The Last Dinner


The Last DinnerMy wife is simply one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world, why Playboy hadn’t spotted her and made her playmate of the month is beyond me. Kat is 26 with long natural red hair, 5’6” tall, a pair of 38DD tits that are as perky as a 14-year-old. Beautiful ass connected to a pair of wonderfully portioned legs a smooth shaved pussy with just a tuff of hair above her shaved pussy lips to prove she is a natural red head, but not get in the way when I ate her sweet pussy. I’m Jack the husband, 26, long brown hair, 6’ tall, 180 lbs. and I’m an iron worker so I stay in great shape building and repairing bridges and high-rise buildings.Kat works for an accounting firm they do on site audits, both our jobs require us to be out of town for a week or more at a time, on many jobs. Our schedules keep us apart some time for weeks, but as soon as we are able, we have marathon sex! Whats marathon sex, one of us would pick the other up at the airport, which ever one that had been out of town for work. There would be a big long kiss just outside the secure area of the airport, a quick trip to baggage pick-up, a walk to Kat’s SUV, she would walk around to the passenger side of the car I press her up against the side of the SUV pull open her top, she never wears a bra or pantys on her trip home, I have her boobs out and her skirt up sucking her nipples and fingers in her pussy, her arms are around my neck and her promise to drain me dry and fuck me till nether of us can walk. On the way home, she will be sucking and stroking me till we get home. Once home our clothes are off by the time, we are in the bedroom we are nude and we are making love, her pussy is dripping and I’m between her legs, by the time her ass is firmly on the bed my cock is buried balls deep in her pussy, we make love until she has cum at least three time before I let go and fill her pussy, then we roll over, hug kiss make out while I recharge, I’ll suck her nipples, finger her pussy till she cums again climb back between her legs burry my cock back in her till I drop another load in her. We do this till I can’t cum any more then, I’ll finger her g-spot and make her cum over and over, and once her g-spot is sore I start eating her, we go on 24 hours a day three to five days, we nap never more than three to four hours, snack on cheese and crackers Kat is insatiable once we get started, we go until we are just too sore to go any more. Once we get to that point we shower, go get a really good meal, find a nice bread and breakfast and crash. Two years ago, I got home from work and Kat was there, she had been away all week but instead of calling me to pick her up at the airport she had her work partner James drive her home. I asked why she didn’t call me to come pick her up she said they got done early and there wasn’t enough time, I said you were in KC it’s a three-hour flight there was plenty of time. She said well I just didn’t, I asked her if I did something wrong, she said just drop it. I knew I had done nothing wrong, but from that point on our sex life had gone downhill. When we did have sex it illegal bahis was usually only after we had gone out to dinner with her work mate James and his wife Jane and Kat would have a few cocktails. When we would leave Kat would pull my cock out and start sucking on it before we were out of the parking lot, when we would get home we would strip, and she would have me inside her in not time flat, her pussy would always be soaked already, and we would screw like rabbits for hours. Last night we had planned a dinner with them, but Kat and James were late getting back from a trip, so they came directly from the airport to the restaurant. Kat had a few more cocktails than normal, when we got in the cart Kat was drooling all over my thick 8” cock. By the time we got home I was thinking this is going to be a very special night. She pushed me back on the bed stripped in front of me then straddle my head lower her sweet pussy onto my face, as soon as she did, I smelled and tasted cum! I pushed her off of me, she asked what wrong I told her taste your cunt and tell me as soon as she put her fingers in her cunt, she relized she never showered or cleaned up after she and James fucked just before leaving for the airport because they were running late. I went into, the bathroom washed my face and rinsed out my mouth. When I walked past her she said Jack I, but I went down stairs fixed myself a drink and fell asleep on the sofa. The next morning was Saturday, but I was working seven days a week on a local bridge, I grabbed my work boots my coveralls were in my truck and off to work I went. Before I knew it I looked down 200 feet and I saw the roach coach pull in it was noon already. I climb down to get a sandwich and a drink than sat back in my truck to eat and try understand what was going on nothing made sense. Then my cell rings to my susprise it was Jane, she says dinner tonight at 7:00 the same restaurant as last night. I say Jane I don’t know Kat and I aren’t speaking right now, she says nonsense get over your little spat I already talked to Kat she is coming, Jane says it will be in your best interest to come tonight you will find the conversation very in lighting. Then she said Jack please know I have nothing but the deepest respect for you, you’re a good man and I’m sorry. I started thinking what the hell did that mean, is the whole world fucking with my head. When I got home Kat was getting a shower, I got my clothes and went in the spare bedroom showered got dressed I yelled, if your riding with me I’m leaving. Kat came down the hall hopping as she put on her second shoe, she was wearing her little black dress I could see she had put on some weight and I said your LBD is getting a bit tight on you better hit the gym. Kat started crying, she sobbed all the way to the restaurant, when we got there, I said pull yourself together no sense dragging them into our issues! When we got inside Kat went directly to the womens room to pull herself together. I went to the table greeted James and Jane, Jane asked where Kat is, I said she has to go to the lady’s room, Jane says in a illegal bahis siteleri little catty tone maybe her little tummy is upset. I ordered drinks for everyone. We had all finished our drinks and I ordered a second round, Kat had not come to the table, James says I’m going to check on her, Jane says you have checked her enough don’t you think! Kat came to the table shortly thereafter, Jane says no here sit next to James, Kat sits down grabbed her drink and Jane says Dear is that a good idea with your tummy in the condition it’s in? Jane then says you know we all have our little secretes like James on our wedding day when I met his pairents for the first time and discovered his mother was black! Kat got a horrified look on her face, Jane says whats wrong honey surprised to find out your mate is black, that’s why we have never had k**s I didn’t want a black baby. Jane puts a big brown envelope on the table in front of me and says this is three years’ worth of reports video’s, phone recordings, texts, emails from my lawyers PI. When I go to open the envelope, Kat puts her hand on it and says to me if you love me you won’t open this, and I promise I’ll never do it again and spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I say IT WHAT IT, Jane says Jack dear I have one last thing for you a photo of your wife’s sgram showing she is three months pregnet with my husbands’ black baby. Kat says I’m getting an abortion. Jane says why do you keep lying to Jack he is a really great guy, Jane then looks at me and says she knows she is way beyond being able to get an abortion, and this morning after you left for work James here was in your bed fucking her. Jane raises her hand a man comes over to our table and says James Johnson you have been served and gives him devorce papers, then he says Kat Baker you have been served and hands her a subpoena to appear in court for James and Jane’s devorce hearing in three months, Jane says my lawyer timed it so your good and fat with his baby for the judge to see. James I also have a protective order against you, so you can’t come home and all you stuff has been put in a storage locker here is the key. Jack my lawyer is here to meet with you I suggest you meet him immediately, that is unless you plan on raising her black baby. I looked at Kat and ask why I gave you everything, house, clothes, car, swimming pool, and all my love and devotion. Never once did I even look at another woman. Kat says he was always there you weren’t, as we worked, he would brush up against me all day and by the evening I would be hot, and you know once I get going. Jack it was never the same as with you, you’re a much better lover than he will ever be you were just never there. I said no I wasn’t I was out earning money to give you everything you wanted. Why did you have unprotected sex with him, you never would with me. She says his condoms kept breaking. Jane says oh yes there is a recording in there of him talking to one of his buddy’s telling him how he was doctoring the condoms, so they would dissolve once he got inside you! Kat looks at James and says canlı bahis siteleri you bastard your black and you knocked me up on purpose and told your friends about it. Jane says oh baby you don’t know the half of it while you’re his main piece he’s fucking two other white women on the side. Jane says to me see that couple over there with the laptop that’s my lawyer and his assistant I suggest you go meet with them immediately to protect your assets. Kat asks me what about us, I say I have loved you sence the first time I saw you but there is no way I can ever trust you again much less raise his black bastard baby, you came into our bed last night and tried to feed me his cum, then you fucked him in our bed this morning, call tomorrow and let me know where to send your things. Your never stepping foot in my house again, I built that house with my own hands to be our love nest before we were married, you have defiled our place of love and our love your no longer welcome in that loving house. Oh, and when I go home tonight, I’m burning that bed. James I strongly suggest you be gone before I get back otherwise, I’m going to rip your cock and ball off and shove it up your ass! Monday morning I’m marching down to your work and let your boss know what’s going on. Jane says Jack go talk to the lawyer, I am suing them for alienation of affection, remember I told he was bragging to his buddy, well it was his boss, so we will own that company, there is enough evidence to show his boss put the two of them together, so he could fuck her. While meeting with the lawyer he immediately closed out our joint savings and checking accounts and transferred all the funds to new accounts in my name only. He closed out all our credit cards, and I got one new card in my name only. The house and all the furnishings were mine before we got married, my truck and her SUV were both in my name, I told the lawyer if she would take over payment, she could have the SUV, he mother cosigned for her and she got to keep her SUV. The judge did of course grant me a devorce, the settlement from their company was extremely generous, I never have to work again. Kit’s mom sent me a very nasty E-Mail calling me every name in the book for abandoning her daugther after I got her pregnet because I didn’t want c***dern. I also received several threatening phone calls from her dad. A week after the baby was born Kit’s pairents came to see me. Her mom had made me one of her Apple Pie’s that I love. Her mom said what should have been one of the most wonderful days in a pairents life the birth of their first grandc***d became a nightmare, when the nurse tried to hand me the baby, I wouldn’t take it, I told her we are white that baby is black. That’s when Kat told us the whole truth that the baby was not yours that she had had fling and the baby was the result. I told them I still loved Kat and I loved and respect them very much, but Kat had, had a three year affair with her coworker and had in fact tried to have me perform oral sex on her when she was full of his cum and the following day while I was at work she had brought him into our bed and had sex with him. Her mom almost passed out, her dad said I should kick that lying slut out of my house. I’m holding Kat’s sobbing mom in my arms she just kept saying over and over I’m so sorry we didn’t raise her that way.

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