by Pink Panther

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December 1960

“You”d better get yourself to the bathroom,” Alex said, playfully swatting Southcott”s rump. “Whitney will probably be there already.”

“Yes sir, he usually is.”

“Well, don”t get up to too much mischief.”

“Getting up to mischief sir?” Southcott retorted. “Us? I can”t imagine what gave you that idea!”

“Go on!” Alex said, grinning at the eleven-year old”s mock protest. He knew from what Gordon had told him that Southcott and mischief frequently went hand in hand.

As the lad disappeared, Alex took a moment to gather his thoughts. He”d gone through his usual routine with Southcott, giving the boy a good hard spanking before pushing him face-down onto the bed and fucking him senseless. It had all been very enjoyable, as it invariably was, but for once his mind had been elsewhere, still consumed by the events of the previous afternoon. Finally, he strolled back to Gordon”s bedroom, where he found his mentor already dressed.

“Well?” the older man demanded.

“Very stimulating, as always,” Alex responded. “How was Whitney?”

“Very good. Of course, he”s getting a little long in the tooth now, but he still performs admirably. And how have you been getting on with young Bradshaw?”

“Oh, remarkably well. Yesterday afternoon, I took his cherry.”

“My goodness! Was that wise?”

“That”s the way he is. Since I first got into his underpants, there”s been no stopping him.”

“I still question your decision to do it yourself. Wouldn”t it have been easier to let Whitney do it?”

“Maybe, but it really wasn”t an option. Whitney”s being difficult. He doesn”t like me even looking at first-year boys, let alone having sex with them.”

“So why not invite Martin over and let the boy Arrowsmith do the deed, to get Bradshaw used to it?”

“I wouldn”t have even considered doing that. I”ve only met Arrowsmith twice. I had to be very firm with him to make sure he knew who was in charge. In any case, Bradshaw”s my boy. It was my responsibility. As it happens, it was definitely the right thing to have done. He took it beautifully.”

“Hmmm! I see!”

“Bradshaw”s extraordinary. He”s a nice-looking lad, but he wouldn”t turn any heads. It”s only when you get to know him you realise how remarkable he is.”

“It sounds as though you”re quite smitten with him,” Gordon observed. “You mustn”t let yourself become too attached.”

“You”re in a very fortunate position,” Alex countered. “As Director of Music at one of the country”s top choir schools, you”ve had the opportunity to work with a whole succession of supremely talented musicians, several of whom now grace the professional ranks. I could go through an entire teaching career without encountering another mathematician as talented as Bradshaw.”

“Well, I look forward to meeting him. Any thoughts on when that will be?”

“Early next term. I”m afraid you”ll have to come to us. I teach Bradshaw at my place on Sunday afternoons. I”ve said that I”ll get the lad through O-level within two years, and so the out-of-school classes have to happen.”

“Oh, that seems fair enough.”

“I spoke to Martin last night. It seems that Long has had his cherry plucked, so next Saturday, Martin will bring him to over to meet Whitney and myself.”

“Sounds wonderful! I understand that Long is quite a scrawny little thing.”

“Yes, I”ll have to be careful with him. D”you remember when I deflowered Wainwright? He was like that. Of course, I was nowhere like as big then as I am now.”

“Oh, I remember. And as you should recall, the horny little bugger soon got used to taking much bigger ones, including mine, of course. He couldn”t get enough of it. Tell me, does Whitney know about Bradshaw?”

“Not yet. I”ll have to deal with it at some point, but with the pre-Christmas exams coming up, this wasn”t the time. Whitney really is getting a bit too old now. I”m hoping that he”ll settle down with his friend Newton so that I can get him off my hands, but there”s been no sign that it”s going to happen.”

“He”s no more developed than Maitland was at this stage.”

“But the situation is quite different,” Alex countered. “You knew that Maitland would be leaving the school in a few months. Whitney will be at Woodchurch for another five and half years.”

“Yes,” Gordon conceded. “I can understand your concern. But for the moment, Whitney is still very useful to you. Southcott still loves to have sex with him as you saw this afternoon. I understand that Jessop does too. Can Bradshaw cum yet?”

“No, though I think he will soon.”

“Well, you know how it works. Until Bradshaw”s making a respectable amount of spunk, you”re going to need Whitney when you”re meeting the younger boys.”

“Yes, that”s true. Talking of younger boys, how are things progressing with your latest recruit?”

“Funny you should ask! It seems that things really do go in threes. Van Kerkstraat lost his cherry on Wednesday. I”d been a bit concerned about it. As you know, Holdsworth”s quite a big boy these days. But from what I”ve been told, he did an excellent job. I”m very pleased with him.”

“Isn”t Van Kerkstraat a bit on the scrawny side? That”s what Holdsworth said.”

“Oh no! He”s slim, certainly, but definitely not scrawny. And he”s got a beautiful bottom. After Christmas, you must come and meet him.”

Suddenly, the door flew open and the two naked boys appeared. They were both as high as kites.

“I told you not to get into mischief,” Alex said, grinning.

“Oh, no mischief sir,” Southcott said disarmingly. “I mean, apart from the usual.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Sunday was the calm before the storm. The pre-Christmas exams would begin the following day, so for once, Alex had nothing that he needed to do. He spent the morning reading The Sunday Times and thinking about Bradshaw.

The lad had played football on Saturday morning and had performed admirably. Nobody would have suspected that he”d had his cherry taken less than twenty-four hours earlier. Indeed, with the defence showing far more resilience than it had previously, they had beaten decent opposition by three goals to one. It had been the team”s best performance to date, and Bradshaw had played a key part in it.

After a light lunch, Alex drove to the Kings Head. As usual, his prot�g� was there waiting for him.

“Good afternoon, sir!” the lad greeted as he got into the car.

“Good to see you,” Alex said, smiling, as he put the car into gear and set off for the flat.

“We played really well yesterday, didn”t we sir?”

“Yes, it was a very good performance. The defence was much better. Now we need to build on that.”

“So how can we get better, sir?”

“We need to work on becoming more consistent, but I”m sure that will come.”

Arriving at the flat, they immediately settled down to work. Alex found it interesting, and somewhat reassuring, that sex had not been mentioned. After twenty-five minutes, they had completed everything that Alex had planned to cover. As he reached across to stroke Bradshaw”s thigh, the lad wriggled closer, snuggling right up.

“You like being here, don”t you?” Alex suggested, putting an arm around the lad”s shoulder.

“Yes sir. You know I do.” He paused. “Sir, you know this second-year boy you told me about, does he like having it up his bum?”

“Yes, why?”

“Would I be able to do it to him?”

“Well, as he”s older than you, and quite a lot bigger, I think he”d expect it to be the other way round.”

“So has he got a big cock?”

“Big for a thirteen-year old, certainly. It”s not far off being as long as mine; not as thick though.”

“What”s he like, sir?”

“He”s a nice lad, good-looking, polite and hard-working. He”s very different from you, though. He hates sport. Even though he looks quite athletic, he”s not. He loathes having to do games.”

“So d”you think we”ll get on?”

“I hope so,” Alex said cautiously. “To be honest, I”m not sure.” He paused for a moment. “So you”d like to put your cock into another boy”s bottom?”

“Yes sir. It must be really exciting. It is, isn”t it, sir?”

“Oh yes, there”s no doubt about that. But I”m afraid you”ll have to wait until you”re making spunk.”

“Why, sir?”

“Because it”s not a proper fuck unless you can shoot your spunk into them. But that shouldn”t be too far away, maybe around Easter. Then I”ll fix for you to meet a younger boy who”ll be happy to let you do it.”

“Really? How, sir?”

“I have friends, other teachers, who have the same interests as I do. We all know two or three boys who like doing sexy things.”

“And am I going to be meeting them, sir?”

“Yes. I”ve arranged for one of my friends to come here in two weeks” time. He will bring one of his boys with him.”

“Are they nice, sir?”

“Mr Brown is very nice, and very good looking. He”s actually a couple of years older than me, but he looks about eighteen. Arrowsmith”s just turned thirteen. He”s quite a character, a bit of a rebel, to be honest. Nice lad though. I”m sure you”ll like him.”

“Wow! And he”ll put his cock up my bum?”

“Yes, that”s how it works. Older boys fuck younger ones.”

“Has he got a big one?”

“Bigger than yours, but not enormous. Mr Brown”s isn”t that big either, about the same size as the dildo you were practising with, so you won”t have any problems there. But it”s up to you. If you don”t want to meet them, I”ll call Mr Brown and tell him.”

“Oh no sir! I”d love to meet them!”

“Excellent! So what d”you want to do now?”

“You know, sir. I want to have your cock inside me again.”

“You really are extraordinary,” Alex said quietly, nuzzling Bradshaw”s ear. “Come on then; it”s time to get you undressed.”

The foreplay that followed was simply exquisite, Bradshaw even more affectionate than he”d been on previous occasions. Following a passionate kiss, their lips parted.

“I love you, sir,” Bradshaw said, looking right into his mentor”s eyes.

“That”s a big word,” Alex said gently, returning the youngster”s gaze.

“I mean it sir,” the boy insisted. “You”ve changed my life. You”ve made me feel like, well, like I matter.”

“You do matter, quite definitely,” Alex assured him.

“Mum does her best, only she doesn”t understand. But it”s okay now because I”ve got you.”

Alex paused, his eyes fixed on Bradshaw”s. This remarkable boy had given voice to sentiments that he had harboured but not articulated. Bradshaw would not be one of those boys on the conveyor belt of sex partners, to be gently eased off when he no longer found the lad attractive. Bradshaw was far too special to be treated like that. No; he”d be there for the boy for as long as he was needed.

The episode built towards its inevitable conclusion. escort kocaeli Finally, Bradshaw was on all-fours on the bed, knees well forward, shoulders down close to the mattress. Alex adjusted the boy”s position slightly, bringing the lad”s anus to the perfect height, evidence of the youngster”s recent deflowering clearly visible. He shuffled forwards, guiding his glistening cock onto its target. With one determined thrust, he was in. Bradshaw winced, his gasp almost inaudible.

“Now relax, just like you did on Friday,” Alex urged.

Bradshaw gritted his teeth, the searing pain almost too much to bear. But gradually it began to ebb away, just as it had before.

“Okay sir,” he whispered.

Holding the boy around the thighs, Alex pushed in deeper, watching carefully as his cock slowly disappeared into the eleven-year old”s bottom. It thrust over the lad”s prostate.

“Ohhh!” Bradshaw gasped, the jolt of electricity causing his penis to twitch. Within seconds, he was being royally fucked, the wondrous sensations transporting him to some alien world where normal rules didn”t apply.

Even after his exertions of the previous two days, Alex was more than ready, thrusting, pounding, driving his cock over and over into the lad”s tight little bottom-hole which, for the second time in forty-eight hours, he was stretching unmercifully.

“Uh!” Bradshaw squeaked. “Uh! Uh! Uh!”

Reaching down, Alex wrapped his fingers around the boy”s throbbing spike.

“Ohh!” Bradshaw exploded. “Ohhhhhhh!”

He bucked violently, his bum clamping even tighter around his teacher”s invading cock. A moment later, his penis came to life between the man”s fingers, repeatedly swelling and pulsing in yet another mind-blowing boygasm.

“Good boy!” Alex breathed, and unloaded his man-cream deep into the youngster”s eagerly receptive bottom.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex lay on his back, totally drained. The still naked Bradshaw was lying on top of him, idly licking his left ear.

`Where had it come from?” Alex asked himself; the power, the aggression, the fury?

He”d just fucked the lad into near-oblivion. Why so hard? It certainly wasn”t because he was angry with him, anything but. No, it was because, in a way that he couldn”t begin to explain, it was what Bradshaw had demanded of him.

`Try telling that to the judge,” he reflected, realising how implausible it sounded.

He just had to hope he”d never have to. He knew of no other explanation.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Monday evening. For Michael, the day”s exams had gone well. There had been no unpleasant surprises, nothing he couldn”t cope with. He was just about to go to his room to revise for the following day”s exams when the telephone rang. As usual, his mother went to answer it. A few moments later, she reappeared.

“It”s for you,” she said, smiling at him, “a boy called Simon.”

For a moment, Michael was puzzled. None of his schoolfriends was called Simon. Then he realised. It was Holdsworth that was calling. That was strange, he mused, making his way out into the hall. Previously, Holdsworth had only called when he”d been on holiday from school. Why was he calling now?

“Hello,” he said. “Michael Whitney speaking.”

“It”s Simon Holdsworth,” the familiar voice announced.

“Hi! I wasn”t expecting you to call. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, fine! I”m calling from Mr Smith”s house. There”s something I need to ask you. When do you finish school for the Christmas holiday?”

“The Tuesday before,” Michael said. “I think it”s the twentieth. We have to go in on the Monday and Tuesday. It”s stupid! We won”t do any work.”

“So you”ll be free on the Thursday then?”

“Yeah, I should be. Why?”

“I wondered if you might like to come over here. You remember that little idea we had, with you, me and Southcott? Are you still interested?”

“Yes, but you said it wouldn”t happen this term.”

“I didn”t think it would. But last week I took Van Kerkstraat”s cherry. It went rather well, very well in fact. He gave a glowing report to Mr Smith, who was very pleased. So being in his good books, I mentioned the idea to him. He says if you can get over here on Thursday 22nd, he”ll fix it up for us.”

“So you”ll still be in school?”

“Yes, the choristers have to stay here till Christmas Day. The rest of the school finishes the Friday before you do.”

“Oh, right! I”d love to come over, but how would I get there?”

“On the train, of course. It”s only two stops. I can meet you at the station. We”ll get the bus back here. Mr Smith says he”ll take you back. You”ll get to ride in his new car. He”s just bought a Jaguar Mark 2, the 3.4 litre version. It”s very posh and goes like the wind.”

“Wow! That sounds super! What sort of time?”

“Well, we rehearse in the mornings, till about eleven. We have lunch at twelve. After that, we have recreation for the rest of the day. I”ve checked the timetable. There”s a train due in at quarter past one. How does that sound?”

“Fine!” Michael answered.

It would mean he”d have to eat lunch very early, he reckoned, or maybe he”d make some sandwiches to eat on the train. Either way, it wasn”t going to stop him.

“Okay,” Simon went on. “Don”t say a word to Mr White. He”ll want to know why he”s not being invited.”

“Sure!” Michael answered, grinning.

“Right! I”m going to give you the telephone number here. Write it down. On the day, call at half past eleven to let us know that everything”s okay.”

With the telephone number safely tucked away, Michael headed to his bedroom. He was very excited. To be going to Mr Smith”s house on his own would be an adventure in itself, not to mention what he and Holdsworth would be doing when they got there. And having sex with Holdsworth and Southcott without his form master knowing anything about it would be the icing on the cake.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex found the week of the pre-Christmas exams the most demanding of the entire school year. Lengthy stints of invigilation during the day were followed by long evenings spent marking exam papers and recording the results. As compared with the previous year, he had an extra class, his fifth-year group, whose mock O-level exam consisted of two papers, each lasting two and a half hours.

In addition to his exam marking, his commitments with the under-12 football team continued as normal. On top of that, the Choral Society”s Christmas concert and the school”s carol service were both due to take place the following week, and so there were rehearsals he needed to attend. And he wasn”t going to forego the incidental pleasures that he usually enjoyed. Indeed, in such trying circumstances he considered them more important than ever.

With these considerations in mind, he”d planned his schedule. It had soon become clear that he would not be able to complete his marking by the weekend after the exams. Instead, he would leave 3-Red”s papers until the following Monday. They were his best class. Lively and enthusiastic, they were the group about whom he had the fewest concerns.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Tuesday afternoon. With the school day at an end, Alex returned to his classroom for his usual tutorial with Bradshaw. A couple of minutes later, the boy appeared and they settled down to work.

“How did you find the exam?” Alex asked.

“Oh, it was easy, sir. I think I got everything right.”

Alex smiled. Bradshaw had done the first-year exam off the cuff, with none of the preparation that the other boys had had.

“I hope so,” he quipped. “It wouldn”t do to have anyone beating you. In the summer, you”ll do the third-year exam. We”ll be looking for you to score at least eighty per cent. Based on what I”ve seen so far, you should do that easily.”

“Why eighty per cent, sir?”

“It”s what the third-year boys need to score to get into the fourth-year top set. Like you, they”ll do their O-level exam after just one more year, so we need to make sure you”re at least up to their standard.”

Bradshaw smiled and nodded. Then they got into doing some maths. Alex deliberately kept it short. After twenty minutes, they were finished.

“Well done,” he said appreciatively. “That”s it for today.”

“So are we going to go into the storeroom now?” Bradshaw asked, smiling up at him.

That was another remarkable thing, Alex considered. Whenever Bradshaw arrived for one of their classes, he was ready to work, and would happily tackle whatever he was faced with. Only when the class ended did his mind turn elsewhere.

“Is that what you want?” he asked, returning the smile.

“Yes sir.”

Ten minutes later, the two of them safely ensconced in the store cupboard, Bradshaw was bent over, his hands resting on the chair, his shorts and underpants around his ankles, his long grey socks still up to his knees, his shirt and sweater up around his armpits. Standing behind, coating his cock with K-Y, Alex drank in the sight.

He might have congratulated himself for his skill in getting to this position. Instead, he wondered how it had happened. How was it that this extraordinary boy was in his storeroom, ready and willing to be fucked? He really hadn”t done anything special, but their relationship had blossomed in a way that he couldn”t have imagined.

If he was to be congratulated at all, it would be for persistence; trying one last time when it had seemed like a lost cause. And as a result, Bradshaw was waiting eagerly for his bottom to be filled with his mentor”s spunk. Alex smiled. He was not about to disappoint him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

And so the week continued. On the Wednesday, after football training, he had another assignation with Pennington. He fucked the boy in his football shorts, which seemed to suit both of them. That same evening, Martin brought Noel to the flat. Alex simply allowed them to get on with it while he continued marking exam papers. Though a little disappointed, Noel was very understanding; he knew things were moving on.

The following day, Alex entertained Whitney in his store cupboard. Not only was it his third fuck in as many days, it was during the busiest week he”d ever experienced. Unsurprisingly, he was somewhat below his best. He explained it in terms of the extra work he was having to do, but that was only part of the story. In reality, the tall thirteen-year old no longer held the appeal that he”d once had.

In the meantime, both Pennington and Bradshaw had asked to see Alex on the Friday, hoping for another encounter in the pavilion changing rooms. Using different excuses, he”d turned them down. On the Saturday, Martin (Mr Brown) was bringing Long, his latest recruit, to the flat, in order for the lad to have his boy-hole stretched. Alex knew that penetrating the slightly-built ten-year old would be a challenge, and having succeeded, he”d need to finish matters quickly. He was determined not to let his associate down.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael arrived at the flat at ten to two. He had mixed feelings about meeting Long. He liked having sex with Jessop. He wasn”t as exciting as Southcott, but he was still a very nice fuck. All he”d been told about Long was that he was ten years old and in the year below Jessop.

“So what”s this kid like,” he asked, parking himself on the sofa.

kocaeli anal yapan escort “Well, like I told you, he”s ten,” Alex said. “From what I”ve been told, he”s a nice-looking lad, quite tall for his age, and very slim. I”m also told that when talking about his penis and so on, he uses little boys” talk. Mr Brown would appreciate it if you did not correct him. After all, he is only ten.”

“Fair enough. You reckon he should be pretty tight then, sir?”

“Yes, but I understand that Arrowsmith took his cherry a week last Monday and has fucked him every day since. Mr Brown”s had him several times too, so he”ll be fairly tight, but you shouldn”t have any difficulty.”

“You”re going to find him tight though.”

“Yes, I expect so. I”m expecting to need a bit more force than I normally would.”

“You won”t have him on his tummy, will you?”

“Oh no, he”d find that much too painful. It”d be risky too. It could cause bleeding. That would be very awkward. In any case, Mr Brown will want to watch me stretching the lad”s boy-hole.”

“Oh, I know!” Michael said, grinning. “The kid will bend over the end of the bed with you standing behind him. Mr Brown will lie on the bed the wrong way round so his head”s right under the kid”s prick.”

“Yes, that”s certainly what I”m expecting. Mr Brown will probably want to be in the same position while you”re fucking the lad. For some reason, he seems obsessed with your cock.”

“I know. He told me. I don”t imagine Jessop”s too pleased about Arrowsmith fucking this new kid.”

“Actually, I don”t think he”s that bothered,” Alex replied casually. “Arrowsmith doesn”t cum all that much, so he recovers quite quickly. He can fuck both Jessop and Long every day if he wants to.”

As they were talking, the doorbell rang. Alex went to answer it. He opened the door and smiled. Long was exactly as had been described, but with sparkling blue eyes, regular features and a slightly mischievous smile, the boy was far more alluring than he”d expected.

He found his eyes drawn to the youngster”s legs. Delightfully shown off by snug-fitting shorts that came down no further than mid-thigh, they were long and slim, but with just the right amount of shape to them, the lad”s beautifully tapered thighs leading up to a small but delectable bottom. They were perfection!

“Come in!” he said warmly. “Good to see you both!”

He ushered them into the lounge, directing the lad to sit on the sofa next to Whitney.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked.

“Tea for me please,” Martin said.

“Tea or lemonade?” Alex asked, turning to his young guest.

“Lemonade please,” Long replied, giving his host a blast of his most radiant smile.

“May I have a lemonade too, please?” Michael asked.

Alex disappeared into the kitchen, emerging moments later with two glasses of lemonade. Heading back to the kitchen, he gestured for Martin to follow him.

“Long”s gorgeous,” he said quietly. “Much nicer than I”d expected.”

“Oh, I thought you”d like him,” Martin replied. “It”s the smile that does it.”

“And the legs; they”re beautiful. But you do realise I”ll have to be quite forceful with him?”

“Oh yes. That was inevitable.”

“Are you sure he”s ready?”

“Well, as I told you, Arrowsmith”s been fucking him every day. I”ve had him a few times too. He”s as ready as he”s going to be. There isn”t anything more we can do. Don”t worry, he”s a very horny boy. He wouldn”t be here otherwise.”

“I may need to gag him. There could be neighbours about. I can”t have him making too much noise.”

“Do what you need to do,” Martin said evenly. “Yesterday morning, after he”d slept in my bed, I had him on his tummy, just to make sure he was properly ready. He squealed when I stuck it in, so I gagged him. It”s not a problem. After a couple of minutes, he settled down, so I took the gag out. I love hearing the sounds they make while they”re being fucked, especially the younger ones.”

“What did you gag him with?”

“His underpants, of course. It”s traditional, isn”t it? I may not have told you, but I was gagged several times when I was his age.”

Alex nodded his understanding. He wouldn”t be any rougher than he had to; he”d simply do what was necessary. With the tea made, he and Martin returned to the lounge. Long and Whitney were eyeing each other up, chatting inconsequentially. As soon as they”d finished their drinks, Alex led the way to the bedroom. Long, it appeared, had been well briefed, standing obediently in front of him as he sat down in the armchair.

“Shoes and socks off, and your sweater,” Alex instructed.

Having divested himself of the items in question, Long stood up again. Using both hands, Alex gently held the boy just above the ankles, slowly running his hands up the youngster”s legs, delighting in the subtle contours, exploring the small but powerful muscles that made them `slim but athletic” rather than `skinny”. They felt much as Newton”s legs would have done, he mused, had he been able to get hold of them a year or so earlier than he actually had.

“Are you an athlete?” he asked, his fingertips working their way up inside the lad”s grey school shorts. “You”ve certainly got the legs for it.”

“I”m a good runner, sir,” Long told him.

Alex got to his feet. Having removed Long”s tie, he unbuttoned the boy”s shirt, pushing it off his shoulders and carefully extracting it from the waistband of his shorts. From the waist up, the lad definitely was scrawny, Alex observed, the ten-year old”s ribs clearly visible. Long would be the smallest, slimmest boy he”d fucked since his own days at prep school.

Sitting down again, Alex got to work on the boy”s shorts, unfastening the clip and carefully unzipping the fly. They fell to the floor, exposing the youngster”s sexy white briefs. As Long kicked off his shorts, Alex ran the back of his index finger over the front of the lad”s underpants.

“You”re wonderfully hard,” he said, smiling upwards.

“Yes sir,” Long replied. “I always am.”

Hooking his thumbs into the waistband, Alex skinned Long”s skimpy briefs down the lad”s wonderfully coltish legs. He put them to one side, knowing that he might need them later. He turned his attention to the youngster”s boy-parts, a slim, uncut penis around three inches long, the foreskin just covering the tip, and marble-sized balls held tight in their sac beneath. For a slender ten-year old, it was an impressive package.

Licking his lips, Alex leant forwards, his lips closing over Long”s steel-hard prick. Sucking it lovingly, he gently eased back the lad”s foreskin, working his tongue over the small shiny head. After a few seconds, he let him go.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“Oh yes, sir! I love having my weewee sucked.”

“Does Arrowsmith do that for you?”

“Yes, sir, and Mr Brown.”

“I see. And do you suck theirs?”

“Yes sir. Until a couple of weeks ago, they used to shoot their spunk into my mouth, but they don”t do that anymore.”

“So what do they do instead?”

“They stick their weewees into my boy-hole and pump their spunk into me.”

“Hmmm! And do you like them doing that?”

“Yes sir! It hurts a bit when Mr Brown puts his weewee in, but once he gets going, it”s really exciting.”

“Excellent! So why don”t you find out what I”ve got for you?”

Without a moment”s hesitation, Long knelt on the floor, undoing his host”s fly buttons, reaching inside to extract the man”s cock. His eyes widened.

“It”s big, isn”t it, sir?”

“A little above average, I believe; nothing exceptional. Let”s see what you can do with it.”

Leaning forwards, Long took it into his mouth. He began to suck, gradually working his way down until he was taking almost three inches. There his progress stopped, but Alex didn”t care. The lad was sucking him beautifully. Arrowsmith and Mr Brown had obviously provided him with lots of practice.

“Okay, you can stop now,” he instructed.

Long pulled away, licking his lips.

“Excellent!” Alex said, smiling. “Stand up!”

As Long got to his feet, Alex coated his index finger with K-Y. With his lips and tongue working on the ten-year old”s penis, he slipped his hand between the youngster”s legs, his greasy finger quickly locating the boy”s rosebud. He pushed it in.

“Ohh! Oh sir!” Long squealed excitedly, his boy-spike jiggling in his host”s mouth. “Oooooh!”

Alex was taken completely by surprise. While it was fairly common for boys to have a dry-cum while being sucked and fingered, the speed with which it had occurred was quite exceptional. Very carefully, he let the lad go, his finger slipping noiselessly out of Long”s anus.

“You really like that, don”t you?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir!” Long said brightly. “That was super!”

“Are you okay to carry on?”

“Oh, yes sir,” the lad repeated. “I”ll probably have another one in a few minutes.”

Alex smiled, realising what Martin had meant when describing the ten-year old as “very horny”. He glanced across. Martin was sitting on the chair by the desk. Kneeling in front of him, Whitney was sucking the young choirmaster”s cock.

“Okay, Mr Brown,” Alex suggested. “I think it”s time these boys got to know each other.”

Michael settled himself on the bed, his emotions a mixture of excitement and apprehension. He was excited because Long was definitely cute, seemed eager enough, and had a very nice cock for a ten-year old. On the other hand, he”d be by some margin the smallest boy that Michael had been with. Although around the same height as Jessop had been when they”d first met, Jessop had been stockier and more muscular. To add to the disparity, Michael had grown considerably since then, as had his penis. As things were, he stood a foot taller than Long and outweighed the lad by at least forty pounds.

Long, however, seemed quite undaunted. Parking himself next to the older boy, he immediately reached across.

“You”re weewee”s even bigger than Mr Brown”s” he said, running his hand up the length of Whitney”s hard pole.

Michael grinned, enjoying the touch of the younger lad”s fingers. Without waiting to be asked, Long went down on him, his lips and tongue sending the most exquisite sensations through the thirteen-year old”s body.

“Oh wow!” Michael gasped. “That”s super! Who taught you to do that?”

“Arrowsmith mainly,” Long answered nonchalantly. “He loves it when I suck his weewee. And Mr Brown, of course.” He paused for a second. “Maybe not quite as thick as Mr Brown”s,” he went on, contemplating Whitney”s glistening penis. “Nice though. Are you going to stick it in my boy-hole?”

“Yes. D”you like that?”

“Yeah! It hurts a bit when Mr Brown does it, you know, when he sticks it in. Yesterday morning, he had me on my tummy. That really hurt, but it was very exciting. Do you make lots of spunk?”

“Quite a bit. More than Arrowsmith anyway.”

“Arrowsmith says Mr White makes loads of it.”

“Yeah, he usually does.”

“Mr White”s going to stretch my boy-hole. That”ll hurt, won”t it?”

“Yeah, it”s bound to. You haven”t taken one as big as his.”

“Did he stretch your boy-hole?”

“Yeah, a bit.”

“Only a bit?”

“Yeah, I was already doing it with someone izmit yabancı escort who was nearly as big.”

“So how old were you the first time you took it?”

“Ten, nearly eleven, about the same as you are now. I was a bit bigger than you are though.”

“Wow! Come on then!”

Michael was fascinated. Listening to this innocent-looking ten-year old talk about sex so casually had dispelled all his doubts. Long wanted to be fucked, and he wanted to do it. But not right then. He wanted to spin it out a little, make the lad wait.

“There”s no rush,” he said, grinning. “I want to suck yours first.”

Snaking around, his lips closed over Long”s three-inch penis, sucking it right down to the root. Pulling the youngster”s legs apart, his index finger quickly located the lad”s rosebud entrance. Noticing that it was already greasy, he pushed his finger right in.

“Ohhh!” Long squealed, shuddering from head to toe. “Ohh! Ohh! Ohhh!”

Michael pulled away, his eyes like saucers.

“You just had a dry cum!”

“Yeah, I have them a lot.”

“Is that what happened a few minutes ago with Mr White?”

“Yeah. He did the same as you.”

“Before I started taking it up the bum,” Michael said, lowering his voice, “that happened to me a few times while I was being sucked and fingered, but never as fast as that. And definitely not twice in about five minutes!”

“It”s okay,” Long said, smirking. “I”ll probably have another one when your spunk squirts into my boy-hole.”

“So are you ready for that now?”


“Sir, may we have the K-Y please?” Michael asked, grinning at his form master.

Alex handed it over.

“Okay, get me ready,” Michael instructed, squeezing some onto the younger lad”s fingers.

“So how are we doing it?” Long asked, carefully coating his new friend”s cock with the slippery gel.

“So that Mr Brown can get a really good view of what we”re doing,” Michael whispered right into the boy”s ear.

“Yeah, I know!” Long replied, giggling.

Long stood at the foot of the bed, bending over to rest his hands on the mattress.

“May I?” Martin asked, looking at Alex.

“Of course,” Alex replied, more than happy to indulge his guest”s predilection for watching his young charges have their boy-holes stretched.

Martin quickly got onto the bed. Lying on his back, his head between the ten-year old”s hands, he looked up eagerly at the youngster”s boy-parts. Michael moved into position. To be on the safe side, he worked some more K-Y into the younger lad”s bottom. This was it. He shuffled in close, guiding his cock onto the boy”s rosebud. He pushed hard, the head of his penis forcing its way through the lad”s sphincter.

“Ooooooh!” Long groaned appreciatively.

Placing his hands firmly around the younger boy”s thighs, Michael pushed slowly forwards, sinking his cock deeper and deeper.

“Ohhh!” Long squealed as it thrust over his knobbly little prostate. “Oooff!” he grimaced, feeling it penetrate at least half an inch further than Mr Brown”s had.

Michael paused for a moment. Long was very tight, though not tight but pliable like Jessop had been. The ten-year old was just plain tight, the boy”s anal ring gripping him like a vice. He pulled most of the way back before slamming in again. The sensations firing through his penis were quite extraordinary. Fucking a boy as tight as Long was much harder work than he was used to, but the rewards more than made up for it. Within seconds, he was pounding the younger boy”s bottom as though his life depended on it.

As Whitney”s breathing began to shorten, Martin reached up and began to fondle Long”s throbbing prong. The lad bucked wildly, his bum clamping tight around the teenager”s cock. In an instant, Michael was past the point of no return. He hung on tight, his cock pumping several ropes of gooey teen cum into the youngster”s rectum.

Finally, it was over. He sank down over Long”s back, the room spinning around him. He was completely exhausted. After around half a minute, he regained control of his breathing. Very gingerly, he withdrew, his cock so sensitive he couldn”t bear to touch it. It had been his wildest fuck ever. It hadn”t generated the feeling of oneness that fucking Chris gave him, but that was of no concern. In terms of sheer physical pleasure, it was unsurpassed. He”d be back for more whenever the opportunity arose.

Alex was fascinated. Long had just had his third dry cum in less than fifteen minutes. Would the lad have another one when he fucked him? It was time to find out. As Whitney sank down into the armchair, he knelt down, prising Long”s bum-cheeks apart. The recently violated hole already looked sore and bruised. It twitched invitingly. He swiped his tongue over it. The lad moaned with pleasure, clearly indicating that he was ready for more.

It was an invitation Alex couldn”t turn down. Leaning in, he pressed the tip of his tongue against the boy”s very centre. After a couple of seconds, he pushed inside, picking up the bitter-sweet taste of Whitney”s spunk.

“Oh sir!” Long gurgled appreciatively. “Oh, that”s super!”

Alex got to his feet. He retrieved the dildo, smearing K-Y over it. He steadily pushed it in, Long gurgling incoherently. Alex worked the hard rubber tool in and out, twisting it around as he did so. He wiggled it around in an effort to loosen the boy”s anal ring, though uncertain how much difference it was making.

There was no more he could do. Withdrawing the dildo, he wrapped his left arm around Long”s thighs. His right hand gripped the base of his cock, holding it insistently against the lad”s rosebud. He pushed as hard as he could. Suddenly he jerked forwards.

“Yeowwww!” Long wailed, his anal ring stretched close to breaking point.

Alex picked up the boy”s lightly soiled briefs.

“Bite on these,” he ordered, stuffing them into the ten-year old”s mouth.

Lying beneath, Martin was horrified. Long had lost his erection. It was the first time he”d seen the lad without a hard-on.

“Hold it there, Mr White,” he said firmly.

Reaching upwards, he wrapped his fingers around the youngster”s penis, gently coaxing it back to life. In less than a minute, it was rock-hard again.

“Okay, Mr White,” he said. “He”s ready for you now.”

Holding the boy with both hands, Alex steadily drew the lad onto him. Finally, his pubic hair was squished up against the youngster”s small, firm bottom. Martin allowed himself a satisfied smile. For him, there was no finer sight than that of his slender new recruit fully impaled on his friend”s man-sized cock.

“Go on, Mr White,” he urged. “You know what he wants.”

“Are you going to be quiet now?” Alex asked.

Long nodded. Reaching forward, Alex removed the skimpy underpants from the boy”s mouth. After a moment to settle himself, he set to his task. Having recovered from his own exertions, Michael got down on the floor, his head between his form master”s feet, looking up to get a perfect view of the action.

Like Whitney before him Alex could hardly believe how tight the lad was. It turned him on more than ever. He fucked the boy unmercifully, Long”s quiet moans and whimpers spurring him on to even greater efforts. Inevitably, he wasn”t going to last long. After no more than a dozen thrusts, his breathing became harsh and irregular.

“Oh yes!” he gasped. “Now I”m going to fill your bottom!”

Once again, Martin took hold of Long”s throbbing spike, gently milking it. The boy reacted instantly. He shook like a leaf, his muscles gripped by uncontrollable spasms. As the man”s spunk began to flood into him, his little boy-cock swelled and pulsed between the choirmaster”s fingers. Despite how painful it had been, it was the craziest, most powerful boygasm he”d experienced.

As his form master began to withdraw, Michael moved to one side, totally awestruck by what he”d just witnessed. Long had just been fucked senseless, but after the initial cry, he”d taken it with little more than a murmur. Finally, Alex”s cock slipped out of Long”s bottom. The lad”s overstretched anal ring remained open. He was leaking prodigiously, the spunk running down his legs.

“Come on, Whitney,” Alex said, grinning. “Do your job!”

Moving into position, Michael licked up the spunk first from one thigh then the other until he was taking it directly from the ten-year old”s well fucked hole. Finally, the lad”s sphincter muscles reasserted themselves, his rosebud clamping shut.

“Excellent!” Alex said. “Whitney, take Long to the bathroom, will you?”

“Sir,” Michael queried. “Isn”t Mr Brown going to fuck me?”

“Later,” Alex said brusquely. “For the moment, just look after Long for me. You know what to do.”

Getting to his feet, Michael gently steered his new young friend out of the room. The ten-year old could hardly walk. Finally, the boys were safely out of earshot.

“Well,” Martin said, sitting on the chair by the desk. “That was remarkable. I hadn”t realised he”d be as tight as that.”

“I”ve never experienced anything like it,” Alex responded from the comfort of his armchair. “But he obviously wanted it.”

“So how many more times d”you think you”ll need to see him before he”s ready for Gordon?”

“A couple at least. We need to get him to where he can take me without crying out, that”s the first thing. And ideally, we”d want his boy-hole to close up as soon as I pull out of him.”

“Yes,” Martin agreed. “That sounds sensible.”

“So next Sunday, you”re going to bring Arrowsmith over to meet Bradshaw.”

“Definitely. We”re looking forward to it.”

“I thought you told me that Arrowsmith”s not a chorister.”

“Yes, that”s right.”

“So won”t he be going home on Friday?”

“Oh, I”ve arranged for him to stay in school for a few days,” Martin explained. “He”ll be acting as an accompanist for some of the other boys. His parents don”t seem to mind as we”re not charging them any extra. He doesn”t either, with Long and Jessop to keep him entertained. And he”ll get to meet Bradshaw, of course.”

“Oh, I see,” Alex said, smiling.

“Arrowsmith”s main instrument”s the clarinet,” Martin went on, “but he”s a competent pianist and an excellent accompanist. He seems to really enjoy doing it. It”s most odd. He”s like a different boy when he”s doing that. He takes it very seriously.”

“I can”t say I”m entirely surprised,” Alex said thoughtfully. “Arrowsmith likes to think of himself as a young adult. I think he thrives on the responsibility.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having seen off his guests, Alex returned to the lounge. He sat down on the sofa, putting his arm around Whitney”s shoulder.

“So did you enjoy your time with Mr Brown?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir,” Michael told him. “It was wonderful.”

“Thank you for looking after Long,” Alex said quietly. “I take it you gave him a bath.”

“Yes sir.”

“You did a super job. He looked almost back to normal by the time he got back.”

“Yes sir. I like him a lot.”

“And you certainly seemed to enjoy fucking him.”

“Oh, that was unbelievable! I don”t think I”ve ever cum as much as that. You came loads too, didn”t you, sir?”

“Yes,” Alex agreed, giving the boy a wry smile. “You could say he brought the best out of me.”

Michael snuggled up close. He loved it when they were together like this, and he was in his rightful place as his form master”s number one boy. But there were clouds on the horizon. He was pretty sure that Mr Faulkner had already fucked one of the younger boys at Woodchurch, and that could ruin things for him.

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