The Journey

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I had that drive ahead of me, a journey that I loved and hated in equal measure depending on the weather and the traffic. It was however always worthwhile as at the end of it, nearly 200 miles and about 4 hours later, I would arrive at my holiday / weekend /future retirement home. Overlooking the sea and nestled in an area of idyllic countryside, it was the fulfilment of a dream.

Today the journey would be slightly different as I would be driving on my own. My partner was unable to make it and so, not to miss an opportunity to spend a weekend at my cottage, I set off.

The CD stacker in the car was loaded with “my” music; music that normally caused cries of derision from my family, so today it was Led Zep, Yes, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen and Eric Clapton that would be testing the speakers in the car.

It was still very hot outside as I turned the air conditioning down a touch and off I set.

As I approached the M25 I could see the queue of traffic trying to get onto the slip road ahead of me. “Oh fuck!” I shouted aloud, out doing Robert Plant as he screamed his way through A Whole Lotta Love. This was not a good start to the journey.

I crawled along the M25 laughing at the speed limit signs showing 40 when at time I was lucky if I was doing 4 mph.

At least I was cool, the AC doing its stuff as I looked at the poor people with their windows open desperately trying to get some cool air into their car.

Eventually the sign for the M3 came up and I inched my way across towards the exit. As usual the traffic started to move better now and I was soon on the M3 doing my customary 80+ mph. Unfortunately, nature was indicating that that extra cup of coffee before I left was not a good idea and I would have to stop for a pit stop and relieve my now aching bladder. The next motorway service station was about 20 minutes away, and there was no chance of me getting there without an accident. Thankfully there was an exit before that and I quickly decided that I would take that, and hope and pray that there would be a lay by, bushes or something nearby that would allow me to stop and relieve myself.

As luck would have it within yards of the exit, there was a lay-by with numerous bushes. I screeched to a halt and ran into the bushes, undoing my fly as I ran, hoping I was hidden; I stood by a tree and held my aching prick as the stream of piss soaked the dry tree stem. I sighed with relieve as my bladder emptied and the pain in my stomach subsided.

With my bladder now empty, I put my prick back inside my boxers and did my fly up. As I turned around and headed out of the bushes I saw a young lady standing by my car.

It was obvious why I had just come out of the bushes and the embarrassment must have been clear to see as she looked at me approach my car.

She smiled at me as I got closer. She was attractive, in her late 20’s and stood about 5 foot 6inches tall, with wavy shoulder length dark blonde hair. She was wearing a short yellow summer dress and was standing beside a fairly large sports bag.

She didn’t move as I unlocked my car and opened the door.

“I am sorry to impose, but could I possibly ask you for a lift?” she said in a soft but well cultured voice. “I tried hitch hiking on the motorway and the police told me off and I haven’t had any luck here. God it’s hot!” she smiled and looked at me imploringly.

“Where are you going?” I said, immediately wishing I had said no to her request.

“South,” she replied. “I saw you come off the motorway, you were heading south but I think you had to make eh, an emergency stop.”

I laughed with embarrassment and averted looking at her. “Eh yes, you could say.”

“So can I have a lift please, I won’t be any problem?”

“OK, jump in; let me take your bag.”

I picked up the bag which was really heavy. “My God, what have you got in here, a dead person?” I said as I picked it up and put it on the back seat of my car.

“No, but I wish it was,” she said quietly and sighed as she sat down and did her seat belt up.

I looked at her and noticed her deep blue eyes now had a sadness to them and also, unfortunately, I noticed as the seatbelt tightened her dress to her body, she had the most fantastic breasts that appeared to be bra less. I say unfortunately as I was very reluctant to take a passenger and now I had one that was very attractive.

I started the car and Robert Plant continued his vocals. “Sorry, old man syndrome reliving his youth,” I smiled as I turned the music off.

“Don’t be sorry, I like that type of music,” she said turning to me and smiling.

I turned the music back on, but at a slightly more sociable volume.

As I headed back to the motorway, she adjusted the vent to better blast the cold air at her face. “Thank you for taking me, I really appreciate it, and thanks for having a car with air conditioning. It’s been so hot out there, this is fantastic. I’m Mary by the way.”

“Hi Mary, I’m Will. And where would Mary really like to go, apart from South?”

“To illegal bahis be honest I don’t know and don’t care, I just want to get away.”

Alarm bells started going off in my head. Had I picked up a loony?

The concern must have shown on my face as she leant towards me and gently touched my arm. “Hey don’t worry, I had better explain. I have just split up from my boyfriend and all my worldly goods are in that bag. I just want to get the hell out of here and away from him and that bitch of a sister of mine so South was the first thing that came into my mind.”

“Oh, OK. What will you do when you get to where you want to go, which you don’t know where that is,” I laughed.

Mary smiled. “Good point, but I will find a BnB or small hotel and book in there and then work out what I will do, as my job is pretty well stuffed now too. Where are you going?”

I told her the name of the village where my house was.

“Then I will go there. That’s decided,” she said and sat back and crossed her arms.

I immediately thought of why this was not a good decision, but said nothing as silence enveloped us apart from some fine keyboard work from Rick Wakeman as Yes did their stuff on the CD player.

Mary fiddled with the air vent and I could see why as I looked across at her. The cold air had obviously cooled her down; to such an extent that there was now no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were enlarged and clearly showing as they pushed against her dress. I looked down and saw her legs were long and nicely shaped and tanned. I admonished myself and told myself to concentrate on the road ahead.

Mary sighed and crossed her legs, making her dress ride higher than ever. “I can’t believe that bastard did that, and with my bloody sister!”

“Sorry, did what?” I asked.

“Oh sorry, it’s just my useless ex-boyfriend.”

“Right, I see.” But I didn’t. I didn’t have a clue.

“I came home from work early,” she sighed, the emotion clear in her voice, “I work at a local pub as a manageress, to find my sister in my bed with my boyfriend. And while the term may be sleeping together, what I saw them doing certainly wasn’t sleeping!”

“Oh, I see,” and now I was beginning to!

“They just looked at me as I lost the plot. They stayed in bed as I screamed and shouted and ran around getting my stuff and filling the bag. And that’s why it’s so heavy. I had no idea. Not a clue. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with our relationship. I have no idea how long he has been shagging my sister. Of all the people, you would think you could trust your own family.”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him in bed,” she sighed again, probably realising that this was too much information before adding, “men eh?” and turning to me and smiling.

“We are not all bad, you know?” I said trying to stick up for me fellow male species.

“Still, I suppose it is better that he shagged my sister rather than my brother,” she laughed.

“Yea, that is true,” I replied wondering where this conversation was going.

We then chatted away about the weather, the music, the countryside and before I knew it we were approaching my village.

“We are here now,” I said as I pulled over to the side of the road. “My house is just down the road, but there is a small hotel just down this side street.”

I pointed to the small street and Mary nodded.

“Will, thanks a million, I really appreciate the lift,” she said as she got out of the car.

“Are you sure you will be alright with that bag?” I asked as she opened the back door and lifted it out of the car.

“No problem, I am a big girl!” she smiled as she slammed the door shut.

I waved and drove off looking in the mirror and seeing her head towards the road I had pointed out. Within minutes I had arrived at my house, parked the car, turned the hot water on, unpacked my clothes, and I was sitting down admiring the view as the sun was setting. I had a glass of wine beside me as I started to go through the normal pile of junk mail that comes through the door, when the doorbell rang.

Somewhat surprised and expecting a neighbour to be there and tell me some tale of woe, I was amazed to see Mary standing on the doorstep.

“Hello again!” I said as she looked at me with those deep blue eyes looking as though she was close to tears.

“Hello, I am so sorry; I don’t know what to do. The hotel is full. They haven’t got any vacancies. I know it’s a cheek, but you couldn’t possible put me up for the night could you? I am so sorry and I won’t cause you any problem. Please Will. I am in the middle of nowhere and don’t have a clue what else I can do.”

“Ok, ok!” I said. “Come in, let’s get you sorted,” as I reached down and picked up her bag. “Come this way, I will show you the guest room.”

Mary followed me gushing her appreciation and thanks.

“See, not all men are bastards,” I said smiling at her as I put her bag at the bottom of the bed.

Get yourself sorted illegal bahis siteleri and come and join me for a glass of wine before we decide what to eat. I guess you must be starving!”

“Yes I am, and thanks again. Would you mind if I had a shower?”

“Of course not, make yourself at home. The en-suite is through that door, and I am in the lounge when you want the drink,” I said pointing to the lounge virtually opposite her room.

I left her to sort her stuff out and sat down and nursed my wine and wondered what on earth I had got myself into. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of running water. Mary was in the shower and my imagination was running wild with me picturing her firm breasts and hard nipples being soaped, before her hands moved lower and over her stomach and down further to her pussy. She would wash between her legs. Would she have a shaved pussy or would she be natural. As my thoughts continued the water was turned off and I was aware that I had a budding erection. What in hells name was I thinking of?

Taking a sip of wine, I took the pile of junk mail and put it in the bin outside. Returning, Mary was now heading to the lounge and I saw her behind for the first time, perfectly shaped in a pair of tight skinny jeans. She was wearing a loose t shirt and her hair was towelled dry and laying loosely on her shoulders.

“Hi, that better?” I asked startling her as she turned around to see me.

“Yes, much better, thanks. Now I believe you said something about wine?”

“Of course, colour?”

“White please on a hot day like today.”

“Coming up.”

I poured her a glass of chilled Sancerre and returned to the lounge.

“Here you are,” I said handing her the glass and picking up mine. “Here’s to the future, whatever that may bring for you.”

We raised our glasses and clinked them. “Cheers,” she said smiling. “Thanks again and to the future.”

“Now I hate to be practical, but if we don’t hurry up, you will miss the opportunity to have the world’s best fish and chips, so would Madame wish to partake?” I asked.

“Oh God yes please. I could eat a horse and chase after the rider. I’m starving!”

“Right, you sit here and relax and I will get them before the chippy shuts.”

I was soon back home with two steaming piles of fish and chips that we sat down in the kitchen and devoured.

“You are right Will, they probably are the world’s best fish and chips. Thank you, again!” she said pushing the empty plate away from herself.

“Fancy a nightcap?” I asked looking at empty wine glass.

“Yes please,” she replied smiling at me as I went to get the bottle.

“Let’s go into the lounge.”

Mary followed me and we sat in silence nursing our drinks.

“You haven’t told me anything about yourself Will, and you must know everything about me!”

“Not much to say really,” I replied. “Middle aged man, living with partner. Normal boring bloke really!” I added shrugging my shoulders.

“No, you are selling yourself short,” Mary said with feeling. “You have been my saviour today!”

I smiled at her. She really was very attractive I thought to myself. If I was a younger man… thoughts were interrupted.

“Well thanks again,” Mary said as she drained her glass. “You really have helped a damsel in distress. Sweet dreams!”

“Yes, I hope you sleep well. Sweet dreams for you too, and he probably isn’t worth losing sleep over. Neither is your sister.”

Mary nodded and bent down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Sleep tight Will, don’t let the beg bugs bite!”

“Now be off with you before I put you over my knee!” I laughed.

She left the room, but not before she cheekily glanced over her shoulder, winked at me and said “promises promises!”

Well I don’t know about Mary, but my sleep was fitful as I had dreams about her in the bed just along the corridor from me. Was she wearing any clothes? My thoughts from her shower returned, I pictured her cleaning herself, her secret places. I wondered what would have happened if I had continued the banter about putting her over my knee. Eventually I did sleep, but woke early with a massive hard erection that needed sorting.

I slowly stroked myself, aware of how aroused I was and imagining my hand was Mary’s. She had made a comment about doing anything her boyfriend wanted to do in bed. Was she an adventurous girl in the bedroom? I imagined her sucking me, licking me, deep throating me. I imagined licking her; I imagined her climbing on top, impaling herself on my hard prick. I was stroking harder and faster. The outcome was clear and close. I came as spurt after spurt of white cum landed on my chest and belly. My breathing slowly returned to normal as I heard noises in the kitchen.

I quickly cleaned myself up, put a dressing gown on and headed to the kitchen where Mary was standing by the kettle. At my age it takes time to get ready for action again, sexually speaking, but I could feel myself harden as I saw her standing in a skimpy low cut canlı bahis siteleri tee-shirt and shorts.

“Hey, good morning Will!” she said. “I was going to make an executive decision and make you coffee, you look like a coffee person,” she smiled as I nodded.

We sat down and had breakfast as I tried not to stare at her long legs and unfettered breasts under her tee shirt. With more than a hint of cleavage on show, it was very difficult.

“I shall be out of your hair soon,” Mary said. “I will go to Southampton and sort something out, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me.”

“Don’t feel you have to rush. Spend the weekend here if you like. It will be nice to have some company,” I said, totally unsure where the idea came from. What one earth was I saying and intimating.

“Do you mean it?”

“Yes, really,” I answered.

“Well that would be great, if you are sure?”

I nodded.

“Well I will pull my weight; otherwise you will put me over your knees!”

I smiled at her and stopped myself imagining her over my knees as I caressed her beautiful bum. “Ok, that’s sorted then, you can stay. I will find some nice things for you to do.”

A flash of concern crossed her face, but then she noticed I was smiling.

“First things first, I will get some shopping done for dinner and so on, you clear the kitchen up by which time it will probably be warm enough for you to enjoy the garden and you can sun bathe while I potter around. How’s that?”

Mary’s face lit up. “Well it’s a bit of a hardship, but I will try and manage,” she said sarcastically

I quickly showered and dressed and went to the shops, bought some good steaks for a BBQ that evening and was now looking forward to spending some time with Mary, but telling myself to behave!

I put the shopping away and went looking for Mary. I soon found her and my new found plan to behave nearly stopped there and then. Mary was indeed sunbathing. She was on the patio, lying on her stomach, topless with a tiny thong doing its best to hide her private parts.

“Hi Will!” she shouted, sitting up and making no attempt to hide her most fantastic firm and beautifully proportioned breasts.

It was impossible for me not to stare.

“You don’t mind do you?”

“Eh?” I replied lifting my gaze to her face.

“This, these. Being topless.”

“Eh, no. Not at all,” I said returning my stare to her boobs.

“They are only a pair of tits and topless bathing is widely accepted, I don’t have an issue, but of it makes you uncomfortable…”

“No not at all, do as you please. I was just a little shocked and I have to say they, er, you are gorgeous. You can sun bathe nude if you want, I don’t care and you can’t be seen.”

Oh my God, where did that come from! I couldn’t believe I said that.

“Thank you; I may well do that if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, I wouldn’t have said it otherwise, I am very broad minded. Anyway, I will be pottering in the garden, lunch will be a salad and steaks from the BBQ for dinner. OK?”

“Perfect, thanks Will.”

Mary then walked up to me, leant forward so her hard nipples touched my arm and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Thank you Will. You really are looking after me after my shit day yesterday.”

I then went off and did some work in the garden and returned to the patio to see Mary still soaking up the sun, but this time lying on her back, her firm breasts, topped with hard nipples lying proud. Her flat stomach led down to her thong. There was just a sliver of material that covered her pussy from my prying eyes.

“Hi Mary, lunch calleth!”

Mary quickly got up and, again without a shadow of embarrassment smiled at me as I took in the beauty in front of me.

“Great, it’s been a stressful morning; I need some food to build up my energy.”

We quickly prepared a salad lunch and I tried my best not to look at her boobs. We shared a bottle of white wine and talked and laughed like old friends.

“So Will, what are the plans for this afternoon?” Mary asked.

“Nothing much, this is my place for RnR!” I replied.

“So enjoy the weather, why don’t you sun bathe. Get some sun onto that body of yours.”

“Ok, sounds a good idea,” I said as I thought about exposing my flabby middle aged body infront of Mary,

With lunch cleared, Mary retuned to the patio and resumed her stressful activity of sunbathing. I soon joined her and tried not to feel self-conscious of my less than Adonis like physic.

I lay beside her and she looked up at me and smiled. “Will I really appreciate what you have done for me, I feel so much better after what happened 24 hours ago. It seems like a different world and I know I will be OK.”

She leant over and gave me a peck on the cheek, and once again I felt her breasts touching me.

We lay in silence for ages until Mary sat up. “Will, did you mean what you said this morning?”

“What was that?” I replied.

“About sunbathing nude. I have never done it and I think it would be very liberating.”

“Of course, if you want to. Shall I go in?”

“No, don’t be silly. Why should you. I just don’t want to embarrass you.”

“You won’t,” I said silently imploring her to remove that tiny piece of cloth.

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