The Italian Girlfriend


Some years back, I was going to Paris with work, just a few days in May – a perfect time to visit the city of cities.

I’d been in Paris many times before, so it would just be a matter of taking a long walk through the scenic town and finding a nice place to eat in the few un-scripted hours of my stay. I was going with some senior colleagues who would undoubtedly be busy with meeting senior counterparts from other countries, so whatever I decided to do, it would not be with the rest of the Danish delegation.

At first I thought of spending the time in Paris in complete solitude, a rare occasion to think and reflect. But then I remembered that an old girlfriend – an Italian – had moved to Paris from Geneva recently. I say girlfriend, but it was really just a fling that had lasted a couple of months in a long-distance relationship – me living in Copenhagen, she living in Geneva. A “relationship” was also a generous term. She was ten years my senior and even if there was romantic – and sexual – interest, it was not as if there had been any basis for a lasting relationship. For this reason it had ended by mutual consent some years prior to my trip to Paris. We had kept somewhat in contact since. She was in any case someone I was very fond of having been involved with. She was a very sensible and intelligent woman. And – in my small world – very beautiful with her black hair, brown eyes and slightly darker skin.

I texted her and she was very happy to meet. We planned to meet for dinner on Wednesday evening at some place west of the centre, close to where she lived.

I had no illusion that this was going to be anything more than two friends meeting. Yet in the days before going, I could not help recalling the many times we had made love. I had felt very immature at the time but it had been very erotic all the same. We would always kiss, and she would invariably unbutton my pants and hold my cock in her warm hand and slowly massage it while we kissed warmly and deeply. That always made my cock so hard and ready. After putting on a condom I would slowly penetrate her, she on her back below me with her legs crossing over my lower back – moaning ever so tenderly. She would hug me with all of her body and I would fuck her for what seemed like hours of passionate intensity. Sometimes, she would ride on top of me, our fingers intertwined and she pushing her sex back and forth on my pelvic bone and our sweat and juices mixing and blending as they flowed down over my thighs and balls. As mundane as it may sound, it was so passionate and intense for me. And tender and sensual at the same time.

On some occasions, I had met some of her friends in Geneva. Most were of course Italian. A few girlfriends, likewise ten years my senior. It must have been evident to her friends what she and I were doing, so letting me meet them meant she was not ashamed of that – or of me, I guess. On the contrary, she might even had been sort of showing me off: a young virile Scandinavian as a casual, recurring lover for a busy career woman.

We went to a few parties crammed together in small cars on the way there. We would invariably leave early to go back to her apartment to make love. For me it this was all an exotic adventure. For her – I think I was the first lover she had had for quite a while – something she needed and must have enjoyed very much. Something different from the grown-up yet immature Italian men she had been dating. I think she also enjoyed our conversations and my company outside of bed.

In the end, all I could think about during my meetings in Paris was the dinner date approaching. At last I was on my way. There was time enough, so I walked a small hour or so from my hotel near the meeting venues to the restaurant. I was increasingly nervous. But any anxiety melted away as she spotted me from the table and smiled so friendly and warmly and we kissed hello latin style on erotik hikaye each cheek. I couldn’t help noticing – recognising – her small but still perky and firm breasts under her blouse. Ah, the memories.

I was so relieved. Our conversation was so natural and easy flowing. Our relative age difference had diminished somewhat over the years, but I was still awed and impressed by her beauty and intelligence, and I think she also still felt a little protective of me. We spent what seemed like hours catching up over delicious bistro cuisine and wine. She had the most enchanting laughter and I beamed and melted every time I made her laugh.

I had long since settled and resigned on the thought that this was only a conversation between friends rather than lover, when suddenly, I felt her foot ever so gently on my crotch, caressing my sleeping cock very tenderly. She continued our conversation completely unfazed.

I must have hesitated a bit, because she then asked “Do you mind?”. I didn’t. But it did become a little difficult for me to follow the conversation from there. Her petite pantyhosed foot kept sliding slowly up and down the length of my shaft, like if she was petting a cat in her lap, and my cock was now becoming long and hard and pre-cum was moistening the fabric of my briefs and jeans. This continued through dessert and coffee. Sometimes, she shifted from one foot to the other, sometimes both feet caressed me at the same time. I was so ready to move on.

She was telling me about her love-life. Apparently, she still wasn’t succeeding with Italian men, and she was also not interested in French guys. So she missed our love-making and she had been very happy that I texted and that we could manage to meet, and that I didn’t mind what she was doing with her feet.

I confided that I had also been thinking – sexually – about her since we made the dinner plans. God, how many times had I masturbated when thinking back on those days in Geneva. For me, it was also the case that nothing else was happening right now back home in that department. She was a tough yard stick for other girls to measure up to.

Then things took an interesting turn. She said she wanted to be honest with me. She was approaching forty. She was not getting any younger, and she was – as she had just explained – not advancing very much in finding someone serious to settle down with. But she had realised she wanted a baby and she was now more and more in a rush. Last week, she realised she would be ovulating tonight or the day after, and this thoroughly crazy thought had struck her, which she had not been able to let go, but had pondered and elaborated on since.

“Do you want to try and make me pregnant tonight?” was the simple question sounding ever so casual and harmless all the while her feet were still stroking my cock. Truth is, I was so horny at that point, I would have agreed to very many things then and there with not so much as blinking. But she kept explaining, and reassured me that in case of success the baby would not be my responsibility. She was completely ready, and she had the means, to raise the baby on her own. She would probably take a few years leave for Rome at her parents. She was not looking for a relationship with me. That was not the purpose.

But then she went on asking whether the thought of making love to her tonight wasn’t exciting. Now with no protection and with the chance of my sperm flooding her insides and fertilising one of her eggs. Maybe resulting in a pregnancy that would turn her beautiful stomach round and tight. And, she continued, even if she wasn’t asking me to remain in her life, wouldn’t it be nice to drop by from time to time in Paris in the next couple of months to watch her belly grow? Maybe also to cure the inevitable increase in her pregnancy horniness? Countless sweaty preggo mercy fucks? Any time I could manage porno hikayeleri to come to Paris. She laughed and caressed my cock and balls with her toes. She said she had by now thought it over and knew what she was doing even if it sounded completely mad at first.

I guess my answer was never seriously up for debate. Everything made perfect sense to me. We rushed to her apartment. I can hardly remember whether we paid the restaurant bill or how I kept my flagpole-sized cock concealed within my by now very tight jeans on the way there. But we soon arrived.

It was an apartment not unlike the one in Geneva in outlay and furniture which was very helpful for my mental state. I was immediately teleported years back to my erotic adventure with a sensual, beautiful and intelligent latin woman who knew what she wanted and more or less told me what to do. The woman who was again standing in front of me with her hand on the bulge of my pants.

“Strip,” she said, and I stripped. “Now, how long since you last emptied these lovely balls?”

I admitted that it was only this morning, thinking of her, all the while I was unbuttoning my jeans and opening my shirt.

“Well it only means we have to repeat the procedure a number of times. I want everything you can give me.” , she said, as she pulled down my briefs to free my cock. It jumped out hard as wood, foreskin already folding back by itself and glistening with pre-cum.

“My, my, you certainly are ready for action,” she said as she began stroking my cock up and down the long almost pulsating shaft. “I have always wanted to taste you without a condom in between,” she said as she knelt down and took me in her mouth.

Ah, it felt incredible. She had never blown me before, and I had obviously missed out on a great treat. She seemed so expert, long licks with her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft, sometimes tickling the balls individually. Then she would take me in her mouth going down as far as possible, slowly up again, ending with a kiss on the head.

After a while, she led me to her bedroom. She slowly undressed while we continued kissing and she massaged my cock in between.

“Now don’t hold back,” she said as she placed herself on her back in her bed. I believe it was the same bed as in Geneva, and there was a feeling of overwhelming erotic familiarity. She led me down with her hand on my cock and to the entrance of her sex. She was very wet as well, and my cock was still dripping with my pre-cum and her saliva. I entered slowly but without resistance her tight pussy all the way until I was completely filling her up. The feeling was wonderful, even beautiful, and I remembered now vividly the many previous occasions where my cock had been this far inside her. Her legs were now around me, pushing and pulling me even further into her depth.

Then we fucked. It was as raw as nothing I ever experienced. The direct contact skin to skin was amazing. I was pounding and pounding and she was moaning and moaning and it felt like our juices splattered out at every impact, wetting our bodies and her bed sheets.

Finally, I came. One final thrust with my long cock into her soft moist vagina, and I exploded. One rope of cum shot into her, and then another and then another again. I was drained and happy. I unsheathed. As I lay on my side, I watched her push a pillow in under her lower back and spread her legs up in the air. I could help kiss her moist pussy lips and began licking her. The thought of me having just emptied my sperm into this very vagina was so hot. I gave her the best oral job I ever gave. At last she cramped and held my head firmly between her thighs as she climaxed intensively.

“That was amazing,” I said. “I read somewhere that the probability of conception increases if the woman has an orgasm.”, she nodded and smiled, still panting. We lay together for sex hikaye a while, just holding and caressing.

Then she began rolling my cock with her index finger. “We mustn’t leave anything to chance,” she smiled. “Are you ready again?”.

She took me in her mouth, and magically managed with her sweet and soft kisses and licks to awaken my cock once more. Then we fucked all over, less violently raw, but still very passionately, and the last thing I remember that night was firing once more ropes of cum into her swollen pussy.

We woke up early in the morning and fucked once more before she had to leave for the office and I for my meetings. It felt very strange sitting in her kitchen once more eating cereals as if I now had a completely new life somewhere else. It also felt nice. I am the sort of person who once in a while discovers that I’m bored with something in my life and then suddenly over fairly short time changes a lot of things at the same time: work, residence, girlfriend – even friends. If someone then and there told me that this apartment in Paris was now my new home, some institution now my new employer, and this woman my new girlfriend and the baby soon to be my son or daughter, I would have accepted without blinking, leaving my job at the ministry and my friends and family in Copenhagen. That’s the sort of adaptable person I am. I had done that a few times before already in my still short adult life. But I am also in some ways a very inert being, not really taking decisions before they are very much overdue, which sometimes mean that others do the decision-making for me in one way or the other. At least up to a point.

Anyway, before parting she once more assured me that she was not crazy, she was not expecting anything, and that she was very capable of raising a child on her own if our love-making had indeed succeeded in making her pregnant.

I was leaving late that night, but my meetings ended already in the early afternoon. I made some poor excuse to my colleagues to wander of alone to meet her again at her office, as she had to work late. After greeting at the reception, she immediately took me to the restroom.

“I am so horny, thinking about last night, about what we – I – am doing. We mustn’t miss a chance” She had quickly undressed in the cramped bathroom stall of anything but her high heels, and now she knelt, unzipped me and took my fat cock in her mouth. I was quickly ready, and she was already dripping wet. I entered her from behind, trying not to moan. I felt like I continued all the way into her belly. When my pelvic bone rested on her ass, she began to thrust back and forth. It was so good: again the smacking sound of bodies wet with juices, and the added hotness of her being completely naked and me almost fully dressed.

Then I came strongly. I rammed into her behind in a last thrust shooting cum in several waves. We sank a little in the knees, but her pussy kept hugging my swollen cock like a glove.

After I while, I pulled out, and she dressed and I closed my pants. I listened carefully, but I don’t think anyone else ever entered the restroom while we where at it. It would have made no difference in the act – maybe only added some extra spice – but it would probably have been mortifying now afterwards. Not least for her.

We kissed goodbye, as time didn’t allow for much else now. But when we kissed, it felt a bit different – more compassion, more warmth – I don’t know. Maybe this was indeed the beginning of something new regardless if what her plans had been. Who knew then and there. Was she indeed pregnant? Would I come see her gradually growing belly and soothe her aching pussy? Would I be part if her life and of the possible new life growing inside her? Would I manage to decide to go live with her in a new life together with her, in case she wanted that? Would I persuade her to, if necessary, if I wanted that? Yes, who knew. These were thoughts for the plane ride back.

However, there was absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I would be fantasising about these past days and would be masturbating like crazy at the thought of that beautiful latin woman with a swollen pussy and pregnant belly.

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