The Hot Newscaster


My name is Dan, and I have been in love with my local newswoman for a couple of years. I know that almost every straight guy out there has a female broadcaster or talk-show hostess (Katie Couric, Leeza Gibbons, some of those Fox News girls, or Jillian Barberie) that he would LOVE to fuck.

Well, a week ago, I finally sold a manuscript, and I got a chance to be interviewed by Sarah Wilcox. She works for a close-by TV station and she drives me to jerk off to her every morning. She is short–5′-4″–and weighs about 105 lbs. Her blonde hair is cut in that Katie Couric-like style, and she has the greatest set of legs I’ve ever seen (especially when she wears stockings, which is almost everyday). The way she uncrosses her silky poles over and over again while she sits in her cushioned chair, makes me cum every morning at about 6:00. This bitch should definitely be on a national broadcast, but I wouldn’t want to lose her; she has the most beautiful cunt around.

Anyway, after I got a call from the station, I was told to be over there at 4:30 in the a.m. the next day for prep. work and shit. My skinny ass was dressed in casual clothes: khaki shorts, an black shirt, and sneakers. (I’m not bad looking for my age; I just got a little beer gut. I’m 25, with a dick 8 inches long, and long black hair. No woman has ever complained to me before about sex, so….).

I walk into the studio, and there’s Sarah, sitting in her chair looking over notes. She’s wearing a black and white top that seems to have tribal symbols on it. Her tits are small, but they appear marvelous in the tight shirt. Her logs are crossed–of course–and the skirt she’s wearing is pulled high up on her nyloned thighs.

“So you’re Dan? I’ve been looking forward to this interview. I read your manuscript; it’s great!” As she gazed up at me, I couldn’t help but stare at her legs–she was my fantasy, after all, and I had to enjoy this while it lasted. She stretched out her slim fingers for me to shake.

“I…uh…I’m so happy to be on here! I watch your show every morning. And, thank you for the compliment.” My cock was like Hercules trying to break free from massive chains (in this case, it was just the fabric of my shorts). I struggled with my erection as I took her warm hand in mine and shook it.

She released it, and I thought I saw her leer at my crotch. Probably not. ‘A chic this hot must have Escort Beylikdüzü a man in her life’, I thought at the time. The asshole floor director behind me yelled, “Fifteen seconds, people!”, so I sat down across from the glorious image in front of me. Her hazel eyes were sparkling from the flourescent lights around us, and she smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous. I’ll make sure your day goes well.” She winked, and the guy counted down: 5…4…3…2…1…and we’re on”

I’m not going to bore you with the questions she asked–fuck it. But I will tell you that she undid her legs all the time throughout the short interview, and she let me (at least I think she let me) see her black panties over and over again. Also, everytime she would shift her tiny ass around, the top of her thigh-highs would peek out at me, begging to be licked; they covered her legs so sweetly.

Four questions later, she was done. The cameras went off for the time being–until noon, anyway–and she shook my hand again. She thanked me for the pleasant interview, and I reached up to scratch my nose afterwards. Damn! Is that her snatch I smell? It was succulent. The thought of Sarah Wilcox fingering herself before the show brought my cock up again. I crossed my legs, this time, to hide my arousal.

She stood up, threw her note-cards down on the chair, and extended her hand to me again. A line of liquid was running down her black nylons, and I sensed the smell of cunt juice again. “Would you like a short tour, Dan?”

“Yeah, okay,” I said, as I stood up to meet her.

“Follow me,” she whispered.

She showed me the set, made me meet the crew, and pointed out all the things that happen behind the camera. I was bored as hell until she said, “My dressing room’s right down here; would you like to see it?”

I was feeling bold, so I replied, “You bet that sweet little ass I do. Shake it for me as you walk, baby.”

She was delighted that I talked like that–I’m glad as shit–and she just turned her head around and said, “Keep talking like that, and you’ll fill your shorts before we get there.” She reached behind her, and grabbed my cock through my shorts. “That’s going to feel good inside me,” she said.

We finally reached her dressing room, and she pulled out a key from inside the jacket she was wearing. The door opened, and I was enthralled Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan by how spacious the room was: a leather sofa was on my right; there was a desk to my left; and, in the background, there was a fridge and a small table.

She locked the door behind us, and threw the keys onto the desk. She sat down on the sofa, threw one leg over the side, and said with want in her eyes, “Eat this pussy. Now.”

She looked so great with her stockings showing, so I just obeyed. I walked over and knelt in front of her panty-covered pussy. She was stroking her hair as she pulled her dark-blue skirt up. “But first–I want those shorts off. Let me see that dick that was trying to break through and fuck me before.”

I didn’t even hesitate. I unzipped, and unloaded my penis from its home. I tossed my clothes into a corner as I let her look at my meat. “That’s wonderful,” she said, as she caressed her top lip with her tongue. “I can’t wait ’till I get some cum in me. Now eat this cunt, RIGHT NOW!” She smiled, but I knew she was getting impatient.

She stretched her panties over to the side of her swollen pussylips, and I could see the same clear cream leaking out of her fuck-hole. I didn’t want to fuck around, so I threw my face into it, and slurped, sucked, and licked all around. Every once in a while, I would stretch her lips out with my teeth as far as they would go.

“Yeah, babe, suck those cunt-flaps. Yeaaaahh. Ooooohh, that’s right. I needed this for a loooooong time.” She started rubbing her clit with her French-manicured nails.

A few more licks, and she moaned, “I will suck your cock, now. You hear me? Thrust that pole in my mouth, and let me slurp all that sweat off. I love cock, baby.” As I played with her tits and sucked her cunt-flesh a few more times, I agreed. I thought, ‘I can’t believe Sarah Wilcox is going to go down on me!’

I raised myself up, straddled her luxurious body, and rested my dick on her lips. “Mmmmmmm…you smell soooo good. Just like a man is supposed to.” She placed her hands on my bare ass-cheeks, and slid my cock into her mouth. She had a little trouble taking it at first, but her red lips gripped it, and she brought her head down into my stomach after a few bobs. As she deep-throated me, the slippery sounds were growing, and I felt my balls tingle and shrink with the cum I was Beylikdüzü Escort about to let loose. Her hand slid effortlessly up and down my shaft as she sucked and sucked.

She drew her head back, and let my dick slip out of her warm mouth. She looked up at me, and said, “Fuck my mouth with all that you got, baby. Fuck it nice and good, and fill my throat with your spunk.” She was beating me off thoroughly as she spoke these words; dribbles of saliva were sliding down her chin.

“Okay, whore, I’m going to fuck your face like it’s never been fucked before. But, just so you know, I’m going to jam that pussy of yours before the day’s over.”

I grabbed her by her sexy blonde hair, and just started pounding her mouth. The way her throat bulged from my 8-inch member made my cream beat in my sack. “That is just what you…uh…deserve, bitch, as you…ohhh…tease me every…fuck yeah!…morning. You’re going to…oh Sarah…take this hot load. Here it comes!”

The pulsing in my balls grew, and I felt the warmness in my nuts ascend to my shaft. She started garbling, but I didn’t pay attention. Fuck her, it was time for some liquid breakfast. I jammed my cock as far down her throat as possible, and I felt stream after creamy stream pour down the inside of her esophagus. She choked a little, but the way her mouth seized my prick in its grip, I knew this is what the interview was all about.

I yanked my slippery penis out of her hot mouth–some cum she couldn’t digest ran down the corners of her lips as she wanked my softening cock. “I only live one town over. Bring this dick,” she pulled and pulled, “and I’ll eat it again.”

I moaned as I fingered her pussy with one hand, and stroked her thigh with the other. Shit, I love the feeling of nylon! “But I have to fuck that puffy pussy this time,” I said as she licked some semen off of my dick. “It looks like you need it. You spurted into my mouth almost as soon as I licked your cunt.”

“I need it bad, you dirty fuck. Mmmmm, I love the taste of your cock, babe.” Sarah nuzzled my slowly growing penis as we heard the door open. I was in too much ecstacy to give a rat’s ass, but Sarah hid her face behind my cock as the Italian broad from the station stepped through the door.

“I see Sarah’s having some ‘me time’ with the new guest. Well, if you don’t want me to say anything, you better bring that cock and pussy over here. I want it aaaall.”

Charlene Dileo crept up to us and started jerking my shlong into Sarah’s mouth. ‘What a day this is going to be,’ I imagined, as Charlene started plunging three fingers into Sarah.

“This fucking station kicks ass,” I yelled as I was growing hard again.

2 Be Cunt-inued….

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