The Lady in Black

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For Women

I sit at the bar, expecting someone that I have never met before. Yet another blind date that I have been set up on. A woman can only sit at home for so long you know. I am wearing a sleek, but simple black dress that shows off my best features. I look down at my watch, and I see that you should be here anytime. I take a sip of my daiquiri and look toward the door, taking a deep breath. I expect it to open at any time, and you will be walking through it. I see the door open and am disappointed when a couple walks through the door. I look away, just for a second, and then I feel eyes on me. You are looking at me with questioning eyes. You are holding a white rose and I smile shyly at you and you start to come toward me. I am thinking to myself that this has to be a mistake, that this handsome guy can’t be my date.

You reach me and you ask, “Are you Dawn?” I reply that yes I am and offer you the stool next to mine. You hand me the rose and say that you are Jay. You say that you have heard nothing but good things about me, your eyes never leaving mine. I suggest that we grab a table where we can have privacy. You ask me if I would like a refill and I say yes. You order yourself a beer, get me another daiquiri, and we sit at a corner booth. We talk for a few minutes. We talk as if we have been friends for years. You look at your watch and say that if we don’t leave now we will lose our reservations.

We leave the bar, your hand at the small of my back. You reach around me and open my door. As I slide into your car, you lean down and place bahis firmaları a soft kiss against my lips. You shut my door and I smile to myself as you go around to your side of the car. After you get into the car and shut the door, you lean over, drawing me to you with your hand. You give me another kiss that lingers just a little. You feel my pulse quicken as you make circles on my neck with your thumb. You smile at me as you pull away and say that if we don’t leave now we will never get to the restaurant in time.

We arrive at the restaurant and we are seated in a secluded spot in the back. The table is lovely. There is soft candlelight and a bottle of wine chilling. I ask you with my eyes how this can be and you just wink at me. You pull my chair out for me and place a kiss against my throat, my pulse quickens and I sigh. I can feel you smiling as you go around to your chair. You look into my eyes as the waiter appears to take our order. We order the house specialty. The meal is superb, the wine warming, and my date is charming. Our hands play with each other, fingers interlinking. The band plays Chances Are. You offer me your hand and I take it. We glide out on the dance floor, feeling every pair of eyes on us. We only have eyes for each other and we fit perfectly together as we sway to the music. Your arms are around my waist and my head is against your chest. I breathe in your scent and everyone disappears but us. The music stops and we go back to the table. You ask me if I would like dessert and I look into your eyes and say kaçak iddaa that I have something more to your liking at my place. You smile at my comment and we leave the restaurant.

We get to your car and you lean me up against my car door. Your hand goes around my neck and you pull my face towards yours as your lips press against mine. Our breath mixes as the kiss deepens. You press up against me and I feel your hardness. Your tongue slips into my mouth and I grow weak as my senses are ravaged by the sensations washing through my system. You pull away and say that if we don’t leave now, you won’t be held responsible for your actions. I laugh and say that my apartment is close.

We get to my apartment and as we enter, the door is barely shut when we are in each others arms. In a short time, there are clothes all over the foyer. Our hands are caressing each other and our tongues are intertwined. I am backed against a wall and you are kissing your way down my body, which is on fire. You kiss and caress my breasts, making them ache for your touch. You move down until you are at my womanhood. I feel your fingers part my lips and I feel your breath as you inhale my scent. You waste no time and you start to lick my juices which are pooled.

I feel your finger test my opening, and soon I feel your finger slide in. You slide it in and out, and soon it is joined by a second. More juices run down my thighs as you continue to play with my clit with your tongue and your fingers keep moving in and out. My muscles clench around your fingers as I kaçak bahis feel my body tense and I tell you that I am going to cum. As I say that I cum hard against your fingers and face. You lap up all my juices and keep thrusting, making it last forever. As my breathing returns to normal, I look at you. I turn you around until you are against the wall. I kiss you deep, tasting my nectar on your lips. I tell you it is your turn as I kiss my way down.

I get to your nipples and tease and caress them, making you moan. Your hands are in my hair and you are encouraging me lower. I get to your cock, which is rock hard. I cup your balls as I take the head into my mouth. I flick my tongue across the head, making you thrust forward. I then take you completely in my mouth, returning the pleasure that you just gave me. I lick and suck your cock until I feel that you are ready to burst, and then I back off. You take this only so long and then you lay me on the floor and you part my legs with your knees. You enter me with one thrust, driving deep in my pussy. As you thrust into me again and again, we kiss hard. Our tongues meshing. I wrap my legs around your waist, helping you drive deeper with each stroke. It seems like only a moment until I feel you explode inside me, filling me up with your seed. We lay there, trying to catch our breath, and I say that my bed is a lot more comfortable. You laugh as you pull me from the floor. We shut the bedroom door, and we make love all night long.

It is barely daylight when I wake up and you are gone. Where your head was is a note wrapped around the rose. . It gives me an address where I am to meet you tonight and it is signed with a kiss. I smile to myself and fall back to sleep, thinking that this is going to be a good day.

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