The Hotel Stay Part 2

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The Hotel Stay Part 2The knock on the door startled both of us. Mary quietly ask me to gather my cloths and go into the bath room. I did as she ask and quietly went into the bathroom but left the door ajar. Mary answered the door and I could see it was her friend Sarah. Sarah was wearing a thick white robe….as if she had just come from the pool. I heard Mary ask Sarah what was wrong. I heard Sarah tell her that the girl she had invited to her room was a waste. She told Mary that she had come to the room with big talk of how she was going to fuck her silly and that she would lick and suck her for hours. Sarah told Mary that she seemed to be a little drunk but the girl assured her she was ready to show her a good time. Sarah told Mary that she Sarah) went to the bathroom to quickly clean up and change in to something sexy. When she came out of the bathroom… girl was passed out drunk. Sarah said she d**g the girl outside to the hallway and went back in and called security that a drunk woman was laying in the hallway passed out drunk. After they came and got her, Sarah said she played with her toys for a while but she need the touch and feel of a real woman. The next thing I saw was Sarah untying her robe and letting it fall to the floor. My cock got hard instantly. tuzla escort Sarah had on a white camisole that barely covered her shaved pussy and a body that was gorgeous. I saw Mary’s look as she stared at Sarah’s body….and for a few seconds…Mary forgot I was in the bathroom. Mary reached out to touch Sarah but abruptly stop saying “Baby…you know I love you sexy body and that tasty pussy of yours…but I have someone coming over in a few minutes”. I could see from where I stood that Mary want to be with Sarah. I took a gamble and slowly opened the door. Sarah turned when she heard the door open. I walked out thinking that Sarah would cover up. She watched as I slowly walked out, checking out my big hard black cock. She turned to Mary and smiled. “Well” she said “I see you found you a playmate”. Sarah picked up and slipped on her robe. She told Mary that she was sorry to interrupt and would see her tomorrow. Mary looked at me and I smile my answer. Mary told Sarah to stay and we could all have some fun. Sarah stopped, turned around , and dropped her robe again. We all headed to the bed. ……..Sarah lay on her back on the bed..her legs spread open wide. Mary headed straight for her open wet pussy. I watch as Mary start licking and sucking her pussy tuzla escort bayan and clit. Mary’s tongue slid up and down her wet slit….licking up her wetness with each lick. Sarah’s clit was swollen hard and poking out from it’s hood. I watched as Mary sucked her clit into her mouth. Sarah moaned loudly and her body trembled. She grabbed Mary’s head…holding it hard against her clit. I climbed on the bed and scooted over to Sarah’s head. My cock was inches from her pretty lips. Sarah turned her head….released Mary’s head with one hand…..grabbed my cock…..and stuff it into her mouth. I moaned softly with pleasure. I watched as half my cock disappeared into her warm mouth. She moan as she sucked and swallowed my cock. The moaning made her mouth vibrate….and that felt real good on my cock. Sarah started sucking and licking my cock as if her life depended on it. She had my cock wet with her mouth juices and throbbing with anticipation. Mary must have hit her sweet spot because Sarah pulled my cock from her mouth, let out a low primal scream and her body began to shake. Sarah arched her back and grabbed Mary’s head again….Mary’s tongue was buried deep into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah yelled out that she was cumming and pushed Mary’s head away from her pussy escort tuzla just seconds before squirting her juices all over the bed and floor. Sarah moaned and continued to rub her swollen clit. After a few moments her body calmed down. Mary had moved over to where I was and start licking my balls and cock. I laid back on the bed as Mary climb onto my face. Facing my cock, Mary lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth. My tongue eased into her wet pussy. Mary moaned as I licked her juice into my mouth. Her juices were sweet and I sucked and licked harder. Mary’s hand darted out and grabbed my cock. She began to jack it up and down. Damn…..her warm hands and wet pussy felt and tasted good. As I licked Mary’s pussy I felt Sarah as she straddle my legs until her wet pussy hovered over my swollen cock. Mary placed my cock onto her cum soaked pussy…rubbing my dick head against her fat pussy lips. Sarah lowered her pussy down over my hard cock. Sarah’s pussy was warm and tight. She moaned loudly as she rode my cock up and down until she had taken it all. Mary reached out and cupped Sarah’s head in her hands….pulled her to her and kissed her deeply. I took turns licking Mary’s pussy and sucking her clit. I could tell she enjoyed it by the way she start grinding her pussy harder onto my face. I reached around her thighs and found her clit and began rubbing it as I licked her pussy. Sarah started riding my cock…her tight pussy going up and down on my cock getting warmer.

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