The Lesson


A flash of memory: A modest slap on my bare butt brings me back to awareness. I’m breathing I’ve just run a mile, except that I seem to be lying across the thighs of a woman, on a love seat. Her fingers are gently massaging my G-spot, giving me total-body aftershocks. Across the room on the sofa, I hear my best friend Sarah in the throes of orgasm. A quick glance between my aftershocks lets me see the black hair of the woman between her thighs, apparently licking her very well. “Miriam, how long have we been best friends?” Sarah grabbed my arm, stopping me in the middle of the park, and turned toward me. “I don’t know, exactly. Maybe third grade?” She smiled. “Yeah, except for that time in eighth grade when we were fighting over Darren O’Connor. Who dumped us both. We swore we’d never let a mere boy get between us again.” I sighed. “And we haven’t. Boyfriends in college. Both married 12 years, kids in school and sports, crazy lives, we still do our girls’ night out every month.” “And our weekend in the city twice a year,” she agreed. “And our weekly bitch sessions online.” She laughed. “About how our guys never have sex with us, and we should just get together and do it. We always wanted to. Except we never will; it would feel too much like incest by now.” I smiled, blushed a bit, and shrugged, and we resumed our stroll around the park. “How long until we have to meet the guys and the kids?” “The skating session goes until three,” she replied. I glanced at my watch. “Another half hour. We should start walking there now.” “Let’s take the shortcut through the woods. It’s quieter there and fewer people around.” I grinned. “And why should that matter?” She flushed just a bit and grinned back. “I have something I want to show you.” “Oh?” She put her finger to her lips. Clearly, she was enjoying holding back on this. She linked her arm through mine and walked a little faster until we got to the edge of the woods. “You know how we keep saying that we’re too close to do the nasty together?” I glanced at her, blushed, and looked away. She was outstandingly beautiful today with her new short haircut, like Audrey kaçak iddaa Hepburn in her gamine phase, or Halle Berry. “Uh huh,” was all I could manage. “I think I found a solution!” I stared at her for a second, then looked down. She was pulling a slip of paper out of her pocket. Best Friend Exchange Club! shouted the headline. I read aloud: “Want to borrow a best friend for a romantic night? We might trade.” There was an anonymous-looking email address and nothing more. “Where did you find this?” “A friend of a friend pinned it to her Shareboard account.” “So?” She hesitated, then blurted, “So I wrote her. Here’s the reply.” She gave me a second slip of paper. Best Friends Exchange Club! We are a pair of best friends who have talked about love between women for years, but have been too cautious or cowardly to actually do it. Then we heard about the Best Friends Exchange Club, met other best friends, and our lives changed forever in a single night. Now we’d like to meet one or two other pairs of best friends for mutual friendship and maybe more. Definitely no pressure! A nice supper, a little wine, and let’s see what happens. It was signed Janet and Chris. I looked at her again. “So?” I repeated. She looked around at the wooded area we’d stopped in, and lowered her voice. “So I chatted with Chris for a few minutes the other night. Told her a little about us. She said we sounded like her and Janet. They did an exchange with another pair of friends a few months ago. No, they haven’t gotten together with each other, but they both say the sex with their husbands got a lot better.” I gaped at her for a moment. “Did they tell their husbands?” “Janet did. Chris hasn’t. Yet.” I thought. “Jay would probably think it was hot. Of course, he’d want to be there.” “Of course. So would Jimmie. Chris said the ‘no husbands’ rule needed to be strict.” “Gosh, Sarah, how do you even know that Janet and Chris are women?” She grinned. “I did a video chat with Chris. She flashed me for a few seconds. Definitely not a guy in those panties.” She blushed again. “Or out of them. She also showed me a picture of Janet.” “Nude?” kaçak bahis I gaped. “No, just a head shot with some cleavage. They’re both really pretty, by the way.” “Hmm.” My heart was pounding. “How would it work?” “We would all get together for supper in a restaurant. If we were comfortable enough, we’d rent a suite in a hotel nearby.” I hesitated, then spoke slowly, in a whisper. “We might be able to do it during our spring city weekend.” She grinned. “I told her that. She said that was their first choice weekend too.” “God, Sarah, you really took a risk with this.” “I know, Miriam. But I really want to do this, and I can’t do it without you.” We walked silently for a few moments. “Are you going to tell Jimmie?” “Probably.” She shrugged. “But maybe not until after. What about you?” I swallowed. “Sarah. Stop. I haven’t even agreed to this yet.” She squeezed my arm, and started us walking again. “Yes, you have. You just don’t know it yet. Maybe.” She was right. Of course I would do it. Another tiny flash: I am kneeling on the soft carpet before the love seat, between thin but muscly thighs. A little rose tattoo on the inner left thigh, just below the fold. Soft strawberry blonde curls on her mound. Lips glistening. Total scent of arousal. I kiss my way up to the tattoo, feel the soft ends of her hairs tickling my cheek. I look into her eyes; she is lusting, impatient, breathing shallowly. Can I do this? Her right hand weaves into my short curly hair, directing me to her center. I taste a woman’s arousal for the first time, as she sighs. My heart was pounding as we got out of the cab. I was a bit unstable as we got to the curb. Sarah had insisted that we stop for a couple of drinks before coming to the hotel restaurant. Chris met us at the door. “Sarah! So nice to meet you at last.” She was a short wiry redhead with a ton of freckles, a mischievous smile and a gymnast’s body. She stood on tiptoes to give Sarah a little peck on the cheek, then turned to give my hand a warm squeeze. “And you must be Miriam. You’re just as nice as Sarah said. We’re all in a quiet alcove way in the back.” She turned to illegal bahis lead us in. “You didn’t tell me how pretty she was,” I whispered to Sarah. Sarah just grinned at me, winked and mouthed, “yes I did” at me, and gently held my arm to keep me steady on my heels. Moments later we were in the back of the restaurant. “Miriam, Sarah, I want you to meet my best friend Janet.” Chris continued to stare across the table at me as we took our seats. I caught myself staring back at her; she looked strangely familiar, or maybe reminiscent of my fantasies the last few weeks. Janet raised her wine glass. “To new friends and new adventures,” she toasted. -*- Dinner was light, salads and fish, fruit for dessert, and a few glasses of wine. The butterflies were starting to settle in my stomach when Janet spoke up. “So, welcome to our new friends. I’d like to make sure everybody is in agreement with a few simple rules, and then we can adjourn to the suite for introductions. First, of course, ‘no’ means ‘no’. I don’t think anybody will have any trouble with this, but I heard about a bad problem at another club meeting, and wanted to make sure we don’t have any issues. Even if someone says ‘yes’ and changes her mind, when she says ‘no’ please stop.” We all nodded. “Second, no jealousy. Please let your best friend explore without you if she wants.” Sarah and I turned, smiled reassuringly at each other. She winked. “Third, no photos or videos. None of us wants to end up on the Internet or in your home porn collection. Whatever happens here stays among us.” Chris, on my other side, muttered “What happens in Vegas…” I met her eyes and winked at her. “Last, have fun! If you’re not having fun, find someone to have fun with.” We clinked glasses once more and without another word, gathered our things and left the restaurant, heading through the lobby to the elevator. The elevator operator stared at each of us in turn before asking our floor and whisking us to the top. The doors opened onto a foyer with a single entrance, and Janet swiftly opened it with the key, ushering us into a large sitting area. There was an assortment of comfortable sofas and love seats, plush carpet, and a little wet bar. At one end was a king-sized bed, and enormous floor-to-ceiling windows gave a view of the night skyline. We sat facing each other.

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