the homeless guy

Big Tits

the homeless guyI just exited the freeway for gas and noticed the usual homeless guy was not there at the corner. In his place was a young k**, not sure the age but he looked 17-18 ish. brown hair and kind of scruffy. it was in the mid 90’s and he was dressed in dark long sleeve clothes.I pulled in for gas and watched him from across the street. He was sitting and rocking on a milk crate. I felt sorry for him and also was turned on by him.I paid for my gas and got a handful of singles with an icee drink and a bag of chips and a sandwich. I pulled out but timed it so no one was gonna be behind me quickly. I rolled down the window and made eye contact. he said I mariobet güvenilirmi thought you’d stop. I said really. he said yeah I think I have kinda developed gaydar. I grinned and said ya got me. I told him I had some food and some money for him. He said waht are ya interested in. I said really everything but actually nothing. My wife is waiting for me at home and i am in a hurry. he gave me a card and said make some time for me and I can show you a good time. i said I would like that and gave him the bag. he leaned over and kissed me and said thanks.I called him the next day and told him my wife was gone until the next day. she went mariobet yeni giriş on a trip to the casino. I asked if he would like to relax in the pool and possibly a dip in the sap. He said hell yes. would you be able to spare some change. I said sure. he said you know where to find me. I pulled up and he jumped in. he said how much can you spare. I told him I could loan him 100. he said loan….I said sure cause I expect you to work it off. he laughed and sat back gulping down a beer that i gave him and reached in for a second in the cooler. we pulled in to the grage and I lowered the door and we got out and went into the yard. I threw on mariobet giriş some burgers and he stripped down and dove into the pool. He said man this is great. I wish i could spend the summer here. I flipped the burgers once and dove in with him. he leaned over and sucked me. I held his head and then said no. I want to enjoy you. I told him to junp in the spa foir a few and them back in the pool. I grabbed the burgers and we wetn in and ate. his cock was a good 7 inches and kinda thinc but uncut. I was in heaven. I watched it grow hard and then as he finished I sucked him off and told him the rest of the day was his to relax. I was satisfied and would love to see him again. he said sure. I let him spend the night and when he got up I fixed him breakfast and a lucnch and told him to take a dip. I then gave him a new chair and unbrella I bouhgt for him and took him back. he kissed me and thanked me a ton of times. I will see him soon.

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