The Late Night Lover


I had just had a busy shift at work, and I was too wired to sleep, so I drove to your place to surprise you. When I get there, I see the place is dark, with not a light on anywhere in the house, so I use the key you gave me to let myself in and make my way down the hall to your bedroom. I can hear the soft exhalation of your breath and the muffled sounds of the iPad playing the music that you were listening to as you fell asleep, and I watch you in the glow of the hallway night light for a few seconds as you lie there content and sleeping deeply.

I strip down naked and slowly slide under the covers, and I’m pleased to see that you are wearing only the lacey black bra and panties that have been my favorites ever since you first described them to me that time on the phone, not long after we had reconnected with each other after losing contact with each other for over 10 years!

Thinking back to the memory of that phone call from a few short months ago and how sexy your voice was had my cock hardening and started getting me in the mood for some action. So I slip the covers down lower and reach over and gently tug and pull on your left nipple through that famous black bra. You jerk in your sleep and then immediately kaçak iddaa relax and sigh a deep exhaled moan, but don’t wake up or show any other signs of waking.

Encouraged by this, I pull the bra cup down far enough to slip your nipple into my mouth and reach over to give your right breast the same treatment. Softly, you moan again, and your nipples get as hard as gumdrops and stand up pointing out into the air, like they’re reaching out, almost like they’re begging me to not stop what I’m doing.

I reach down and run my finger along the outside of your panties and pull them to the side, spreading your lips open with my fingers. The smell of your arousal reaches my nostrils as I push my middle finger inside and discover that you’re already sopping wet! Making my way lower, I slide down to the end of the bed and start licking you with long, agonizingly slow licks. Moaning in your sleep, you instinctively reach your hand down and pull my head tighter into you, mashing my face into your crotch as I still slowly lick you inside and out.

I can hear your breathing getting faster and I know I’m about to wake you, so I pull back and grab my cock and, pushing your panties to the side again, I put the head of it into you. kaçak bahis Feeling me penetrate you wakes you up and I shove my cock all the way in you and hold it there fully encased in your pussy as I lean over you and kiss you deeply. We swirl our tongues around each other, my tongue dancing with your tongue, knowing that you can taste yourself on me and how much that turns you on.

Fully awake and totally aroused now, you thrust your groin up at me, encouraging me to start making love to you. I start thrusting into you harder and harder while holding the kiss. From the combination of the oral stimilation and the harsh pounding, you soon toss your head back and breaking the mutual silence, you chant “Yes, yes, yes” while I’m thrusting into you. I feel you tighten up, and in the glow of the hallway night light, I see your eyes roll back in your head and you let out a long wordless growl at the ceiling, letting it be known that you had just come hard.

I will slow down and let you fall back to earth, then roll you over onto your knees. Knowing what I want, you grab a pillow to support yourself and wrap your arms around it, lean over it and place your butt in the air. I spread your legs, pushed your panties to the side illegal bahis again, and slowly stroke in and out of you from behind while you grind back equally as slowly. I reach around you to play with your nipples as I quicken my pace. I go as deep as I can inside you and fill you up.

I soon lose all control and push in and out as fast and hard as I can. I let go of your nipples and quickly smack you on the ass, causing you to clench up. I spank you for the second, third, and fourth time! Each time the walls of your pussy tighten down, this is enough to send us both over the edge! Finally speaking to you for the first time this evening, I tell you that I’m about to cum and you groan that you are too. In a rush, I start cumming. It’s too much and I can’t take the sensations, so I push as deep as I can and hold it there as I spurt over and over inside of you as you kneel there quivering, and once again you moan out a deep guttural wail of total fulfillment as you cum with me.

With a long sigh, we both collapse in a sweaty heap on the bed, panting while out of breath. I eventually get up and without saying a word I get a wet towel and take off your sweaty, soiled bra and panties and clean us up. With a last long, deep kiss, you back your body up and mold it against mine. I wrap my arm around you and cradle a breast in my hand and we both fall asleep to the sound of the music still softly coming from your iPad beside the bed.

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