The Impregnation Destiny Ch. 01

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Close Up

The day after Jorge Rust turned eighteen was the day he realized his destiny. It was that day, clutching all he owned in a clear plastic trash bag, his first blessed love appeared.

“Oh, Jorge.” Mrs. McNamstock rolled her window down to peer at her ex-pupil through the rain.

“Hi teach.” Jorge straightened up and relaxed his shoulders in an attempt to look less pathetic. The crinkle of pity in Mrs. McNamstock’s blue eyes made his efforts ring hollow.

“Where’s your mother?” she asked.

“Tahiti. I think. Said, I was old enough to look after myself now.”

Mrs. McNamstock pursed her pouty red lips. “I bet she did.”

Jorge hopped from foot to foot to keep some warmth. “If you don’t mind Mrs.McNamstock but I need to find a place out of the rain.”

“You have a place to stay?”

“I was going to hideout in a convenience store then . . .” Jorge ended the sentence with a deflated shrug, cheeks reddening at his helplessness.

“Get in. I can drive you where you want to, not like I have anywhere else to be.”

Jorge didn’t have to think twice about escaping the cold rain into the warm car. He laid his hands on the heater as Mrs. McNamstock returned to traffic. Their short conversation had allowed enough time for the full force of rush hour traffic to hit their position.

“Any family? Friends?”

“No, and you already know the answer to that last one.”

Mrs. McNamstock sighed and leaned against the car door on her side. Jorge noticed the pinched skin where her engagement ring used to be. He followed the naked finger up Mrs. Namstock’s lovely thin white arm to her heart-shaped face. She had let her curly red hair grow longer than her usual pixie cut so it now rested at her nape.

Jorge’s gaze was inextricably drawn to Mrs. McNamstock’s small, yet perfectly round, breast by her cellphone ringing. She plucked the device out of her shirt, checked the caller id, and then tossed in the back in disgust. “Bastard.”

Something about her adjusting her bra sent a furtive heat down Jorge’s spine. It only took one furtive look to confirm what his tightened jeans warned him. He yanked his trash bag closer to his pants. Salvation in the form of a Speedway appeared on the next corner. “You can drop me off over there.”

Mrs.McNamstock pulled into the convenience store’s parking lot but didn’t release the child lock on his door. She rested heavily on her door, hand to her forehead in deep thought.


She cast him a strange look. “Why don’t you come stay at my place until you can find a place of your own?”

“Wait. Really?”

“Yeah, why not? You’ve graduated and it isn’t as if I haven’t got the room.” She flicked a dismissive finger at the phone left rumbling on the back seat.

“I don’t know ma’am. Wouldn’t it make you look bad?”

“First, what have I said on calling me ma’am? Second, you’ve graduated. Anyone’s got an issue with me, they can take it up the arse. You in or out?”

Jorge studied the rain smeared world outside the car window. Where was he going to go? A homeless shelter? A bench? At his mother’s most irresponsible, she still made certain he had a bed to sleep in. Even if the bed was a flat musty motel bed. “Okay.”

“Woohoo! Slumber party!” Mrs. McNamstock flicked on the radio to some hip-hop, pumping her fist like the worst cheerleader at a pep rally.

You could say a lot about Mrs. McNamstock but she was one of those teachers who tried. The least he could do was to do in kind. Jorge pinched himself to kill the boner and inwardly swore to keep whatever dirty thoughts his brain popped up buried deep inside.

The trash littered streets belonging to Pleasant Heights soon gave way to the somewhat perfectly manicured lawns of Richard’s Burrough. Jorge had never seen so many street lights on at once except in movies. Her house’s interior was the same.

“You can have any bedroom upstairs to the left. The door with the golden knob is the bathroom. I’ll have dinner ready at around seven, do you have any allergies?”

“No,” Jorge muttered. He was too busy taking in the sights to really consider her question. Following the shiny wooden banister upstairs, brought Jorge to a spacious carpeted second floor. “Can güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I take a bath?”

“Of course! Gold doorknob.”

Jorge was about to slip inside the bathroom when he noticed something glinting through the cracked door of the room next to it. The glint was Mrs. McNamstock’s wedding ring and the room was a nursery.

A torn apart nursery.

The ring rested in the slats between the overturned crib, half-buried under a mountain of towels. Jorge hurried closed the door as he felt the acute awareness that he had seen something he shouldn’t.

Question buzzed around his mind during dinner while he wolfed down Mrs.McNamstock’s beef stroganoff. Mrs.McNamstock made it easy to keep his mouth closed during dinner. She picked t her food, gaze drifting to the front door every few minutes. He wished there was some way he could make her smile again.

His offer to do the dishes or clear the table were refused.

“I have a system to how I do things here and I don’t feel like teaching you it tonight. Besides, you should focus on what you’re going to do tomorrow. You don’t want to stay in your teacher’s house forever, do you?”

Tomorrow. How could such a simple word inspire so much terror within him? College wasn’t an option, he didn’t have the money nor the grades for that. Like fuck he was going into the military. With those two options gone, what was he going to do?

Jorge picked the bedroom closest to the stairs to be his temporary bedroom. It was a nice place which did little to soothe his terrified mind. He watched the moon rise to its zenith through the window above his bed, unable to even close his eyes for a second without stress pushing them back open.

“Maybe Mrs. McNamstock has some nyquil or something I can take,” he thought. Jorge opened his door and froze. Down the hall, where the wrecked nursery room was, he heard Mrs. McNamstock crying.

A quick mental debate on whether to just ignore it ended in Jorge heading towards the sobs. Checking on her was the least he could do.

She sat in the middle of the floor, dressed only in thick fuzzy flannel pajamas, trying to fix what looked like a baby monitor.


“What did I say about calling me, ma’am?” She wiped at her tears futilely. “You need anything?”

“I was going to ask the same thing of you.”

“Nothing you can provide. Go back to sleep, I’m fine.”

Jorge hesitated at the doorway but followed his instincts. He took a seat next to Mrs. McNamstock and gently took the split open baby monitor away. “Someone once told me the greatest gift you can give is an ear.”

“Ha! They were scamming you.” Mrs. McNamstock stopped wiping at her eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a bitch.”

“Well, this is your house.” Jorge clicked the split monitor back together then turned it on.

“I don’t even know why I’m trying to fix this thing. Not like I need it anymore.”

“You were pregnant!” Jorge cringed at the surprised tone to his words. It wasn’t as if there was a reason she couldn’t be. She was young, pretty, and cool.

“God, I wish.Turns out my husband’s little swimmers aren’t up to snuff.” She waved her hand around the room. “As you can see, he didn’t take it very well.”

“Overreaction much?”

“Not all this damage was his doing. Things didn’t start to fly until he refused to discuss other options. Adoption. Sperm donation. No. No. No.” She twisted her tiny heart-shaped face into one resembling an angry child’s.

He giggled which made her smile.

She brushed a stray hair behind her ear. “Really, I’m sorry for waking you up. You’ve got enough issues on your plate already.”

“Wasn’t like I was getting any sleep anyway. This is better than staring at the ceiling.”

“I’ve got some melatonin in the side of the freezer downstairs. You can take some if you want. Me, I’m going to bed. I can clean the mess that is my life in the morning.” She rose to leave but her foot caught on Jorge’s knee.

In the split second Jorge tried to stop her fall, he managed to yank down both her pajama pants and her underwear. Two creamy white globes greeted his view while his former teacher moaned on the floor. Not a single scalding güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri thought could prevent Jorge’s cock from hardening to an almost painful boner.

Mrs. McNamstock rolled her onto her back, spread legs revealing all the glory Jorge only ever witnessed on a porn site.

They stared at each other.

Mrs.McNamstock with her spread legs.

Jorge too dumbfounded to move even a single inch.

“I-. . I mean. . .”

“Would you be my baby daddy?” Six simple words spelled out a destiny Jorge was scarcely ready to hear. But what man can ignore destiny’s call?

She was magnificent. Toned muscle stretched her snowy skin taut while a treasure path led down her to stomach to join to the landing strip of hair above her pussy. Jorge traced the soft red hair to the weeping slit.

Her pursed lips curved to a surprised ‘o’ as Jorge plunged a finger deep inside her wet flesh. Jorge thumbing the little nub above her cunt brought her hand on his wrist.

“You don’t have to do that,” she gasped.

“But I want to.” He slipped in more fingers, stretching and spreading Mrs.Namstock to see deep inside her. The sight mesmerized Jorge. Whatever earlier deference he had to his former teacher was gone. No porn could rival the needy sucking her cunt delivered with every thrust.

“Fuck, just do me already.” Mrs.Namstock clamped her legs around Jorge’s arm. He stared at her blushing cheeks, breasts heaving beneath its fuzzy flannel covering. Jorge slipped his free hand to pinch her left nipple through the material.

She jerked back in surprise, lifting her legs open long enough for him to plunge his fingers deeper into her trembling body. Jorge used his own legs to pin hers and almost came when the woman’s juices coated his hand during her climax.

“God!” Mrs. Namstock joined his fingers while she continued to shiver from her orgasm. Jorge abandoned his place beside her hand to free both breasts from their cloth confines. Soft pink nipples capped the warm yet small tits.

Taking one into his mouth felt, for some odd unexplainable reason, more intimate than the good fingering he had just delivered to her. Maybe it was the fact their eyes were glued to each others during his first gentle teases.

He noted the worry framed by her wide bright blue irises then he watched it fade to lust after he nipped the very tip of her tits. She wrapped her legs around his midriff, much gentler than when she pinned his arm, finger fucking herself to the rhythm he set sucking her. His erection had passed from painful to a sweet throb.

Jorge bounced from one breast to another, careful to leave each well licked. Mrs. Namstock grinded her finger deeper and harder on the trip to her second climax. She collapsed flatter on the ground with her pussy-stained hands placed firmly on Jorge’s waistband.

A beat passed before he pushed his pants down to his knees, lips still lavishing attention on her lovely chest. Her fingers flicking his cock head yanked him out his breast induced hypnosis. Jorg reared back while she took the opportunity to sit up more.

“Come here.” She spread her pussy wide to showcase its full pink glory.

“Yeah…” The first probe against her welcoming folds, almost brought him to a hard cumming. Jorge didn’t let out his breath until his cock was settled to the hilt in Mrs. Namstock’s delicious meltiness. The slight roll she gave her hips dragged a helpless moan out his lips. He wasn’t going to last if she kept moving like that.

He dotted kiss along her long swan-like neck on his path to her pillowy lips. She accepted the invitation to the deep kiss he offered and her relaxing framed was the chance he needed. Jorge slammed her down as he pulled his dick out to tease her clit.

“Wha-uhhhg.” Jorge’s driving thrust stole her words.

All that was left were shocked moans.

It was a struggle to keep it together. Keeping Mrs. Namstock’s hands pinned didn’t stop her hips from reaching up to meet him on every downward thrust. The sight of her pussy devouring his cock only to spit it out even wetter than before drove thrills to his very balls.

“Mrs. Namstock . . . I can’t. . .”

She gave him a sweet lazy güvenilir bahis şirketleri smile. “It’s alright. Cum.”

Jorge had no restraint left within to even imagine doing anything else. He reared back to plunge his cock to the absolute depths her cunt had, releasing his cums in stuttering spurts. The very hair on his nutsack curled at the force he came. He collapsed atop her once the last dregs of cum in his balls was gone. His post-coital bliss was stopped by the sudden wetness on his hair. Jorge looked up to Mrs.Namstock to see her crying.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“No. It’s just-” She pushed him off her so she could hug herself. Jorge wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“Do you want me to leave?”

“God no. I’m not that much of a piece of shit.” She wiped her eyes. “I swear I didn’t take you in just to screw you.”

“I never thought you did. Mr.Namstock, I’m not a little anymore. If I didn’t want to be your baby daddy then I could have walked out.”

Her eyes widened even bigger than when she orgasmed. “Oh, fuck. I have to go to the pharmacy.” Jorge weighed her down so she couldn’t stand up easily.

“Mrs. Namstock, do you want a baby?”

“Quite obviously I do.” She said, gesturing to the cum dripping down her leg.

“Then let me give you one. Consider a thank you for taking me in on the worst day of my life.”

“How would I explain it to people?”

Jorge tipped Mrs. Namstock’s chin so her lips brushed against his. “Sperm bank. Adoption. Or just move away if you don’t want to answer any questions. Please, Mrs.Namstock just take what I’m willing to give.”

She turned her face away from his and Jorge feared he would be spending the rest of the night on a park bench.

“My name is Judy. Please just call me Judy. Mrs.Namstock makes me feel like a thousand year old maid.”

He smiled from ear to ear. “Sure Judy.” It was an odd sensation to call a woman he used to have to ask permission for the bathroom by her first name but was any weirder to have her bare his child.

“We can do this on two conditions. 1. You have to keep looking for work. 2. No one can know about this. Break either and I’ll be on my way to a non-extradion country.”

“Alright. Alright. I agree to your demands.” Jorge gathered her small breast into each hand for a light squeeze. “Can I take my reward now Judge?”

“Call me Judge Judy and I’ll kick you out baby or no baby.” She removed her shirt to sit in all her glorious nakedness. Jorge kissed her forehead, hands running through her curly red hair. Judy pawed at his sensitive balls while she traced the line seperating his abs.

She yelped a little as Jorge forced her to lie down on top of him. “Ride me Judy. I want to see your titties bounce.”

“Oy, don’t push it.” Sill, she opened herself up to accept Jorge’s renewed cock. Frothy cum lined the meaty folds about to renvelope his meaty shaft. Her breasts were still slicked shiny from his earlier obsessive sucking and reddened at him smacking them. Judy was too focused on positioning herself on her former student to give him the cursing he rightly deserved for doing so.

Judy gave a little twist that sent pleasure throughout his hips. “You are a big boy.”

He wasn’t going to last this long this time. It was just too soon after the first time for him to have recovered all his strength. Stars exploded across his vision as he tried to keep the orgasm bubbling in his balls at bay. Her greedy cunt clamped hard on his poor cock, her back arched for maximum penetration.

“I can’t!” He lurched upward, hands jerking her hips downward simultaneously, to empty what little he had left inside his scrotum.

“Right there! Yes!” She reached her fifth orgasm on his softening cock then collapsed beside him. They both breathed like they had been running a marathon.

“You are pretty incredible for a virgin,” said Judy.

“I am not a virgin.”

Judy rolled onto her side to look at him. “Who did you do it with?”

He stared at his hardened nipples to avoid her gaze. “You wouldn’t know her.”

“Oh, really? What’s her name?”

“Umm. Well.” Jorge wasn’t too embarrassed at being caught out to join Judy in her nervous giggles.

“Great in bed but an awful liar. Most of the time it’s the other way around.” She began to rise to her feet. “I should be getting to bed.”


“Hmm . . .?”

“I do hope you get your baby.”

Judy pressed her hand on her stomach, the touching forcing more cum down her legs. “I hope so too.”

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