The Lady in the Red Coat


The air was chilly, the wind blowing furiously, creating an almost false impression of the heated night that was about to come, but only for some.

The sound of a car door being slammed closed, echoed throughout the abandoned streets, instantly followed by the tapping of the 8inch heels on the ground, accompanied only by a red short mackintosh, being worn by quite a petite young woman. Her bare, slender legs moving swiftly as she walked throughout the car park, adjoined with the occasional slight stumble, as the cold wind lingered between her thighs.

She looked around, keeping her speed, as she searched for any sign of the time. What if she was late? Or maybe too early? She had left her watch at home, along with her usual permanently worn accessories.

She reached the building, her destination. She took a breath, looking at her reflection in the window. She quickly flattened her hair, which had been slightly destroyed by the wind. She reached her hand into her pocket, pulling out a tube of lipstick, the only possession she currently had on her, minus the clothes, she pulled off the top, and twisted the tube to reveal an intense shade of red. She coloured in her faded lips, smacking them together, followed by a sexy pout. She continued to stare at herself in the mirror, her wrinkle-less face portraying her to be in her early twenties.

After perfecting her appearance, she slowly, almost regrettably pulling on the door handle, opening the door. As she stepped inside, she was hit by a sudden wave of heat, catching her off guard. She walked across the lobby floor, in quite an authoritative and intimidating way, drawing the attention of the receptionist who sat behind the sign in desk, along with a few other people, lounging in the seating area.

Despite the receptionists question, asking her where she was going. The woman carried on walking, ignoring all of her surroundings, causing questions to fill the room, in forms of whisper’s, questions about the atmosphere she created, about her choice of dress, but mainly how much of an arrogant bitch she seemed. No-one saw her face, not up close, not close enough to see the expression which really lies there, an expression of worry, fear, embarrassment.

She walked straight to the stairs, elegantly climbing them. Her shoes, causing an echo throughout the whole room. No-one talked, no-one dared make a sound, instead they all watched. They all watched as she slowly made her way up the stairs, all watched with slight curiosity, all watched as she came more and more exposed per each step. Her mackintosh only came an inch or so below her pussy, the bottom of the coat more flared, under the belted waist, giving an increased chance of her showing off something private, something no-one else has seen before.

She knew they all were watched. Her face became heated, as all she could feel was the embarrassment. She used her hands in front trying to pull down the bottom, covering herself, only exposing herself more behind. One man coughed, a cough to hide his pleasure of watching this woman. He placed his suit jacket over his crotch area, hiding something, his face becoming the second in the room to become flustered.

She lifted her delicate tanned hand, knocked sharp and quick on the hotel door and waited. Both hands laid in front of ankara escort her, she fiddled with her fingers and bit the side of her lip.

She listened intently, but heard no sound. She knocked again and this time was responded by the sound of walking and creaking floor boards.

She took in a breath. She heard the door unlock. Her hands un-willingly raised, holding them over her eyes, blocking her sight.

A deep chuckled filled her ears, “Hello Victoria.” The voice greeted. Victoria stood refusing to recognize his presence. His hands grabbed her wrists, his touch rough but at the same time soft and he pulled her hands from her eyes to her sides. He smirked down at her, as her innocent blue eyes starred widely up at him and his tall frame. Her eyes were outlined with tear drops, the look of fear taking over the innocence, the innocence that would never come back. He raised his hand, running it down the exposed cleavage and to the belt, the only thing keeping the coat together. His hands worked on un-doing it, her breath increased, she refused to look down, nor at him, but instead down the hallway, the hallway filled with doors, the hallway with people behind those doors.

He slipped the coat off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, behind her. Now she stood in just her heels, exposed to this man, exposed to anyone who walked by. This caused the man to chuckle again, he held her hand, and guided her into the hotel room, leaving her only piece of clothing in a messy pile. He closed the door behind them both, standing her in the middle of the seating area. He walked towards a door, leaving the room, leaving Victoria.

Victoria looked around the room, almost amazed by what she saw, the luxury, the elegance. She was use to a life with money, but unlike him she wasn’t used to this kind of money, especially money that was given to her. Everything she had done she had worked for, worked a lot.

Some people saw her as a bit of a bitch and high-maintenance, but no, she was a career women, who was going to make the best out of herself as she could, not allowing anyone to pull her down from her well-earned achievements.

He walked back into the room, his eyes staring at Victoria, causing her to become, once again very embarrassed, turning that reddish color, which had almost been a second skin to her this evening. He stood in front of her, his eyes wandering up and down her body, inspecting almost every inch of her fully exposed nakedness. He walked around her, his hand rubbing the stubble on his chin, deep in thought. He seemed impressed, except for one important factor.

When he reached the front again he moved his hand between her thighs, grazing the brown curly hair, which formed around her bikini area. He grabbed and pulled. A whimper escaped from Victoria, tears filled her eyes, threatening to spill at any moment. A smirk covered his face, showing the satisfaction he now felt. After having a quick look again, he walked out of the room, this time into a different one.

Victoria quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, and rubbed where he pulled her pubic hair, attempting to decrease the pain. But there was something else she couldn’t ignore, a strange sensation that ran throughout the whole of her body, a feeling she had never felt before. Her vagina slowly ankara escort bayan began pulsing, crying out for some attention, for pleasure. Victoria felt her hand slowly become out of her control as it moved its-self between a place no-one had ever been before just a few moments ago. She began to rub, faster and harder as the moments passed, occasionally slipped her fingers into her hole, providing her with some much needed pleasure. Oblivious to the fact that he had once again entered the room. He stood in the doorway, his signature smirk once again dominating his face. Victoria had her eyes shut, blocking all of her other senses, feeling just this one feeling. She was so close, to a form of pleasure that was new to her. Her knees began to weaken, her head began to become in a state of pleasure, her hand moved quicker for maximum pleasure.

“Stop!” Victoria’s eyes shot straight open, pulling her away from what was about to be her first orgasm. She un-knowingly kept her hand in the same place, her mind almost wishing to receive the pleasure.

“Someone appears to be busy, too bad I already have plans for her.” He said.

He placed the towel, razor and bowl of water on the table, before walking over to her and sliding his fingers between her vaginal lips. His fingers becoming instantly wet. He moved his wet fingers towards her mouth, offering her a taste, smothering on her lips. She moved her hand, wiping the juices away from her lips and giving him a disgusted look.

“Right, up onto the table.” He ordered, ” Lay down, legs opened wide,”

Victoria complied, hating but enjoying her current vulnerability. He rolled up his shirt sleeves and grabbed the razor, dipping it into the water, before running it against her pubic hair. As soon as the coldness of the wet razor touched Victoria’s skin, she flinched, scared.

“So whilst we have some spare time, lets go over the rules.” He began. “Firstly, you call me master. Secondly, you do what I say and when I say it, no exceptions. Hmmmm… well actually there doesn’t seem to be anymore to cover, more will be added as we go through though.”

Victoria nodded her head, understanding.

“Now what do you say?” He asked.

“Yes master.” Victoria said, her voice was quite and full of fear, as the razor ran against her skin removing the last few strands of hair. The master, grazed his hand against the now bare skin, sending a different feeling through her, much more different to the one before she was shaved. The sensation was more powerful, almost as if her pussy had became much more sensitive to the rough but gentle touch of her master. He looked down looking pleased with his work, giving her pussy a sharp slap with the back of his hand, receiving an out-raged look from the naked girl laid on the table. He stared back at her, his eyes fully showing his response, causing her to instantly change her expression and not receive another painful spank.

Her master grabbed her, picking her up close to his chest, his smell of cologne filling her nostrils. She closed her eyes as her carried her, she knew exactly what was about to come. Her virginity, something which held her back for a number of years, was very quickly about to disappear, she never even considered this was how it would go. As a teenager she imagined it would escort ankara be given, almost as a present to her first true love, her only true love, but like most dreams as a teenager nothing goes to plan.

Her train of thought was rudely interrupted, as she landed on a bed, a squeal escaping her lips, from surprise. She looked up at her master, he stared down at her with lust filled eyes. Victoria slowly back away, to the corner of the bed. She sat shaking, her lip slightly quivering, resembling a small scared child. She didn’t want this to happen, not this way, but she had no choice, no way to escape. He grabbed hold of her ankle, dragging her across the bed towards him, pinning her down on the bed. He crawled over her, emphasizing his authority and dominance.

“You better let this happen, little pet.” He said, beginning to play with her hair. “We don’t want any little secrets coming out if you don’t do we?” Victoria shuck her head.

“No we don’t, because if a little secret does come out then a certain little pet will be left with nothing.” He said, using his mocking voice, as if he was talking down upon her. He got off her, she stayed still reufisngto move, utterly terrified of what might happen if she does.

He pulled off his shirt, before removing his suit trousers and underwear, leaving him as well completely naked. She refused to look at him, scared of what she may feel if she does, scared that she might just happen to fall for him.

He once again crawled on-top of his naked sub, forcefully kissing her on the lips. Before she had a chance to fully comprehend what was happening, she found herself responding to the heat of the moment, kissing him back. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and she became powerless to his charm.

His hands moved down to her breasts, grabbing and massaging them, occasionally pinching her nipples until they turned red. She moaned against his lips, him replying with a smirk.

He pulled away from her lips, but carried on playing with her breasts, keeping her in a trance of pleasure. He moved one hand down to her pussy, stroking and teasing her clit. Once satisfied, he moved himself between her legs, slowly lapping against her, inserting his tongue inside her vaginal hole, sending electric shocks throughout her body. She laid back moaning and gasping, once again experience the run up to her first orgasm.

Her master quickly withdrew, stopping her again. She stared at him, eyes no longer filled with hate towards the man in-front of her, but instead lust and adoration.

He position himself and slowly pushed himself into her. Victoria gasped, grabbing and digging her nails into his bare back. Her pussy began to pulse from pain but pleasure. He pushed himself in and out, his speed increasing with each push. The pleasure was too much for Victoria to endure. Her breathe increased, her head fell back and her eyes closed tightly. She began panting, screaming the name of her master, he joined.

“Cum for me pet, cum for me.” Her master screamed, his voice slightly quivering.

As soon as the words left his mouth she slowly released, enjoying her first ever orgasm and the loose of her virginity. It wasn’t long before she felt her pussy be filled with the cum of her master.

He slightly dropped onto her, worn out. He withdrew himself and laid next to her on the bed, both hot and sweaty from the experience they both just shared. Victoria hid her head into her master’s chest, slowly falling into a deep abyss, otherwise known as sleep, feeling happy and overjoyed.

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