The Housewives Of Coxville County part 1

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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 1The Housewives of Coxville County By; Ota & The OgrePrologue: The Games AfootThe crowd went into uproar as the basketball fell through the whitenetting of the rim, a loud burst of sporadic cheers on the left side of thegymnasium where fans of the Coxville basketball team sat. Yet anotherthree-pointer had been aimed, shot, and stuffed right through the open netin an audible swish. The game was quickly turning into a blow out forCoxville’s cross-town rivals from Bartown. The baying cheers of theCoxville crowd all but drowned out the low groans from across the way,their competitors, who slumped, cursed, spat, and shook their heads inmixed distress and partial disbelief as they looked up at the litscoreboard. Home- 18, Guests- 4.It was beyond disheartening. Barely into the second quarter and thevisiting team’s morale were smashed all but to shards. It was January, andever since Bartown’s football team, the Beavers, – suffered their loss tothe Coxville Cocks with a score of 14 to 8 in the previous football season- it seemed that Bartown had since been suffering from a steady string ofbad luck in all their athletic endeavors when it came to facing theirlongtime rivals.The performance from Coxville’s players, once considered “fair” by mostother team’s standards, had since developed into something almostotherworldly in the span of what seemed like overnight. Their strength,speed, coordination, team work and stamina had grown exponentially sincethe last season, leaving Bartown’s coaches perplexed, unprepared, andsoundly cajoled at their opponent’s superior skills. This sudden drasticincrease in physical ability seemed to be exhibited most, no, solely bytheir African-American players. The vast majority of young men who made upthe Coxville team were black, with the few caucasian players actually onhand displaying their ample ability to keep the bleachers warm. Because ofthis disproportion in the team’s racial cast, the entire Coxvillebasketball team appeared to be nothing short of unstoppable machines.Jonah Houlihan, Bartown’s head basketball coach, was thoroughly stumpedwhen it came to creating or utilizing an effective countermeasure toCoxville’s relentless onslaught. What the fuck sort of training had theybeen giving these boys, he thought. From the tip off of the game, they hadaggressively outclassed, outmaneuvered, and overpowered Bartown’spredominately white team of young players, making them appear to be nilmore than novices to the sport – their three consecutive championships allbut a distant memory- as the ball was repeatedly snatched, slapped, andjostled from their hands.Another loud wave of cheers echoed through the gymnasium as one of theCoxville players, a tall, well-muscled dark skinned number, quicklyrecovered the ball after a failed shot taken by one of Bartown’s players, ashorter, blonde boy of far less impressive physical stature, bricked fromthe rim and bounded backwards into the fray. The Coxville player nimblymade his way from the far end of the court and to the other side. Alongthe way, and in one graceful spin, he dodged two of the oncoming playersjust before jumping into the air, and hurling the ball in a feint to afellow player, another young black youth, of darker complexion and evenmore lean muscular definition. He was positioned just near the right sideof the low post. The darker Coxville player immediately caught the passedball, already in the air by the time it flew into his large open hands, andlifted his arms to slam the ball into the white net with a loud smash.”Wow! Did you see that?!” Said George Swallows enthusiastically. “We’re killing these guys. Championship, here we come!”George sat in one of the middle bleachers, a point where he had aperfect view of the game. The gymnasium was packed, bustling with shouts,cheers, hollers and other such sounds that filled the area with resoundingelectricity. The kind of living energy that came from many people beinggathered and excited in one place. Most of, if not all of the faces, werefamiliar ones. Many of the local high school students occupied the lowerrows of the bleachers, most of them gathered in groups no smaller thanfive. Five girls and six boys sat together on the lowest row. KittySummers, her signature blonde hair that was styled into a pony tail, sat atthe center of her band of fellow cheerleaders, who were in turn clusteredwith several of the boys from the football team.The sight of them sitting there was considered an unorthodox one for thesmall southern town. Kitty and her entourage of Miko Larson, Patty, andPamela, as well as the always seemingly out of place Susan, were sittingamongst a cluster of young men, all of them black, and all of them ofvarying shapes, sizes, and shades of ebony. Miko and Pamela were toKitty’s right, and Susan and Patty to her left, with the boys sitting atvarying point’s in-between. Kitty sat in the center, an arm wrapped frombehind around the chiseled torso of her boyfriend Samson West, a tall andbuilt young man, who in turn had his right arm casually slung over theblonde girl’s shoulder. To the right were Miko and Pamela, who sat on bothsides of the tall, bald and contradictively nicknamed Little Leroy, hisarms slung comfortably around the both of them, his long sinewy legsstretched forward in leisure. Miko was wearing a particularly high cutskirt and girl’s hoodie that seemed to be a youth large in size. Her slimbut curvy figure clung to the cotton and denim fabric. Pamela was wearinga pair of shorts that seemed to be trimmed all the way up to the highestpoint of her upper thigh, showcasing her immaculately smooth legs andtanned skin. Her ensemble was completed with a t shirt that cut up atabout the middle point of her torso, showing her slim waist and flatstomach.Both girls rested a hand each on Leroy’s stomach, a defined mass ofrippling muscle that shown through the fabric of his white tank top, theirhands close enough to one another’s that their fingers often brushedtogether. Patty, the tall, built redhead was wearing a pair of tightfitting sweatpants that presented the promise of the bountiful curves ofher hips, thighs, and rear end. She wore black shoulder cut shirt thatexposed her shoulders, and the black straps of her bra which kept her largebreasts mostly tamed. On the shirt in bold white letters was a taglinethat said black is the new black. The pun and joke of this phrase wouldstrike an onlooker upon noticing that Patty was on the large arm of the bigand burly brown skinned boy named Max, and how both of her arms were coiledaround his massive singular one – while Susan, once considered to be thetaciturn bookworm of the group, now sat on the lap of the tall and longlimbed boy, who’s nickname among the group was LD. Susan wore only a slimchestnut colored skirt that had various flower patterns on it. Her hairwas let down, and fell in long straight strands down almost to the middlepart of her back. Both of LD’s dark hands were clasped onto her hips. Attimes an idle hand would venture down to caress one of her smooth legs, andon rare occasions travel a bit further towards her inner thigh.The display summoned a silent ruckus among some of those in attendance.Parents, member of faculty, and a number of fellow students looked on inprofound – though ineffably silent – outrage at the spectacle. It wasn’tenough that almost all of them had begun dressing more provocatively, hadbecome infamous for their consecutive absences from classes, and had sincerelinquished all their previous social ties to be with this gang of darkskinned hooligans, but now it seemed like the young women were making ashow of flaunting their new behavior. The young girls, cuddled up with thegroup of young black men – clad in revealing high cut jean skirts and tshirts. It angered many within the crowd, though their protests wereconfined to low mumbles and covert pointing amongst the populace. For themost part however – such as with many towns priding themselves on theirvirtue and wholesomeness – the people who noticed the state of the girlsand their boyfriends ignored the display in favor of praising the action ofthe game. For small towns that pride themselves for their wholesomenesscan only do so, not out of the comfort of knowing there is no dirt orcontroversy to be found, but out the willful ignorance of keeping suchmatters swept firmly under the proverbial rug.Closer to the top of the bleachers was Mr. and Mrs. Brown, dresseddown as always in a recherché fashion, their daughter Stacy sitting next tothem. Mr. White sat with one hand on rested on the silky, milk white legof his gorgeous wife Anya’s, who seemed to be either disinterested in thegesture, the game, or both. With him was his son Todd, who staredgrievously not at his parent’s (really parent, since under no circumstanceswould Todd ever consider Anya to be his mother, but rather his father’smost recent purchase), but down at Kitty as she cheered the team on whilewrapped around Samson. Todd, being Kitty’s previous boyfriend, had not yetcome to terms with the act of Kitty dumping him in favor of Sampson, thisfact being shown in the seemingly permanent scowl that now seemed to bepermanently carved into his young face. Closer to the ground floor wasprinciple Long, who seemed to be more invested in keeping a head count ofthose in attendance than the actual game. If anyone had taken the time tomonitor his movements however, one might have noticed the faint hint of asmirk lining the old features of his brown face whenever he looked over atKitty and her party.”I tell you Harold, these k**s are on fire tonight. Houlihan over therelooks like he doesn’t know whether he wants to rage or cry” said GeorgeSwallows, who was sitting next to his long time friend Harold Summers.George slightly nudged Harold in his side with his elbow, using hisother hand to point across the way of the court to the Bartown’s headbasketball coach. Indeed, the silver haired Caucasian man looked to be astate of stunted anger and profound sorrow, his eyebrows furrowed at adownward angle, while his face muscles tensed and his mouth droopedsimultaneously in what couldn’t be rightly discerned as a scowl or frown.Harold seemed to be in somewhat of a trance, a vacant thousand yard stareaimed down to the lower bleachers where his daughter sat. He snapped outof it with an abrupt jump in response to George’s nudge. He shook hishead, derailing whatever train of thought he was in, and looked over atHoulihan. He stared for a moment, and then began to laugh, more a nervoussecondary chuckle as though he was trying to catch up to the conversation.George immediately broke into laugher behind him, paunch stomach gigglingsomewhat as a result. George put a hand to his thinning brown hair whilelost in amusement.”Ha-ha, oh wow, look at him. Hey honey, get a close up of CoachHoulihan’s face, it’s priceless.”To George Swallow’s right sat his lovely wife Ivana, a handheldcamcorder in her flawlessly manicured hands. Her husband had recentlybought the recorder, and had brought it along to give its said highdefinition capabilities a test run. Ivana focused the camera on thedisheveled coach, the high quality of the camera capturing every contourand line of the man’s face.”Oh now that is just too funny”, Ivana said, the faint hint of hersouthern accent made prominent by the statement. “You’d swear he was a k**who just got an IOU from Santa on Christmas morning”.George continued laughing, Harold’s laughter now dwindling to more of alight snicker while Ivana giggled from behind the opened lens. The planhad originally been for George to be one recording the game. As it turnedout however, in making idle chit-chat with Harold, George handed Ivana thecamera, and had since seemed to push the objective down as a simpleafterthought. It was a common move for George as far as Ivana wasconcerned. In their nine some odd years of marriage George had never beenone to follow through with a plan, despite the fact he was often the oneproposing them. He was often struck with an array of seemingly ingeniousideas, a family outing here, a plan for building a shed there, a new deviceto be installed or used at home that never made it out of the garage oncepurchased. This was how s**tterbrained her husband was, and it wastherefore countered by Ivana’s habit of taking action to take part inwhatever venture George had planned as a solo act, with George givingoccasional commentary in gest to maintain the illusion that he was at thehelm of the enterprise. Therefore she had spent most of the time using thenew camcorder, pointing and aiming it back and forth in capturing theaction of the game, a single red dot on the lower left side of theviewfinder to mark what she was recording every moment.Basketball wasn’t by any means Ivana’s favorite sport. Not that shecouldn’t appreciate the degree of skill that it required to do such feats,like the muscular black youth’s slam dunk that she had just witnessed. Herreluctance to be present at the game spawned from the fact that tonightshe’d simply rather be doing other things than field testing George’ssoon-to-be-forgotten camcorder. In all likelihood she would have muchrather preferred to be at home, relaxing in a long luxurious soak in a hotbath, washing and priming her deep brown hair, and laying in her warm kingsized bed to enjoy the new book on diet and health she had just receivedthat day in the mail. She was so enamored with her plans for that eveningshe had initially told George earlier that day she didn’t much feel likeattending the game when he had brought it up….”I don’t think I’m up for it tonight. This week really took it out ofme, and I think I’d rather just stay in and relax tonight. Catch up onsome rest, maybe get little bit of reading in”, she said.”Awww, come on honey. We haven’t had much time to be out and about atall lately. What with my hours in the office during the day, and theseextra hours you’ve been working at the school, the only time I get to seeyou is when you’re asleep”, said George in a tone that sounded dangerouslyclose to a whine.”I know, but the last place I want to go out to is the school where Iwork George”, Ivana replied tersely.”True, but 1) you’re not going there to work, you’re going there to havefun and enjoy the game, and 2) you’ll be making me happy, because I’ll getto show everyone that my gorgeous wife has got Coxville spirit. I told youI was captain way back when.”Only every time words with the letter B comes up in a sentence, shethought to herself. She fought the urge to roll her eyes.Many years ago in his youth, George had been captain pendik escort of the Coxvillebasketball team. Back when George had a stomach rather than a gut, andwhen the number of loses held by the team made them infamous for being thesacrificial lamb of the county. George had always hoisted himself as moreof the optimist, and never wavering from his “can-do” attitude. Much ofthat charm and optimism was what had originally attracted Ivana to him. His bright smile, boyish good looks, and bright character struck somethingwarm inside her, and matched with his decent physical state at the time,she saw him as something of a catch. These days he still maintained hischeery personality, his optimistic outlook on all things, but everythingelse she noticed had taken something of a back seat and then some over theyears. His once full head of thick brown hair slowly thinned and retreatedfrom his hairline bit by bit, revealing more of a shiny white skull almostevery other day it seemed. His stomach, once taut and lined with a decentamount of muscle, had grown soft as marshmallow and expanded, as well asgrew hairy with age. When he smiled his boyish appeal could still be seen,but only just barely.She still cared for him greatly, loved him as much as any devoted wifein a wholesome southern town such as Coxville could love her husband, butshe couldn’t ignore that such a degree of depth and time in knowingsomeone, made one privy to every single one of their faults, be it minuteor major. George’s increasingly lax efforts when it came to physicalfitness were one such fault, and stood in stark contrast to her efforts. While George gorged himself on potato chips, burgers, French fries, icecream, candy bars, and whole cases of ice cold beer, Ivana spent an ampleamount of her time working on, pushing, and perfecting her body. Everymorning and night she spent an hour on the stationary bike – what withjogging being completely out of the question given how large her breastswere – and engaged in a grueling workout regimen with her friend and ad hocpersonal trainer Sammy Spitzmen. Sammy was young, nine years Ivana’sjunior, and at the pinnacle of her physical health. Sammy held seeminglyboundless reserves of energy, so Ivana’s workouts primarily consisted ofsimply trying to keep up with the hyperactive, remarkably fit and bubblyredhead. Her efforts, despite her inability to keep up with Sammy, hadpaid off. At 36, Ivana’s body was a pillar of womanly health and beauty.From head to toe there was not an ounce undesirable fat on her frame. Her arms were trim, with just enough definition to them to appear strong,but maintained their feminine shape and appeal. Her stomach was flat, andset up well for the outward curvature of her most desirable hips. Sheworked tirelessly on her lower half, particularly her gluts, which neverseemed to lose shape or mass despite the dozens upon dozens of squats shedid almost daily. But alas, it still carried ample muscle under the softouter layers. Her ass had always been big, as were her breasts, a full andround set of GGs that, despite their size, curved upward near their peak,and stayed pert regardless of how hard she worked to reduce them throughexercise. Her behind got her a slew of glances as she walked down thehalls of Coxville High, particularly from the black male students, whonever seemed to be without a low whistle or a stunted O shaped expressionas she passed them. She often ignored it, chalking it up to immatureadolescent behavior, and the ineffable fact that black men can never seemto contain themselves around women with large posteriors. The extra workto her lower half paid off particularly well in her thighs and legs, whichshown tight and showcased fine lines that made many of the younger girlsshe saw at school turn colors when catching the hungered gaze shot at themby their boyfriends.Her figure, matched with her very scantly tanned natural skin color – atrait of her Nordic and Italian ancestry – made her something of a knockoutaround Coxville. No light claims, considering that many, if not most ofthe women in town were considered to be stunningly beautiful by any county,or even the state, or even possibly the country for that matter.Her shape made her able to wear basically whatever she wanted, orrather, whatever she wanted that was considered reasonable with herprofession. As head nurse and health consultant of Coxville High, IvanaSwallows had the right to take certain liberties with the style of herdress. The way she saw it, it was her duty to remain as a close to aliving picture of health as possible, to act as an example to her patientsand colleagues. This responsibility that she prided herself on, granted inher mind a privilege to wear what she wanted. If she found a particularlystriking new sweater or blouse that she knew she simply had to own, she’dbuy it, and not think twice about wearing it to work with, perhaps, a bitmore of her cleavage pronounced than would normally be merited for someoneof her caste and position. Lately she had been working longer hours at theschool, preparing for a meeting with the parents of students on properhealth and nutrition for the school year.While it was common for schools to have PSAs promoting proper healthhabits and exercise amongst the student body, Ivana pushed for PrincipleLong to forward the message publicly to the parents of students as well,convincing after weeks and weeks of proposing, editing, and furtherproposing, to host a public parent-teacher meeting on proper diet andeffective physical activities that could implemented in their every daylife. After all, teenagers seldom retained such information for prolongedperiods of time, and their whimsical belief that they could all eat junkfood in bulk, and maintain good health with menial exercise often guidedtheir activity level more than not. This fact irked her fiercely. Sheadopted the belief that an unfit, unhealthy student body was merely thereflected dereliction of duty from their parents and instructors, and IvanaSwallows was by no means a derelict.”Besides” George began again. “Jenny will be there. I’m sure you twogirls would love spending some time to get together and visit for a while.”As soon as the name “Jenny” escaped George’s lips, Ivana’s left eyetwitched. It took every fiber of her being to keep her body from doing afull wince. She found it to be the vocalized equivalent of nails on achalk board. Her nerves jutted, and on the inside her soul curled into atight red ball as she turned to her husband and said,”Oh really? Well…I guess I’m not THAT tired. Besides I wanted topick up a few notes from my office anyway for the upcoming health awarenessmeeting we’re having at the end of the month.””Alrighty then, sounds like a plan”, said George, his face beaming withdelight.Ivana held every ounce of raw anger and annoyance buried deep within thepit of her stomach. If she was going to be there, that low clout blondeheaded bimbo Jenny Summers, then she would undoubtedly be there doing herabsolute best to show off and frolic around the place in front of everyone,flashing her big (probably fake) tits in front of everyone present togarner some pathetic nod of acknowledgement. And if Jenny Summers wasgoing to be at the game, then Ivana Swallows had to be there as well.”It’ll be a perfect opportunity to test out that new camcorder I boughtthe other day”, said George as he took a large bite of a particularly largeham sandwich, dripping with mayo.Slowly, Ivana pressed down her anger, and forced her full lips to turnup into a wide smile.”Yeah, that sounds like a great plan dear.”…Ivana had spent most of the first quarter of the game simply gettingused to controlling the camcorder. It was small enough device that she wasable to hold it in one hand, and the flipping viewfinder made aiming therecorder easy to keep a subject in sight. The only trick she found to itwas zooming in and out. During certain motions of the game Ivana wanted toget close up shots of the players when they engaged in some of the morespectacular moves. The button that controlled the span of the frame wasvery sensitive, and moved simply by her touching a finger to a grayishswitch located on the side of the camcorder, and motioning it forwards orbackwards slowly. Because of this some of the shots would look jerky,zooming in too fast that it would focus on the wrong part of the court, ortoo close to a player while trying to get a medium sized view. Once shehad accidentally zoomed in directly on the crotch of one of the Coxvilleplayer’s as he ran up the court. It was purely an accident, and a part ofher laughed on the inside at the act, but another part of her twisted inshock at what the camera captured. As the young player, a tall, longlimbed African American boy of considerable musculature, ran down thecourt, she could see the steady bouncing of something in the front of theboy’s shorts. The length and shape of it resembled a small baby’s arm, oreven a segmented nightstick as it bounced up and down with each step as heran. What the hell? What’s he hiding in his pants? Ivana thought toherself.Against her initial thought to simply let the matter go for fear oflooking like some sort of pervert with a fetish for filming young ballplayers, she continued to follow the boy’s crotch with the camera. It wasa tad difficult following him as he jogged to the other side of the court,but the angle soon became perfect as he neared closer to their side of thegymnasium. As his steps approached, Ivana could make out more of thehidden shape. The structure of it, the way it flopped up and down slightlywith each stride, Ivana was eventually able to make out what she wasseeing. Oh my god, is that? That can’t be his…penis, she thought. Itcan’t be, she continued as she looked closer into the viewfinder.To her disbelief, she could just make out the meaty surface of what musthave been a penis of an easy ten inches straining the fabric of the youngbasketball player’s red and white jersey shorts. My word, no way thatcould be his penis, it’s far too long, and…thick, she thought. Indeed,the sizable member was as thick as it was long, if not more so. Theoutline of it barely fit into frame as Ivana closed on it with the grayishbutton. The sweat on his pants casted a wet quality over the full outline,which gave it more definition, and she could just barely make out smallerlines lining the penis that could only be veins, full veins the size of ac***d’s fingers. My lord, thought Ivana.”What’s wrong honey?” said George.Ivana stirred with surprise at the abruptness of George’s question.”Wh…What?” she said flustered to the point she almost fumbled thecamera out of her hands.”You said my lord like you just spotted him on the court. Is the cameraworking alright?”Ivana hadn’t realized she had spoken. Had she really said “my lord” outloud?”Oh, oh no, it’s just-“”Here, let me see, maybe we’ll just have to delete some of the earlierfootage or-“”No! Ivana said, a bit louder than necessary that it made George’s eyeswidened in surprise.”I just…forgot that I have to get a few of my notes from my office isall. Remember, for the meeting?””Oh yeah, that’s right.””Yeah, I’m actually going to run down there and grab them really quick.I shouldn’t be more than a minute.””Alright, well here I’ll take the camcorder and film the rest of thega-“”No!” said Ivana in an even louder tone this time, unsure now of whetheror not she had been recording the sight of the young black man running downthe court. She didn’t want to run the risk of George looking into theviewfinder to spy recorded footage, taken by his wife, of a tall, muscularblack k** with the outline of a penis flopping around in his pants thatmade his (rock hard) look like that of a toddler’s by comparison.Ivana feigned clearing her throat, making it seem like her outburst wasaccidental.”I actually want to mess around with it a bit more, I’m starting to getthe hung-I mean- hang of how it works; I want to get a little better atit.”George’s face went from one of confusion, then – to Ivana’s worry- abrief contortion bordering on suspicion, before it finally settled on thatwarm, boyish smile of his.”Ha-ha, alright then. That sounds just like my lady, once she jumpsonto something, she doesn’t get off til it’s mastered” he chuckled. “Alright, well I’ll save your seat for you. Hurry on back though, we’reonly in the second quarter, but I do want to get some of the later parts ofthe game on film.”Ivana smiled,”Sure thing dear.””Oh, and Ivy”, came Harold from the other side of George in a somewhatweary voice. Harold had taken to calling her by her short name, pronounced”Eve-e” years ago. “If you see that wife of mine, tell her to hurry onback so she doesn’t miss the game. She went to get us some drinks from theconcession stand almost twenty minutes ago, and hasn’t come back yet.”Harold looked at her with a drained expression. His eyes were strange,a bit of strain and redness to them. Ivana had noticed this as anincreasingly common state for Harold these days. Harold once had aphysique that was hefty and greatly similar to George’s, a thick paunch andround features of flesh. In the beginning it had looked like he had simplygot into the habit of steady workouts, a healthy weight loss. Now howeverit appeared more to be a product of him simply not eating.His face held two hollows where he once had full cheeks the like of achipmunk, and his once normal fitting clothes seemed to fit him baggy likethat of the youths she saw every day at school, just not nearly as stylish.His eyes bore dark rings around the edges that confessed a lack of sleep.Ivana looked over at the lower bleachers, and to his daughter Kitty. Sheknew that the girl had recently changed, taken to that Sampson West and hiscrowd of black derelicts that she and her little cheerleader friends haddeveloped a fancy for, and in turn caught an array of questionable habitsin dress and attitude.Ditching classes, staying out late at night, dressing more and more likestreet walkers than A-students. She speculated that this drastic change inbehavior somehow correlated to Harold’s drastic change in appearance anddemeanor. And not just that, it seemed to be catching on to the othergirls as well, like a kind of virus. The other cheerleaders, all onceyoung ladies of the highest caste and caliber of Coxville, had adopted thesame unladylike habits after they started hanging around those dark skinnedroughians. Even the pretty dark haired girl, Susan, who had once beenknown to everyone as having perfect attendance and straight A’s in all hercourses, and always seen reading a book of some escort pendik sort, had now fallen intothe crowd. Nothing good is to be found in that, thought Ivana, looking atthe young blonde girl who was clasped tightly on the muscled form ofSampson.The young girl was already turning for the worse, already gaining weightin places that would be seen as unattractive if not for her naturallyathletic figure. She struggled to keep a smile from forming on her lips atthe mention and thought of Jenny that this caused by relation. Asniggering bit of satisfaction was found in Ivana at the tarnish to Jenny’slegacy. Not much, as Ivana had no real qualms with Jenny’s daughter, but aslight triumph was found none the less.”Sure thing Harold, I’ll let her know”, she said from behind clenchedteeth.Ivana turned to make her way through the aisle.”Oh and honey”, said George.Ivana half turned to her husband, now frustrated from what wouldundoubtedly be yet another request.”If you’re going to pass the concession stand, think you could get me acoke and some chili fries?”The mention of it made her stomach turn. She didn’t understand how herhusband could voluntarily eat that junk.”And THAT’s the sort of thing I’ll be speaking against at the meeting”she said, a bit of bite to her tone to let George know she most certainlydid not approve of his choice in food.”Then I’ll have to enjoy them tonight while I can”, replied George,dawning a somewhat smart assed grin that said touché.”Sigh…fine, diet or regular?””Diet, I’m willing to compromise”, said George.”Alright”, Ivana said, and started walking through the aisle again.”Thanks honey, the best as always”, he smiled, punctuating his remark bygiving her a slight smack on the butt, which made it giggle somewhat fromthe impact. She liked the feeling, but George’s spoiled behavior souredthe sensation somewhat.As she made her way down the aisle, another cascade of loud cheerserupted from the crowd. Ivana looked back before exiting the gymnasium tosee that the Coxville basketball team had scored yet another three pointer,the same black athlete from before bouncing on one leg in a recovery motionfrom the jump shot he had just made, the long meaty outline of his cockbouncing in unison with the motion. Thick as an arm, she thought toherself. For some reason unknown to her, she lingered on this thought, andto the sensation of George playfully smacking her behind, and how the forcerippled through her ass. The combined thoughts of the player’s huge penis,and the smack caused Ivana to oddly shudder as she exited through thegymnasium’s double doors.As Ivana walked down the hallway that led from the gymnasium, sherewound the footage on the camcorder, before hitting the delete option. She didn’t want to chance George finding what she had previously recorded,and she figured it would be much easier to simply tell him she accidentallydeleted the earlier part of the game should the situation arise where heactually held possession of the recorder again. The hall was empty,everyone was most likely gathered back in the main hall of the gym, and shecould hear each one of her steps reverberate through the barren hall withthe echoing clack of her high heels. The force of her steps caused herlarge natural breasts to bounce slightly each time her foot came intocontact with the ground. Ivana was a very large DD, and her bountifulmounds had always been a source of mixed appreciation and woe for themiddle aged beauty.The size and mass of them made running long distances a near impossiblefeat, and she often had lower back pains that she suffered silently. Herhusband George loved them however, the fact that his hands were onlycapable of grabbing a meager handful that covered only a portion of herbreasts was an incredible turn on for him. Ivana often caught the eyes ofmany of the local townsmen (and some women) to be cast down at them duringdaily conversation. She often had to reprimand the younger men at school,and lecture them on how crude it was to not look a person in the eye whilsttalking to them. The act irked her to say the least, but a part of her,the lesser known Domina that dwelled inside of her, found the gesture to beoddly flattering. She liked the notion that men and women found herattractive, desired her, and envied her, stood jealous of her figure assomething to be achieved.Of course this wasn’t the case for everyone in town. Not everyone heldher to be the end all form of beauty in Coxville. On the contrary, whenthe issue of good looks among the women folk in town came up, the premiername to be referenced rated Ivana as a “close second” to Jenny Summers. She had actually heard this time and time again in hushed whispers fromstudents, even faculty of the school, and by relation the rest of thepeople in town. In fact, a quite often scenario was Jenny’s and her namebeing uttered, compared, and contrasted in the same sentence.”You get a load of Nurse Swallows today? Damn, she’s soooo hot”, she’dhear young men in the hallway whisper in the hallways when they thought shewas not around or could hear them.”God, I’d give anything to bury my face in those tits.”She should have been offended, part of her in fact was, but the reversecame in the form of a smile of being charmed by the statement. Whyshouldn’t men be attracted to her? Young men especially are bound toexpress appreciation of the female form, and Ivana was, to her own credit,a very sexually appealing woman. The notion that she was something of asex icon to the young boys flattered her into a faint blush, all the way upto when someone would counter with,”Yeah she’s hot…but Mrs. Summers’ …god…no SHE’S AMAZING I tellya.”Ivana’s spirits would be lifted, only to suffer the plummet every timeshe heard this.”Now Mrs. Summers has a PERFECT body. That hair, those eyes, thosecurves, those tits, lord almighty, those things make you want to stand upand beg for buttermilk”, they’d say.”You’re right about that one. Hands down the hottest woman inCoxville.”Hearing that title, “hottest woman in Coxville”, always served as thefinal jab in the gut to Ivana. She HATED the fact that so many of peoplein town had such an all-encompassing title for Jenny Summers. As if shewas the end all-be-all to sexual desire in the county. It made all ofIvana’s efforts, the exhausting daily exercises, the assiduous dieting, themeticulous effort put into her wardrobe and the perfect appliances ofmakeup – just enough to let her natural beauty show- all of it, seem to befor nothing. It worked her nerves to the nub to think all time and energymerited that of second class to someone like Jenny. Jenny, who as far asshe saw, was only popular because of her looks. Yes, Jenny Summers was astunningly gorgeous woman, she had been even back when they attended highschool together. Back then Jenny was smaller in frame, her body slightlymore athletic and less curvaceous. Not at all unlike the way Jenny’sdaughter Kitty looked now, or rather, used to look before falling in withthose young punks. She was the spitting image of her mother, and similarlythe subject of much admiration from many of her peers (and secretly some ofthe faculty judging from rumor), a male and female. Ivana was certainlynothing to scoff at herself, and her peers gave her a similar sort ofappreciation. However it was a marvel to Ivana that so many people failedto notice how wholly imperfect she was. The amount of praise garnered fromfans of Jenny didn’t at all cover what Ivana found to be an utterly falsepersonality from the buxomly blonde. She was always so damn happy, soopenly fake. A forced kindness always seemed to beam from her statuesqueporcelain face and bright smile, enough to make Ivana’s lightly tanned faceredden. But alas, all those around her dotted on her, gave her nothing butunyielding affection, while giving Ivana what seemed to be any leftoveraccolades that remained after they were done praising Jenny for simplyknowing how to inhale and exhale oxygen properly.Jenny Summers, the Queen of Coxville, made Ivana Swallows sick. So sickthat it eventually convinced Ivana that she needed to make friends withher, approach her as a potential best friend with the aim of exposing Jennyfor the fraud Ivana knew she really was. The entire span of their”friendship” had been one carefully aimed shot for Ivana to finally bringwhat she knew to be a farce into the light that others could see. Ivanawould gradually wear her down, bide her time until she found a way to outher. Show that the wholesome southern belle facade merely masked somethinglow class, something crude, that didn’t at all merit having such a perfectlife, with endless admiration and all the fixings and added appreciationthat Ivana worked her behind off to receive the runoff of. Ivana was socaught up in her mental tangent, going over the checklist of how falseJenny Summers really was and reasons she despised her, she hadn’t evennoticed she had been hovering over the desk in her office, standing blanklyover a slew of papers, her notes for the upcoming meeting for more thanfive minutes.She sighed, coming back somewhat into the here and now, and kneeled downto collect what pages she felt she need. Her desk was a mess, paperss**ttered everywhere. She hated things being unorganized. Things at workhad just been maddening as of late, and she hadn’t yet had the time tothoroughly clean the office. As she rustled through the pile, her hugebreasts hung lower over the desk, wafting slightly as she gathered thepieces of white paper. After she gathered the pages she needed, shestepped back into the main hallway of the school. It was dark, a starkcontrast to how bright the halls seemed during school hours. The darkenedstate of the place made her somewhat ill at ease. She didn’t realize howcreepy the school looked at night. The wide hallways intended to giveenough space for the steady traffic of students and faculty during eachschool day now seemed to hold a vast emptiness, one where it seemedanything could pop out of anywhere at any time. Ivana walked nervouslydown the hallway, the clanking of her shoes louder than she liked as theyechoed steadily. Her steps were so loud that she actually missed the firstaudible moan when it was bellowed into the air from somewhere further downthe hallway. Ivana stopped dead in her tracks. She stood stock still,trying to determine whether or not she had just heard something.She figured it was just her mind playing tricks, making up alternativesounds for her own movement and giving form to simple shadows strewn aboutthe corridor of the school, which already had her a little creeped out. This was her initial conclusion…until she heard the noise again. A low,almost guttural groan from something that she couldn’t determine. Herheart began to pound harder in her chest as she stood as stone in thecenter of the empty corridor. She thought it may have been an a****l. Acat perhaps, who snuck in through a cracked or open window – opened withthe intent of air out the summer heat, and forgotten – in search of idlemice, and had found instead another cat competing for the same prize? Ormaybe it’s some pervert trying to get the drop on me, Ivana thought.The latter idea motivated her to slowly, but not too slowly, unlace, andstep out of her high heel shoes. She wasn’t sure which direction the noisecame from, and if it was a pervert, she was going to make sure she hadsomething on hand to fight with, as well as create an easier means for herto escape. She hated the idea of running, but if she were attacked, she’dhave no choice. Again the noise came, this time louder than the last. Definitely a groan, but this time it sounded more effeminate, a womanlyhowl more than a masculine grunt. Ivana began walking forward again, herfeet now making only scant patting sounds as the soles of her feet plantedthemselves one after another on the cold smooth hallway floor.That noise again, this time louder. Definitely a woman, definitelyemitting from one of the nearby rooms in the corridor. Added to the soundnow was a blunt and steady smacking that Ivana could just make out. As sheapproached closer the source of the disturbance, an idea crossed her mind.If there was a pervert, or perhaps thief walking through the school, theywould most likely be caught off guard if they attacked her to find acamcorder being shoved into their face, their image caught on camera forthe authorities to possibly identify him. Should that instance arise,Ivana figured that would be enough to throw the prowler off kilter enoughto allow her to get the first blow, perhaps even frighten him into runningaway. She flipped the viewfinder open, and hit the red button that marked”record”. Try this curve ball you derelict bastard, she thought toherself. The noise once coming from one of the classrooms allocated to thescience department. It was one of the larger rooms that stayed open laterthan the others, for students wanting to do extra credit for chemistry. Bizarre however, as Ivana thought that even though the room was open forlonger hours, it was surely locked at night after the janitors got donecleaning.All the same, there was most definitely someone inside there, and by thesound of it he was breaking into something. The distinct sound of a handor fist crashing into…something. It sounded like a pair of heavy handscoming together in applause in the middle of a steady stream of water. Whatever it was it sounded too soft to be a lock or safe of some sort. Besides there wasn’t really anything of value in the room to steal anyway,was there? Ivana pondered this as she took another few quiet steps towardsthe door. The groans took on the form of two people, not one as sheoriginally thought. It sounded like a man and a woman, though by theintensity, the nonsensical grunts and groans coming from both, one couldhardly define either as sounding human.The smashing sounds grew louder, and as Ivana placed her ear against thedoor she pick out an increasing wet quality to the noise. She piecedtogether that the sound of the smashing was what gave rise to the grunting.The harder the slam, the louder the subsequent grunts would be. Someone’s…having sex in the science room! Ivana realized. How whollycrude! She figured it had to be a couple of young students, capitalizingoff the crowd gathered in the gymnasium for the game, and likely the laxduties of the janitors leaving the door unlocked to watch the game. Probably a couple of the (black) students who didn’t have the good sense totake their bedroom escapades to the bedroom. Young hormones at work, witha mix of no scruples or tact. Well, someone is about to get busted,thought pendik escort bayan Ivana. If an anonymous and concerned citizen were to film thesetwo derelicts in the act, and recommend to Principle Long that they shouldbe suspended, even expelled for indecent behavior that would get themessage across that such horrid acts were not to be tolerated in CoxvilleHigh, let alone the Coxville community. Long was under the gun enough asis with the problem of student attendance and grade performance, and Ivanaknew he certainly wouldn’t let something like lewd conduct compound uponthe pile, not if it meant his neck was exposed to the potential danger.Ivana snickered at the thought of besting a pair of unruly youths, butalso there was a bit of excitement that grew in her. A thrill that herincreasing heartbeat attested to as it thumped harder and harder in herchest. The sounds that these two were making, they were so…so…Ivanacouldn’t quite place a word to it.”Gawd damn dis pussy is fuckin good”, came the very deep baritone voiceof a man from inside the room.Oh yeah, they’re black alright, Ivana concluded in her mind aftergauging the twang in the voice. No scruples and even worse grammar, shethought. She readied the camera, holding the viewfinder up to her face,her other hand quietly, slowly twisting the silver door handle, and ever sogently pushing it open. When the door swayed inward to reveal the scene,the slow unveiling of two sweaty masses of flesh and muscle, she forcedherself to hold back a gasp. HE was black alright, but the female withhim, most certainly was not. What Ivana saw was almost surreal to her. She was by no means inexperienced or uneducated in the subject of sex, butwhat she beheld seemed to be far much more than simple intercourse. Theman, a big, burly brown skinned individual with a monstrous frame – a giantby all accounts as far Ivana was concerned – was standing with his backmore cocked at a side angle to Ivana, facing her enough that she could makeout the curvature of his solid chest and strong facial features, with hishead facing downward that he didn’t notice her or the faint blue light ofthe camera from the slightly opened door. Even in the near dark, Ivanacould make out his smooth dark skin that glistened with sweat, dropletsrolling down his chiseled back, highly sculpted lower torso, his Adonislike ass and titanic thighs and legs strewn with hard muscle. His darkblue workmen’s pants pooled around his ankles, just at his white socks andbrown work boots. He was pumping vigorously, relentlessly into the woman,a very curvy and fit white body, which was just as sweaty as he was,glistening in the moonlight that poured in through the window.She was bent over onto the nearest adjoined tables nearest to thesmallish sink and gas setup. The audible smashing Ivana had previouslyheard was the sound of the man’s thick body, his hips smashing with anincredible force into the soft, round ass cheeks of the bellowing, writhingfemale. The desk was angled in such a way that Ivana could clearly see thedeep brown pair of humungous testicles that swayed back and forth, swingingunderneath and slapping loud near her pubic area of the woman.”Oh shit!” cursed the woman in a mesh of surprise and unbridledpleasure. “You’re burying that big black cock so DEEP!” she groaned.The white figure reached a hand up and clasped it onto a faucet headthat was nearby, clutching it tightly and exposing a gold wedding band asshe continued getting pounded from behind by the huge black man. Ivana’sbreath grew shallow before she u*********sly held it completely, her hearthammered in her chest. Her hand holding the camcorder shook with thecombined fear and adrenaline rush of what she was witnessing. Her reactionwas bizarrely split, divided in two in her take on what she was seeing. The prim and proper woman in her screamed out at the woman in protest,while her inner voyeur quietly stared on in frothing glee at the spectacle.Despite both forces holding equal ground in her head, the voyeur won thefinal decision, and Ivana quietly continued to film. She took up her otherhand to steady the camcorder and calm her other shaking hand, fighting theurge to slide her hand…someplace else. Drawn to the sight, she watchedas the screen automatically brightened to compensate for the eclipsingdark.The camcorder illuminated the room through its lens, and Ivana got abetter look at the particulars of both characters as they continued theira****listic tryst. She could better see the rippling muscle that composedthe entire span of his large body. He was dark, chocolate dark with theadded darkness of the room. His face showcased powerful features, a widenose, large dark eyes, full lips, and a chiseled jaw line that clenchedtightly as he labored behind the woman. Ivana zoomed in on the man’s face,close enough that she could see the beads of sweat pouring from his shinybald head. He’s so…dark she thought. He wasn’t familiar to her, not inthe slightest. His workmen’s pants and short-sleeve button down shirt thatlay flat on the floor looked very similar to the uniform the two otherjanitors at the school wore, the tall and slim dark skinned black man, andthe fatter, lighter skinned one whose names she never cared or botheredlearning, much less to remember. This one, who seemed to be an even heightand build between the two, might have been new.”Ugh, you like dat big ol nigga dick stretchin out yo pussy huh, dirtywhite bitch!””Agh, yes, fuck yeah, I love that big nigger cock. Ah!”The dialogue between them caused Ivana to pan back out with the camera.She made the focus go further down in examination the source of the loudslamming noises. If Ivana hadn’t gasped before, she most certainly didwhen her green eyes fell on the image conveyed by the lens, as it focusedon what was to be seen below the black man’s waist. Ivana’s eyes widenedwith shock and awe. A full, rock hard penis of incredible length, thebiggest she had ever seen. A solid 12 inches, and of significant girth shesaw, in crystal clarity made by the camera. The color of deep ebony, itresembled a large night stick or billy-club, but dare Ivana thought, fuller- more robust – with thick dark veins running up and down the meaty shaft.It was pulling back from inside the woman’s exposed, gapping pink pussy. The lens blurred for a moment, readjusting from the angle change, andshowed a high definition close up of the huge dark member just before itburied itself all the way back inside the panting woman’s pussy.”Oh my god”, whispered Ivana, a shake in her voice from watching theblack stud go deep, what must have been belly deep, into a quivering andincredibly wet white gash. The woman’s pussy dripped clear liquids downher pale toned thighs. The slick liquids bathed the black stud’s cock, andit was clearly visible each time he pulled back to his of his fat cockhead. Ivana shivered. Never in her life had she seem a woman get sothoroughly dominated, punished sexually, and with such force than what shewas observing. She’d have felt sorry for the poor woman and her brutalizedpussy…if it weren’t for the moans this girl was emitting.”Ugh fuck! You’re gonna make me cum on that huge motherfucker!” thewoman said, her grip on the faucet getting tighter.Her moaning became quickened when the black stud sped up his pace, hiships pumping with an even louder set of slams rewards his efforts. Thewoman’s screams grew maddening as her climax approached. When it finallyhit, Ivana moved the camera ever so slightly to the right, and panned outto get a shot of the woman’s straight legs shake as her pussy dripped alarger quantity of clear white liquids from her sweet pink gap. A tuft oflong blonde hair whipped up and back in ecstasy from the onslaught. Ivanapulled the image back a bit more and the hair wafted backwards, exposingthe enraptured face of…Jenny Summers!?”Oh my god!” Ivana said at the same time Jenny did, though Jenny’s was amore invigorated one of passion more than shock.”Ugh, yeah, I’m bout to nut too baby.” Growled the black man as his pacequickened.Jenny turned her face around to look at the black stud. She took herfree hand, the one not clutching the faucet head for dear life, and placedit on the rock solid abs of the toiling Negro. In a gesture of power hegrabbed her arm, pulling it back and forcing her to lift up slightly fromthe table. Jenny’s large breasts flopped up slightly with the motion.”Oh yes! That’s it baby, pound that pussy. Give me that hot whitenigger load!”The stud obliged, and gutted her pussy hard until every muscle in hisbody tensed.”AAAGH FUUUCK!” he roared, pumping a few more finalizing thrusts beforea thick white spray spilled inside Jenny’s filled pussy.It pooled from inside in thick wet globs, spilling onto the classroomfloor. As his orgasm continued, Jenny pushed up from the table and turnedtowards the man, his huge cock flopping out of her pussy, and she quicklykneeled down, grabbing the cock firmly in one hand, grabbing a handful ofthe man’s testicles in the other, and swallowing the humungous head,sucking at the rich, creamy white bounty that came from it. Like a c***dto its bottle, she sucked and sucked on the throbbing head, opening hermouth wide to take a mouthful of pearly white cum.”GARRGH!” He shouted in a toothy snarl, before his body finally relaxed,and his face calmed.A long moment went by, the air quiet except for the man’s slowbreathing, and Jenny’s steady mmmmh sounds as she gulped the cum down andlicked what remnants remained from the now softening head. The veins ofthe cock pulsed a little before they finally calmed to a minimum, or, asmuch of a minimum as a thirteen inch penis could.”Ma cousin Jerome was right. You one bad bitch Mrs. Summers. Shit, Iain’t neva seen a white bitch take all ma meat like dat beefo”, the mansaid in more of an exhale.”Please…call me Jenny”, she said in between swallows and licks. “Whatwas your name again?” she asked.Ivana couldn’t believe her ears any more than her eyes. Had Jenny, amarried woman, this complete slut, just fucked a man, a BLACK man no less,without even knowing his name?”Tyrone…” he said, looking down at her as she lapped at the cum thathad dripped onto her large breasts, her long blonde hair shifts a littlefrom her bobbing head motions.”Well…welcome to Coxville High, Tyrone. You be sure to tell yourcousin Jerome I said thank you for giving me the chance to show you aroundcampus. I mean, you’re only filling in for him tonight and all but I knowhow big the place is. You can easily get lost around here.””Yes ma’am.” chuckled the black man.Ivana saw this as her queue to leave. Quietly and quickly, she turnedand scampered away from the door. Now that the pair wasn’t occupied withone another, they were bound to hear her, or see the blue glow of thecamera. Ivana made her way silently back outside the school building, andleaving the exhausted pair behind….Outside it was still barren, empty and cold. Ivana found herself almostghost walking back to the gymnasium, back to her husband George, somewhatin shock from what she saw. Jenny Summers, the Queen of Coxville, caughton tape being fucked senseless, thoroughly broken into by one of thebiggest, blackest men she had ever seen. Biggest in every conceivable wayand sense of the word. The image of the man’s huge penis still burns inher mind. It was so potent that she had to stop and move off to the sideof the walkway to rewind the footage.She had to get another look at it, of him. Clear images of his muscles,cock, balls, Jenny’s tight robust and curvy body bent over and her pussygetting pounded. The moans, curses, sweat, and loud smashing sounds wereall captured on the camcorder. Jenny Summers, little miss perfect byeveryone’s standards was reduced to a panting, sweaty, slattern.If everyone found out about this side of Jenny, this dirty wantonpersona that had been unveiled this night, they’d…The idea formed inIvana’s brain before she even knew it. This is it, thought. That’s it,I’ve got it. She held the key to her greatest rival’s demise right in herhands. This was the bit of proof she needed. The greatest weapon to hercompetition’s fall, and it literally rested in her hands. Ivana rewoundthe footage, shut the camcorder off, and walked back to the gymnasium witha wide genuine smile on her face. There was an extra bounce to her step asshe walked back into the gym and up the flight to her aisle.”Where are the chili fries?” asked George with c***dlike pout on hisface.Oh darn, I forgot all about George’s disgusting chili fries, shethought.”I’m sorry hun, they were fresh out at the concessions stand. She lied.”They’ll probably have another batch ready by half time.””Oh…alright then”, said George, the same pout etched across his face.God, he was such a baby when he doesn’t have things his way, Ivanathought. Harold leans forward to looked at Ivana.”How was Jenny?” He asked.”Wh-what?” stammered Ivana.”How was Jenny doing at the concession stand? You saw her there right?””Oh…I…I didn’t see her.”A strange look crossed Harold’s face, a question mark almost formingatop his head that was soon replaced with an expression of worry. If onlyHarold knew how much of a dirty whore his perfect little wife was, Ivanathought to herself. or l knew how filthy and perverted she really was,doing that huge sweaty black man…that huge, sweaty, incredibly builtblack man…that huge, sweaty, incredibly built black man, and that giantblack penis of his…Ivana lost herself in the thought again. Her greeneyes glazed over at the memory of that huge mass of ebony flesh rammingitself into Jenny’s pink pussy, again and again unmercifully. It was thenthat for a brief moment, Ivana had a very strange thought.In her mind’s eye she pictured the black man in his entire adonicsplendor. She imagined his huge member ramming itself relentlessly,unmercifully into a pink open slit and doing the same exact act with allits intensity. Though only instead of the pink open slit belonging to thatof Jenny Summers, the one being thrashed relentlessly was her.With that a long, toe curling jolt of electricity went from Ivana’shead, and sunked all the way down her back, and flooding in-between herlegs. This sensation would have made her black lace panties wet from herown juices if they hadn’t been soaked earlier while recording Jenny’sscandalous behavior.The plan had formed in Ivana’s mind seemingly in that instant. Theentire plan layed itself out in a single detailed image in her mind. I’llfinally expose you, you dirty slut! That’s a promise! If Ivana had movedor felt herself, or the fabric of her black skirt. She would undoubtedlyhave noticed how drenched her panties were, right when the buzzer signalinghalf time went off in a loud blare, echoing, and cutting through the cheerswithin the Coxville High gymnasium, the scoreboard reading 24 to 8.

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