The Hunt


No part of this story may be copied or reproduced in any format. All characters herein are legal adults. This is a work of fiction and not in any way related to real persons or places. Any similarities is coincidental. Enjoy.


Hunting. A sport where the young lack experience and patience. Whereas the older more experience hunter bides his time and chooses battles more wisely. At twenty nine I’d learned from those before me. Tonight brought me to the local go-go bar, the Waterfall. Wearing a black dress shirt with matching pants and shoes I blended in with the shadows. The Waterfall is one of the classier joints in the area. It had the typical rectangular stage commanding the center of the main room.

The left hand side had tables a dancer could perform on for individuals or groups. It was quasi-public and private. Public since should someone else look they could see the dancer and somewhat more private due to the shadows.

On the right hand side some tables had birdcages for the dancers. Behind the stage three rooms are for private dances. Private dances run from twenty dollars to three hundred dollars. Each of the rooms is further divided with cubicle style walls. And each wall has handicap handles for more “aggressive dances.”

Back to the younger crowd. I’ve always gotten a bit of a kick out of the obvious first timers. Whatever money they bring, usually not much, doesn’t last beyond the first dancer flashing her tits and whispering ideas into their heads. Being young the ladies know they don’t have to do much. Plus, to keep the cops away the young ones don’t get lucky anyway.

Finishing my Jack and coke I push the empty glass to the edge of the bar opposite me. Julie the bartender makes a point of bee lining for me. Her black hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. Her sharp features, tight bra, and short shorts, contrasting with her pale white skin. Her eyes are fierce, piercing orbs, with a glint of something dangerous lurking within. Freckles on her cheeks and shoulders appear faintly.

“Another?” she asks raising the empty glass and arching an eyebrow.

I nod and wink at her rewarding me with a rare hint of a smile from her. Without breaking eye contact she makes a show of bending over while mixing another drink. Her beautiful, full tits, on total display. Her cleavage begging to be set free. Standing back up she hands me the glass wrapped in a napkin. Quickly climbing up on the bar she slides down onto my lap. Wrapping her hand around the back of my head she leans in making a show of smelling my cologne. Rubbing her head on mine I hear her breathing on my ear as she nibbles on it. The swell in my pants must have been reward enough as she soon is running herself up and down its length.

“You’ve had me waiting too long. Go to the left hand dance room and wait in the back corner. Tonight you’re mine.” Julie sensually tells me. Her face alight reminds me of a huntress eyeing a prize. Leaning back in, she bites me on the neck before dismounting back across the bar. A little younger than I she still had the nimbleness wasted on younger women. Yes, mid and late twenties is still young I know. The experiences and challenges presented to both of us tended to focus one’s energies.

Eyeing her pale back and legs as she vaulted over I know tonight will not end quickly. Downing more fire water I enjoy the burn down my throat and the heat in my stomach. Casually making my way to the back I find a newer dancer riding a customer. Stepping aside from the doorway I note her bare back and flowing red hair. Just as quickly I find she’s naked and openly fucking. A tight ass and hips riding that dick as if tonight the world ended. Her hands clenched around the handles though she rode the devil himself. Catching a glimpse of her bared chest her C tits bounce around fiercely. Her nipples engorged stand out brazenly while flanked against an army of freckles. Her eyes locked onto the lucky youth. Sipping my drink I enjoy the show.

“Good she hasn’t finished yet,” says Julie as joins me, “this one is strong.” Resting Avcılar Escort her head on my shoulder I pull her around front of me. Inhaling her smell I’m intoxicated and an image of prey being stalked comes to mind. Unsuspecting and unaware that the embrace of death lingers so closely. Removing my hand from her hip she moves towards the two her gate that of a predator.

A show I didn’t expect and I look forward as tonight will indeed be truly different.

Once behind the red head she leans in begins kissing her neck. Light feathery kisses, delivered teasingly, the red head arches her neck for more. Reaching around, she cups a breast. Running her hand up towards the nipple again and again. Julie growls, baring her teeth at the young man being ridden. The red head slows herself going for deep thrusts and riding his dick back out slowly. Under the gaze of two dangerously gorgeous women he won’t last much longer. Reaching for her hips to hasten his release Julie clasps his hands above his head.

At first surprised he smiles as both women begin French kissing each other. It begins teasingly with the red head pulling closer lusting for more. Julie pulls away eyeing the man’s crotch. Quickly they travel up his body. A body made strong through weight lifting. No doubt it’s easy for him to score with the ladies.

Bringing her face close to his she releases his hands touching her forehead to his. One hand wraps around his head and the other pushes against the red heads back urging them both on. Eager they both resume a faster pace. Julie’s breathing mirrors the two fucking as though sharing the experience. Their bodies shaking, sweating, gyrating.

Still enjoying my drink I watch as their bodies clench. His muscled body clenches as he peaks. Releasing himself into the red head as she shakes atop him. Julie’s body shakes, a look of satisfaction across her face. Pulling the red head to her breasts she smooths her hair out.

Reaching out he cups her freckled breasts and Julie once again pushes her to bring them to his face. Leaning forward, lost in lust, he laps and sucks upon her nipples with greedy abandon. The red head sucks in a breath truly enjoying herself. Squeezing them both he throws what energy he has at them.

Julie turns to me eyes ablaze, mouth open, teeth bared, waiting, her eyes begging for the kill. I meet her gaze expressionless. Finishing my drink I set it up the seat next to me. With the faintest of nods the two descend upon the young man before them. They deliver not kisses to his neck but ravenous appetite with a side of fangs. Confused, pained, he pushes them both back. With the energy of youth and a muscled body he at first succeeds. Grasping at his neck frantically he searches for any hint of blood.

Finding none he eyes the two of them who still stare at him with hunger. Still not understanding his fate he watches as Julie pushes the red head to her knees beside the young man. Julie unclasps her bra allowing it to fall to the floor. Her pale breasts sag ever so slightly yet ever so firm and succulent.

The red head begins massaging his thighs while delivering little kisses. Her red hair falls covering half of her face. Her tongue extends out as if beckoning his dick towards it. Her eyes track hungrily as his penis regains its girth and length. While moving to engorge her mouth upon it she runs her fingernails down his thighs. Breaking the skin but not drawing blood. Not yet.

Julie still standing, straddles his leg between hers. Her hands feeling the weight of her tits. Her nipples full and taunt. The areoles seemingly small compared to her tits.

“My young Mark…do you want me? Do you desire me?” she coos, “shall I show you things those girls, those children, couldn’t ever offer you? Your youthful strength, your muscles and dick, will experience pleasure like nothing you’ve ever had.” Julie reaches up and loses her hair from its ponytail. It falls about her shoulders just touching the tops of her breasts drawing young Mark’s eyes back to them. Placing Beylikdüzü Escort her foot next to him on the seat she pulls him forward towards her chest.

“Go on Mark, take them,” Julie beckons as Mark warily reaches towards them. Surprised at the weight he is amazed they maintain pointing out so straight and how firm they feel. Cupping both breasts his hands quickly find their way to her nipples. With light flicks he elicits shivers from her while her eyes remain locked on his.

“Agh, uhhhh, Angela you suck mean dick. Uhhhh, my wife could…could…learn from youuu!” Mark moans, resting his head against Julie’s breasts. He starts squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples while watching Angela slurp his dick. Saliva runs down his dick lubing her piston like mouth to travel on.

Julie guides his head towards her nipple as she runs her hand down his face. She runs her hands through his hair watching as he latches onto her nipple. Now over excited he bites hard drawing a growl out of her. Her teeth incredibly white and sharp. His hands lock onto her tight ass kneading her cheeks through her shorts.

“Mmmm, yes, take me Mark! Free me!” she yells as he falteringly works her shorts free of her hips. All the while he kisses, sucks, and nips at her breasts. Once her body is free of the shorts he runs a hand along her vagina. Finding it shaved perfectly and without redness or bumps. As she lowers herself onto his lap he begins kissing and biting her neck. Looking to meet her animal drive he bites harder and squeezes her ass tightly pulling her to him. They run their sex against each other.

Julie crushes her lips against his while rising to take him into her. Once inside they barely pause to enjoy each other before he pushes her to the floor to take her. Her eyes lustful, her body demanding, she bucks against him. Her body demands every inch of him. She claws his back. Her legs wrap around him refusing to let go. His balls slap against her in a machine gun rhythm. His hands dig deep into her sides refusing to yield. Refusing to be conquered by her desire. Her tits bouncing painfully back and forth with every thrust.

Having been excluded Angela slinked her way over on all fours towards me. Reaching me she runs her head up my leg her hand finding my hard dick. Now kneeling she kisses and gently nibbles me through my pants. Quickly she removes my shoes and undoes my belt. Once free I step out naked as I always go commando. I sit down just across from the other two fucking. Angela brings her head next to my rigid dick and inhales the scent of sex before taking me in her mouth.

One hand disappears towards her clit and her arm’s slow movement reveals her pleasuring herself. Knowing I never cared for anything than a woman’s mouth up and down my dick she doesn’t use her hand or stop sucking me. I push her hair behind her ear to better enjoy the show. I rest my head against the wall. My dick is in heaven, saliva coating it, she gives me her best. I relish it. It’s been quite some time since we’ve been together.

Never one to allow a lesser to rule her Julie switches their positions without missing a beat. Turning her head to the side and then upwards she sucks in a breath. Losing herself as their bodies seemed to become one. Sitting straight up his dick finds her g spot as she quickly runs her hips back and forth.

Mark didn’t know how she got on top. He didn’t care. Not as long this night didn’t end. His hands quickly found her tits. Squeezing them both he knew he wouldn’t last much longer if she didn’t let up. He grinned as she threw her head back unable to speak as her body was racked relentlessly by her orgasms. Grabbing her hips he started working her hips back and forth on his dick determined to find his own release.

Slowly coming down from her orgasmic high Julie felt Mark working his way to finishing himself. Pulling his hands from her hips she regained control working his dick a bit slower. Sensing a slight dissatisfaction she replaced his hands on her tits. Kissing Esenyurt Escort him on the mouth she moved to his cheek and then his neck when he tried to kiss her back. Sensing his rising climax at its breaking point she extends her fangs to their maximum and this time breaks through to his throbbing jugular vein.

Through this she claims his climax with his blood. Hungrily she draws it from him. Her own body shaking softly as another climax was triggered within herself.

Mark never felt an orgasm such as this. He knew he didn’t ejaculate and that somehow his whole body had relaxed in a way he’d never felt before. As Julie had risen from his neck and off his softening dick he finally opened his eyes. He squinted not quite realizing the blood about her mouth.

The red head Angela, he didn’t regret the money he paid her, he couldn’t possibly care how he would explain that much to his company. Angela came into his view and his eyes widened as she began to lick the blood from Julie’s mouth. Realization dawned on him as both their eyes quickly flashed as though alight with fire before returning to normal.

Angela then stooped lifting him up with surprising ease. Lowering an amulet over his head to rest on his chest she covered it with her hand. His hand touches his neck and feels not an open pulsing wound but two small scars already healed.

“Now you are mine. Now you belong to me. You shall have no other until your debt to me is filled. Free from the curse of old age and deaths bonds you shall know no other than me. Your misdeeds demand no less. Cheaters garner freedom under the next alignment of stars. Your servitude runs a hence forth a thousand years.”

Unable to resists, to speak, he feels his body fall to a knee…

A cloak is placed about his shoulders and a different hand, somehow familiar, pulls his chin upwards. Upon seeing the owners face he knows he is doomed. Before stands his girlfriend, her father, also his boss. Their robes seem to have a royal cut and rich jewels festooning their head, robe, and belts. Shaking his head her father leaves. Julie and Angela stand beside me still in their state of undress and reeking of sex.

Kneeling before him his wife Sabella looks deep into his eyes. Touching her head to his world goes white. He feels himself leaving his body. Sabella is with him as beautiful as ever. Even more so than Julie or Angela. For a moment he feels himself filled with joyous love that she is his. Except now he realizes he is reliving every wicked moment since he met her.

The bartender he fucked after he left Sabella in their honeymoon suite sleeping. His ring on full display when telling her he’d fuck her senseless. Meeting up in a vacant room with pants around his ankles and her skirt hiked up around her hips they’d fucked.The papers he photographed on her father’s desk for an interested and highly paying competitor. Now he was going through Sabella’s mother’s jewelry box removing her favorite necklace. On and on it goes.

Mark is not merely watching or even being reminded of his innumerable infidelities he is actually performing exactly as it happened. His wicked smile as the bartender sucked on his ring finger as he fucked her. He couldn’t stop himself from lewdly staring at the picture of his now mother in law.

All the while Sabella stands stoically watching. Wearing the modest dress from the first day they met. So they remain until she breaks the connection and leaves the room without looking back. What Mark cannot know is the eternity it will take for those wounds to heal and the crushing betrayal to pass.

Angela leads him from the room. All passion and desire now gone. Not bothering to watch them go Julie stands herself before me. Cocking her head to the side she smiles at me with her hands upon her bare hips.

“You didn’t think I forgot did you? My love it’s our two thousand year anniversary.” As she pulls me in for hug followed by a peck on the cheek. “Your loyalty and faithfulness to me when we were mortals still leaves me feeling truly happy. Now that Angela has a servant who survived the process she no longer needs to earn our protection.”

Snapping her fingers servants don us both with our robes and pendants.

“A fine bath, the finest dinner, and the finest sex await us both my queen,” I tell her as we take hands and disappear to elsewhere.

To be continued…

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