The Housekeeper Part 3 – Parents Return


The Housekeeper Part 3 – Parents ReturnOver the course of several weeks while their parents were in Europe, Lori and Trevor and the housekeeper, Angie, spent several hours every day fucking like a****ls. Lori and Trevor tried everything that Angie suggested to them. She had what seemed like an endless supply and variety of porn to demonstrate some of the things she suggested. Trevor even discovered that he liked having a dildo up his ass and began to wonder if he would like to take a real cock up there. Lori was a big fan of anal sex and also sitting back and watching Trevor bang away at Angie’s holes. She had also become a fan of swallowing Trevor’s cum and cleaning up after him whenever he emptied himself in Angie’s cunt.Only occasionally did they hear from their parents and then it was only a cursory call lasting just a few minutes. Angie actually spent more time on the phone with the parents than the k**s did and those calls were usually in private. Their parents were due home that afternoon and both of them were depressed. That would be the end to having Angie around for their daily fuck parties. That would be the end to running around the house naked and fucking wherever and whenever the urge struck, which was usually three or four times a day. And that would be the end of Trevor and Lori being able to express openly their affection for each other that now went beyond brother and sister and had moved into lovers’ affections for each other. It was back to the closet with their relationship and they weren’t sure they could manage it anymore.Angie knew what they were feeling and tried to reassure them they would manage just fine without her and with their newfound lifestyle with each other. They weren’t buying any of it. Their parents were so straight laced and buttoned up that if they were to find out about the sexual dimension of their relationship, the world would come to an end for them. At the very least, their relationship with their parents would be over and they would find themselves on their own before they were financially equipped to do so.”Come on, you too,” Angie encouraged. “Trevor, take out that beautiful stiff cock of yours and give me a good ass pounding while I eat your sister’s pussy one more time before your parents get home. After that, I will have to start getting dinner ready for all of you.”Neither of them hesitated. Lori sat on the dining room table and leaned back with her legs spread for Angie’s easy access to her already wet pussy. Angie slipped on her 6” heals to raise herself high enough for Trevor to enter her ass and then bent over the table and began licking Lori’s pussy lips and clit at a feverish pace, wanting to bring her to climax as soon and as often as possible.Trevor moved in behind Angie in what was now a very familiar position and familiar place and slowly started pushing his cock into Angie’s ass. Angie grunted a little, the sounds muffled by Lori’s pussy, as Trevor entered her ass and in a few short strokes, was now balls deep into Angie’s beautiful ass. Trevor’s strokes were slow and long at first and then began to pick up speed as Angie loosened up for him some and was obviously now into it completely. Trevor reached around Angie’s waist and began fingering her clit and finger fucking her pussy as he slowed his cock strokes in her ass. Then he reached up with both hands and grabbed her firm tits and held onto them as he resumed his faster strokes in and out of her ass. Lori came the first time with howling noises like a cat in heat. She had Angie by the hair and was pulling her face in tight against her pussy until Angie thought she would suffocate. Angie reached down and began fingering her own pussy and rubbing her clit as hard and fast as she could while she resumed eating Lori to her next orgasm. In just a couple of minutes, Lori and Angie both climaxed at the same time. Angie’s legs were wobbly from the intensity of her orgasm, but Trevor held her up with his hands on her hips. Trevor announced he was about to cum and Angie immediately pushed him off and swerved to face him on her knees so he could spray her face. He took aim as he stroked his cock rapidly and tossed his head back as he shot stream after stream of cum that crisscrossed her face from her forehead to her chin. When he was done shooting cum on her face, she licked his cock clean and Lori moved in to lick the cum off of Angie’s face, swallowing all she got. They spent a few minutes in recovery mode and then Angie reminded them, “Time to get showered and dressed for your parents. I will get dinner started after I shower. Make sure all rooms canlı bahis are presentable.” They groaned under the oppression of chores like a couple of young teens. Angie almost expected to hear an “awww, mmooomm!” form the two of them.Their parents arrived home at 5:30 and dinner was ready at 6:30. They greeted each other with hugs and kisses and made small talk for a bit about their European trip and some of the things they had seen and done. But everyone seemed a little uncomfortable and even uneasy all through dinner. Trevor excused himself and retrieved his parent’s luggage and delivered it to their bedroom to be unpacked later. Angie asked Lori to clear the table while she talked privately with their parents for a few minutes. Lori thought it seemed strange that they would talk privately so soon after getting home, but she dismissed it as Angie’s way of returning control to mom and dad before she would leave the next day.Within about 20 minutes, they were all back in the dining room and Angie came in with a tray of wine glasses and a couple of bottles of wine. She suggested that they all retreat to the family room to be more comfortable for continued conversation. Lori and Trevor were both surprised that they were included in the wine drinking. Their parents had never let them drink alcohol before. Mom and dad both still seemed uneasy but they began to relax a little after the first glass of wine. The k**s were just enjoying their first alcoholic drink with their parents and being treated like adults for the occasion. Finally their dad said he had an announcement to make.”Your mom and I have made some major changes over the past few weeks. I sold my business to a French company for a significant amount of money and your mom has negotiated a buyout from her employer. We have decided we have all we need and plan to retire so that we can pursue our passions and travel whenever and wherever we want. Our hope is that you two will join us on at least some of those trips. Lori and Trevor were sitting together on the sofa and shared a shocked look with each other. Their parents were only in their late 40’s and neither seemed to have any “passions” to pursue other than work. And they seemed to act as if travel were a necessary evil of doing business.”So…what exactly are your “passions”, dad?” asked Trevor with genuine and respectful curiosity. “I haven’t known you to do anything other than work 70 hours a week. The same thing with you, mom.” Everything got very uneasy again. Then Angie chimed in, “I think I can get this part of the conversation moving in the proper direction, if I may.” Their parents nodded and held hands as Angie began to talk.”I have known your parents for close to 20 years. We got acquainted while they were in London on business at the time. We have had a special relationship ever since and we get together at least a couple of times a year. They called me and invited me to stay with you this summer because of that relationship and knowing that you would be in good hands with me. You see, they thought the same thing I did the first time we met – that you two were fucking each other. Your mom saw you, Lori, sucking Trevor’s cock through the crack in your bedroom door one night when you had supposedly gone to bed. Then she saw the two of you in the shower together on another occasion when she was bringing linens to your room.””So even though we were playing around with each other – but not fucking – that still doesn’t explain why you would bring someone all the way from London to “babysit” us for the summer,” interjected Lori.Dad spoke up this time, “It is not about whether you were screwing each other. There is a bigger picture here than that.” He hesitated for a few seconds. “We are swingers.” The silence was deafening. “Your mom and I have been swinging for years. That is one of our passions.” Lori and Trevor picked their jaws up out of their laps. Now it was mom’s turn to talk. “As we have gotten older, it gets harder to find other couples and individuals to swing with that we consider acceptable. Angie is one of the few we still trust and find attractive enough in our age group or younger that we swing with. There are some other couples, but most of our contacts are in other countries. We have talked many times about introducing you to our lifestyle and even seeing if you would be interested. But we didn’t want to steer your sexual behavior for our own benefit. After catching you two a couple of times, your dad and I agreed that we could let you in on our secret and explore whether you wanted to join us. Apparently you two inherited bahis siteleri the sexual exploration gene from us. So here we are. Hopefully you won’t judge us too harshly. We brought Angie here to train you. We don’t have the patience to teach people how to enjoy our lifestyle. So we would like to know after your experience with Angie these past few weeks, would you be interested in being a part of our swinging lifestyle?”As if making a toast, everyone took a long hard gulp from their wine glasses. Angie refilled them quickly with a smile on her face. Lori spoke up first. “Are you asking if we want to fuck you guys as well as each other and possibly other people?”Their parents nodded and dad spoke next, “Yes, but we are thinking of taking a different approach if you two decide to join us. We would start fresh with a new network, except for Angie. Any swinging would involve the four of us, not just one pair of us or another. And most of the time, the four us would have fun together.””Five of us.” interjected Angie. “Since you have invited me to stay permanently.”Trevor looked at Lori and subtly nodded to each other. Trevor turned to their parents and said, “Well…FUCK YEAH!”They all laughed, finished the first wine bottle and opened the next one. Angie looked at everyone and turned to the dad and said, “I think we need to move this to your office.”Their dad had a home office that had always been completely off limits to the k**s. They had never been in the room before in all the years they lived in the house. When they entered, there was the desk and hutch behind it, but the room was also big enough to have two king-sized mattresses side by side on the floor in front of the desk. The room was tastefully decorated, but not in office decor. There were tasteful nude paintings on the walls, a bar in the corner with a variety of liquor choices and bookcase that contained not books, but a variety of sex toys and dildos.Trevor’s dad turned to him and said, “There is one more thing I need to ask you specifically, Trevor. I like a little guy on guy action from time to time. Are you game for that? Angie said you seem to enjoy toys in your ass. I like going both ways with a guy now and then. You?”Trevor tried to soak it all in, but nodded and said he was willing and even curious about trying it.Mom suggested they quit talking and get down to business. So they all had another drink – this time a bourbon straight up and got undressed. “I want to suck my son’s cock and taste his cum to start things off. Why don’t you give your daughter some of your cock, honey?” So Trevor laid down on the mattress and Lori laid down next to him. Lori’s dad mounted her and stuffed his cock into his daughter’s cunt and started fucking her with power and passion. Mom smiled at the sight and started sucking Trevor’s cock and licking his balls.”Don’t leave me out of this,” said Angie as she sat on Trevor’s face with her ass at his nose so she could watch mom suck his dick. Lori looked over briefly to see her brother eating Angie and finger fucking her ass while her mom gobbled his cock. Then her eyes rolled back as she enjoyed the sensation of her dad’s cock pounding her pussy. Angie was the first to climax on Trevor’s face and the heat of the situation had her intensely horny – so much so that she squirted, which was somewhat rare for her. She soaked his face. He kept his fingers working her asshole without missing a beat. Soon thereafter, dad announced that he was going to cum. He pulled out and launched his cum all the way up to Lori’s tits and down to her waist. He gave three large shots and then dribbled some more in a pool near her navel.Angie pulled off of Trevor and proceeded to lick up the cum from Lori and began sucking her nipples. Trevor’s mom moved around to assume the 69 position, wanting some of that pussy eating he had just given Angie. Trevor went to work on his mother the same as he had Angie, finger fucking her ass as he sucked on her clit. She groaned as he started in on her and out of the corner of her eye, say Angie licking Lori’s pussy while her husband reclined to watch the show for awhile. Mom climaxed at the same time Lori did from the oral sex and then Trevor announced he was about to flood his mother’s mouth. She braced herself as Trevor thrust his cock deep into her mouth and let loose a huge load with spurt after spurt of hot cum.Everyone collapsed for a moment and commented about this event being among the best sexual experiences they had had. Lori was sucking her dad’s cock back to erection and he nodded in agreement. “Son, you want to try having a cock bahis şirketleri in your ass?” asked dad as Lori continued to harden him. Trevor nodded and his dad went to the shelf to get some lube. The women decided they would arrange themselves so that each was eating a pussy and getting theirs eaten. But first, they decided to watch as dad began mounting Trevor’s ass. Trevor grimaced a little at first, but liked the sensation of being fucked in the ass. Lori decided to break away and let mom and Angie go at one another. She moved over into the 69 position with Trevor to suck his cock while dad fucked his ass. She wanted to get a close up view of her dad’s cock in Trevor’s ass while she sucked her brother’s dick. Trevor started eating her pussy and she watched as her dad’s balls slapped against Trevor’s ass as his cock slid in and out of Trevor’s asshole. Lori reached up and started massaging her dad’s balls and he started to groan louder. Mom and Angie quit eating each other and retrieved a double ended dildo from the shelf and positioned themselves so that they were fucking each other with it. It disappeared in one pussy as it came out of the other and back and forth it went. This was something they had loved to do with each other for years. In no time, they were cumming and not being at all quiet about it. Shortly thereafter, dad grunted and pumped a hot load into Trevor’s ass. Trevor tightened his ass around his dad’s cock as his dad came, intensifying the orgasm for his dad. Lori climaxed and writhed under Trevor, squeezing his head with her legs. It was all too much for Trevor and he came down her throat. Hidden behind one of the paneled walls was an entrance to a shower and hot tub area. They all fixed fresh drinks, cleaned up and got in the hot tub to relax a little before they considered the next iteration of their newfound way of life. As they relaxed in the hot tub, Trevor was enjoying a passionate kiss with Angie while his mother began stroking his cock. “Before this night is over, I want to be sure you fuck me son. I haven’t gotten any dick yet.”Trevor was hard again, so he broke his kiss with Angie and lifted his mother onto his lap and plunged his cock into her balls deep in one thrust. “Oh, fuck!” his mother gasped. She started bouncing on his cock once she adjusted to having him inside her, her tits bouncing up and down in rhythm to their fucking motions. Angie moved over to dad and started the same thing, bouncing up and down on his hard cock. Lori sat in the middle and enjoyed playing with one breast of each woman. She pinched the nipples in her hands and just enjoyed the sights and sounds of the others fucking away. “Dad, I think when we cum again, we should cover someone’s face together. What do you think?” asked Trevor. “Sounds like an excellent idea, son. Any volunteers?”I’ll take it,” said Angie, “as long as someone promises to clean me up. But instead of my face, how about on my tits. The clean up will be more pleasurable if someone is sucking the cum off my tits and nipples.” Mom and Lori each agreed they would each take one tit and the guys agreed they would each cum on one tit. Dad said he was getting close, so Angie got off and Lori began stroking his cock rapidly, aiming his cock Angie’s tit. Mom got off of Trevor and started stroking his cock rapidly aiming it at Angie’s other tit. Dad shot first, coating Angie’s tit with his white jizz. Shortly after, Trevor unloaded on her other tit. Both men wiped the rest of the cum from their cocks on her nipples. Then the ladies took over licking and sucking the cum from Angie’s tits and nipples and continued to stimulate her that way and by fingering her pussy at the same time. It was now 3 am and Angie announced that she was going to bed. She got up and showered and left the family to their desires. The four of them got out of the hot tub and moved back to the mattresses after drying off. The women coaxed another erection from the men and each woman mounted them. Lori mounted Trevor as mom mounted dad. They just lay on top of them slowly stroking in and out and kissing lightly, no one really caring if they came again or not. But Lori picked up the pace as she neared another climax and afterward rolled off. Trevor moved in behind his mother and lubed his cock and inserted it in her ass as she continued to fuck his dad. Lori rolled over on her back and watched as her mother was sandwiched between the two men getting DP’d for the finale.Trevor emptied his balls in his mother’s ass and pulled out as his dad emptied himself in her cunt. They each rinsed off and mom got out some blankets and pillows out of a closet as they all snuggled in to sleep for awhile. “Might as well sleep here tonight. I have a feeling I know how we are going to wake up in the morning.” said mom with a satisfied smile on her face.

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