The Late Blossoming of Sunita

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We had worked together for a number of years and never once viewed each other as anything but colleagues. But when I was ready to leave town, we both knew I had made a mistake. There was something in her that I wanted, and something in me that she was going to miss.

Sunita is very attractive and she is shorter than I am. Her breasts are not so large, but she is all curves. She has beautiful eyes that sparkle, a mouth that could be called a little too wide, but not by all that much. When she smiles, that mouth, with the broad lower lip looks luscious and suddenly that day as we were about to part ways, it struck me that those lips would be lovely to suck in between my lips and run my teeth on the inside of that lower lip.

We became lovers rather quickly. In the space of one short afternoon after years of having been blind to each other. We also quickly agreed that neither of us was actually unhappy in our marriages – but just that we liked each other a lot and despite not looking outside of our marriages, we knew we wanted each other.

Despite having been married for a number of years, and having two kids, her sexual blossoming happened after we became lovers. I enjoyed being that.

I still remember the first day she and I met in my hotel room. When we had abandoned our clothes, I slid down the bed putting my face to her tummy and nuzzling her. She gasped. “Aaaaaaaaaah, Shyam!” she hissed. And then a louder gasp, like she would run out of breath completely when she realized I was going lower.

I nibbled at her soft tummy and my lips tugged at the wisps of hair forming a darker middle line down to her pussy. She sat up, in a sexual shock. “Too much, too soon,” she later explained that reaction from her. She pulled my face to her face and kissed me. That wider lower lip opening to take me in more fully than I imagined. I shivered as the wetness of her mouth enveloped me. Her soft fleshy tongue probed and the wetness was maddening.

I took that wetness on my lips and drew a wet line down her chin and throat. And through between her breasts and down quickly to her pussy. This time, hands moving to her breasts – to hold her down, as well as to caress her lovely small breasts. I looked up and could see her head thrown back. Her nipples were standing up, knob-like pert. Her stomach was taut with excitement and pillowing outward.

I laid my tongue flat and broad against her pussy, allowing her time to get used to the idea that a man could feast on a woman’s pussy like it was food. “My god, Shyam. What are you doing?”

She covered her face with both hands, as she felt her pussy drench my lips. She was flowing just from being with me like that. I rubbed my face, moving left to right, splaying open those cuntlips. “Oh baby –aaaaaaaaaaah!” I thought I had hurt her. I looked up. She looked down at me, her mouth hanging open wide with lust written all over her. “Did I hurt you?” I asked. She smiled back sweetly to reply “No!” And then the inexperienced Sunita’s hips moved of their own accord. She smeared her perpetually wet cunt against my face.

I now went down with a vengeance. My tongue probed the pussy and canlı bahis opened her lips up as much as a supple tongue could, realistically. I wanted her to experience something unprecedented that would keep her coming back for more and more. And I knew from how much Nandita enjoys the way I eat her that this would be the ideal recipe to get Sunita addicted.

I slid in two fingers and was rewarded with a loud groan, “Shyaaaaaaaaaaaaam-uh. Ui maaaaaaaaaa. Baby, yes! What are you doing? Where did you learn this?”

She looked down at me and I was looking up at her my mouth busy gobbling away at her open wide pussy. As her eyes were connected with mine, I stabbed two fingers into her, massaging the inside walls of her pussy.

Once again her hands flew to her eyes and she closed herself to this world. Hiding from her own sexuality, not wanting to see and acknowledge that she was seeking her own pleasure with an animal wanting that not many women come by with their partners.

I have never stopped wondering about how Karan made love to her and never did this. How could he have given her anything at all, if not taken her to the high heavens of a wild female orgasm?

Now my fingers fucked her. “Aaah! Unhhh. Yaaaaah. Unggggghhhhhhhh! Haaaaaaaaah! Baby! Yes! Shyam. Take me. Go on and on and on……”

I took a pause, my fluid streaked face looking toward her I asked, “Do you know what comes next?”

She stared at me, wondering what the question meant. Slowly, shyly, she shook her head to say no. Her hand came down to rest on my shoulder. Her nails dug in, but she still wouldn’t pull me in to her pussy – still shy from the newness of the situation we were in.

My tongue tip went down to her open lips to familiarize with contours of her pussy. And slowly moved up searching for her clitoris. My cock had swollen immeasurably at the thought of how wild it was already for her, even before I had got to her clit.

When I hit it, she screamed like a bolt of lightning had hit her. But she screamed not loudly, but deep in her throat. It was intense scream. She was controlling herself so we would not be heard outside the room. I wanted her to scream. To ask, to plead, to beg. To say my name, and to say that what she was experiencing was unique and not given to her by Karan.

Then it started – the wonderfully intense female orgasm – “Ah! Aah! Aaaah! Yes…!! Ummmm. Yah. Haaaaaaaaanh. Oh haaaaaaaaaaaaanh. Ummmmmmmmmm. Ha. Haaaaaaa. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

She jerked and convulsed. Her hips thrashed. I held her down, giving her the comfort of strong hands to beat her body against. Her head was thrashing around. With every lash of my tongue on her long slippery knob of her clit, one more shudder. One more gush. And then she started to flow in long jets of gushing fluid. “Ooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Hunnnnnnnnh!” she went as I felt her stomach and womb contract as she squeezed the pleasure of her orgasm. Each squeeze was like she was wrenching fluids from her body. The sheet soaked. What a large quantity!

It was my turn to be shocked. I had never encountered that with Nandita. She was more vocal than Sunita and she bahis siteleri uses words like fuck and talks dirty in goading me on and on. But she has never flooded me the way Sunita had just now.

Finally, Sunita couldn’t bear the touch of my tongue anymore. She pushed me away. She drew her knees up and curled. I touched her hip and her back; that simple touch made her shudder.

I caressed her lower belly and her thighs: she shivered and shuddered in a series of aftershocks.

She looked at my face staring with intensity at the wet mess she had made of my face. I moved behind as she continued to cling to her own self with the knees drawn up. I spooned into her, my slick wet hard-on unvaryingly intense. She felt that thickness against her back – in the crack of her ass just lying along. Doing nothing more than being there. My hands cupped her breasts and she bowed her head to kiss my hands.

And when she felt that thickness against her body, she gasped. “You are thick,” she whispered. “I don’t know if I can take you in, but I want to”.

“Why are you unsure?” I asked, my lips nibbling her earlobe. She shuddered as my tongue played with her erogenous zones there. “Karan is not large,” she said. Then “Chee! I shouldn’t be talking about him to you.”

“No, I want to know,” I insisted. “Has he ever done what I did to you just now?” She gave me a reply which I believe would apply to many a woman.

“I heard of something called the orgasm only a year or more so after I was married to Karan. And I experienced the full intensity of it only today with you, Shyam.” She turned her head back to me and kissed me with open mouth – tasting her own self on my lips.

“So how does it feel with him?”. Me, trying to establish the reasons why she would want to keep coming back to me.

“Very pleasant. But nothing of the intense feelings you have woken up in me,” she replied. So saying she idly raised her upper leg and suddenly we both found that my cock had entered her. Just like that. She was breathless at the feeling. Despite her fears I was deep inside in no time at all. There was so much wetness in her, on me – it slipped in along the length and then probed in- rather than a head first entry that one would imagine.

She tilted that upper leg backward pulling my leg inwards. Her hand reached back and pulled me by my hip and ass into her. I started to fuck her. She grunted with each thrust. I sat up on one elbow. My hands holding her breasts hard as handles to help me fuck.

I thrust in. “Ungggh!” she went. Another thrust and her response was, “Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh yes!” And one more animal lunge so hard that my belly went slap against her ass. “Shyaaaaaaaaam!” she howled.

“What have you made me darling! I never ever sought pleasure like this. In my life. I never thought I would feel like this. Fill me. Take me. Plunge into me. My love!” she looked at me. Eyes dancing. A sweet smile on her lips.

I turned and suddenly I was on top and she below with her face down. I saw her hands clutch the sheets in clenched fists. “Ui maaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaah. Yes. My god. My god. My god”. She reached my hand and pulled bahis şirketleri it to her breast.

I moved off so she could raise herself a bit. Now she was kneeling. My hands cupped her tits. I knelt on one knee so I could thrust harder.

She started to fuck me back. I felt her cunt slipping over the head of my cock. I gasped. Shuddered. I knew I was going to be conquered after more than an hour of persistent delivery of intense pleasure.

I said, “Sunita, stop! Stop! Aaaah. No. I don’t want to cummmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhh. No!”.

I saw her tense up and fuck back with a vengeance. She had discovered something.

“Don’t! aaaaaaaah!” I pleaded.


“Haiiiiiiiiiiii. No. no no!” I implored as i just didnt want it to end.

She fucked back, wanting to make me cum helplessly the way I had conquered her.

“Stoppppp uh. Sttttttttttttttop. Uh don’t………….”

And this went on for a dozen more vengeful fucking thrusts from her. She had found a new sexual weapon and she was using it to her fullest ability. With me jerking and spasming with each push from her. My nails digging into her ass. My fingernails drawing lines inside her thighs. Sometimes that made her pause as she took her own pleasure.

At other times, it made her twist and turn as she fucked back. It was a battle between cock and cunt.

Then came her words to send me over the cliff, “Come for me baby. Fill me……..!”

Those words did it. I jerked and thrashed as I pounded into her. She sucked in her breath in a huge gulp: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh. My god. Oh my goodness. How much, just filling me, dripping and… aaaaaaaah! Ah. Yes. More? My baby more? How much – aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwhhhhhhhh – haaaow mahach mohore….. cum into me my baby my love”.

She twisted and turned and flipped over on her back. Letting me slip out. I gasped and she could see the need on my face. She looked at me questioningly as if to say: yes baby tell me what makes you fragile- come to mama come to my arms. And I quickly sank into her arms. Letting my cock nestle where it belonged.

Her breasts crushed against my chest. We kissed. Hugged. Held each other. And rocked.

There were many many more tremors coursing through us as we were wracked by a series of shudders and spasms.

And then we calmed. And I stroked her. And caressed her. And watched her shudder as my fingers soothed and squeezed out every leftover tingle in every cell of her body.

And we slept. Don’t know when and who slept first. But we were deep asleep. Safe in the comfort of each others arms.

When we woke the room was heavy with the aromas of drenching sex. We moved very little, happier to sense each others presence.

And slowly looked around to find a tangle of sheets, clothes and pillows. Her panties twisted and lying in a bundle with my vest. Her bra and saree in a tumble with my pants.

In a way, Sunita interspersed with Shyam.

She looked at me and sighed and smiled, “You corrupted an innocent woman!”

Today when I think back on that remark, and think about all that much more which I have to write about, I would have to agree with her. From her unwillingness to accept my head between her legs, to where we have come.

We are a fiery combination. And there is unbridled lust abandon and passion in our every encounter. Of which, I shall write more.

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