Black Lipstick

Subject: The Jogger (6) This is a fiction story about an possible incident that may have happened while i was on the beach recently. I was on the beach and a HOtt jogger passed by me. I glanced at him, he glanced back. But that was it. I should have gotten some… LOL. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Jogger: 2nd Run (part 2) He pulled his fingers from me and Pulled me up to His body. Paulo then Pressed his fat tool against my hole and proceeded to push his cock into me. Damn the thing was thick. My ass didnt want to give to the size. Discomfort washed over my face as he pressed harder. Then He spit on his hand and presssed his wet palm against my hole and rubbed against it some more. Then He Grabbed my hips and Thrust his cock hard. The fat head pierced my hole and dug into my schute. Pain ripped through me as Paulo shoved his huge wang into me. “Holy Shiiiiit!!” I cried out. “That thing is fucking thick.. Aaweeiiiiiii fukkk” Paulo liked bursa escort the pained sounds coming from me and started to pull out slowly. I could feel every veins and ridge on his mighty shaft as he pulled up off me. Then as his heavy head was just inside my ass, paulo thrust back down hard. I shrieked again as he threw that pipe deeper into me. The burning in my ass was crazy awesome. It hurt like hell but i was loving every inch of his cock buried into me. His head slammed into my prostate and i cried out again. “Awweeeeeeee man paulo. So fucking big” Paulo just pulled back up and then crashed back down again and again. “Ughnn, Ughnn, Ughnn” My mouth mumbled as he continued to assault my ass. “You like paulo’s fat dick, dont you” He said “You are my little slut whore for me to take, arent you” “Here. have another ride on my big cock” He accelerated his bangung on my ass. I could feel his balls battering my back side over and over. I reached up for him and stroked his big meaty chest. bursa escort bayan “Damn You are sooo Hott Paulo” I said “Glad I picked you up outta that rain” “Me too” he replied Then he pulled me up on his cock and went to town. Paulo was pumping in me at a breakneck speed. There was just the sounds of his cock sloshing in me, his balls slapping against my ass and the echoes of my cries and his panting filling the room. Paulo continued to better my poor hole for what seemed an hour. switching from missionary to doggie and then we were laying on our sides, his hot body behind me, My leg up in the air as he held it. And his hard cock slamming into me repeatedly. This was the best fuck i think i have ever had. I was in an state of exstacy that i could have never imagined. I had been pulling on my dick ever since we got into this position. I was hard as stone myself. And i knew i would be busting a load any time now. “Fuck Paulo” I said “You are literally gonna fuck the cum from escort bursa me” With that he pulled out again and put me back on my back. The lifted my legs and slid home again. “Take my cock man” He grunted “I’m gonna blow my cum into that hot hole soon too” That was all I needed to hear. I yanked on my dick feverishly and i could feel the cum boiling up from deep inside my balls. Paulo again sped up as he started to begin breathing heavily. He was getting close to. THen he slammed hard into my ass. Mashing up against my button, and I blew. a torrent of cum flew from my cock and sprayed all over my body. “Ugghnnnn Fukkkk” I howled as I exploded Paiulo too could take no more and he thrust harder and harder. I could feel his expanding shaft as he was nearing orgas. He grunted and grunted as his balls exploded too. “Fuuuuukkkkk” He moaned as a river of cumshot from his big cock and seeded my bowels. “Aawweeee Yessssssss’ he cried and his body started to shake. Paulo shook for near a have minute befre slowing down. Then he stopped and smiled down on me. He bent over and kissed my mouth. “When are you gonna be running again” I asked…… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ END

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