jacobs hands then went from my shoulders real slow to my wrists. He kind of was holding me by the wrists while he was kissing my neck. His lips where on my ear and every now and then he kissed my cheek or breathed on my ear which i loved. While he was kissing and sucking my ear Jacob had eventually gotten my wrists together and was holding then together with only one of his hands. I felt something above my wrist that wasn’t Jacobs hand and then the other wrist. After awhile when he let my wrists go they where tied together. Jacob kept massaging me my swimsuit bottom was almost off and at one point Jacob raised my head by my ponytail and easily pulled the rest of my swimsuit top off. One of the strings from my top kind of burned my skin as it was pulled between the ground and i so i moved a little onto my side but before i could do anything Jacobs oiled hand was holding my breast not letting me lay flat again.Jacobs whole hand was on my breast and his other hand was on my ponytail again and he forced me to roll over onto my back. When i did i realized my swimsuit bottoms where down just past my vagina. I then felt oil dribble on my breasts and stomach. Then i felt it being dribbled down both of my legs. jacob then said he didn’t think i’d be the type that would shave between my legs and i kind of laughed and said well it looks better that way and Jacob laughed back well that must mean you meant for someone to see it. Before i could say anything Jacobs hands where working the honey oil into both of my breasts and i arched my back and he let me. his hands where all over my legs and stomach and neck. A few times the tip of a finger was even massaging my bottom lip. I expected him at any moment to go for in between my legs but he didn’t. Jacob was moving his thumb this time over my lips and i found the tip of his thumb touching my tongue slowly his whole thumb was in my mouth and i played with it with my tongue and sucked it. When he took his thumb out of my mouth his breath was in my face and i felt him taking off my swimsuit bottom. Once they where off i put my knee’s up and spread my legs as wide as i could. Jacob said Cheyenne and put his hands on each of my kneecaps and closed my legs. Jacobs lips where on my throat and then his lips went from there to my collar bone. When his hand went to my breast i moaned and moved only to have his lips softly sucking my other breast. Jacob was like flicking his tongue over my nipple and everytime he did it i almost screamed. After he kissed one breast then another Jacobs lips where kissing my belly than below my belly then right above my vagina, Jacob was kissing,sucking and licking right above my vagina. Again but with out thinking i spread my legs as wide open as i could. Jacob changed position and was on my other side. Jacob closed my legs and said not yet Cheyenne we have time. He was only rubbing my body with one hand now and i could feel his breath on my face i found his other hand under my head holding me by my ponytail. My hair was pulled by him and i arched my back. I found his lips on my throat and his hand rubbing the inside of my thighs, my stomach and squeezing my breasts. Jacobs hand stopped on my right breast and i felt his breath on my face. He then grabbed my nipple and i opened my mouth to gasp and found Jacobs lips on mine. I instantly greeted his tongue with mine. Oh i wanted him in me. Oh i loved kissing him. Jacob said in between kisses that i was so beautiful and he loved my body especially my cute little tits.When Jacobs tongue was deep deep inside me and his hand was lightly squeezing my throat he slowly oh so slowly dragged his fingers from my throat between my breasts over my stomach and stopped at my vagina. When he rubbed me down there i didn’t mean to say it in between kisses but i let out more of a whine then anything and said fuck me Jacob. Jacob in between kisses said i will, we have time Cheyenne.More than one time Jacob did something and i arched my back and found myself trying to grab him with my legs.We where both so hot and sweaty and oily and breathing heavy more than one time i struggled to get free of the rope around my wrists. He kept teasing my vagina with his fingers i wanted them in me! I wanted him in me. everytime i closed my legs on his hand he would move it to some other place on my body. Jacob was again rubbing my vagina and had me by my ponytail i wasn’t going to close my legs on his hand this time but i was trying to rub myself on his hand he was kissing me so deep while i was struggling with the rope around my wrists i then realized i was moaning in his mouth then all of a sudden something happened between my legs and i didn’t mean to but i kind of rolled on my side to get away from Jacobs hand. Jacob then said we are awfully hot and sweaty. I kind of chuckled and agreed. he kissed me softly and said maybe we should cool off and kissed me again. i said yes. he said okay and kissed me again. Then jacob said lets go for a swim and kissed me and i said okay? Jacob then kissed me again and asked are you ready? And i said well no not really and laughed a little. Jacob then kissed me and said your ready come on. I kind of wiggled and sat up and said Jacob aren’t you going to untie me and i found his lips on mine then his hands where like under my armpits and i was standing up. Jacob was behind me his lips at my neck one of his hands was going back and forth from each of my breasts and then his other hand had my ponytail. He pulled my hair where i was bent back and thought i might fall over. I wanted to say something i didn’t like the position he had me in but i couldn’t say anything with Jacobs tongue in my mouth. When he was done kissing me he didn’t release my ponytail he was only holding my head back. Jacob kissed me and said Cheyenne are you going to be a good girl? And i said what do you mean Jacob? He kissed me again and said but in a stronger tone Cheyenne are you going to be a good girl. I don’t know what you mean Jacob but i guess so. He then kissed me again and i felt like a pinching on my left nipple then jacobs tongue was in my mouth again. Then my nipple started to hurt. Jacob then stopped kissing me and said tell me you’ll be a good girl. I didn’t like him talking down to me.I didn’t understand what he wanted. I didn’t want to do this anymore. Then i felt Jacob doing the same thing to my other nipple also. He kissed me and i turned my head, Ouch jacob stop and he responded Cheyenne tell me you’ll be a good girl. I was getting angry now, a minute ago was so fun now i just wanted him to untie me and for this to be over. I kind of yelled No! and just as quickly as i yelled out no i screamed from the pain in my nipples. I screamed in Jacobs mouth because he was kissing me again he had pulled my nipples to hard they still hurt even though he stopped. I felt like crying it hurt so bad and then Jacob pulled me back again and said Cheyenne tell me you’ll be a good girl and i said Jacob please let me go. Then Jacobs hand was rubbing and squeezing my breasts again and he said Cheyenne tell me you’ll be a good girl. I was so scared he’d pull my nipples again then his hand stopped on my right breast and i could feel my nipple between his two fingers and begged him please no! Jacob removed his hand from my breast and said I’ll give you one more chance Cheyenne tell me you’ll be a good girl and i broke down and I said it. i found jacobs hands on both my ass cheeks pulling me tightly to him and his lips where kissing my neck. I was sniffling a little bit because i had almost started crying. Then he was kissing me again i didn’t want to kiss him and I kept turning my head from him. He kept moving with me. He had me by my ponytail and had me by my chin and i tried to keep my mouth shut but i couldn’t move i opened my mouth and only kissed him back out of anger at him. Jacob took his hand from my chin and had it between my legs i said no and closed my legs on his hand. He was kissing me deep and trying to force his hand between my legs and i was trying to yell no into his mouth but each time it only came out as Ahhhh Ahhhh.Jacob then stopped kissing me and trying to go between my legs and i felt his shoulder on my waist and next think i know i was up in the air with his hand on my ass. Jacob jacob! and he said what beautiful I said where are you taking me?! jacob then said a swim of course. What? Then he was bending over and when my feet touched the ground they where wet. He then had a hand on my roped wrists and i was sitting on wet rocks blindfolded with my wrists tied. Jacob then said he’d be back in a minute and I said what NO! don’t leave me like this then i heard a splash. Was that Jacob? I was so hot I could feel the sun baking me. My butt and feet where cold from the river water. I stopped struggling with my rope because it was making me hotter. i was trying to bend my head down to my hands to take off my blindfold when i heard Jacob in front of me.I said Jacob and he replied Yes and i said Please let me go. I then felt his cold hand on my back and he said no.Jacobs hand was forcing me down and I was laying on the rocks with his cold hand on my back then he pressed his chest into mine shocking me. I said god your cold and he put his lips on my neck my whole body shivered he was so cold and again i said please Jacob let me go. Jacob gave me a quick kiss and said no Cheyenne, god he was cold. I said please again.Jacob then said why are you shivering Cheyenne and i said i was cold and to please let me go. His cold legs where in between my legs, his cold chest was touching my chest and his hands where freezing and he rubbed them all over my body. He stopped kissing me and took my blindfold off. Man it was blinding sunny. Jacob looked me in the eyes and I said Jacob please let me go and he smiled and while he was kissing my breast he stared up at me. He then was kissing my stomach and moved the tip of his tongue from my belly button lower and lower never breaking eye contact with me. My eyes got big and Jacob noticed and smiled up at me while he was going lower. His tongue got to my vagina and didn’t stop.Oh my God!!! he put his lips on me and was licking me inside. Everytime his tongue went up to the top part of my vagina i arched my back more and more. Jacob oh jacob he licked my asshole and my vagina. Oh he was sucking me and kissing me down there. I didn’t realize more than once i was rubbing my vagina against his face yelling oh my god oh my god. Jacob was holding me by the hips and also at times rubbing my breasts. At one point he was doing something between my legs with his tongue and i was struggling as hard as i could to get my wrists free. I was trying to close my legs or roll on my side but no matter how violently i fought back Jacob kept me right where I was. I swear i wasn’t even there anymore i could hear my self moaning Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh I could feel the heat and sweat on my body, i could feel Jacobs finger almost in my ass and his magic tongue doing what ever he was doing to my vagina but it was like i wasn’t there. Jacob was done between my legs so i opened my eyes and he put a hand under my back then a hand under my legs and picked me up. He was carrying me back to the blanket and set me on my knee’s then his hand was on my stomach and he laid me face down. My legs where so weak what was Jacob going to do to me now? Honestly i really didn’t care what Jacob was going to do then his hands where going up and down my legs. His hands stopped at my ass and he was squeezing and spreading apart my ass cheeks. I just lay there and and Jacob spread apart my ass cheeks but this time his tongue and lips where on my vagina again. I raised up my head. Oh god again i squirmed not only when he tongued and sucked my vagina but especially when he was tonguing and licking my asshole. More than once he put his finger a little in my vagina and would go back to tonguing me. He also was putting a little of his finger in my ass too.Jacob then got up walked over and picked up the bottle of honey oil. I was looking right at him and he was looking right at me. he then unbuttoned the button of his wet shorts and then unzipped them. I was stuck watching him. I felt kind of emabaressed and ashamed looking right at him but i couldn’t help but stare. He then said with a smile on his face Cheyenne are you going to be my good girl as he lowered his wet shorts and underwear to the ground. i got a look at his rock hard dick and my eyes got big and then i locked eyes with jacob who was smiling and I said yes Jacob i’ll be your good girl.Jacob then was behind me. i felt his hands on my ass, legs and waist again. His tongue was again licking my asshole, vagina and around my vagina again. A few times i had my butt up in the air so high that i was on my knees with my face in the blanket. Jacob kept forcing it back down but not this time. This time right before he stopped licking my vagina i felt a bunch of honey oil drip down my ass and then Jacob was rubbing his big hard dick on my cheeks or putting it between my legs.Jacob had his hand on my chin and the other on my ponytail kind of twisting my neck towards him so he could kiss me real deep. When he’d let go of my ponytail he was either guiding the tip of his dick up and down my pussy or sticking a finger in my vagina and asshole at the same time. Jacob was on his knees between my legs again slowly putting fingers in my holes and squeezing my ass cheecks when his tongue wasn’t down there he was kissing my ass cheeks. Again every time I stared to raise my ass in the air Jacob would force it back down. Once i couldn’t help it and fought with all my strength to keep my ass in the air and Jacob slapped my right as cheek with his hand. It hurt but when he did it something happened to my vagina and instead of putting my ass down i pushed it more in his face. He continued to lick my vagina I could feel I was super wet and hot down there. Again he was sliding his finger a little in out of my ass and again I clinched my butt cheeks tight but this time he smacked my right ass cheek again. I unclenched my ass out of reflex put my face into the ground clenched my teeth together and moaned. When he smacked my ass the second time my whole body spasmed because Jacob had his finger all the way up my ass. He took his other hand and forced me to lay flat on the ground never taking his finger out of me. Jacob asked if I was alright and I said yes through clenched teeth. With his finger inside me my body kept shaking and when my teeth weren’t tightly together it was because i was taking big lung fulls of air then holding my breath again. My asshole was clenching and unclenching on his finger without me able to control it at all. I noticed i was slowly grinding my pelvis into the ground and my ass was going up and down. jacob didn’t move his finger at all but it was moving inside me.Jacob was no longer on his knee’s behind me he was kind of slithering his body up mine and he was on top of me. I could feel how sweaty and hot his chest was on my back. I could feel the palm of his hand on my butt cheeks while his finger was still in me. I felt him breathing on my neck and turned my head more his direction. Jacob then slowly took his finger out of me and i started to relax then he slid his finger up into me again i raised my head up and held my breath. Over and over again i did this everytime Jacob put his full finger in me. he started to put in me a little quicker each time and while he was doing so he was lightly kissing and licking my neck, shoulders and the side of my face when available. When he finally did remove his finger from me my asshole kept clenching and unclenching uncontrollably. Jacob was running just the tip of himself up from my asshole down to my vagina back and forth. His other hand was kind of under my arm caressing my throat and sometimes my lips. i took his thumb into my mouth and sucked it and drew my lips back and forth over it. he had his arm underneath me and was holding me in a kind of hug when i felt pressure on my butt, Oh god i said in a whine and at first buried my head in the blanket. then the pressure was gone. Jacob moved his arm more and i rested the side of my face on his forearm. my face kept sliding on his forearm because we where both so sweaty and oily. I felt pressure on my asshole again but i didn’t clench my teeth together until bahis siteleri the very tip was in me. I squirmed under him and fought against my bound wrists. He was in me. Oh god i blurted out oh my god! My asshole started tightening and loosening on him again and when it tightened i tried to keep it tight on him because it felt better. I kept gasping for air and saying. oh god, oh my god, please, oh jacob.Jacob moved his arm and had his hand back holding my chin and again he had me by my ponytail. He really bent my head towards his and was kissing me so deeply. i was breathing so hard in his mouth our tongues where like they where dancing together. I felt Jacob slide into me more and arched my back downward raising my shoulders to him. he released my ponytail and ran his hand down my shoulder then back while he let go of my chin with his other hand and instead was holding me by the throat. He was kissing my neck when he pulled out of me a little and i felt him loosening my wrists, then i felt him go back up inside me and i moaned and my hands where both free. I put my left hand in front of me and my right stayed at my side. He moved his hand down my left side cupped my breast along the way down up my shoulder then he was holding my hand. i moved my head back and to the side and kissed him.We stayed like that awhile just passiontly kissing. They where so long and deep. At some point i slid down a little and more of Jacob went inside me. i raised my head up and tightened my grip on Jacobs hand. he lightly kissed the back of my neck and he pulled himself out of me a little. I just laid there while Jacob didn’t move other than his little kisses. I moved my head and was facing to the right and moved Jacobs hand towards my mouth and kissed it. He then slid himself back in me i tried to arch my back as much as i could under him and spread my legs a little wider. Jacob was in me more now than he ever was. And i moaned out oh god, oh god, please oh jacob your to big. he then pulled part way out of me again and then was going back in me, Oh my god i said and shook my head tightly shut my eyes and let go of jacobs hand and grasped the blanket underneath me.he slowly pulled himself almost out of me again. Jacob then had my chin again and we locked eyes as he leaned in to kiss me. As we fell into each other’s eyes I said yes Jacob. I took my free hand and held the side of his face while we kissed. He then was slowly entering me again., ever so slowly he went in me more than he had ever. i put my hand on the back of his neck opened my eyes and looked into his just as I cried out Jacob. He kept sliding into me and again I whined Jacob. He exhaled warm air towards my face put his lips so lightly on my mine i opened my mouth to him and our tongues just barely touched. Jacob was still entering me god he was so big. At one point i pulled Jacob towards me by the back of his neck and for a second he kissed me deeply before i moved my head. He was sill entering me, my asshole was clenched so tight around him my butt cheeks hurt from being so tight. I tried to arch my back more towards him and spread my legs as far apart as i could but he was still entering me. I cried out his name. Jacob stayed still but was massaging my throat with one hand and my side, shoulder back and breast with the other. I tried to move down on him but couldn’t. Then i moved my butt back and forth down slowly. back and forth back and forth. Jacobs breath was so hot on my neck at some point he held my chin again and used my ponytail to direct my head towards his. I didn’t fight back my neck had no strength as well as my out stretched arms. He kissed me so slow and deeply. Meanwhile everytime i stopped moving my guts and ass seemed to hurt so i kept moving up and down on Jacobs dick just a little bit. We stayed like that awhile i hardly had the strength to even kiss him back. Many many times Jacob would switch hands under my chin and kiss me long and deep then switch hands moving my face from left to right leading me with my ponytail to his lips. He didn’t seemed to mind i was almost not kissing him back. A long time we stayed like this until Jacob grasped my ponytail with one hand and had his other holding my throat. He slowly pulled himself almost out of me and then slowly started entering me again. He pulled me back by my hair and my neck was really stretching by the time he was fully inside me again. I was so weak and was panting for breath while jacob again slowly pulled almost out of me and then when he was almost all in again he tightened his hand that was grasping my throat even tighter and thrust the last part of in me. my eyes filled with tears my legs seemed to go numb and he was pulling part way out of me again. Jacob was still holding my throat tightly and stretching my neck using my ponytail still, when again he thrust the last part of him inside me. I begged Jacob. I tried to crawl away from him but couldn’t. Again he was a little quicker this time pulling out of me while he moved his hand from my throat and held the side of my face. His other hand was kind of underneath my hip, stomach and cupped my left breast. As he was entering me again he tenderly kissed my ear lope then the side of my face. I put my face more into the palm of his hand. Jacobs other hand was holding my breast while my nipple was between his fingers. He was all the way inside me but i felt him seem to push inside me as hard as he could. Jacob please I said into his hand. He then pulled about out of me then quickly inside me again. It seemed better when he was going in and out of me then when he just held it in me. Jacob started going in and out faster and faster and i could feel my vagina like it did when his tongue was in it while I was begging him please, please, please.His thumb was going back and forth across my lips and i kissed the palm of his hand before I slowly took his thumb into my mouth. When i swallowed his thumb a bit to much i gagged a little but was distracted by Jacob lightly sliding his lips from my neck to my cheek. he sucked kissed my cheek. he was going faster now in and out of me i kept yelling out Oh and his name. My vagina was building up and up. jacob was kissing me again and i was shoving my tongue into his mouth as hard as i could. I looked him in the eyes and said Jacob? and he slowed down a bit and said Cheyenne? And i half cried have squealed please jacob. he put his thumb in my mouth and i gagged on it gasped for air than gagged on it again. After i gagged on Jacobs thumb many times i laid my head down and Jacob was literally ramming his dick in me. i started to struggle and move underneath him and he had me by my wrists. I kept saying Jacob please Jacob but he kept putting himself in me harder and faster. I yelled out please god help me and felt something warm come out of my vagina and again like before it was like i wasn’t there but worse than before. I cold smell jacobs sweat and the river. i could here jacobs pelvis slapping into my butt cheeks. i was aware i was fighting to get away from him with every muscle in my body i even was digging my toes into the ground trying to push away from him. I was yelling fuck me Jacob and Jacob help me!, but it was like i wasn’t even there. Again my vagina let lose and I could fill my whole body violently shake.Jacob then slowly had me by my wrists again and pulled out of me. I just laid there and came back to myself and was trying to calm my breathing down. when i calmed down some jacob had tied my hands behind my back again and when i became more aware i felt him also tying my feet together. i felt his hands grab me under my shoulders and i was suddenly sitting on my feet jacob was standing right in front of me looking down at me directly in my eyes. he moved towards me and i opened my mouth for him. I slid as much of him in my mouth as i could but gagged almost instantly. i caught my breath and bent forward again and again i gagged on him i kept gagging on him. I brought him slowly into my mouth and he went passed where i kept gagging on him down my throat and i swear to god something in my vagina woke up like it did before. i kept jacobs tip in my mouth and caught my breath then again slowly took him into my throat. jacob said oh Cheyenne and i looked up at him and he had thrown his head back. I swallowed him again and choked then again and chocked then again and he was in my throat.I held him in my throat and moved my tongue on his penis and jacob seemed to push himself in me more and i gagged hard and let him out of my mouth. Spit was all over my chin and chest. i could feel it trickling down my stomach super slowly. Jacob was looking down at me and i kept eye contact with him this time as i had him in my throat again. Three or for times while our eyes where locked i took him into my throat until i gagged. jacob then got on his knees before me and we where kissing each other so wildly and deep. jacob kept running his hands across my breasts or he was spreading or squeezing my ass.Jacob then got up walked over to the log looking at me the whole time and took the silk blindfold that was on the log, put it around his neck and came back over by me. he stood above me moved his dick from one cheek to another while i stared up at him. Each time he would act like he wanted in my mouth i would open my mouth for him and the most he would let me do is maybe kiss the tip of him. as he leaned down to kiss me he said Cheyenne your so hot when you pout. Then he had me standing up he had one hand on my ass while we kissed and with the other he was putting his silk scarf around my neck.jacob then stepped about a step and a half away from me and he had affixed his scarf to me and was actually pulling me towards him. i found it very hard to walk and had to take little baby steps. he led me about ten feet away into the grass where again he had his hand cupping my ass cheek while we stood there kissing. he then helped me get on my knees and put himself right in front of me and when i took him into my throat he grabbed my ponytail and forced himself into my throat. i tried hard not to gag but couldn’t help it four or five times he did that gagging me worse and worse each time. While i was gasping for air he bent down and kissed me while he squeezed my breasts. Then he was gently forcing me to the ground where i laid face down. he then had ahold of my ponytail and i realized he was tying one end of his silk scarf to it then he rubbed his hand down my back and butt to my legs until he grabbed the rope keeping my feet together and he like rased my feet up into the air bending my legs at the knees and my head was stretched back. jacob had it where if i moved my head forward my feet would come forward and if i moved my feet back my neck would stretch more. I liked the way the grass felt on my sweaty skin but i hoped i wasn’t in this position long. Jacob was in front of me and i looked up at him. He was rubbing my shoulders when i opened my mouth for him. I really couldn’t take him into me cause it was difficult to move my head but i soon found out jacob was going to do all the work. Jacob was going very slow in and out of my mouth maybe one out of ten times he went in deep down my throat, when i did gag it wasn’t that bad at all. jacob asked if i like what he was doing and i said Aha with his dick still in my mouth. he was going a tiny bit faster in my mouth but still i only slightly gagged on him. He had himself in my throat and just stopped and held it there and i swear it was uncomfortable and i even gagged a little but something was happing to my vagina again like when Jacobs tongue was in it. Jacob slid almost out of my mouth and then slowly he was back in my throat again. When i gagged this time jacob pushed himself a little farther down my throat and i gagged more. jacob said take it all cheyenne then he pulled a little of himself out of my mouth again he was in my throat deep and i instantly choked and he just held it there. i couldn’t stop chocking and my eyes filled up with water and he pulled himself kind of out of my choke point i barley caught my breath around his dick when he was back in my throat. he was pushing himself deeper into my throat and i wouldn’t let him and i kept choking and choking he then pulled out a bit and was instantly in my throat. i had to catch my breath he was choking me to much. i tried to moan it only came out as mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm then he slightly pulled out of me but instantly he was even deeper down my throat i tried to yell this time and it came out mmmmmmmm. i then tried to roll away from him but couldn’t. he was in and out of my throat faster and faster i kept looking up at him trying to tell him with my eyes to please stop, Jacob your hurting me but he just kept fucking my mouth. i think i started to cry. Once when i was fighting as hard as i could to stop him from going deeper in my throat he smacked me hard on the ass and every inch of him was in my mouth. i instantly felt liquid come out of my vagina and i seemed to shake and i wasn’t there again. He kept fucking my throat faster and harder looking into my eyes the whole time while i choked and my stomach heaved. Again more fluid came out of my vagina and i felt super super hot down there. just as i felt like i was going to choke to death or pass out jacob moaned and shot his head back and i looked up watching him and some of his seed shot down my throat and filled my mouth. i really couldn’t breath now. i felt some of his seed trickle down my chin. Jacob then looked down at me and slid like quarter of his dick out of my mouth and he said swallow it Cheyenne. i said mmmmmmmm,no!. he again said swallow it and i tried and gagged. he just kept looking down at me again i swallowed some of it gagged and my stomach heaved. I Again swallowed and his seed was all gone except what was still on my chin.Jacob then undid my feet and wrists and took himself out of my mouth. i immeditaly gasped for air and began to cry loudly. mean i really cried tears where running down my face like a waterfall jacob touched my arm and i pushed him away. There i was naked completely covered in sweat, oil and his seed, on my hands and knees in the grass crying i was so ashamed. Jacob all of a sudden had me in a bear hug and i was up off my feet i tried to kick him he only laughed and said Cheyenne. i was mad at him he kind of put me down on the blanket but never let me go. jacob then said please Cheyenne and i said No! he laughed again and it made me more angry, how could he hurt me like that? And again i kicked his legs and tried to get away from him. i yelled no jacob! he said please Cheyenne and his lips where on my neck sucking and kissing it. No! No! No! i thought i tried to remain still ridged as i could Fucker! He was still kissing my neck and everytime he tried to kiss me on the lips or cheek i turned my head form him. No! jacob kept kissing my neck and shoulder and kept me pinned to him with only his one arm and with his free hand he was massaging my hip, as cheek and cupping my breast. i caught his eyes and he smiled at me i said no Jacob but he continued like i didn’t say anything. Jacob wrapped me in both arms again and then freed his other hand this time but while he was kissing my shoulder and neck he grabbed me by my ponytail and forced my face towards his. i looked him right in the eyes and said no jacob! he put his lips softly on my lips and i swear i didn’t want or mean to i opened my mouth for him and when his tongue touched mine we kissed each other so deep. I swear his kiss was so different it was like he was telling me he was sorry. I laid there in his bear hug like that forever. Jacob then stopped and i said i was still mad at him and he replied that he was sorry. i kissed him and i could tell in his eyes that he was sorry. I kissed him again and said why Jacob. he put his head on my shoulder and told me he just thought i was so beautiful and that he just lost control. I leaned to kiss him and he kissed me back softly but with more tongue. I liked how submissive he was kissing each time we kissed i controlled the passion in him. finally he let my arms go and i pushed his chest and he was on his back. I crawled on top of jacob and looked down into his eyes and gave him a little kiss on one cheek then another, then his chin then his lips then his chin again. he smiled at me i liked teasing him. he started to try for me to kiss him the way we where kissing before but i wouldn’t let him. he looked up at me like his eyes where sad and he said Cheyenne your so beautiful. I just looked at him. he put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me towards his lips and i let him.He let my neck go and put his hands on my hips and pulled myself towards him and i found myself straddling him. I rubbed and dug my fingers into his chest. When I leaned down to kiss Jacob I slowly slid him inside of me and leaned back on him. I saw Jacobs eyes close and he moaned. Jacob then looked at me as I slowly was grinding my ass on his dick and Jacob said Cheyenne your so little how can you fit so much cock up your ass? I stopped riding him my eyes got big and with my right hand I smacked Jacob in the face. I told him don’t talk to me like I am not a whore. Something came over me i never felt before. i felt confident never in my life had i ever been assertive or aggressive. Jacob leaned up towards me and put his hands on my breasts and kissed me and said he was sorry.I kissed him back pulling him by the back of his neck then i grabbed him by the writs and pulled his hands from my breasts. Then pushed him back on the ground with my hand on his chest. i had my hands on his shoulders looking down into his eyes while i smiled. he kept trying bahis şirketleri to rase himself up to kiss me but i kept smiling and kept my lips out of reach. I told jacob to ask me to please kiss my lips. jacob smiled and said please Cheyenne can i taste your beautiful lips. I leaned forward and kissed him long but not using my tongue no matter how hard jacob was trying to.i then stopped kissing him and could see jacob was going nuts and he was trying to pump himself in my ass but i wouldn’t let him. I looked down at Jacob again while he was reaching for my breasts, i moved his hands away and didn’t let him we struggled and ended up holding hands. I smiled and locked eyes with Jacob and said Jacob ask me to please ride you. Jacob said instantly please ride me Cheyenne. I grinded jacob just a little and said I don’t know Jacob again he said Please Cheyenne ride me. i slid most of him out of me and while i was sliding him back into me i said say please and Jacob arched his back and i could feel him swell in me as i slid him into me and jacob said almost in a panick please Cheyenne please.I was slowly taking him in and out of my ass. On top of him I could control my muscles more and clenched when I went down and unclenched when I went up. This seemed to drive Jacob nuts. My vagina seemed to like it also and was starting up again. I looked at Jacob and asked him the day you saw me hiking with my girlfriend’s why wouldn’t you look at me? Jacob smiled at me and replied he couldn’t because I was sticking my chest out at him and if he looked at my cute little tits again he would have grapped them. I took his hands and pulled them to my breasts as I slammed myself down on him he went in me deeper than he ever had on top and both of our eyes got big. I wanted him so bad and decided I would let him do what he wanted to do to my mouth again as soon as I was done impaling my self with him.I was going crazy on him. Grabbing my ass, grabbing and squeezing my own breasts. Leaning back and whipping my head and hair all around. Hi big cock was so good. Again I wasn’t even there. So much juice was coming from my ass and vagina. I told Jacob I needed him in my throat. I kept bouncing and bouncing on him rubbing my vagina. My stomach heaved and I spit up some of Jacobs seed and I wiped it from my chin and chest and wiped it all over my face and put my own fingers in my mouth and sucked his seed from them. I came back to myself for a minute and slowed down my bouncing on him. I locked eyes with Jacob and said help me Jacob I’m a whore, something let go in my vagina and I was gone again. I collapsed on Jacobs chest crying. He wrapped his arms around me and was rubbing my back. I couldn’t stop crying I took Jacob out of my butt really slow and felt fluid flowing from my butt and vagina.. I looked at Jacob through tears and lightly kissed him on the mouth and said I was sorry. He kissed me lightly on my lips and said I had nothing to be worried about. I lay on top of him with my face on his chest while Jacob stroked my hair and back. After I stopped crying I almost fell asleep.I looked at Jacob and he had his eyes closed. He opened them and smiled. I asked him how big he was and he replied 6foot 4 inches. I grinned and said no down there. Jacob said oh almost 8 inches. I asked if that was big for a man and he said by the movies he saw he’d say it was about average. I kissed him roughly on the lips grabbing his face. He had his hands all over my body. I kept kissing with like we had never kissed before. I kissed his neck and chest. I put my tongue below his belly button drawing a line straight down with it until I was on my knees face to face with Jacobs dick. I kissed and licked his shaft and he moaned. I grabbed the base of him and bent him towards me and licked the tip of him and lightly kissed it. I exhaled deeply again my vagina started up. I needed him in my mouth. I put my lips on him and sucked his tip. Slowly his tip was in my mouth then his shaft. I reached the point where I thought I would choke on him but I didn’t. I was taking a lot of him. I bobbed up and down on him taking a little more of him each time. Finally I took a deep breath and forced him completely down my throat. My eyes filled with water and I gagged bad but held him there. I looked at Jacob and his eyes where closed, I knew he loved me, and his face looked like he was in pain.I slid my lips up his diick then instantly had all of him in me again. Jacob said oh Cheyenne. I did this over and over. I loved choking on him.Jacob then cried my name again oh Cheyenne I’m going to cum. We locked eyes he was rubbing my shoulder and cupping one of my breasts. Up and down I went. Oh Cheyenne, Oh Cheyenne and the base of his pbig dick swelled like before and then his shaft I kept him in my throat and felt his hot seed shoot straight down it. Released him from my mouth with a plucking sound and had very little of his seed in my mouth. I held Jacobs dick by the base next to my face and looked up and smiled at Jacob. He said come here opening his arms. Jacob held me in his arms I closed my eyes while he rubbed my back and I fell asleep.Jacob let me lay there in his arms slowly massaging my back and ass while I slept. He told me when he squeezed my ass while I slept I moaned and kissed his chest in my sleep. I loved Jacob. After half an hour of sleep Jacob woke me and asked when I had to be home. I told him around 9 or 10 he looked at his watch and we had about 6 or 7 hours left together. Jacob said we have plenty of more time to clean up and hike back and kissed me. He also asked if i was to soar to have anymore sex. I said no and underneath my leg his dick began to get hard. I laughed and grabbed it with my hand and slowly rubbed it while looking him in his eyes.jacob do you love me?, and he didn’t hesitate and said yes. i told him i loved him also. I apologized and told him i was ashamed of what a whore i acted like earlier and he kind of laughed and said Cheyenne your not a whore your still a virgin. Oh my god i stopped masterbating him and my eyes got big, I forgot i was! Jaco i asked why haven’t you been in my vagina? He responded he wanted to wait and asked if i still got off though, you know orgasmed and i spit out hell yes i’ve gotten off.Jacob then sat up grabbed my breast and kissed me. He then stopped and said can i do one more thing to you before we clean up? i asked him what he had in mind. He kind of grinned and looked down, i took him by the chin and made him look at me and said what do you want to do to me Jacob? he spoke softly saying i could trust him. I was scared and asked does it involve me being tied up again? He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, yes.When he leaned back he looked at me then looked down again. I looked hard at Jacob and he seemed so boyish at that moment and was not even half limp. I said yes i am jacobs good little girl. he looked at me and smiled while he leaned forward kissed me and slowly pushed me to the ground with his lips locked to mine, he was very very hard again and my heart was hammering in my chest what was jacob going to do to me? I’m not stupid and knew he wanted to tie me up because he was going to do something i wouldn’t like but……Jacob stood up and walked over to the side of the blanket and picked up the rope that was in the grass. he turned around and told me to get on my knee’s , i did putting my hand behind my back while my body shook violently. I was terrified of what Jacob was going to do to me. The rope scared me. Jacob smiled and said no cheyenne put your hands in front, i complied. As he was tightly tying my hands together in front of me i thought what ever he does if it hurts real bad i can at least untie myself, i also noticed Jacobs big dick was hard as a rock and kind of red. He then for a second was gone behind me then i was blindfolded. Jacob then was squeezing my right breast. I loved his attention on my small tits when i had been rubbing them myself since i was young and it was better when Jacob did it. Jacob then was in my mouth and he said suck me slow Cheyenne. I did. I gagged on him over and over again. He pulled himself out of my mouth and i couldn’t believe it but smacked me in my face with himself. I did not mean to but i laughed. Jacobs hand then had a firm grip on my ponytail and he was pulling me to my feet. He was pulling my head back and at first i could feel grass under my feet then dirt from the black trail of it to the river. (We must be going to the river i thought.) but then Jacob stopped and was doing something with my hands and i found my wrists being pulled up and up until finally i was on my tippy-toes. My toes where digging in the black dirt and jacob started talking to me and i could feel his breath on my fave and his hands on my ass. Jacob said Cheyenne i’m going to tell you now out of everything we have done your going to dislike this the most. I said please no jacob, please. He then responded beg all you want Cheyenne it’s only going to make me harder. I started to cry and hated him how could he betray me like this again my body went limp when Jacob hit my bare ass with a stick or something and i screamed, he then hit the back of my thighs and i screamed NO JACOB! at the top of my lungs and struggled and swung a little with all my might. He then had his hands on my breasts and said Cheyenne and i spit out a what! H said i’m going to ask you a few questions and if you don’t answer me i’m going to punish you okay? i made the mistake of staying silent and he hit my ass again and i screamed out YES! YES! YES! He said good now Cheyenne what did you mean when you texted me what was my problem with you? Where you mad at me? I answered yes. Jacob then asked why i was mad at him while he was tying my ankles together. I told him i did’nt know why and he hit my ass hard i screamed. Again jacob asked me why i was mad at him and through a cracked broken voice i said please please Jacob I do not know why. Jacob then hit me again on my breasts it hurt so bad i couldn’t even scream and i kind of wasn’t there but not in the good way. The pain was so much that i really thought i might die, when he hit my breasts it was like the wind was knocked out of me especially my left breast where he made contact with my nipple i caught my breath and came back to myself and i was crying loudly as Jacob was putting something like a scarf around my mouth. He was behind me kissing my neck and rubbing his hands all over my body i stopped crying but my chest still heaved and i was still terrified of him. Jacob said do you like being helpless for me Cheyenne and i muffled out a yes. He then asked if i was his good little girl and i said a muffled I am your good little girl Jacob. Jacob then asked why then won’t i tell him why i was mad at him he stopped touching me and i started to cry again i tensed my whole body expecting for him to hit me somewhere but instead he untied my mouth and my feet. I found myself being lowered and was on my knees in the black dirt still crying when Jacob pushed me down and i was laying on my back in the dirt. he grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me until my arms where streched out and he roughly spread my legs open and was inside of me with his tongue. he was sucking on my vagina and in the inside of my thighs i was done crying even though my breasts and ass still felt like they where bleeding. Jacob was liking every part of my vagina except in the one spot he normally did the most before. he kind of reached under my back and pulled, i could see again. He stared at me and i stared back. he put both of his arms on my hips and crossed them and set his chin on his hands and said why won’t you answer me Cheyenne. I tried the best smile i could gather and said i’m Jacobs good girl. He smiled kissed my right below his hands on the top of my vagina and said no that’s not the answer. i just looked at him. Confused what did he want me to say. Jaco kissed my vagina again and then was on his knee’s and said he would have hit my body more with the stick if i answered his question right. I looked at him confused. i lay there nude in the dirt with Jacob on his knees looking down with and almost hurt look in his eyes. He said he knew the first time he saw me, when there was nothing or no one in the world but me. I started to cry and grabbed him by the shoulder forcing his lips towards mine with one hand and firmly grabbing his half limp dick with the other. I pulled his manhood hard and leaned back from him just a little and said i was angry because i loved you. he smiled at me and took my hand from his dick and like london bridges falling down our fingers where locked together and he pulled me on top of him we kissed while laying in the black dirt in the shade of the trail.Jacob then said get on your knee’s Cheyenne and i did. he scooted underneath me and smiled as his face disappered between my legs. I let out an oh jacob as his tongue went right to my spot. He had me by my hips forcing me down on his face. Oh Jacob and i through my head back. I then needed him badly,so badly i leaned forward grabbed him the base of his big dick and made him hard with my mouth. I grinded my vagina into him and pumped my butt up and down. jacob was in my throat and only once, at first did i gag. i held him in my throat using my tongue on his shaft. Oh my god Jacob again i got off. I wanted my mouth and throat full of his seed, oh my god jacob again. I pulled him from my mouth and stared at his dick while jerking him off and jacob forced me off of him. I lay on my side and Jacob pulled me by my ankles and i was in the dirt on my stomach. i was full of it but didn’t care.jacob then on top of me with his hand holding my throat kissing me. We couldn’t kiss each other hard and deep enough it was like we where desperately trying to consume one another but couldn’t. Jacob was in my ass, I spread my legs but Jacob kept them locked in place with his. He was deep in me and i looked into his eyes and said Jacob. He slowly pulled almost out of then had his hand very very tight at my throat and he rammed himself inside me and held himself there. I couldn’t breath and felt liquid come from my vagina Jacob let my throat go and i gasped for air with the side of my face in the dirt. he then was almost out of me then in. I was grasping at the black dirt arching my back and Jacob pulled my head back by my ponytail i said please , please please with every thrust. He released my pony tail and i found he had taken my rubber band from it and my hair fell all around my face.My vagina was building and building with ever thrust then i arched my back yelled jacob he thrust harder and i was gone i put my shoulders up my back arched i tried to pull away from him but he was now holding me by the waist. i whipped my head back and forth squeezing jacobs free hand and could here my self yelling God please help me, God please help me. I fell limp on the ground as my vagina exploded my whole body shook and tingled Jacob thrust in me awhile longer and said Cheyenne, Cheyenne and i put my legs more together and clinched my ass ass hard as i could while my muscles spasmed and i could fell Jacob push as deep as he could in me until he collapsed on my back. We lay like that awhile panting while i rubbed the back of jacobs neck. my vagina was still going and i couldn’t stop shaking Jacob rolled off me and i just laid there. I could hear him doing something by the logs but still laided there in the soft black dirt riding my orgasm with my eyes closed.When jacob returned he was playing with my hair and made a ponytail in his hand and pulled me to my knees. then he had his hand under my ass and i was cradled in his arms. I wanted to sleep and closed my eyes. I heard splashing noise and opened my eyes and jacob sat down in the water with me kind of in my lap, my but and back just slightly in the water.We where both very very dirty and the water was cold. jacob smiled at me and poured liquid soap on my breasts neck and bare legs. he was going to bath me? Wow. he stared to rub water and soap all over my feet, legs and breasts and i kissed him. i took soap from my neck and breasts and stared to rub it into his neck, shoulders and back.In no time we where completely cleaned jacob said he thought i was clean but said he should check and stuck my toes in his mouth and sucked them. he then did it to my other foot. He kissed my breasts and then moved and we where both nude in about a foot of water holding hands. jacob pulled me towards him and we where about in the middle of this section of the river about three feet deep. jacob let go of me swam under the water. Grabbed me put his face between my legs sucked/kissed my vagina then bit my ass then emerged laughing i spalshed water at him and said Ouch jacob my ass is cold that hurt. I put my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and out cold lips joined again. We kissed long enough where his hair and both our shoulders got dry jacob at some point looked at his watch and said we have about four more hours before we have to hike back up. i said ok.We waded towards the rocks and jacob grabbed my hand as we walked nude together acrossed the rocks on our beach. When we got to the black dirt trail he picked me up and carried me and set me down on our blanket. Jacob sat next to me messed with his watch and said the alarm would go off in tree hours i said ok again as he laid next to me. i put my hand on his chest and we kissed then i laid my head on his chest while jacob put his back pack under his head. I took one more kiss from his lips and then his chest as jacob flipped the blanket over us. My ass was hanging out bare and my back but jacob was warm. jacob was lightly running his hand down my shoulders, back and ass as i kept giving his chest little kisses and i i drifted off to sleep wondering if i could fall asleep still giving Jacobs chest little kisses, little kisses, little kisses………..

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