The Lake


The LakeRob knew his friend Jake often came down to the lake woods in the warmer weather for nude dip in the water, among other things. Once certain that he was alone, Jake said, he would strip down completely and enjoy a swim, then masturbate naked in the open air while he dried off on the rock. “No one’s ever there.” he told his buddy.”And it keeps me from going crazy in this world”, Jake smiled, “Especially when I don’t have a lover to help out with those fundamental release kinds of things. You should try it some time.”Rob was pretty sure Jake was mostly straight, though he knew his friend had tried men when it suited him. Rob was straight. But, of late, he was thinking about trying this “mostly” idea.He was drawn to Jake’s attitude about gender. “If it feels good in the moment and tastes good, why not sample it when the urge strikes? It’s like an exotic meal. Sometimes, you just have a craving and it can be satisfied easily. Later, you can take it or leave it. But whatever you do, don’t label it… unless you decide you’re done with the fairer sex completely.” The guys would laugh at that. In truth, neither of them ever would give up women.The more time he spent around Jake, the more he thought, “Why not sample it?” The urge had been rising slowly and quietly, and Rob really wasn’t sure why. But he couldn’t deny it, and with his friend’s example, he felt like it was a simple, reasonable urge.As spring weather soon hit, and Rob knew Jake was on his lake hike regimen, (still sans a girlfriend), Rob decided to perch in a nearby silent niche on one knowing afternoon. He found the perfect hiding place near Jake’s favorite wooded haunt, just to visually sample the goods. “I mean, if I was ever going to go there with anyone…”, and the thought trailed off.As for being a voyeur, it might tell Rob a little something about his newly adopted chemistry set and if it worked for him. What Jake didn’t know, couldn’t hurt him, right? All that rationalization was a bit silly , but it made Rob feel better about what he was doing.Rob watched as Jake stripped down for the swim, laid his clothes out, bent over and stretched, his long, beautiful cock rising with the freedom of the cool air. Rob made a concerted effort to divorce himself from any old mental habits he’d had about men and sexuality, and he swiftly began to see the allure of this long, lean muscular body. Of another man, yes. A beautiful man, thought Rob. No wonder he can flit from men to women at will. There was a quiet tingle in Rob’s flesh when Jake lingered kadıköy escort bent over and spread, neatening his clothing pile, baring his hot little anal ring – and Jake’s cock was getting hard? ‘Is it that arousing to be naked here alone?,’ he wondered. Rob was going to have to try this.Rob felt half ridiculous and half stealthy, cached away in the bushes like this. But after the first brief nude dip in the lake, a sopping wet Jake was soon sprawled out on the dirty rock, sliding his hands over his body to shoo the excess water away, and inevitably grazing his cock, which twitched and rose and begged for attention.Rob had never watched any man masturbate (other than himself, of course), and he was completely rapt in the visuals and the soft sounds that Jake was making with every move on his long, thickening phallus. Rob wasn’t even sure when or how his own cock ended up in his hand, but his zipper was open and he was now almost matching Jake, stroke for dripping stroke.Suddenly, Jake’s hips rose up high as if to reach for some wet floating orifice. His legs spread wide and Jake’s hand spread open his taut cheeks, and groped for his ass’ tight little hungry hole. Jake’s balls were swollen and two of his fingers were niggling their way inside of his body, and Rob could hear the occasional grunted phrases, like “Fuck me deeper” and “I want you to cum inside me….fucking deep!”Rob’s hand was soon drenched in his own pre-spillage but he hardly noticed. Then, Jake made a more dramatic move. He dropped his hips, flipped himself over, face down on the dirty rock, and raised his hips again like he was waiting to be ass fucked into oblivion, Jake’s left hand went digging into his mancunt ferociously, while his right rabidly pumped his cock toward spattering liftoff. Rob found himself hypnotically following suit from his covert spy place, now kneeling in the dirt, his jeans at his knees, his own fingers hunting furiously for his asshole, barely recognizing his own fever for what was happening in front of him, as well as silently between them. Both men were on the edge of monster eruptions, and at the very last second, Rob tried to remember to stuff his fist into his own jaw, lest he be found out.Jake howled his obscenity-laced orgasm to the earth and sky, as his ass rocked and spasm’d, and his cock spurted huge jets of white mess, mostly, with Jake’s studied aim, onto his own body and face. The noise scared a bunch of crows in the trees to s**tter to the winds. Rob was grateful for the din of the fleeing ümraniye escort birds, as it covered his own muffled growls, his raging peak caused by watching his buddy’s incredibly erotic masturbation play and shameless orgasm show.When Jake finally turned over onto his back again, his chest and face were a mash of leaves and dirt and streams of spewed cum. Rob had never had witnessed anything with a man that fucking hot. Ever. No man had never made Rob cum. Not until now.He watched Jake scoop up some of the unsoiled cum and lick it and purr audibly. All Rob could think as he licked his own lips was, “Yes, I would. I would like to taste some of that.”It was going to be an semi-shamed walk home for Rob, since half of his cum was all over the legs of his jeans, and much of it dusted in forest dirt and leaves by the time he hit the main road. But for him, it was so fucking worth it. It had opened his eyes and mind to things he’d kept secret from himself. He realized, as long as it didn’t come with a label, being attracted to a man’s sexuality and to a sexual man like that… was actually pretty fucking hot, suddenly.Rob certainly wasn’t giving up women… but if Jake didn’t think it was weird, he’d really like to try a little… ummm, “man dance”, Rob called it, as he blushed, now alone in his shower. Rob closed his eyes in the steam, calling up the images of his friend’s ass in the air begging for a cock, and began stroking his own meat one more time, as he felt it calling out to volunteer for action.For Rob now, getting aroused by this new hunger was no longer an issue. Actually making something happen…and with a friend – there was his next hurdle to stumble over.Next time Rob saw Jake, he actually blushed with the new thoughts and the remembered visuals running through his dirty mind, all the while praying that his pal didn’t notice. Along the conversational way, Jake mentioned that he was headed to the lake later in the day And Rob wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking when he heard an insinuating color in Jake’s reminder that Rob should join him there sometime.Rob decided to show up, visibly this time, to join Jake, unsure if anything would actually transpire, other than some skinny dipping and guy talk. If nothing else, maybe Rob could ask Jake how it was for him the first time with a another guy. That might give him a read on things, at least. Or maybe they’d masturbate together. Fuck, his cock was nearly at attention with that thought alone.When he arrived, he saw Jake’s clothes already in their ataşehir escort neat pile and he could hear the splashing in the lake. His friend would soon be walking back, wet and naked, ready to enjoy himself.Rob swallowed hard, and then, decided, it’s now or never. And a bare-assed dip in the lake with his new bent towards his buddy Jake, however awkward, could be fun… or a start… or something. He slipped completely out of his clothes, praying that his still rising cock would not give his blossoming hunger away too soon. Unfortunately, It was not behaving as casually as he would have liked, and in his concern about it, he completely missed the sound of footsteps coming his way…He heard Jake’s voice very close to his ear, indeed tickling his neck with each word, “Glad you could come.” And Rob shivered at the choice of words.Rob was going to have to turn around some time, and when he did, he came almost nose-to-nose with his naked friend, and their two cocks unintentionally nuzzled each other. Both men were clearly hard as stony flesh could get.Jake reached a hand down and quietly asked “May I?” before wrapping it around Rob’s needy cock. Rob thought he nodded a yes but, in the whirl of the moment, he wasn’t sure until Jake smiled, and leaned in for a gentle but thorough man-to-man kiss. As that deepened, Rob’s hand wrapped instinctively around his friend’s matching hardness.Jake moved in closer after the first kiss, and the men held their rigid cocks together, letting them slide and roll against the other, their two hands joining in holding them in a slippery bind.Jake whispered in Rob’s ear as his other hand slipped down to explore Rob’s flexing rump.”I’m so glad you’re open to this. I was hoping.”The two men began to grind into each other, and soon their hands left the cocks to their own designs and started to explore everything else.Jake grinned wickedly, as he eased downward to give Rob his first taste of male cock worship, “This will be so much better than watching me masturbate from the bushes.”Rob was about to answer Jake’s startling last remark with something – an explanation, or a chiding for keeping his knowing secret – when the mouth on his cock slid inward so deeply, that all Rob could muster was one elongated vowel, and some guttural sound he’d never made before.One look down at Jake with a throat-full of his sex made Rob’s eyes want to roll back in his head. But Jake caught the hungry stare, and, between them, the exchange of wicked glee and intense wonder they passed back and forth told Rob that he wasn’t leaving this place or this tangle anytime soon.Rob suddenly, and instinctively, reached down, laced his fingers into Jake’s curls, and began to dare Jake to open wider for the emboldened face fuck about to be unleashed…

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