The Last Family Vacation Pt 3


The Last Family Vacation Pt 3David was pouring some coffee from the small hotel room coffee maker when Diane came out of the bathroom. She had been in there quite a few minutes, talking to Tammy, their daughter. Tim, their son, sat in the bed he had shared with his sister the previous night. They had shared a lot in the last 24 hours. His mind kept replaying parts of it as he sat naked with the sheet pulled up and over his legs and into his lap; knees pulled up to his chest.Diane stopped at the foot of the other bed and looked at her son. When had he become a man? How had she never noticed before? “Tim, you and your sister are not in any trouble. You did not do anything wrong. You both shared something beautiful and to be honest, I would much prefer this to all of the fighting the two of you went through from age… 2 until recently!”David set his coffee down to cool and walked up behind his wife, wrapping his arms over her large full breasts and snuggling his happy cock into the crack of her ass. “I certainly don’t hold you to any fault! I found myself staring at your sister quite a bit yesterday, especially at the beach in her swimsuit! Your mom called me a dirty old man, but she does look amazing! Just like your Momma did when we met!”Tim looked at his parents and said what he had been wondering ever since they walked in and saw his sister giving him his first real blowjob. “You don’t think we are freaks or hate us?”“NO!” both parents said in unison, then Diane continued. “As I just told your sister, I may be prejudiced, but as many beautiful teens as we all saw yesterday running around with next to nothing on, it had us all a little…. randy.”“What are you tuzla escort talking about? I was only looking at you, my dear!” David mockingly protested.“Oh yeah? Need I remind you of what you said about Tammy as she laid down on her towel?”“I just honestly compared her tits to yours and thought you were both outstanding!” David said. As if to add emphasis, he gave a squeeze to her full tits through the towel. “I think your Mom’s tits are perfect!” he added looking to make certain his son was watching. Then he pulled the towel down off of her and said, “Don’t you agree?!?”Diane turned and slapped David on the shoulder, somewhat playfully as Tim stared. In fact he did agree with his father and had stolen more than a few peeks at his mother as she lay on her blanket in the white sand and wondered what those big breasts would feel like in his hand! And now not only did he get to see those DD tits, he also got to look at her round ass and the crease where her legs joined her torso and… “What?”“Your father asked if you would like to suck on my tits with him. He knows it has always been my fantasy to have two men sucking on my tits at the same time, but that I’m also too much of a chicken to let him bring in another person. But you would not be like some stranger, so…” Diane walked around the end of the bed and half way up the space between the beds, holding hands with a smiling David behind her. She sat down on the edge of the bed she had slept in, watching her son’s eyes as then ranged over her body. She wished she could see his prick and know how excited he was. That thought alone made her even wetter. She scooted back on the bed and knew that her parted thighs tuzla escort bayan were giving Tim a view of a lifetime of her shave pussy and pronounced labia.“Join in whenever you want,” David added as he crawled up onto the bed and wrangling her near breast like a giant sandwich, fed her hard nipple into his mouth and he began sucking on her as he had almost daily since Tim was born. It was only in the last couple of years that she had stopped lactating completely when he was out of country for two weeks for work.Tim’s prick was standing at full attention, almost like a third thigh! The other guys at school all agreed that his mom was definitely a MILF and he was guilty of sneaking as many looks at her body as he could and using her underwear as a cum dump from time to time, but…. This just felt weird!Yet as he watched his father sucking on his mother’s breasts, he could not help himself. He pulled back the sheet and crawled up the other side of his mother. Diane smiled at him as she felt his lips wrap around her thick, nursing nipples. The connection of his lips to his mother’s flesh was electric and the surge shot down from his lips, through his spine and up his cock, causing him to feel his pulse pounding in its tip. Diane wrapped her fingers in the hair of her two lovers and pulled their faces into her soft generous flesh.David moved and ran his fingers down the strong core of his wife and over her pubic mound, only to find the fingers of her son already sliding in and out of his wife. He smiled across her chest at the boy/man and he smiled back. He decided that he would be content to play with Diane’s hyper-sensitive clit. She had nearly rubbed her flesh escort tuzla raw there she had confessed as they showered, having so much sex in the last couple of days! He would have to be gentle… at least with her clit. He sucked hard on her nipple and pulled back and shook her whole breast like a dog with a bone. She let out a moan that sent chills up his spine!It was all overwhelming! Diane had dreamed of having two lovers, though actually her fantasies usually included another woman, but this was so much more… real! The unexpected roughness of her son as he pushed his fingers in and out of her and the leering lustful looks of David… they always caused her insides to turn to liquid. It was no different now! The only thing that existed was the sensations of their fingers, mouths and her body propelling her at light speed toward an epic conclusion!It was a race! Would her heart or her vagina explode first? Diane had never had such a euphoria so completely remove her from reality! Inside of her she felt the muscles tightening and her breathing was coming in gasps and it seemed she was looking down at herself being ravaged by the men closest to her in her life and then it all came slamming down into an almost stop action event as her orgasm shattered the dimensions of time and space! She could feel her cum spraying out all over her son’s hand and arm as her husband dragged his teeth over her teat and latched on for dear life! It must have been his thumb, pressing down on her clit that was sending shocking signals of deviant decadence and desire through her mind stripping her of humanity and turning her into the slut she always loved and wanted to be! There was nothing to her except pleasure!—————I like to know if you like my stories. Your praise is my payment. Click a thumbs up vote and/or leave me a comment if you enjoyed the vacation like I have!!Thank you!!

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