The Hotel

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The HotelJed walked into the bar at the hotel where he was staying. His cock was on fire as he needed to dip it in a nice wet cunt to relieve the pressure he was feeling. He got a drink at the bar and when he turned he saw her. She was a gorgeous blonde in a tight low cunt red knit dress showing a lot of her huge tits. He got her another drink and walked to her table and sat down and asked her “Want some company?” She smiled and said “Sure.” He sat the drink in front of her and they began talking as he stared at her nice big tits. He controlled himself as they talked longer and had another drink. Then he asked her if she would like to go to his room and get comfortable. She agreed and he signed the tab and they went to the elevator. Once in the elevator as soon as the door shut he pulled her to him and gave her a deep tongue kiss as he ran his hands over her tits. He pressed his cock to her and pulled her dress down uncovering a great set of jugs. As he kissed her more his hands ravaged those nice big melons. Then he let his mouth cover the tits as his hand raised her dress and his hand found her pussy and he finger fucked her not caring they had a camera in the elevator. Her cunt was warm and very wet and it was all he could do to not pull his cock out and fuck her right there. He pressed his cock to her leg as he added another finger to her cunt and fucked her even harder. She reached down and grabbed his cock through his slacks and began to stroke him. He was long and thick and rock hard as she gripped him tighter. He took one hand and gripped her ass and now fucked her cunt and her asshole. The elevator stopped at his floor and he walked her to his room not even covering her tits or her ass. He opened the door and soon as they got in he pushed her to the wall and removed her dress and panties. She was perfect. Nice big tits and a thick ass. He could not wait to eat her and fuck her in all her holes. He pushed her against the canlı bahis wall and sucked on a nipple as he unzipped his pants and shoved them to his knees. He pulled one of her legs to his waist and then shoved his cock deep into her wet cunt and began fucking her hard. As he fucked her hard he tongue kissed her and ravaged her tits. Her jugs were huge and firm with nice big hard nipples that felt so good in his mouth as he rolled his tongue over them. As his cock slid in and out of her warm cunt he could feel her pulse and get even wetter. She was moaning and loving that big dick.When he filled her with his load of cream he pulled her to the bed and laid her on it as he spread her legs and looked at her pussy. She was clean shaved and smooth. Her cunt was wet with the mix of both their creams. He removed all his clothes and laid beside her and grabbed a nipple with his teeth and pulled on it as he used two fingers to rub her clit. He sucked and licked her tits as he fingered her then he kissed down to that wet hole. He licked all around it tasting the mix of their juices. Then he began to tongue fuck her and suck the wetness from her as she moaned and lifted her hips for deeper tongue fucking. As his tongue fucked her cunt he used a finger to rim her ass then he shoved the finger in her and fucked her sexy asshole. As he fucked her she moaned and spread her legs further apart. He went back and forth from tongue fucking her cunt to sucking her clit and she had her sweet cream flowing out of her and it was all he could do to keep it sucked away.After eating her for quite a while he pulled her head to his cock and she began licking his cock then his balls and she sucked each ball then went back to his cock and began sucking him as she ran her tongue over his thickness. She had sucked a few cocks as she had him deep and sucking hard. He had never felt any thing better. Then she began massaging his balls and sucking harder. She ran a finger bahis siteleri around his asshole and then as she felt him cum she shoved two fingers in his ass and fucked him hard as she sucked him deeper till he filled her throat with his cum. She swallowed every drop of his load and then licked his cock clean. As she licked she kept her fingers in his ass and a tight grip on his balls. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and licked the slit hard. He was still hard and he let her work his cock and asshole and then he pushed her on to her hands and knees and spread her ass apart and fingered her with three fingers then he tongue fucked her ass before he shoved his huge dick in her. He pushed in all the way and began fucking her hard. He loved fucking a nice sexy warm tight asshole. As he slid his cock in and out of her ass he finger fucked her cunt and then wiped his wet fingers across her nipples. He slapped her ass a couple times and kept fucking her hard working her cunt with his fingers. He looked down and watched his cock go in and out of her stretched asshole. He loved to watch his cock fuck an ass. Seeing his big piece of meat stretch the hole wide and making it gape open. He loved the tightness if an ass against his thick cock. He had three fingers in her cunt as he fucked both holes and could feel the muscles in her cunt pulse as he fucked her harder and harder. He fucked her for over an hour before he could cum again. When he filled her he pulled his cock out and looked at her cum filled gaping asshole. Then he shoved her onto her back and began sucking her tits as he kept the fingers in her cunt. The more he fingered and fucked her the more she wanted. Her nipples were so hard as he sucked and used his teeth on one and his fingers on the other. He pulled and twisted them and lightly bit the one nipple. He put his face between them and pulled them tight to him. He loved how huge she was and how they had no sag bahis şirketleri at all. He then stood up and pulled her to her feet and took them both naked out to the balcony in the room. He stood behind her and pulled her close to him as he played with her nipples and fingered her cunt. He didn’t care if any one was watching. He liked showing her nude body as he ravaged her. She seemed to not care that they were naked and he then spread her legs wider apart. He then turned her to her side and he kept the three fingers in her cunt and shoved two in her ass and finger fucked her hard as he grabbed the nipple with his teeth. He kept her out there for a couple hours fingering her and he even sat her on the railing and licked and tongue fucked her pussy. Then he tongue fucked her ass.They stayed together all night and ate breakfast naked on the balcony. They showered and fucked and she stayed with him the rest of the week while he was at the convention. He skipped a lot of classes and fucked her. He wished he could take her to the classes and finger fuck her while they were there. He did finger her cunt in the bar that night. He took her to a dress shop and bought her some revealing clothes that were tight and almost see through. He bought her a black silk dress that was slit clear to her naval and very short and barely covered her ass. He pulled the dress away from the nipple and rubbed it a few times. The dress showed most of her huge tits and was easy to pull away from the hard nipples. He all but fucked her in the elevator to his room. He positioned her so the camera could watch as he pulled her dress away from her tits and then pulled it up to her waist showing him fingering her pussy. She was close to naked. She was naked a couple times when they had room service. He liked watching the boys stare at her huge tits and nice pussy. When he had to leave he made arrangements for her to come to his city to visit and he was going to come back a few week ends. He also made plans to take her to a nude resort for a couple weeks. He couldn’t wait to fuck her on the beach and also to let all the guys see her great tits and ass and maybe watch him fuck her.

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