The Housesitter Ch. 02


Pete held up his beer mug and toasted himself. While he didn’t mind taking care of his grandparents’ house all summer, he did miss not having any friends around to party with. He had even allowed himself the fantasy of Gina his sexy neighbor showering him with sexual favors to commemorate this auspicious event. But even she wasn’t around.

In fact, Pete hadn’t seen his curvaceous neighbor since their one and only encounter three weeks ago. He was starting to wonder if she was avoiding him or if she was embarrassed or something stupid like that. And he really didn’t want to seem pathetic and keep haunting her doorstep hoping for another glimpse of her world-class body.

“Happy Birthday.” He muttered dejectedly, taking a swig from his drink.

“Thanks, but it’s not my birthday.”

Pete looked up from his pity party and found an incredibly sexy blonde sitting next to him with a friendly smile on her face. “No. It’s my birthday.” He explained, trying not to stare at the very low neckline of her shirt and the ample bosom barely concealed there.

“Well, then Happy Birthday!” She said brightly, leaning over and dropping a quick kiss on the cheek.

The press of her warm tits against his arm was enough to get his cock up and looking around for an explanation. “Uh, thanks.”

“Are you meeting your friends here then?” She asked, reaching for the bowl of peanuts on the other side of him. Oh man! What a fantastic set of hooters this honey had.

“No. I don’t live around here.” Pete watched her lips in fascination as she sucked a peanut into her mouth. “I’m taking care of my grandparents place for the summer.”

“Well, that’s an amazing coincidence.” The blonde offered a nut to Pete.

He leaned forward and sucked it from between her fingertips the way she had. “You’re taking care of your grandparent’s house, too?” Pete savored the intimate moment, craving a taste of her salty essence as well.

“No, silly.” She laughed brightly. “But I’m new around here and don’t know anyone either.”

“You’re right. That is an amazing coincidence.” He agreed, taking another sip of his beer. “And a lucky one, too.”

Smiling, she held out her hand to him. “Hi, I’m Heather.”

“And I’m Pete.” He shook her hand, thinking that maybe his birthday wasn’t going to turn out so badly after all. “Can I get you a drink?”

Heather turned back to the bar and finished off the mug in front of her. “Sure!”

They chatted casually over their drinks for a while, getting to know each other better. Heather, he discovered, was in her final year at UA where she was majoring in business and that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. While the breakup was bad news for her, Pete considered it great news for himself. He had to admit that he was really starting to consider the Grand Canyon State for permanent residence. Especially if all the women here were as beautiful and well-endowed as the two that he had met so far.

Pete noticed an empty pool table at the back of the bar. “Hey, do you want to shoot some pool?” He suggested, motioning to the bartender to make the arrangements.

“That’d be great.” Heather agreed, reaching into the pocket of her short, tight denim skirt for some cash. “But it’s my treat. Consider it a birthday present.”

Pete followed her to the back pool table, hoping like hell he wasn’t drooling as he watched her fine ass swaying. Damn was Heather everHot! He might even be willing to put her in a class with Gina, and that was saying something. Maybe playing pool wasn’t such a great idea after all. No way was he going to be able to hide a raging hard-on behind a skinny little stick.

Heather spotted the balls on the table and Pete got lost down the valley of exposed cleavage. “Nice rack.” He murmured appreciatively.

She winked boldly and picked a cue from the selection against the wall. “If you think that’s something wait until you see my stroke.”

“I’d much rather feel it.” He murmured as he reached past her for a cue.

Her hand reached out for a quick, covert caress across his dick before he could step away. “Mmmmm…is that a pool cue in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” She asked, a bit wide-eyed with surprise about the hard-on she had found there.

“Happy to see you.” Pete grinned, reaching for the sex hikayeleri cue ball from the table and handing it to her. “And I am even willingly putting my ball in your hand.”

Heather dropped a quick kiss on the white ball. “For luck.” She explained before setting it on the table and making the opening break shot.

Pete felt like one of those cartoon dogs with his eyes zooming out of his head when he got a glimpse of her boobs practically pouring out of her top and onto the pool table. It was a good thing he didn’t have money riding on this game, because with those tits staring him in the face there was no way he stood a chance tonight. “Beer,” he said suddenly, realizing that his throat was unusually dry. “We need more beer.” Pete flagged a passing waitress and ordered another round.

As the game went on the flirting became more creative. The double entendres got more obvious, the ‘innocent’ intimate brushes more frequent. At one point Heather was bent over the table so low that he got a definite nipple flash. And when he managed to tear his eyes from the delectable décolletage to look at her face he found her smiling knowingly. “Thinking about a pocket shot?” Heather asked playfully.

Pete considered her question for a moment, using his cue stick to gage his trajectory and ‘inadvertently’ catching the tip between her breasts. “Looks like a very nice head spot there.”

She eased his cue out and slowly slid her hand down the cue shaft. “Then maybe its time for you to show me how well you handle your stick.”

Pete set up his bridge and was about to shoot when Heather stood across from him, secured her cue between her tits, and slowly chalked the tip. She pursed her sweet pink mouth and gently blew the excess from the top and it was all Pete could do not moan aloud. His shot ended up going wide and bouncing off the far cushion.

Well hell, two could play at that game. Heather wasn’t the only one that could tease. “No, no, no…your stance is all wrong.” He said, stepping behind her and rubbing his cock against her ass when she bent over to take her next shot. “You have to relax into it.” Pete ran his fingers lightly up her arms and over the sides of her breasts. “See how much better that is?”

Heather miscued and sent the ball jumping across the table. “Better for which of us?”

“I dunno. Worked pretty well for me.” He winked, searching the table for an easy shot.

“How about we make a little wager?” She proposed, leaning into him.

“Like?” Pete was close enough to feel her warm breath caress his cheek.

“If you win I will grant you your dearest birthday wish.” Heather rubbed up against him invitingly.

“And if you win?”

She laughed and let her tongue glide lightly over his ear lobe. “Pretty much the same thing.”

“You’re on.” Pete pressed into her and slowly ground his pelvis against hers. “And to the victor go the spoils.”

Heather could feel an answering heat between her legs in response to his hard-on. Well, the good news was she was most definitely over Brad her idiot ex-boyfriend. The bad news, if you wanted to call it that, was that she really wanted to know Pete in the biblical sense. Ohmigod talk about gorgeous! And that monster hard-on he kept teasing her with? If that was as big as it felt…well…hey, hadn’t she earned a deep, thorough fucking with a real cock after two years of reassuring Brad that size wasn’t everything?

“It’s your shot.” She reminded him, reluctantly extricating herself from his machinations.

“You mean we’re still playing pool?” Pete asked in mock-dismay, returning his attention to the pool table behind her and managing to make his next shot.

“We are unless you can figure out a clever way to claim your birthday wish early.” Heather whispered in his ear, causing the following shot to carom off wildly.

Heather smiled seductively and moved around the table to line up her shot, being sure to put a little extra wiggle in her walk as she did so.

Pete moaned appreciatively. “Sweetheart you keep that up and the cue ball isn’t the only thing that’ll be shooting wildly across the table.”

Heather slowly licked her lips. Oh she had forgotten how much fun the chase could be. “And that would be such a waste.” She said before making a beautiful sikiş hikayeleri dead combo. “Thanks for that setup there.”

“Sure.” Pete shook his head laughingly. “No problem.”

He really had a great laugh. In fact, by the swelling in his jeans she was pretty sure he had a great everything. Heather had an almost overwhelming urge to sweep all the balls off the table, push Pete back onto it and fuck him silly. Of course, with the few patrons at the bar that evening ready to stand witness and the risk of some major rug burn from the table top it probably wasn’t the greatest idea she had ever had.

Maybe what she needed instead was a different way to distract him. Heather smiled wickedly as a plan formed in her mind. “Hey, I’m gonna hit the little girl’s room real quick. Beer in, beer out.” She explained simply. Heather was going to make damned sure that someone won this game soon. There was some serious fucking to be done tonight.

After taking care of business in the tiny bar restroom she slipped off her damp panties and shoved them into her purse. Heather planned to wait for him to set up his next shot before she dropped her panties onto the table in front of him. And if that didn’t work the next time she bent over to take a shot in front of him…oh yeah. There was going definitely going to be some major sex happening between them if she had any say in the matter.

She turned off the light and pulled open the bathroom door only to find Pete exiting the men’s bathroom. “Fancy running into you here.”

“It seemed like a good idea.” He explained with a shrug, looking adorably embarrassed.

And that innocent look was all the convincing Heather needed. “I have an even better idea.” She said as she stepped closer to him.

Pete’s hand curved around her hip. “And that is?”

His touch set her on fire. Reaching up Heather slid her hand into his hair and urged his lips down to meet hers. Eagerly her mouth slashed against his, tongues touching, thrusting, lavishing. This was exactly what she had wanted to do since she first laid eyes on his forlorn face at the bar tonight.

Pete’s hands slipped beneath the bottom hem of her top, the heat of his skin against hers just adding to the desire flaring up between them. “Oh, this is a great idea.” He agreed, pulling her hard against his throbbing cock and plundering deeper still.

“I’ve got a million of them.” Heather assured him, hiking up her leg and wrapping it around his in order to get him even closer to her heat.

Pete slid one hand over her as and under the hem of her skirt. “Oh fuckingdamnHeather.” He moaned, easily sliding a finger into her wetness. “Have you been this way all night?”

“Which way?” She nibbled at his earlobe and tightened her pussy around his marauding fingers. “Horny? Oh yeah.” Heather rocked up against him, pulling him in even deeper. “Wet? Only since I saw you.” She felt him caressing her slick folds and struggled to focus on what she was saying. “Or did you mean panty-less? Those babies came off when I decided without a doubt that I was going to fuck you tonight.” Pete’s thumb flicked over her clit and she came in a rush all over his hand.

Pete rained tender kisses on her forehead, not letting up until she was done shuddering in his arms. “I really like a woman who knows what she wants.” He murmured appreciatively, tracing lazy circles around her clit.

Alarms went off in the back of her head when she heard voices coming down the darkened hallway. “Oh shit,” she muttered, tugging Pete into the women’s restroom with her and closing the door just moments before the voices passed. Heather locked the door behind them and flicked her hand over the light switch, bathing them in a soft, fluorescent glow. “Well, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.” She said, leaning against the door.

Pete rested a hand on either side of her. “And just what were you thinking?” He asked, his dark eyes glittering hungrily.

Heather’s breath caught in her throat. “Well, that was a little one-sided.” She explained. “I was thinking more of both of us fucking.” Her hands made there way to his jeans and fumbled with the fastenings, eager to release that great big hard-on he’d been tempting her with all evening. “You know the ‘your-cock-deep-inside-of-me’ sex hikaye kind of fucking.”

His hands slid over her breasts, tugging down on the neckline to expose her black lace bra. “There should be a law against these.” He muttered, sliding back the fabric and exposing her nipple to his waiting mouth.

In the mean time Heather had managed to free his straining staff from the tight confines of his jeans. “Oh. My. God.” She punctuated each word by sliding her hand along his stiff length. “I want you. Now. Right now this very minute.”

“Here?” He asked in surprise.

“Oh yeah.” She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him again hungrily. “Absolutely. Fuck me right here against the wall.”

Pete groaned into her mouth and slid her up until she was level with his cock before sinking into her tight, wet hole. Heather wrapped her legs around him, locking her heels to pull him in even deeper. Using the wall behind her for support, Pete slowly started thrusting up into her. “Okay. I am officially upgrading this to my best birthday ever.” He remarked, managing to snag her nipple between his lips again before picking up the tempo.

Pete tugged her other breast free from its confinement and she gasped when his teeth grazed over her distended nipple. Holy crap did he know his way around a pair of tits. Most guys just sorta sucked and tugged a little. Pete was as thorough with them as his cock was with her pussy, which was now thrusting into her in short, measured strokes. Heather could feel that familiar tingling building again in her abdomen and wasn’t sure she could wait too much longer.

His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her down harder and harder against his pelvis. “Are you ready to cum with me?” He asked in a strained voice, never slowing his pace.

“I’ve been ready all night.” She assured him, her hot tunnel tightening around him.

“I promise, next time we’ll take it nice and slow.” Pete’s mouth covered hers. “Maybe something with a bed even.” He grew seemingly larger inside her in his final few thrusts, filling her entirely. Heather could feel his balls tightening up before he moaned into her mouth and shot his load deep inside of her. Heather constricted around him, her own orgasm crashing over her like a tidal wave. She forgot who she was and where she was, all she knew is that it felt incredible.

“Oh man. I feel like I just ran a marathon.” He panted, nuzzling her neck. “I even hear bells ringing.”

Heather’s eyes slowly opened and she realized she was hearing it as well. “Shit. That’s my cell phone.”

“At least they waited until we were finished.” Pete gently eased her back to the ground and bent over to retrieve her discarded purse for her.

Heather pulled out the phone and looked at the screen, surprised to find her college roommate’s number displayed there. Lisa never called her cell. “Sorry. I had better take this.” She flipped open the phone and listened to her friend’s upset voice on the other end. “What? Wait…slow down Lisa. He did what? Oh hell…okay. Thanks for the warning.” Disconnecting the call, Heather tapped the phone against her palm pensively.

Brad had managed to find out where she was staying and was on his way up here to try to smooth things over with her. If anything this evening only served as proof that she had no desire to be in a relationship with him anymore. Now all she had to do was convince Brad that it was over.

“Everything alright?” Pete asked in concern, having zipped up while she was on the phone.

Heather chewed on her lower lip, wanting someone to confide her troubles in, but hesitant to involve him in ex-boyfriend stuff. “Yeah, it will be fine.” She smoothed down her skirt and readjusted her top. “Unfortunately I’m going to have to take a rain check on the bed part for now to take care of this.”

If he was disappointed he didn’t show it. “No problem.” He assured her, his hand on the door.

“No wait. Let me go first and make sure the coast is clear.” She pulled open the door and ducked her head out. Once she insured the hallway was empty she opened it all the way and motioned for him to follow her. “By the way, thanks. That was really great in there.”

Pete winked. “My pleasure.”

Heather started to walk away before she remembered why she had come back here in the first place. “Oh,” she reached her hand into her purse and pulled a small patch of fabric out and turned back to him. “Happy Birthday.” She leaned up for one last, lingering kiss and pressed the panties into his hand before retreating down the hallway and out of the bar.

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