The hot neighbors (first bi)


The hot neighbors (first bi)Cindi and I have been married for 8 years now and I’m moving right up the corporate ladder. Cindi has been able to quit working and we’ve moved into a gated community. Everyone has a pool in their bakcyard and the neighborhood parties are unreal. Stan and Nancy live next door and we’ve hit it off tremendously. Stan is about 40 and Nancy only 35. Cindi and I are 29. Cindi is 5’6″, 110 lbs. athletic adn blond. She now tans all over by our pool. She told me she was a little modest the first few times the housekeeper or gardner saw her tanning naked but it doens’t bother her (it kind of bothers me).Stn and Nancy have us over for drinks by the pool on a regular basis. Stan is next in line for a CEO job at a local firm and Nancy is as beautiful as he is successful. Nancy is 5’7″, vivd black hair and larger tits than Cindi. We oftmallest swim suitern share drinks and swim outside. Cindi and Nancy seem to be competing for the smallest swim suit.One day Cindi infomred me her sister was nearing the birth of their first baby and she needed to leave to be with herThe next day was Saturday and Nancy invited me over for some drinks and burgers by the poolAs Stan and I relaxed, Nancy did a few laps. As she climbed out of the pool I stared at her gorgeous body, especially her globes”Their nice, aren’t they”? Stan startled me”Yeah, sorry Stan, I didn’t mean to stare””No problem, I love her hot little body”Nancy grined as she toweled offStan and I moved to mixed drinks and Nancy laid down to tanStan went inside for something and Nancy came right over and sat beside meI was stuned as she rubbed my stomach and then my thighs, I didn’t resist thoughI was even more shocked as she leaned over and began kissing meMaybe it was instinct but I reached up and slid my hands under her tiny top to grope her firm tits. They are wonderfulI saw Stan out of the corner of my eye and quickly apologized”No problem Derek” he grinnedNancy grabbed my face and began kissing me again. I couldn’t keep my hands of her tremendous lobes and her eraser sized nipples.My next big surprise came as Stan sat down, reached under my bottom and slid off my suitI was already erect and he leaned over and began kissing my enlarged dick. It tried to grow even bigger as he progessed to licking my mardin escort length Cindi and I had talked about experimenting but I got the impression she wasn’t ready as Nancy ran her hands down my chest Stan took me in is mouth. I It has been a long time since I have been this excited. As Stan ran his thumb and finger up and down my length he sucked my tipI told him I was gettoing close and he sucked harderI shot a big load in his mouth as I grabbed Nancy’s tittiesI just kept pumping as Stan sucked. I arched my back and saw my gu running down his chinI collapsed as Stan sat upWe all grinned and I tried to catch my breathNancy pushed me on my back, slid off her bottom adn mounted my faceI looked up at her cute little kitty, smooth and tiny. I kissedit, nibled, it and blew on it before I started licking her innersShe moaned and pushed her mound down on meI grabbed her firm butt cheeks and kept giving her my best lip service. She ground her hips back adn forth as I sucked her inner lips and clitShe increased her moans and I cojuld feel her getting close. I ran my tongue around her clit and suicked on it as she almost screamed and shivered. She pushed my away after she had someShe roled over and Stan had fresh drinks. We headed to the JacuzziAS we sipped our drinks we took turns exploring each other. I had never played with a man before. Stan seemed to have a great rod and ballsStan rolled me over on the side of the tub and spread my cheeks. He came in close and kissed my little hole. What a great feeling. He kissed and licked. He stopped and grabbed the tanning lotion and ran some on my butt and holeHe sttod behind me and slid in to enter my ass. I didn’t know what to expect. I could feel him sliding in, just a little and he stopped. I thougth he was going to split my butt. As I caught my breath he pushed in further. A little pause and then moreSuddenly he was in al the way and I thought my ass was ripping as he slowly slid in and outI couldn’t tell if I was hurting or having pleasure. H estuck his thumb in my mouth and I sucked on itI could feel every detail of his dick and I noticed him growing as his strokes quickened. Suddenly he shove inside me and began pumping warm fuid up my holeHe slowly pulled out as I tried to figure out what happenedI mersin escort looked over at the lounge and Nancy was smiling. She had been watching and playing with herselfI walked over, spread her legs and entered her little kittyI needed to feel like a man after Stand had just had his way”OOOOhh she exclaimed. You/’re bigger than Stan”I pump\ed her quickly, I wasn’t worried bout her needs. I came quickly as I stared at her hard tits and nipplesI rolled off and she called the staff. Maira brought out some fruit and cold drinksWe all slowly relaxedNancy asked if she could “ride my face again””Sure” I repliedAfter she lowered herself to my face Stan took me in his mouth againI realied he might be the best bj I’ve hadAs Nancy shuddred and ground her mound in my face I shot anotehr load into StanWe all lay by the pool and I admired our bodies. Everyone is lean and fit. Nancy is tan all overIt was getting hot so we moved indoorsAs I sat on the couch, Stan stood in front of me and stroked himselfI decided it was time to taste a manI pulled him closer and took his tip inIt tasted okay and it seemd natural nowI licked him and stroked his little dick with my handsI took his fuill lenght and he groanedHe began fucking my face and I sucked hard as he grew and then came in meI kep tsucking but he got sensitive and puled out as his goo ran down my chinI had ot check in with Cindi and tehn we headed to the bedroomI wanted to fuck StanHe let me oll him over and lube his little hole”I want to watch” Nancy exclaimedI tried to fuck him as he had me. I was going to ease in slowlyIt was hard to work in the tip. His hole is tiny. He was squirming. He felt great. I grabbed his shoulders and shoved in all the wat. He gruntedHe felt awesome. So tightI could only fuck his tight little ass for a coupe minutes before I grew and explodedI slowly withdrew and rolled over. Stan grinned”I want that” Nancy replied”give me a minute”As I recoverd I lubed her tiny hole. Her entire butt was shaved and her anus llooked like another kittyIt didn’t work though. I was too big for her tiny ass. I finshed her by licking her back hole and playing with her clitWe fucked each other well into the next dayA couple weeks later Nancy and I were chatting and she asked me if Cindi escort bayan would be interested”We’ve talked about it but she never has stated she’s ready to take the next step” I told herA month later Nancy called my phone”Why don’t you come over tomorrow about 2 in teh afternoon. Just come inside and hide in our bedroom closet”I agreed and did as she told.I hid in ther closet and about half an hour later Nancy and Cindi came in teh bedrrom They were chatting like Nancy wanted to show Cindi her new earrings. They were both in their tiny swim suitsAfter they chatted a while Nancy showed some interest in Cindi’s suit, runnig her hands around Cindi’s butt as she pretended to be interested in the fit”I think it shows of yor butt” Nancy said”Thanks” Cindi repliedNancy asked how Cindi stayed fit as eh kept her hands on Cindi’s buttNancy moved close and kissed CindiCindi didn’t push backAfter a minute they goth had their arms around each otherThey separted a little and Nancy slid Cindi’s top off”I love your tits”Nancy said as she played with Cindi. “I just love firm, athletic titties””Wow, I was going to say I’m jealous of your tits” Cindi replied. I wish I had a little size. nancy slid off her top so Cindi could exploreI was stroking myself as the grils spent about 15 minutes kissing and playingCoindi broke it off and they agreed to have pool time again next weekendAfter Cindi left Nancy opened the closet. OI had shot opn the lfoorShe laughed “I’ll have Maria clean that up”Teh next week I hid again and the same activities. Nancy and Cindi kissed and played with each other’s tittiesSoon Cindi didn’t resist as Nancy puhed her back on teh bed and slid off her bottomI stroked my self as Nancy buried her head in Cindi’s crotch”Wow…….I ave never been pleased by a girl” Cindi exclaimedI could see Cindi arching her back and getting more and more excited. Soon there was some urgancy and she moaned and then clenched her teeth and came s Nancy likced and sucked”WOW” Cindi panted and tried to get her breathNancy slid next to her and rubbed her tits as Cindi recoveredafter a few minutes, Cinid rubbed Nancy’s tits and then slid down betweem her legsI had aleady shot once but I was ready to watch Cindi lick this hot, rich woman”You might have to give me instructions” Cindi stated”You/re doing just fine, Nancy grinnedI watched as Nancy placed her hands on the back of Cindi’s head and Cindi please her. Nancy’s nipples grew huge and she cameThey both relaxed and Cindi told Nancy she had to get backThis was one of my favorite daysStay tuned for part II

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