The Hunt Part 3


The Hunt Part 3Body BetrayedShe shivered when she felt a wet tongue leaving a trail up her inner thigh, feeling the hot breath blowing between her legs and over her mound. Hands slid under her ass, clenching on her buttocks, pushing her up until the cuffs dug painfully into her wrists and ankles, unable to move any more. Her ass was off the bed, but not more then a couple of inches, her crotch feeling as if she was being torn up the middle.“HHHSSSS,” she gasped through her teeth when she felt the tongue slithering up between her legs, running over the outer lips of her mound, up one side and down the other, the cool air leaving goose bumps on the wet trail. Fingers deserted her ass, replaced by others that held her ass up subserviently, strong fingers gripping her outer lips and slowly pulling them apart, knowing that his face was only inches from her pussy, the hot breath blowing shamefully on her sex. They pulled farther then they should, her lips stretched wide apart.“Look at that pink pussy, so hot and tender,” Michael teased her as he opened her up. By time they finished with her, it would be beet red and sore from the constant fucking they would subject her too. He pushed his head between her lips, his nose rubbing along her slit as his tongue began to work on her flesh. He lashed his tongue up and down her slit, minutely inspecting every intimate inch of her soft, inner lips, tasting the juices that he forced from her body in spite of her protests.“Noooo,” she begged softly, the tongue feeling too good as it rubbed along her lips. The hands beneath her ass pulled her cheeks apart, fingers digging into her flesh. The tongue continued to work on her body, Belinda feeling her body betraying her, unable to stop the unexpected flow of her arousal caused by the experienced tongue that was lashing at her. The tongue pushed lower, feeling like a tiny cock that was seeking entrance to the depths çankaya escort of her sex. The bondage left her helpless, her legs spread too wide, unable to stop the tongue as it moved inside her, fighting her muscles as she tried to keep it out. It darted in and out, wetting her, forcing her open for something much bigger, a cock jerking on her naked thigh as it waited impatiently. The fingers moved up her slit all the way to the top. She knew what they were seeking, feeling them pushed down along the edges of her clit, struggling to keep it from growing excited by the touch. They were going to **** her and her pussy was getting wet. She was so ashamed of her own arousal.Michael’s fingers squeezed the base of her clit, watching as the small bud began to grow hard and red with the trapped blood. He teased it with his fingers, making it grow in pleasure, squeezing the base tight until all the blood was trapped in the swollen head. His lips and tongue attacked it, sucking the organ into his mouth with powerful suction, drawing it deep so his tongue could work over the tip of the swollen organ, slashing back and forth like a punching bag.Belinda tasted blood as she bit her lips, quenching the cry that wanted to escape from her lips. Hot, wet lips gripped her clit and sucked it deep inside until she thought it would be pulled from her body. Then the tongue slashed at it, back and forth until her body could do nothing else but respond, tremors of pleasure racing through her crotch. A finger entered her, then another, stretching and teasing her open for something much bigger. She had already taken all three in her mouth, now it would be her pussy that would receive their cocks next.Michael could feel her pussy muscles rippling up and down his fingers as he fucked her, her body quivering as he orally pleasured the bound and stripped girl. They might be taking her against balgat escort her will, but her body was not minding what was happening to her now. It was time to fuck her.She felt her pussy deserted, her body dropping off the edge as the pleasure was suddenly taken from her. She felt the bed moving as the men changed places, hands deserting her ass. She felt the hot body of a naked man lying on top of her, feeling the unmistakable presence of a cock pushed between her legs. It rubbed up and down her slit, Belinda feeling the thick head growing slick with her juices as it jerked in excitement on her naked flesh. His hairy chest rubbed on her nipples, turning them hard as he covered her body with his own, hot, demanding lips pressed against hers. A tongue forced its way into her mouth just as she felt a cock forced inside her pussy. The tongue explored the cavern of her mouth while the cock sought entrance by force, shoving her muscles aside by brute force. The thick head opened her up, popping through the tight muscle of her pussy, her muscles continuing to be forced aside as he plunged deeper inside her.Michael felt the excitement as her hot, tight pussy grasped onto his cock as he fed his cock into her. It could hardly be called ****, her insides rippling up and down his cock as he pushed in, then out, then back in again, each time going deeper into the young girl between his legs. His tongue danced in her mouth as his cock danced in her pussy, his hands sliding under her ass and pulling her up to receive his cock. He felt her buttocks muscles contract on his fingers as he pulled her cheeks apart, the delightful clenching of her pussy on his cock following.She was stripped naked, bound and spread to the bed and all she could think about was the hard cock that was sliding deep inside her. There was no pain, only shame that she was not protesting. The cock began elvankent escort to fuck her, making her take the full measure of his large weapon, teasing and taunting the muscles of her pussy as the thick head opened her up. His lips were still requiring her obedience, French kissing her deeply until she thought his tongue would shove down her throat. Her nipples were rubbed raw by the wiry hairs of his chest. Every part of her body was being stimulated by her r****t as though he was a lover. He was pounding into her, the sharp slap of flesh on flesh ringing out in the room. When he pulled it, her insides were sucked out, only to be pushed back in forcefully as the head of his cock slammed deep into her cervix with powerful thrusts that rocked her body. She felt his body stiffen beneath her, her only relief is that he would cum before he forced her to have a shameful orgasm from the ****. He shoved in hard, his body stopping, his cock jerking inside her. Then she felt it, a powerful jet of hot cum shooting deep inside her unprotected pussy, flooding her as he began to fuck her again, his cock jetting out more of his cum as he continued to fill her with cum. He lay on her body for long minutes before he finally pulled out, feeling his cum leaking out as he yanked his cock out unceremoniously.Michael couldn’t contain himself any longer, her pussy milking the cum from deep in his balls. He shoved in deep, her muscles rippling up and down his cock until the cum shot out into the hot recesses of her pussy. He fucked her harder and faster as jet after jet spilled from his cock until she milked his balls dry. He pulled out, looking down between her legs as his milky, white cum dribbled between her thighs to stain the bed beneath her.Belinda felt another one take his place, remembering the slim cock that ****d her mouth, feeling like a dagger as it stabbed inside her pussy. She felt a wet cock on her cheek, leaving a trail of cum down her soft skin until she felt the semi hard cock on her lips. It was the one that had just fucked her.“Open your mouth and clean it, Belinda.” Michael’s fingers forced her lips open, sticking his cum slick into her mouth. “Use your tongue on it,” he ordered her.

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