The Latticed Gate Ch. 04

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Elle was nervous and extremely cautious when Jake opened the door to his house. She hadn’t expected him to bring her there. He told her to get comfortable as he immediately disappeared towards the kitchen. A nice home-cooked aroma filled the room and her tensions eased a bit but she was fighting off a foreboding sense of being closed off in an unpredictable bear’s lair. She looked around the house that was located on one of the nicer streets a few blocks from Tulane. It was a two-bedroom, Louisiana shotgun-style home. Everything was orderly and neat and she found herself wondering how many other women he had brought there.

Moseying toward the dining room she saw that the table was exquisitely set for two; china, silver, wine and water goblets, cloth napkins and tapered candles in candelabras! It surprised her. While it screamed southern Louisiana etiquette, she never would have pegged a cop let alone a man with Jake’s rough edges to care or appreciate anything remotely genteel.

As she walked back towards the living room she caught her reflection in a gold-inlaid mirror mounted above a three-drawer vestibule table that was cleared except for a combo phone/answering machine and a cobalt antique tray which was where Jake had placed his keys.

Hearing Jake in the kitchen, she stared at herself in the mirror and tried to calm her nerves. The form-fitting deep blue sleeveless mini dress she had worn with flat sandals was simple; she wasn’t overly exposed nor was she overtly covered up. Her dark, thick hair hung to her waist and as she pushed some strands back off of her shoulder, she suddenly remembered the last time Jake had seen her in a dress at The Cat’s Meow and how it had set him off. A cold shiver suddenly streaked through her body.

Suddenly, feeling ominous, she quietly slid open one of the drawers and surveyed its contents; a small box of Kleenex, several books of matches and emergency candles were neatly arranged. Checking the next drawer, it too neatly stored mail that had been organized and a dish of paperclips. Opening the third drawer, she immediately stepped back as if a viper had suddenly popped out. She froze and stared down at his service revolver, a .45 holstered. She sucked in a nervous breath.

“Are you always so nosy?” Jake asked instantly startling her. She turned and looked at him as he walked towards her and closed the drawer.

“No…I’m sorry,” her face flushed with embarrassment. “I was just…” she gazed guiltily to the floor. He moved so close to her his scent was overwhelming her senses. Reflexively, she began to backup but didn’t get far as her backside pressed into the table.

“Just what…?” his voice was so sexy her breath became short. He suddenly grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her towards him and kissed her. Feeling his sensual lips on hers sent tingles through her body but when their tongues met, her knees instantly felt like Jell-o. As he pulled his mouth from hers, he leaned his face into her neck and she heard him suck in a deep breath.

“You smell good,” his deep voice whispered.

“You too,” she replied. Fuck! It had been nine days since that night and every nerve in her body was sparking with desire.

“We’ll sit down in a minute,” he said softly into her ear as his hand slid on the polished cotton of her dress over her ass to the side of her hip and down to her knee where it stopped before making its way up the inside of her thigh.

She gasped.

He nibbled at her neck and suddenly she felt his fingers at the front of her panties caressing her mound, she was about to melt when all of a sudden his hand grabbed the fabric and violently ripped.

“Jake!” she squealed and pushed him off of her as he pulled the panties away from her body and she saw them in his hand. As she stared at that beautiful face and those deep blue eyes, he grinned like a happy cat.

“Why did you do that?” her voice just short of a whine.

“I didn’t give you permission to snoop,” he said amused and cocky only to squeeze her chin, “and this is how I want you dressed for dinner…” he grinned again. “Come on, sit down,” he affably gestured towards the dining room table, “in fact, why don’t you light those candles?” He opened one of the drawers and gave her a book of matches.

With the candles lit, the lights dimmed and dinner served, fresh bread, salad and a rich Shrimp Etoufee’, which was impressive, Elle stared at him as if he was another man altogether. As she took a sip from her wine goblet, she frowned.

“I can’t believe you did all of this for me…?” she said confused. “What’s the catch?”

“Catch?” he asked also taking a sip of his wine.

“When does the other shoe drop?”

He smiled wickedly, “Later.”

“So you’re going to wine me and dine me before…”

“I fuck you!” he finished the sentence. “And you, Elle, have some debts to pay!” he said sinisterly.

“Debts? What debts?”

“We’ll leave that business for the bedroom…”

“No! I want to know now!”

“You’re going to make demands after I’ve been so nice illegal bahis to you…why are you so rude?”

Elle could feel the blood rush to her face, she immediately tucked her forehead into her palm hiding her face. It was rude! Regardless of any future agenda he was toying with he had gone all out with his effort. She could feel those blue eyes boring through her.

“Elle,” she heard him say, his voice low and sexy. “Look at me, Elle…”

She tightened her lips and slowly removed her hand and looked up at him. Fuck, why did he have to be so damned good-looking?

“I don’t know anything about you…we went on one date and you shut down…”

“How do you expect a woman to act when her date is flirting with every woman that walks by?”

“I wasn’t flirting! They were!”

“Right!” she said facetiously. “I saw you and our waitress look at each other, not to mention how the hostess gave you her number.”

“I’ve already told you about the number and the look I gave the waitress was to stay away! I wanted to get to know you!” he said heatedly. “But you just made up your mind who I was and closed off!”

“Why? Why did you want to know me? Why did you even ask me out?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I’m sure you have a woman for every day of the week and every hour of the day, why did you drag me in the mix?”

“Drag you?” he looked hurt. “Goddamnit, Elle, don’t start this shit!” he said angrily.

She immediately fell quiet.

“I thought we already came to an understanding that you and only you would be the woman I fuck. Why do you want to keep throwing this up in my face?”

As she gazed at him she could see he was angry and disappointed.

“I don’t…” her voice was soft, “I’m sorry,” it came out passive. She gazed downward away from his eyes.

Both went quiet. Elle took another sip of her wine.

“Is there anything else I can get you,” he politely asked.

“No, thank you,” she said her eyes still directed downwards.

“Look at me when you talk to me!” he suddenly barked and she flipped her eyes up and gazed into his, which suddenly appeared quite annoyed with her.

“What do you want to know about me?” she quickly asked hoping to redirect his energy which was moving like a wild-fire set on burning everything in its path. She didn’t wait for him to answer, her mouth, like a motor, just took off. “You already know I’m an artist, pretty much full time now. I grew up here, went to Cabrini High, traveled a little after I graduated and then went to UCLA.” She stopped and bit her lip as she waited for him to say something.

“When did you know you were an artist?”

She stared at him, he seemed genuinely interested.

“Since I was little. In school, I always did well, the nuns said I was gifted, but I didn’t really get serious until I was sixteen.”

“What happened when you were sixteen…that made you serious?”

She froze and gazed at him, she looked down as if thinking about it was difficult.

“My father died,” she finally said.

“Is your mother alive?”

“No, she died an hour after I was born…complications…”

As Elle looked up at him, his eyes went easy, almost compassionate.

“So we have that in common, both parents deceased…do you have siblings?”

“No, I’m an only child.”

“Another commonality….you said you were on a business trip in Los Angeles, what kind of business?”

“I had an art show…an exhibition of my work and other regional artists around the country.”

“How long did you live in L.A.?”

“Four years.”

“Did you have a boyfriend?”

Elle suddenly became quiet. Why was he asking her that, what did that have to do with the price of tea in China?

“You can’t answer?”

“Yes. I did!” it came out touchy.

“How long were you with him?”

“Three years.”

“Did you see him while you were there last week?”


“Why did you break up?”

“Why are you interrogating me?” she huffed.

“Why. Did. You. Break. Up?” he raised his voice enunciating each word.

“Because I found him fucking another girl in our bed,” she yelled, “something I would imagine you’d be quite familiar with!” she impudently spewed.

He jumped up from the chair so fast, it crashed to the floor. He angrily grabbed her arm squeezing it hard and without saying a word, he dragged her down the hallway into his bedroom.

Elle was scared, really scared. She had incited him. He had already told her she had debts to pay and that was when he was calm, now all of sudden he had switched into that dark ire.

Two small lamps on night tables lit the room. The colors were deep browns and blacks and it felt like a dark cavern. A man’s room! It wasn’t especially wide, but it was deep so that the bed which was huge, she was guessing a California king, framed by the two night stands took up one end of the room, while a chest of drawers, a small seating area and a flat screen mounted on the wall were at the opposite end.

As he let go of her he roughly manhandled her, twisting illegal bahis siteleri her around so that she was facing the bed. She wanted to run but really there was no point; it hadn’t helped her the last time, so she just stood there and watched him sit at the foot of the bed while he angrily glared at her.

“Take off your clothes,” he ordered.

“No!” she defiantly retorted.

“You have two choices,” he barked. “Take off your clothes or I will strip you naked and you will fare much worse!”

She began to tremble. Shit, he was crazy! He was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! She could barely step out of her sandals. Fumbling with the zipper of her dress, she quickly unzipped and stepped out of it, but feeling exposed she modestly held it in front of her vagina which he had already stripped bare.

“Drop the dress and take off the bra,” he directed; his voice a little less angry.

She closed her eyes and was shaking like a leaf as she complied with his orders and dropped the dress to the floor, only to unclasp her bra and pull it away from her breasts. As she stood naked in front of him, she felt shameful.

“Now look at me!”

She looked at him, while internally shivering with fear.

“There are things you need to know about me and remember,” he said in a no nonsense voice. “First. The next time you leave town I want to know in advance. I’m not saying you have to ask my permission to leave, but I need to know! Second. If you ever hang up on me again, or don’t return my calls, I’ll find you and when I do I will make your ass sting! Do you understand?”

She meekly nodded even though it pissed her off that he was talking to her like she was some stupid little school girl he could manipulate.

“I want to hear an answer!”

“Yes!” she yelled with an impertinent attitude.

Suddenly he was standing in front of her and had a hold of her hair pulling it so tight, she could feel the strands disengage from her scalp.

“Did you raise your voice to me?”

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” She whined.


“I’m sorry,” she quickly said. He released her hair and circled around her before slapping one of her breasts. She flinched.

“This morning, you purposely, intentionally,” he emphasized, “called me an ass in front of my partner and your friend…”

Oh shit, she thought, this is where it was all coming from!

“What did I tell you I was going to do to you if you ever called me an ass again?”

She remained quiet.

“Answer me!” he shouted.

“That you’d fuck me!” she angrily shouted back. Whack! He slapped her other breast.

“Don’t push me, Elle! I’d advise you to lose the attitude,” he warned and continued, “Fuck you where?”

“In the ass…”


“Hard!” Tears were now welling in her eyes and she couldn’t stop them as they leaked out and slid down her face.

“Don’t start with the tears, they won’t help you!”

“I hate you!” she hissed defiantly.

Suddenly, he grabbed her jaw hard and forced her to her knees only to undo his pants and pull out his dick. He pressed her face onto his dick.

“Keep it in your mouth until you can talk to me like you like me!” He growled.

Holding the back of her head, he pulled her mouth on and off of him forcing her to take his girth and length. The tears were still coming down her face and she started to gag.

Grabbing her hair he pulled her off of him, saliva dribbling from the edge of her mouth. Gazing at her face, now stained with salty tears, he squatted in front of her pulled her face to his and softly and sensually licked the tears from her face, only to tongue the saliva from her mouth. His actions made her body ache with desire.

“Why do you want me to do this to you?” he asked his voice a bit softer.

“I don’t!”

“But you do…why do you have to be so goddamned confrontational?”

She didn’t answer, just kept her eyes trained to the floor. She blanched when he rose to his feet. She saw him walk behind her towards the opposite end of the room only to return directly in front of her. She could feel his eyes all over her. Still kneeling naked in front of him, the humiliation was getting the better of her.

“Give me your hands,” he said. She extended both towards him. Suddenly, both wrists were being cuffed. She tried to pull away but he grabbed the middle of the cuffs and pulled her to her feet.

Her jaw tightened in fury and she set a rebellious gaze on him.

“You want to hurt me?” he asked almost as a challenge. He suddenly shoved her face down on the bed and grabbed her cuffed wrists and attached them to hook that hung over a bar that appeared embedded in the mahogany headboard.

The tears now silently slid down her face. When he roughly parted her legs, her legs kicked and flailed. He slapped her ass hard!

“Don’t make me tie your legs down! Leave them open,” he growled as he roughly spread them. She wanted to resist, but she felt broken and surrendered into stillness.

Her lower body leapt when his fingers unexpectedly canlı bahis siteleri nestled into her pussy. She was wet with desire.

“Do you hate me, Elle?” He asked as several fingers pierced her vagina. Her body responded excitedly.

“Yes!” she yelled angrily, the fight still in her, but the way his fingers began to pump her didn’t support her answer in the least.

“And I suppose you hate how I’m treating you?”

“Yes!” she whined.

“Then explain why you’re so wet?”

Before she could answer, his face was pushed between her legs and his tongue wiped across her vagina, before slithering inside her tight walls, licking and slurping her flowing female juices.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned in desperation, the sensation was overwhelming.

Pushing her hips upwards, he maneuvered himself onto his back so that her pussy sat directly over his face, his tongue darting and wiping across her clit.

Ohhhhh, she whined excitedly as her clit pressed hard to his mouth and he suddenly began to suck at the bulb. Elle thought she would lose her mind, the sensation was so intense. Her body grinded against his mouth begging for his skill, until her sensitive clit could no longer stand it and an arc of ecstasy banked inside her and she screamed in sheer rapture. The orgasm rippled intensely hard through her body.

As she trembled in utter motility, Jake slid from under her.

Although in a fog, she heard him unbuckle his belt and pull it away from its belt loops. Suddenly, the cool leather slid enticingly slow across her ass. Her body tensed in alarm. She knew he was in a dark place and she quickly realized he was going to whip her. She shuddered at the thought.

“I think I’d like to see your ass flinch as its being strapped, but because it’s such a beautiful ass I’ll give you a choice,” he said, nothing but wickedness coming from his voice. She could feel him kneel on the bed behind her. He parted her ass cheeks and oiled the tight ridge circling her anus.

“Jake, don’t do this, please,” she begged hard.

“Please? You should have thought about the consequences before you started mouthing off, Elle,” he said sinisterly. Suddenly the leather of the belt was pressed flat to her anus. That he was torturing her and arousing her at the same time brought more tears to her eyes.

“Your choice, cher, and you should be grateful that I’m offering you one…would you rather feel your ass strapped,” he asked dripping more oil onto the ringed entry of her ass only to provocatively guide the tip of the leather to her tightly ringed hole which recoiled at the contact. “Or would you rather feel the strap in your ass, what’s your preference?” he posed only to pull, allowing the hard leather to glide back over her ass cheeks. “What’s it going to be, Elle?”

At that moment, two fucked up choices in front of her, Elle felt vanquished; defeated!

“In my ass,” she cried out, her face wracked with emotion.

Suddenly, she felt the tip, folded lengthwise penetrate her ass like a slippery serpent. Her ass tensed. She didn’t know how much of it he planned to press into her, only that at the moment, perhaps two inches had been inserted as it was wiggled around, slowly pushed and pulled, titillating her senses. She could feel her pussy suddenly become more wet with the intensified stimulation which made her ass begin to swivel with arousal. She was ashamed at how bizarre it was yet how good it felt.

“That’s it, cher, keep doing that. Ready that ass for me,” Jake said only to straddle her back. He grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled hard bringing her face up off the bed.

“You could’ve avoided this, Elle, but then I would’ve never known how much you like it…”

“I don…” she began but his mouth smothered hers as his tongue savagely forced its way in. Now, feeling her body becoming crazy with desire, she easily responded. The excitement pulsed not only through her sex organ, but also in her ass.

When he pulled his mouth from hers, still holding onto her hair he pressed her face back against the bed and rose off of her. She heard him unzip his pants and take off his shirt. She squeezed her eyes shut.

“Open your eyes and look at me,” he commanded. When she opened them, he was standing at the side of the bed directly in front of her stroking his oiled cock. She hated how he was so goddamned arrogant, but damn, he looked good. “Where is this going, Elle?”

She frowned, determined not to answer.

“Don’t make me angry anymore…where is it going?” he asked again.

“My ass…”

“Good girl,” he said. At that very moment it clicked in her head and the tears began to flow.

Jake mounted her from behind. Slowly and sensually withdrawing the belt edge out of her ass only to oil it again, he stuffed three of his fingers inside. Her sphincter muscle tightened and her body was overcome with sensation, wild erotic, nasty sensations.

“I want your ass to grab my dick like its grabbing my fingers,” he crooned excitedly, only to rescind them and position the tip of his dick against her hole. He pressed into her.

Her ass didn’t readily accept the intrusion.

“You either relax and open for me, or I will force it in!” he gruffly ordered. “I don’t want to hurt you, Elle…don’t make me hurt you!”

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