Subject: The Hunters, chapter 9 The Hunters – Chapter 9 Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction which features sexual activity between teenage boys, as well as between teenage boys and adults. If you do not want to read such a story, or it is illegal for you to do so because of your age or where you live, then I recommend you go read something else instead. Feedback is very welcome. So, if you are enjoying this story, please do drop me an email at hoo If you can, please support Nifty with a financial donation – whatever you can afford – so that this archive of stories can remain free and available. Just go to http://donate./ *** Nine o’clock, Monday morning. Nathaniel Cannon was sat in his tutor room. “Did you see Will Hunter in chapel?” he asked his classmate Jade Spence. “No,” Jade answered. “In fact, I heard one of the boys in his House say he was ill and wouldn’t be in class today.” “Shit. Why did he have to pick today?” “Yes, because I’m sure he’s doing it deliberately,” she told him, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “People get ill, Nate.” “But the two of us are meant to be doing a presentation in our economics lesson this afternoon.” “Well I’m sure your teacher will let you do it another day once Will’s back.” “I doubt it,” Nathaniel scoffed. “You know we’ve got Mr Hensley, right? He’s hard-ball. He’ll make me do it by myself.” “So what’s the problem?” Nathaniel ran a hand through his hair. “Will’s done most of the work on it. I mean, he sent what he’d done through on Thursday for me to add my bits.” “And let me guess,” she scoffed. “You’ve not done your part of it?” “Hey!” he said, trying his best to sound offended. “I have done it, actually.” “For once,” she giggled. “Well, if it’s all finished, then you’ll be fine, won’t you?” “But I don’t understand half of what Will’s written.” “Then try reading it through a few times.” “I can’t. I’ve not got a free period this morning.” The bell rang, signalling it was time for their first lesson of the day. “Do it at lunchtime then,” she told him as she collected her things together. He sighed wearily before doing the same. *** Mid morning. As he headed outside for break time, Josh listened to a voice message from his mother demanding that he call her immediately. She sounded furious. He could guess how their conversation would go. She would tell him that this whole mess was his fault, using him as her whipping boy just as she had done so many times in the past. Only this time it wouldn’t work. All he was guilty of was acting the way any normal person would. Whereas she, on the other hand… how could she not know? He wondered if she was asking herself the same question. Only he didn’t need to just wonder. He knew it for a fact. And he was glad. He listened to the message again, then pressed delete. He would call her when he was ready and not before. Right now, he was meant to be meeting Hannah. But before that, there was another call he had to make. *** Will lay on his bed, staring at the wall. His stomach was rumbling. He knew he should go and eat but the way he felt, he’d only bring it straight back up again. The flat was silent. Zach had left him several hours ago to go to registration. He had offered to stay, but Will didn’t want company. All he wanted was to be left alone. That, and the power to turn back time. His mobile rang. Josh’s name was on the display. He couldn’t bring himself to answer. He felt too betrayed. All their lives they had never kept anything from each other, yet now, when it mattered the most, Josh had gone and found Jonathan without even telling him, turning his whole life on its head without a word of warning. The call went to answer phone. A concerned sounding Josh asked if he was all right, assured him that nothing had changed, and suggested they meet up as soon as possible. The message went on and on, rambling and disjointed. The only thing missing was an apology. `But why should Josh apologise?’ Will thought to himself. `He was a victim too. He’s grown up with a brother who had always been the favourite, had constantly outshone him and whom he must, at some level, hate. And now it turns out that brother was no brother at all…’ Suddenly, the air around him seemed colder. He curled up on the bed, hiding from the world in the safety of his room. Only this shouldn’t be his room. He shouldn’t even be at this school. Jonathan should. *** The following morning, Mike brushed his teeth in Jon’s bathroom. It was his first day on placement with Stockport Social Services, and it seemed to make sense for him to stay at Jon’s place. For weeks he had been looking forward to starting this posting. Only none of that seemed important now. All he could think of was his impending meeting with Joshua. Jon was confident they would like each other. Mike hoped his boyfriend was right. He wanted to like Josh. Only his own reaction wasn’t the crucial one. What really mattered was whether Josh liked him, because Josh was Jon’s twin; an interloper who already seemed to enjoy a bond far closer than Mike’s own with the young man he loved. If Josh didn’t like him, who could tell what effect such disapproval would have on Mike and Jon’s relationship. Mike continued to brush his teeth, battling his anxieties, while in the corridor outside, a cheerful Jon whistled as he prepared for another day at college. *** Later that morning, Jennifer drove up to visit Will. She had offered to go up the previous day, but Will had refused, saying he needed some time on his own. They sat together on his sofa. “This doesn’t change anything, Will,” she said. “You’ll always be my son.” “What about Dad? Am I still his son too?” “Of course you are.” “Then why isn’t he here?” She didn’t answer. “Thought so.” “No, that’s not fair,” she said. “He’s just…” She searched for the right words. “… Dealing with it in his own way. But he loves you, Will. He’s so proud of you and all you’ve achieved.” “Is he? When I told him how well I’d done in my latest maths test, he basically accused me of showing off. But I wasn’t. I really wasn’t…” “That’s just him. You know he’s never been good at showing his feelings. I know he doesn’t tell you how proud he is but he does tell me.” It was a lie, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was telling Will what he needed to hear. And it worked. Briefly his face lit up, though she could still see the dark shadows under his eyes. “I’m worried about you,” she told him, holding his hand in her own. “I’m okay. I think I’ll take tomorrow off too and go back to lessons on Thursday.” “Are you sure you’re ready?” “I can’t hide up here forever. I have to face the world eventually.” He managed a smile. “After all, you didn’t raise me to be a coward.” “That’s right, I didn’t.” She noticed a couple of new posters affixed to the wall. “When did you get those?” “Zach bought them.” “Doesn’t he have his own room?” “Well, yeah. But he’s kind of moved in here.” She masked her jealousy with a smile. “So it’s serious, then?” “I guess. He’s been really supportive about all this.” “Which is more lara kendi evi olan escort than can be said for your brother. He still hasn’t called me back. He’s probably too scared of what I’m going to say.” “You shouldn’t be angry with him. It’s not his fault.” “Yes, it is. If only he’d…” “What? Pretended Jonathan didn’t exist. How could he? Jonathan is his twin.” “You’re his twin. Jonathan is nothing.” “Not according to Liv. She said they really like each other.” He exhaled. “She said I’d like him too.” “Well, what would she know? Anyway, it’s irrelevant. You’re never going to meet him. Neither of us will.” He stared at her. “But don’t you want to?” “Do you want me to?” “No, but… well… you’re his mother.” “I’m your mother. His is dead. It’s very sad but there it is. He’s not going to become part of our family, Will, and nothing is going to change. That’s a promise.” He didn’t answer. His eyes were troubled. She could tell he wasn’t convinced, but, for her, it was the truth. She heard footsteps in the corridor. Zach appeared in the doorway. Will looked surprised. “Shouldn’t you be in lessons?” “I was worried about you.” “He’s fine,” Jennifer told him. “He’s with me.” “Fine? Well, of course he’s going to say that. You know Will. He hates to worry people.” “Yes, I know William very well,” she replied. `And better than you ever will’, she added to herself. “Of course you do. You are his mother, after all…” Zach stopped, covering his mouth as if appalled at what he had just said. The gesture was perfect, like that of an actor well trained in stagecraft, while Will, completely taken in, gave his boyfriend a reassuring look. Jennifer’s hostility increased. “Yes,” she said quickly. “I am.” “It’s lovely to see you again, Mrs Hunter. What a shame it has to be in such awkward circumstances. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.” “No, you can’t. This is something Will and I need to deal with our own.” A pause. “In private.” She waited for Will to back her up, only he failed to take the hint. As did Zach who sat on the arm of the sofa beside his boyfriend and kissed his cheek. “Are you really okay?” “Yes, he is,” Jennifer answered. “He’s going to take tomorrow off and go back to lessons on Thursday.” “Well, that’s great.” Zach smiled at Jennifer. “I keep telling him he doesn’t need to hide away. After all, none of this is his fault. How was he to know?” The barbs hit home. Zach continued to smile at her. She forced herself to smile back. *** Whilst Jennifer did her best to comfort Will, Timothy was sat in a bedroom at the Royal Hotel, waiting for Brandon to meet him. As he waited, he once more tried to get his head around the situation he and Jennifer were now faced with. Despite the hard exterior that he felt forced to display to the world – including to his own wife – inside, he was an emotional mess. His mind wandered back to the conversation he’d had with his solicitor earlier. In truth, most of what the man said had come as little surprise. In short, he’d suggested they accept Jonathan as their son (pending a successful DNA test, of course) and formally adopt Will. Providing they did both of these things, the courts, the legal expert had assured him, would not want to get involved. Although expecting such an answer, deep down Timothy was disappointed. As he’d begun to ponder the ramifications of what Angela had told them, part of him hoped that, somehow, he’d be able to `offload’ Will. He knew he was being foolish. For one thing, it would taint his standing in the community. For another, he knew Jennifer would fight him every step of the way. It was why he hadn’t told her about going to see the solicitor. Timothy, however, couldn’t help the way he felt. Will was increasingly becoming a threat. Although he’d never admit it out loud, Timothy knew his wife was right: Will was going to go on to do great things, probably eclipsing his own achievements. He couldn’t stand the thought of that happening. Josh, on the other hand, was far less of a threat, and, from what he’d heard so far, neither would Jonathan be. Timothy’s thoughts were interrupted by a tap on the door. Getting up on his feet, he dashed across the room to answer it. As the door opened, Brandon looked into the eyes of his older lover. The expression on the man’s face made the seventeen-year old quiver with excitement. Without slowing, Timothy picked the boy up and hoisted him over his shoulder. After throwing the teenager across the room to land on the bed, Timothy began to strip as he approached the still bouncing lad. “Fuck!” Brandon gasped in both shock and delight at the eagerness the man was showing. He held a hand out in front of him, stopping Timothy in his tracks. Seeing how keen he was just made Brandon want to tease him more. “Wait!” he ordered. Timothy stood, his chest heaving, his eyes wild with desire, cock already pointing straight up to the ceiling. Wondering why he had been ordered to stop, he watched as the teenager climbed onto his feet. He started to undress… slowly. After pulling his jumper up over his head and throwing it aside, he teasingly unbuckled his belt. Time seemed to almost stand still as he popped his top button open and slid his zip down. Biting his lip, he stared down at Timothy as he slowly pulled the flaps aside to reveal his underwear-clad bulge. Letting go of the jeans, they dropped to the bed and got kicked aside, along with his shoes and socks. He reached for the bottom of his shirt, undoing a single button to reveal just a small triangle of skin above his waistband. As the second button was unfastened, his navel popped into view: pale, smooth and firm. The third soon followed, showing off more skin. The fourth one exposed part of his chest, his nipples just hidden. One more button and the two small rigid peaks were unveiled. Brandon closed his eyes and moaned as he teased one between his fingers. The last buttons opened and he reached for his tie – an item Timothy often demanded he wear. “Leave the tie!” Timothy snarled. Brandon bit his lip as he grinned again, looking ever more like the `naughty schoolboy’ that the man fantasised about. The teenager pulled the collar of his shirt under the tie and threw the garment aside. Again he closed his eyes, this time one hand on a nipple, the other groping his bulge. The lad turned, bent over and pulled his underwear down low enough to just reveal the pale white mounds of his rear. Timothy was almost hyperventilating with anticipation. He had already wanted the seventeen-year old so desperately, but now seeing his favourite part, the teen’s perfect arse, he almost disobeyed the order to hold back, such was his eagerness to jump on the lad. Somehow, he resisted. Brandon slid his underwear the rest of the way down and kicked it aside. He stood back up. Looking over his shoulder, he gave Timothy a devilish grin. Finally, he turned, revealing his own erection, matching the upwards direction of Timothy’s. However, while Timothy’s cock, like the rest of his body, was lara otele gelen escort covered in fine dark hair, Brandon was completely smooth from the neck down, just some light stubble showing behind his rigid cock. Holding his boner with one hand, pulling on the tie with the other, he stared the man in the eye and said confidently, “Come on then!” That was all the invitation Timothy needed. He reached and grabbed the boy’s legs, pulling them out from under him and making him fall flat onto his back. Timothy climbed on, straddling the teenager before reaching down to grab the tie. He used it to pull Brandon up into a sitting position. Wrapping the tie around his hand to keep him close, Timothy kissed him hungrily, revelling in the feeling of the lad’s soft lips against his own, the teenager’s tongue invading his mouth. Timothy eventually released his grip, allowing Brandon to flop back down onto the bed. He lunged forward to nuzzle the boy’s neck before starting to kiss a trail down his chest and onto his stomach, licking the boy’s navel as the head of the youngster’s cock pressed into his chin. He moved a little further down, licking the solid meat like a lollipop. “Oh, Timothy!” Brandon gasped as he lay there, enduring the man’s frantic assault on his body. As Brandon’s dick slid between his lips, Timothy could not have been happier. The sucking was as furious as the rest of their love making, making Brandon gasp for breath, his fingers clutching at Timothy’s hair. “Timothy, slow down… or I’m gonna…” Brandon started, then added “Too late!” His eyes rolled back in his head and his hands moved to his sides, knuckles turning white as he clenched the bedding tightly in his fingers. After firing several ropes of cum down his lover’s throat, Brandon called out, “Timothy!” prompting the man to stop sucking. Timothy stood back up, his cock leaking precum like a dripping tap. He grabbed the tie again, pulling the boy up then flipping him around to kneel on the bed. The man climbed up behind Brandon, the precum oozing from his rigid stiffy providing enough lubrication for both his own erection and the teenager’s hole. As the man thrust in hard, Brandon gasped and bolted upright, his back slamming against Timothy’s chest. “Shit!” he called out more from surprise than pain. “Sorry,” Timothy whispered in his ear, kissing it gently. He slowed his thrusts as he wrapped his arms around the gardener’s toned body, kissing his neck. The man’s hands slid up and down the smooth, flawless skin of Brandon’s torso as his hips pumped away, not slowing until he had filled the boy with his seed. He stopped humping, but remained inside Brandon as he began to soften. His hands slid a little further down, delighted to feel that the teen was still hard. “I want you to fuck me now,” he pleaded in a whisper. “I don’t think I can cum again so soon,” Brandon said, reaching up to stroke Timothy’s cheek behind him. He felt the man press his face against his hand, enjoying the touch, mewing quietly. “I don’t need you to cum, I just want to feel you inside me,” Timothy replied, kissing the teen’s neck again. Brandon had been hoping that Timothy’s voracious appetite had just been pure and simple horniness, but it was clear to the teenager that the man was hurting, badly, and was seeking all the comfort he could find. It was very odd. Usually, their sex was just that – sex… unbridled, animalistic, lustful. Was Brandon finally getting the romantic edge he’d been longing for, or was there something else at play? “I’ve got a better idea,” the seventeen-year old said, turning his head and tilting it back to kiss Timothy quickly on the lips. Brandon lay down, ensuring that Timothy followed. He shuffled into a comfortable pose, with one of Timothy’s arms under his neck, while the other draped over his hip. The man hugged Brandon close, spooning up against the teenager’s back, making as much of their bodies touch as he could. In return, Brandon pulled the man’s arms together in front of him, holding his hands. “How’s that?” he asked quietly. Timothy said nothing in response. Brandon felt the wetness of tears on his shoulder. Several minutes later, Timothy pulled away. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” he said, reaching down to grab his underwear off the floor. Brandon said nothing, too confused about what had just transpired. *** That evening Mike sat in a pub, listening to Josh talk. The teenager was describing his school, bragging about its outstanding facilities and what some of its illustrious alumni had gone on to do. Jon, meanwhile, kept making disparaging comparisons with the college where he was studying. His humility made Mike feel protective. “I’m sure you’ll end up with a good job too,” the man told him. “Not like Josh. After he’s smashed his A Levels, he’ll be off to a top university and then the world will be his oyster.” Mike sipped his drink and tried not to gawp at Joshua. Though he had been prepared for the teenager’s resemblance to Jonathan, the reality was still overwhelming. Josh had the same smile, the same throaty chuckle. The only difference was Josh’s physical fitness, his accent, and his air of easy confidence. It was as if someone had taken Jon away, groomed and polished him, and Joshua was the finished product. Jon made another self-deprecating remark about his lack of academic prowess. Again Josh laughed. His girlfriend Hannah did likewise. She was a slim, pretty, dark-haired girl who smiled a lot and said very little. Not that she had much chance to speak, even if she’d have wanted to. “Mike’s right,” said Josh. “You shouldn’t put yourself down. You haven’t had the opportunities Will and I have. Mum and Dad have spent a fortune on our education, and are doing all they can to get Will into Oxford. Lots of the other guys at school are complete morons but most of them will end up at University. If you fork out enough money, you can pretty much guarantee the results.” “So Will’s going to Oxford?” Mike asked. Josh nodded. “That’s what he hopes.” “Wow,” Mike gasped. “It’s not that big a deal,” Jon said quickly, masking his own feelings of inadequacy. “It is!” Mike exclaimed. “Only one girl from my school went there and she was a genius.” “I bet she wasn’t,” Jon replied. “She probably just slogged her guts out,” Josh agreed. “That’s what Will’s doing. Anyone can get there if they work hard enough.” “So why aren’t you going?” Mike asked before he could stop himself. Josh frowned. Not wanting to offend the teenager, Mike hurried to make amends. “I mean, obviously you could go, but why don’t you want to?” “School took us all on a visit there last term, and all the people we met with toffee nosed twats. Will was really impressed by it all, but I wasn’t.” “I wouldn’t have been either,” Jon agreed. “I hate stuck-up people.” “So which university are you planning on going to?” Mike asked Josh. “Durham, probably. If not, Warwick or York.” “What are they like?” Jon asked. As Mike listened to Josh give his opinions of the different institutions, he remembered lara rus escort one of his teachers describing Durham as being full of Oxbridge rejects. Maybe Josh wouldn’t escape the `toffee nosed twats’ as he hoped. Josh continued to talk, entertaining Jon with tales of boarding school pranks while Hannah stared adoringly at him. Mike wondered if Hannah was finding this meeting as unsettling as he was. It wasn’t just the physical similarity. The attention of each twin was so entirely focused on the other that it made Mike feel like he wasn’t actually there. But he was, and there were things he needed to know. “So how do your parents feel about all this?” he asked Josh. “They’re completely stunned, which is to be expected really. But they’ll love Jon when they meet him. How could they not?” Jon looked pleased. Mike tried to do likewise. “And they’ll love you too Mike,” Josh told him. “How could they not?” Jon echoed, giving his boyfriend’s arm an affectionate rub. Mike knew he should drop this particular line of questioning and allow the conversation to return to safer ground. Only he couldn’t. “And how does Will feel?” he asked. “Shocked, like our parents,” Josh told him. “But he’ll deal with it.” The answer was too glib for the man’s liking. “How can you be sure? This has a massive impact on his life.” “And on mine and Jon’s. We’re coping, aren’t we?” “But that’s different. You’re still the person you’ve always been, and Jon’s gaining a new brother. But where does that leave Will?” “He’ll be okay,” Jon told his boyfriend. Mike stared at him. “Jon, how can you say that? You don’t even know him.” “But I do,” Josh said calmly. Jon nodded. “Exactly.” “But…” “But what?” Josh demanded. “I know him better than anyone. Why would this mess him up? He’s great looking, got lots of friends, and he’s going to go to one of the best universities in the world. He’s got everything you could ever want.” `And you resent him for it,’ Mike thought to himself. He looked at Jon, who was out of shape, who had struggled at school, whose home was shabby, and whose life had been far from good. No one could resent Jon. Jon was staring reproachfully at him, just as he had when he first told him about Josh and the man had tried to contain the teenager’s excitement. Josh was staring at him too. Only his gaze wasn’t reproachful. It was… suspicious? Quickly, Mike backed down. “I’m sure you’re right.” Josh’s expression softened. “I need to go out for a minute,” Hannah said suddenly. “I promised Dad I’d call him.” She looked apologetically at Josh. “You don’t mind, do you?” “Of course I don’t.” “I’ll get another round in,” Jon said. “What does everyone want?” They all made their requests. “So where do your parents live?” Mike asked Hannah. “My dad lives in Carlisle.” “What about your mother?” “She died when I was eight.” Mike felt embarrassed. “I’m sorry. Forgive me for asking.” “It’s okay. My Dad’s the best.” Hannah rose to her feet. “I won’t be long.” She made her way towards the door. Jon walked with her, heading for the bar. Mike remained at the table with Josh. “Poor Hannah,” the man said. “It’s hard losing a parent at that age.” “Though not as bad as it was for Jon.” “No.” “But at least he’s got us now.” Mike nodded. “Look, Josh, I’m sorry about before. I didn’t mean to sound negative about all this. It’s wonderful, but a bit scary too. It’s all happening so fast, and Jon’s so excited, and after all he’s been through I just don’t want him to get hurt.” “He won’t. I’ll make sure of it. He’s my twin, after all.” Again Mike was disturbed by the teenager’s glibness. “But that’s the thing. You already have a twin.” “Well, that’s my problem, isn’t it?” “And in the same way, Jon is my problem. You don’t know him like I do.” The look of suspicion was back. Again Mike hurried to make amends. He didn’t want to antagonise the teenager. “What I mean, Josh, is that I’ve known him longer than you.” “Actually, you haven’t.” “But I was his boyfriend before he met you.” “And how long have you been that?” “Um… well, not that long…” “That’s my point. Jon and I started life as the same person. We shared a womb for nine months and have identical DNA. Call me pedantic, but I think that counts for a little more than sharing someone’s bed for a couple of weeks.” The words felt like a slap. Josh continued to stare at the man. “Wouldn’t you agree?” Mike didn’t answer. He wished he had kept his mouth shut. He wished this meeting had never taken place. He wished Jon and Josh had never met. “Look, Mike, I understand why you’re worried. I can see you love Jon and it’s only natural. All I’m saying is that you don’t need to. I won’t let him get hurt.” “Neither will I.” “Then we both want the same thing.” “Yes.” “So why are we fighting?” Josh asked. “We’re not.” “Friends, then?” “Of course.” “Good.” They smiled at each other. Mike knew he had been right to fear the teenager, and sensed that Josh might be starting to fear him back. Jon returned with the drinks. “So how are you two getting on?” “Great,” Josh replied. “Mike and I are really getting to know each other.” Jon looked delighted. For his sake, Mike did too. *** Half past six. Brandon paced up and down his living room. He was feeling restless. When he’d met up with Tim earlier in the day, the man had acted strangely. Something had clearly upset him. Brandon wondered what it was. Had Jennifer finally worked out what was going on? “Do you fancy going out for a meal tonight?” Stephen stood in the doorway, holding his briefcase. Brandon had been so lost in thought, he had not heard the man return from work. “Huh?” “I said do you fancy going out for a meal tonight? That new Greek place in Wilmslow is supposed to be good.” “I don’t think so.” “Why not? It might be fun.” “An evening listening to you talk about share prices? Where’s the fun in that?” “We don’t have to talk about that.” “What else do you have to talk about?” Brandon waited for a denial, only none came. Stephen looked hurt. Contempt filled the teenager. Though the man’s passivity had its uses, there were times when Brandon longed for Stephen to grow something resembling a backbone. Stephen walked away. Brandon remained where he was, thinking of Tim, longing for him while hating him at the same time. And hating Jennifer even more. *** Seven o’clock. Back from visiting Will, Jennifer let herself into the house. Timothy was waiting in the hallway. “How’s Will?” he asked. “Do you care?” “Of course I do.” “Then you should have come with me. Show him that nothing’s changed.” “But things have changed.” “Not if we don’t let them.” He gave a snort. “What’s that for?” she asked. “You, acting like an ostrich. Trying to ignore this in the hope it’ll just go away.” “What else am I supposed to do?” “Face up to it.” “For the last two days you’ve been hiding in your study. How is that facing up to anything?” “I’ve been trying to work out what’s best to do.” “We carry on as before. What else can we do?” “We’re going to welcome Jonathan into our family and into our home,” he said. “That’s what we’re going to do.” *** Note from the author: If you enjoyed this story, you might also want to check out my first story `Tutoring Dylan’ which can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/tutoring-dylan/ Please note that my email address is different to the one mentioned in Tutoring Dylan, so you can now contact me at hoo

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