The Lakes


As she hit the M6 a huge smile spread across her face. She could feel the end of the journey nearing a close.

It had been a long day. The fact that she had decided to drive to the Lake District from her home town was very out of character and nothing she had ever considered before. Being out of character seemed to be a recurring theme. But she did have an idea she was going to enjoy herself at the end of the long journey.

After getting lost several times and swearing at the satnav a lot she finally pulled up outside a very quaint and picturesque cottage covered in ivy. Turning the engine off followed by the stereo she snatched a breath as she looked at the cottage.

“Perfect.” she said as she exhaled with a smile.

She slipped her seat belt off and stepped out of the car, took another snatch of breath as she took in the beauty all around her. Turning on the spot she tried to take in as much as she could.

Coming from a very rural place herself she didn’t think it was possible to be bowled over by such a beautiful landscape. She fell backwards and leaned against the car with a thud, she started to giggle to herself.

The mountains had a painted water colour look to them towering above the fresh green contrast of the acres of patchwork fields that stretched out all around the cottage.

Remembering the instructions the land lord had given her over the phone, she went to the front door and found a loose tile on the windowsill and there she found two sets of keys as promised.

Letting herself in she peered around the door with wide eyes. The hall way was dark but had a strong beam of sunlight shooting through the almost shut curtains it caught every spec of stirred up dust on the way.

Still clutching the keys she giggled again and ran up the very creaky staircase.

“Bedroom? Bedroom? Bedroom?” she almost chanted. At the top of the stairs she was presented with three shut doors. Opening the first door she found the bathroom. Squinting at the bright sunlight pouring through the large clear window she stepped into the room. It took a couple seconds for her eyes to adjust but when they did she found a huge roll top bath in front of the window.

“Wow!” she said out loud to herself. As she did it echoed slightly in the airy room.

Stood in front of the two remaining doors, she opened another one to find a small room with two single beds and a cot. Shutting the door again she stood in front of the last door. A wave of excitement passed through her at the thought of what might lie behind this door and what will happen in this room.

The door creaked as it opened. She stepped in and gasped at the sight.

It was a beautiful room. A four poster bed stood proud in front of her with crisp white cotton bedding and drapes down the sides. She walked over to the window pulled the heavy curtains back as far as they would go and threw the window wide open. Leaning out slightly she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the air was much clearer in this part of the country.

On the opposite side of the room was an open fire with a basket full of logs next to it. She hoped the evenings would get cold enough to light it.

As she headed back downstairs to check out the rest of the cottage she realized it wouldn’t be long until he arrived.

The lounge was decorated in dark colours to compliment the big beams in the ceiling with another open fire as the focal point in the room. The sofa was huge, soft and snuggly and scattered in lots of multi coloured cushions. On the opposite wall were patio doors which opened out to what seemed like the mountains in the distance.

She walked through to the kitchen, filled the kettle with water and flicked the switch just as a text came through on her phone. With another beaming smile she read it and squealed with excitement. It wouldn’t be long now until she was in his arms.

Throwing the patio doors open as wide as they would go she took her tea and book and sat at the garden table soaking up the atmosphere and sun.

She was so entranced in her surroundings that she didn’t hear a car pull onto the driveway.

He pulled up and parked next to her car. As he stepped out of the car he looked up at the cottage wondering which room she would be in.

He walked up to the front door and opened it slowly and quietly. Instantly he could smell her perfume, he inhaled her scent. He could feel the light breeze coming from the lounge, where the patio doors were flung open. He walked in to the room and was surprised not to find her in there. The breeze blew the curtains and he caught a glimpse of her outside. As he stepped outside the door the gravel underfoot gerçek sex hikayesi crunched which bought her back to earth, but she didn’t flinch, she knew it was him. He leant over her, blocking the sun from her face and kissed her forehead. She smiled and then said, “Hey you.” “Hey you back.” he replied.

He sat down next to her and they chatted for a while, catching up with what had been going on in their lives over the past couple of months.

A chill started to sweep through the air which made her aware of her skin. As she leant over the table to pick up her book and mug he caught a glimpse of the flesh he had been craving for some time now, as her low cut top gaped open.

She could feel him looking, and wanted him to look. As she straightened up she flicked her hair and he got another injection of her perfume which made his body react.

As she walked away from him he watched her and felt an all too familiar stirring inside himself. He followed her through into the kitchen.

Grabbing her assertively but tenderly around the waist, she dropped the mug with surprise and it smashed. Neither of them cared as he coated her neck with passionate kisses. Spinning her around she melted into his arms as they kissed.

He lifted her onto the worktop, she pressed herself against him as they kissed again, as she did this she could feel his hardness pressing against her.

His hands softly slid her skirt up until he got to her hips which he held on to briefly before quickly removing her knickers and undoing his trousers in what felt like one swift movement.

He teased her by rubbing his hard cock up the inside of her thighs as they kissed. She wrapped her legs around his middle and he could feel just how wet she was for him.

He plunged himself into her, which made her gasp and then moan with pleasure. He started moving in and out slowly, both of them looking down to watch, but as he gradually got faster and harder she pulled him closer to kiss.

It didn’t take long for the familiar feeling of the coiled spring inside her to start uncoiling. She could tell he wouldn’t be far behind her.

She had to let go of him to brace herself while he pounded her deeper and deeper.

As he slowed down again the sensation got more intense and she exploded with pleasure. Moaning, gasping, toes curling like she had never felt before. Followed by him thrusting harder and groaning as he leant over and kissed her neck.

“Welcome to the Lakes!” he said with a smile.

She just smiled a satisfied smile back and knew she had done the right thing by coming here.

After they had eaten, chatted some more and had a bottle of wine they felt comfortable and more relaxed in each other’s company again.

He sat on the sofa while she led on it with her head on his lap. She sighed a contented sigh while he stroked her forehead and gently ran his fingers through her hair. She came very close to falling asleep when he said, “time for bed?”

He took her hand and led her upstairs; opening the bedroom door they both felt a cold breeze where the window had been open since earlier in the day. He walked over to shut the window but left the curtains open to let the moonlight shine in. Turning back around he looked at her as she shivered. He walked towards her and taking her face in his hands kissed her more tenderly than before. Still with their lips touching he reached down and undid her skirt so that it fell to the floor. Then he found the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head, holding it in his hand for a few seconds before dropping it to the floor and bringing his hand back to the top of her head and smoothing her hair as he kissed her. He then took a moment to take in the sight before him before he removed her bra letting her breasts bounce free, and pushing her knickers to the floor.

It was like her clothes were being melted off her.

He lifted her and carried her to the bed placing her down like she was a delicate piece of glass on top of the crisp white bedding.

Leaning over her he kissed her again then stood up right to take his own clothes off, she watched him. First to come off was his shirt to reveal his strong manly arms and chest, followed by his trousers and boxers. Standing there in the moonlight he glowed like a god.

He moved towards the bed and gently led down beside her. They kissed and got lost in each other’s arms, until she started to push him onto his back.

She moved slowly, straddling him and kissing him. Starting with his lips and moving gradually down his chest, his nipples then his stomach and then she reached his huge cock. She plunged it into her mouth taking great porno erotik hikayeler delight in his slight squirming. Licking up and down she was becoming aroused herself. As she sucked and licked around his shaft her nipples rubbed his legs and got harder and harder. She shifted her position so she was knelt beside him now still sucking his almighty beast, but he could now reach her clit to stimulate. The more she moaned with pleasure the more he did and it wasn’t long until he was pumping his warm salty liquid into her mouth. She swallowed with great pleasure and licked her lips before tenderly kissing the end of his cock, which made him flinch.

She fell back on to the bed and led next to him, he stretched his arm out so she could snuggle into him.

After a couple of minutes of lying in silence he leaned over and kissed her, using one of his legs to part hers he carried on stimulating her with his thumb, she started groaning. His movements got faster as her groans got louder and more intense. He shifted himself so he was positioned between her legs and immersed his tongue into the job his thumb was previously doing. She let out a cry of ecstasy as he sucked and licked her clit hard. Thrusting her hips as the wave of orgasm took her over.

They both lay there on their backs, panting slightly and staring at the inside of the canopy above them. It was decorated with an intricate painting of the sky at night with all the constellations. They seemed to sparkle in the natural moon light.

After a few minutes they pulled the duvet over them and held each other until morning light streamed through the large window.

In the morning she woke alone. Satisfied but confused she pulled on a bath robe. As she opened the door she could smell bacon cooking and hear him singing along to the radio. She headed down stairs.

“Good morning!” he said as he leant over to kiss her with a smile, wearing nothing but his boxers and an apron. “Morning.” she replied sitting herself at the kitchen table and pouring a glass of juice, just as he presented her with a bacon sandwich. “I could get used to this.” she thought.

After breakfast they both got dressed and headed out into the fresh air. They walked for several miles in the radiant sunshine, chatting and stopping to kiss and embrace occasionally.

After several hours of walking they stopped by a dry stone wall, looking down over a beautiful valley, for some water and a rest. She took her boots and socks off to let her feet breathe. He sat with his back leaning against the wall and his eyes closed. She leaned over and kissed him hard. Still with his eyes closed he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer towards her.

She pulled away from him, stood up and removed her jeans and knickers as he undid his trousers and slid them down over his pert bum then sat back against the wall. She sat straddling him and pushed his hard cock inside her. He couldn’t believe just how wet and easy she was to slide into. She started moving herself slowly up and down filling herself with every centimetre of his beast, while her clit rubbed lightly against the top of his pubic bone. As she did this he pulled her top off so he could see her breasts bouncing in front of his face his lips reaching out to kiss them.

The deeper he filled her, the faster she got, crying out with sheer pleasure. His lips wrapped around her nipples and his hands holding onto her hips, she started to moan too.

He very quickly lifted her off his shaft and slid out from underneath her, standing he took her hand and he pulled her to her feet. He softly pushed her so she was leant over the wall, leaning on it with her elbows and with her legs parted she could feel the soft cool breeze brush across her naked body, it made her shiver with pleasure.

They both cried out with pleasure as he pounded her body from behind, holding onto her hips as he did. Trying not to lose her balance she reached down to her clit and started playing with herself, in the hopes they would both cum at the same time. An all too familiar feeling washed over her body just as he groaned and thrusted into her for the last time, shooting his warm load into her body.

As she was pulling her clothes back on she noticed the blood trickling down her arm. Her elbows were cut from being rubbed against the wall. She laughed as she tried to wipe the blood off. He tenderly took her arm to look at the damage.

“I’m sorry.” he said as he ripped a piece off the bottom of his shirt to help wipe the blood of her arms.

“Please don’t worry.” She replied. “It was worth it!” She flashed him a cheeky smile and kissed him.

On the way back to the porno hikayeleri cottage the sky changed from being open and blue to being compressed and black. It was amazing how quickly it could change. Just as the cottage was in sight the rain started to pour down, straight down.

He reached for her hand and they both instinctively started to run.

They burst through the front door laughing. They were drenched. She grabbed a couple towels from the kitchen, put one around her shoulders and held the other one out for him to take. He took her arm instead and pulled her into him. He looked into her eyes and swept his hands across her face to move the wet hair. He leaned in and kissed her.

“Let’s get you out of these wet clothes.” he said with a wry smile. Lifting her arms above her head he peeled her top off. He knelt in front of her and unbuckled her jeans pulling them down to the floor, tracing the outside of her legs with the tips of his fingers as he stood up. She unbuttoned his shirt and walked around to stand behind him as she pulled it off him. As she reached around to undo his trousers she leaned in to kiss his wide back. “Bath?” She asked as she walked towards the stairs, not waiting for a reply.

Ten minutes later they were both soaking in the big roll top bath watching the rain thrash against the big window.

As she lounged on top of him, under the bubbles, he wrapped his big muscular arms around her and kissed her hot, damp cheek as she rested her head back on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and smiled to herself.

After, what felt like a life time, of soaking together he reached for a bottle, squirted some of the contents into the palm of his hands and gently started to rub it into her hair. She whimpered quietly and with her eyes closed enjoyed every second of the sensual feeling of his finger tips caressing her scalp.

As the water started to go cold, the bubbles started disappearing and the darkness started falling outside they got out of the bath and moved into the bedroom. Closing the curtains she shivered slightly under her bath robe. He lit the fire, and it wasn’t long before the room was warm.

He pulled the duvet off the bed and made a nest on the floor in front of the fire for them to lie on. He led down with his arms behind his head and his eyes closed. She joined him. She rested her head on his chest and could feel him breathing heavily.

They both drifted in and out of sleep until the fire went out and the room got cold, then they took the duvet and got into the bed. Falling asleep again in each other’s arms.

She woke up to the feeling of tender little kisses on her shoulder. She sighed and smiled, rolled over to face him and kissed him.

“All over too quickly again.” he said squeezing her tightly. She didn’t want to think about going home, but knew she had a long drive ahead of her.

Just as she was starting to feel apprehensive he lifted the duvet over his head and slid down the bed under it. He slipped his hand between her legs and she automatically parted them enough for him to slide two fingers inside her. She let out a small groan. He smiled to himself at the sound of her pleasure and started gently licking her clit whilst moving his fingers slowly in and out of her. Biting her lip, moaning and running her fingers through his hair it didn’t take long for her to be absorbed in her own orgasm.

All too soon they were dressed and tidying the place in preparation to leave. She stood in the hallway for the last time and looked around, she wanted to remember every little detail from the past couple of days.

Filled with mixed emotions she walked out to the car leaving the keys back under the tile where she originally found them.

He was leaning against her car arms crossed, squinting in the bright sun light. As she slowly walked towards him, desperate for this not to end, she felt sad. Sad that it was all over again, sad that she didn’t know when she would see him again, sad that he would just drive away and not necessarily think about her again, sad that he would no doubt have someone else in his arms before too much longer.

He uncrossed his arms and reached out for her, she fell into him and buried her head in his chest. He stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. “We will see each other again you know.” he said. She didn’t answer. Not knowing why, maybe because she didn’t believe him, maybe because she might cry.

As they let go of each other he stole one last passionate kiss from her, a kiss with real meaning, a kiss that made her mind turn a little. Before he pulled away he rolled down the window, told her to go careful, blew her a kiss with a winning smile and was gone.

Feeling numb she climbed into the car, put on the stereo and set off on the long journey home. Back on the motorway she pulled her sleeves up, felt her elbows and just laughed to herself as she put her foot down.

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