the homeless girl


the homeless girlI was out walking around one evening when I came across a cute young girl sitting around on a bench in the park. She was maybe 17 or 18 I thought and looked like she was homeless. I walked by her and sat down and asked her what was going on and she just looked up and said not much just sitting around. I asked her if she had anything to eat or had a place to live and she did not say anything for a while and then said no. I looked at her and she was cute maybe 110# 5’1” and had a nice body as far as I could tell with the baggy stuff she had on to keep warm. I said well why don’t you come home with me and you can at least get a hot shower and something to eat and a place to sleep. She hesitated for a while and said nothing but finally got up and followed me to my car and I drove her to my place. She got out and followed me inside and I showed her the bathroom and a spare bedroom and told her to make herself at home. I got a towel out and put it in the bathroom got out a silky robe that I wore from time to time and put it on the bed and showed her were everything was and said enjoy and went out to make some dinner. I could hear the shower running and as I made dinner she got cleaned up. I decided that because this was my house I did not care so I had on my garter belt nylons open cup bra and a nice baby doll nighty and high heel sandals. I finished dinner and soon she came out into the kitchen in her robe and stopped in her tracks when she saw me. I smiled and said hope you do not mind but this is how I dress around the house I am a cross dresser and always wear this stuff around the house. She was a little shocked, but I told her to have a seat dinner was ready and put it on the table and she sat down and started to eat. I could tell she was starving and she ate well and finally after a while she stopped and sat back and smiled and said well thank you for everything. I said no problem and I got up and started to clean up. She got up and helped me and we then went into the front room and sat down and watched TV. I was sitting in the recliner and she sat down on the couch and she kept looking over at me and I could see she was checking me and my outfit out closely. I looked at her finally and said so you have questions? She smiled and said well I love the outfit but why? So I said well I just love the feeling and look of the stuff and also love red toes on women and tried it on me and loved the look. I am divorced and never got much from my ex-wife, so I started to get it outside and found out about the other stuff besides straight stuff. She said like what and I said well you sure you want to know and she said yes so I told her about my first marriage and no sex for months and how she would go out till 2am with her friends etc. I told her that I finally started to go to a sex club in the area and discovered the wonderful world of kinky sex. I said I found all kinds of different sex and stuff and one night found out about crossdressing and BI sex and got hooked. She said what is BI sex and I told her it was having sex with men or women and she said you mean you have sex with both and I said yup I have had more cocks then most girls and a lot of pussy. She smiled and said wow do you suck them or what and I said suck or fuck and she looked a little confused, so I said they fuck me in the ass or mouth. She looked a little confused, so I finally asked her what about you and she said that she ran away from home at 14 and was living on the street for a while so I asked her how old she was and she said 16 well almost . I asked he so how you make it and she said she went to shelters and stuff and she would find places to eat sleep and stuff. I looked at her and said well you just relax and stay as long as you like with me no pressure but just so you know I do have friends over from time to time that come over to fuck my ass and or mouth, so you might want to go into your room when that happens. She looked at me and said okay and we continued to watch TV. She soon was asleep on the couch and her robe was open a little bit and I got a nice view of her body. It was nice small little tits and a nice hairless pussy. I picked up a cover and put it over her and watched some more TV and finally got up and decided to go to bed so I woke her up but finally had to carry her and put her into the bed took off her robe and put her to bed naked and got to see more of her nice body. I covered her up and she was out. I went into my room and climbed into bed in my outfit and fell asleep. In the morning I got up and she was still out so I closed her door and went and made some breakfast and sat down and had coffee. About an hour later she came out of the bedroom in the robe and sat down and I asked her if she would like some coffee. She said yes so I got her a cup and she sat down and I told her about the istanbul escort bacon and eggs on the stove and told her to help herself. She sat down and looked at me and I asked her if she slept well and she said yes and asked me how she got into bed and I told her I carried her. She said you carried me into bed took off my robe and put me in bed naked and did not do anything? I looked at her and said I am not like that. I love pussy and I love cocks, but I am not a r****t or do not force myself on anyone I get enough sex all day any day. She said so you do not think I am pretty and I said I think you are very pretty and you have a great body and would lick and fuck you in a minute but only if you wanted it and told me too. She stood up and got some more coffee and I told her to help herself to the eggs and bacon on the stove. She got a plate and put some on her plate and ate it and then went and washed the few dishes in the sink while I sat and read the paper. She came out from the kitchen and I said oh yea I have a friend coming over today in about an hour, so you might want to sit in your room until we are done. She said why and I told her well he is coming over to fuck me in the ass and mouth and he might be a little uncomfortable if he sees you. She kind of looked a little confused so I said well he is married, and his wife has no idea he comes over and fucks me and he might not want anybody around. She said okay I would love to see what you do but I understand. I looked at her and said tell you what I will leave my bedroom door open a little and if you want to watch be real quiet and look in the door but you have to be quiet. We sat around for a little bit and I heard the car door so I said okay in your room and she went and closed the door and my friend walked inside. He checked out my outfit and smiled and said damn I sure missed your sweet ass. He took off his pants and his cock was hard so we went down the hall and into the bedroom and I got down on my knees and took him into my mouth and started to suck him slowly. I then lay down on the bed on my back and put my feet into the air and he got between my legs and put his nice cock in my ass and started to fuck me deep and hard. He grabbed my legs and took off my heels and took my feet and started to suck on my toes while he fucked me. I could see that Sally was looking in the door and I liked it. Soon he started to pick up the pace and I could feel him swell up and he exploded and filled my ass with a nice hot load of cum. He kept fucking me for a while and then fell out and stood in front of me and said damn you are the best. See you again on Friday same time. He went out to the front room and got his cloths and was gone out the door quickly. I put on my panties to keep in his cum load and then went out to the front room and sat down and soon she came out of her room and sat down next to me. She smiled and said damn that was so hot. I loved it does it feel that good. I said well yes it feels great I love the feeling of getting fucked by a hard cock or a strap-on cock but a real cock is better because I also get to feel him cum in my ass and that feels real good. She looked at me and said strap-on cock? I looked at her and said yes strap-on you never seen or heard of a strap-on? She said no what is that? I looked at her and said well a strap-on is something that a woman will wear to simulate a cock on a man and she will wear it so she can fuck another women or a man. She looked a little confused so I asked her would you like to see one? She said yea do you have one and I told her I have more than one I have 5. I got up and went into my toy room and pulled out a nice 9” one complete with a nice harness and brought it out and showed her. She checked it out and I asked her you want to try it on and she said yes please so I told her to stand up. She still had on her robe so I said maybe you might want to go put on a pair of panties and she said why you have seen my body already and she took her robe off and stood in front of me naked. I reached around her waist and put the strap-on around her and fastened it and then sat back and checked it out. She looked at it and stroked it a few times and I could see a smile on her face. She looked at me and said okay now I want to try this out. I said okay if you want and I got up and went down the hall and lay down on the bed on my back and put my legs into the air. I reached down and spread open my ass and she got in front of me and slowly entered my wet ass. Her strap-on went all the way deep because of all of the cum in it already and she was soon started to move. I told her okay now fuck me in and out slow at first to get use to it the deep and fast. She started to fuck me and then she was hammering my ass deep. She was enjoying avcılar escort it and so was I and then she took my feet and started to suck on my toes just like she saw the guy do earlier. She was really enjoying it and then she surprised me and she took hold of my hard cock and started to jack me off. I did not complain and let her continue and in a few minutes I told her she had better stop soon or I was going to cum. She stopped and pulled her strap-on out of my ass and then bent down and took my cock deep in her mouth and started to suck me off. Well that did it and I soon exploded in a huge orgasm that filled her little mouth with a big load of cum. She swallowed it all down and then lay down next to me and smiled and said that was fun. I looked at her and said yes it sure was. She started to play with my cock again and then said well what else do you have that is fun to do? I said what do you mean and she said well we are both naked any other sex stuff you can teach me and I said really you want to learn. She said yes lets go so I said okay this you will love have you ever had an orgasm? She looked at me and said I do not think so and I said well if you had you would remember. I said okay take off the strap-on and climb up on the bed. I moved over in the middle of the bed and she go up on the bed and I told her to move over to me. I moved her around and got her to sit on my face so I could lick and eat her pussy and ass and she could play with my cock so in a 69 position. I started to slowly lick on her pussy and then I found her clit and licked it a little and she jumped a couple times and said oh that feels good. I started to lick and suck on her pussy and clit and soon she was moaning and then she let go with a huge orgasm that I did not think was going to end. Her pussy was flowing all kinds of sweet juice and pee at the same time and I drank it all down loving it. She finally started to slow down and then stopped. I kept licking her pussy and she had another smaller orgasm and I finally stopped and then moved her and started to lick her sweet little ass. I licked around and finally stuck my tongue in her nice little asshole and kind of fucked her ass with my tongue. I stopped, and I told her to sit up a little, so I could get it deeper and she moved up a little and I stuck my tongue deeper in her asshole and fucked her with it. She started to have another orgasm and then finally moved off my face and lay down on the bed. I just lay there and finally she said damn I have never felt like that before what the hell was that? I told her well that was oral sex and an orgasm a lot of them. She said wow I loved them and she moved and started to play with my cock that was now hard again. She looked at me and said well I would like to see how that feels in me. I looked at her and asked her are you still a virgin? And she did not understand so I asked her had anybody fucked you before and she said nobody all I did was suck cocks so I said okay well I will go nice and slow in fact I have a good idea. I moved around on the bed and lay down on my back and told her okay climb on and you can control how deep it goes and how fast. She got the idea and slowly started to work my hard cock into her virgin pussy a little at a time. I could feel her hymen pop and then It slowly went deeper until she was balls deep on my hard cock. I told her to take her time and slowly fuck yourself and she did slow at first and then faster and faster. I reached up and started to play with her little tits and hard nipples and when I started to pinch them she had another orgasm. I was getting close and I told her to get off or else so she quickly got up and jacked me off all over myself. I was spent and so was she so we just moved close and wrapped our arms around each other and fell asleep. We woke up about and hour later and I was a mess from all of the cum and stuff so I said lets go take a shower so we got up and both got into the shower and had fun cleaning each other up. After we got done I put on another nice outfit and she watched me dress up. She asked me if it hurt getting a cock in my ass and I told her that at first it will hurt but you just go slow and take your time and make sure you find someone that will go slow and you will love it. She looked at me and said okay I want you to fuck me in my ass then. I looked at her and said well okay but first lets go get you a nice new sexy outfit. I put some stuff over my garter belt and nylons and a shirt over my open cup bra but did not put socks on just my slip on shoes. We got in the car and I went up to a little lingerie shop up the street and we walked inside and started to look around. My friend Mary saw me and came over and gave me a hug and said so what today? I told her that I wanted something for my friend. She looked over şirinevler escort at Sally and smiled and said so what do we want to dress her up as? I said no we just need a nice sexy outfit maybe garter belt and some nylons and maybe a nice baby doll nighty and some nice high heel sandals you know how I love to see toes. she smiled and said yes I do so what do you have on today? I said well regular stuff garter belt nylons open cup bra. She smiled and said, and your toes are red oh course and I looked at her took off my shoe and showed her my nice red toes in nylons. She smiled and said well I do need to come over soon and have you bend over for me I have had a long hard week. I looked at her and smiled and said well anytime you need an ass to fuck and take out your bad day you can come over you know that. Sally looked at us and smiled and said so you fuck him and she said oh yes I fuck him from time to time and love it and I love to sit on his face and have him lick and eat my pussy he is so good. Sally looked and said hell yes he just ate my pussy and it was the first time anybody did that and it was amazing and he just fucked me or I fucked him also the first time for me and that was amazing also. Mary looked at us and smiled and said so what Is on the list for the rest of the day and Sally said well I want him to fuck me in the ass for the first time also. Mary smiled and said well all kinds of firsts for you huh. I just smiled and went back to looking around. Mary found some stuff that Sally liked and I told her to go try it on so she went in the back and soon came out. She had on a pair of red nylons a red and black garter belt sheer red panties and a cute red and pink baby doll nighty. She also had on a pair of nice red high heel sandals that showed her toes nicely but they were not done yet so I had to remember to get them done yet. I paid for the stuff and Mary whispered to me nice little girl real sweet maybe I will come over and we can both break in her little ass. I smiled and said okay be at my place around 6 and wear something sexy. We got in the car and I took her to my nail place and told them to do her toes and nails for her and make them red and they smiled and said well of course red what other color. She sat down and took off her shoes and they did a nice job with her toes and hands and soon they looked perfect. Nice and red. We went home and went inside, and I told her okay lets get things ready for your fun. I told her to go put on her new outfit and get ready and she went and started to get dressed. Soon Mary showed up and I let her inside and she took off her coat and all she had on under it was a garter belt nylons and sheer panties and a nice open cup bra with sheer cover. She also had on high heel sandals and pretty red toes. I looked at her and smiled and said damn you sure know how to make a guy hard. I went and took off my cloths over my stuff and put on my heels and when Sally came out of her room she saw us standing their and smiled. She said goody it will be a party. I said yes Sally we all want a part of your sweet ass. She had on the new outfit we bought her and she looked very sexy. Mary checked her out and smiled when she saw the nice red toes and said so had the toes done also. I smiled and said well yes would you expect anything else from me. Mary took Sally by the hand and led her into the bedroom and had her move into a 69 position and they started to lick and eat each other’s pussies. I sat back and watched them and slowly jacked my cock while watching them. I was getting real hard so I positioned them around a little so I could get to Sallies sweet ass and got behind her and slowly stuck my cock in her ass. Finally I was all the way deep after a few minutes and I then started to fuck her deep while Mary licked her sweet pussy. She exploded a few times in nice big orgasms from the licking and finally after one of them I exploded in her sweet ass and filled it up with a huge load of cum. She exploded again while i pumped more cum in her ass and finally I fell out and she rolled over and closed her eyes. Mary was spent also because she had also had a bunch of orgasms so the three of us just lay around on the bed and finally we all fell asleep. We woke up the next morning still dressed and Sally still sticky form the cum load. we decided to all three take a shower together and I fucked them both in the ass while in the shower and they both fucked me also. We finally got some lunch and Mary went to work and Sally and I sat around both dressed in garter belt and nylons and baby doll nighty. We played a few times during the day and I got to eat her sweet young pussy a bunch I just loved the taste of her pussy. We took a shower after this last time and she had to pee first she said so I told her wait lets have some fun. I lay down in the shower and told her to stand over me and pee all over me and my outfit. She smiled and stood over me and started to pee and I told her to pee in my mouth and everywhere and she did a great job shooting her pee all over me and in my mouth it was fun. We finally took our shower and got dressed again and sat around all evening in our outfits.

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