The Libertine Pt. 02

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Previously: Six hypersexual eighteen-year-old girls are forced by their families to attend Gethsemane Academy in an effort to repress their powerful sexual desires. They find themselves alone on a yacht with a mysterious man who calls himself BD, bound for an unknown island somewhere beyond the Caribbean Sea, where they learn the shocking truth about the academy’s true purpose.

* * * * *

I tossed and turned, sleeping fitfully, and came awake at dawn’s first light.

We’d traveled another eight nautical miles while I slept, battling against the strong current, with a thousand miles still to go. It was a risk to let the ship motor unattended, but there was no other choice. I needed the rest. Concerned I might fall asleep again if I stayed in bed, I dressed and headed upstairs.

Empty wine cooler bottles, dirty cups, candy and chip wrappers, and cigarette butts littered the patio and salon. The lasers and strobe still flashed, but the music was turned low. From the foredeck, I heard soft voices. Then, a short time later, laughter carried down from the flybridge above. Some of the girls were still awake, and at least one of them had already broken my rule. I exited the salon through one of the slider walls to check the foredeck first.

As I came around the corner, I discovered Tabitha and Tracy cuddled together on the giant foredeck lounger. Tabitha leaned back with her legs spread, one knee drawn up, with Tracy leaning against her, kissing and stroking the inside of her thigh. Tracy’s tank top was pulled up to her neck, and Tabitha ran her fingers through Tracy’s short fine hair and drew lazy circles across her belly and breasts. Tabitha was mid-sentence and spoke in a low, dreamy voice.

“…and I just want to, like, feel all of them inside of me at once, you know? Like, all of those dicks sliding in and out of me, over and over.”

“Mm-hmm,” Tracy murmured and planted tiny kisses on Tabitha’s thigh.

The two girls hovered in that special twilight of ecstasy use, long after the intense psychoactive peak had waned, where energetic euphoria gave way to deep emotional connection. Their minds, hearts, and bodies were opened to one another, seeking to form bonds of fellowship, craving sensory stimulation and physical contact, and compelling an almost overwhelming desire to commune and share openly and freely with one another. A trance-like state where inhibitions and self-doubt melted away to expose the core of one’s true self.

I thought to turn around and leave them, but I became enthralled by the topic of their discussion. Instead of departing, I stood quietly and eavesdropped on their conversation.

“I really want to have one of them in my…in, like, my pussy and one in my ass and one in my mouth. All going at the same time. And I want them to move around from my pussy to my ass or even two at the same time. Yeah…like, it would be perfect if two guys put their dicks in my pussy and another two guys put their dicks in my ass, all going at the same time, and then I could try to suck two dicks at once and, like, jack off two other guys. All at the same time.”

“Wow,” Tracy breathed. “I totally want a guy to put it in my butt some day,” she added after a few moments.

Tabitha covered one of Tracy’s small breasts and dragged her fingernails up to her nipple. Then she traced her fingertip around her puffy areole.

“Have you ever done it that before? Anal?”

“No…not with a boy.”

“Do you, like, ever put things in there?”

“Mm, a lot,” Tracy admitted.

“I do, too. My mom has, like, this really big dildo she hides from my dad, but I found it and sometimes I use it when she’s not home. I like to go back and forth between my pussy and my butt and then suck on it.”

“Mm-hmm…that sounds nice.”

“What’s your favorite kind of sex?” Tabitha asked.

“I really love giving blowjobs.”


“Yeah. It makes me really horny. There’s just nothing better in the world. Like, there’s this guy who lives next door and I go over just to suck him off sometimes. Then he shoots his stuff in my mouth and I swallow it. I just love that so much.”

“Do you, like, ever have sex with him?” Tabitha asked. She gently pinched and rolled Tracy’s puffy nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

“We did at first, but not anymore. He said he’s afraid I might, like, get pregnant or something. Plus, he’s totally scared of my dad, but I think he’s just lazy. He just wants me to suck his dick while he plays video games and talks to his friends, and after he shoots it in my mouth, he usually tells me to leave.”

“But he could put it in your butt,” Tabitha noted. “Like anal and stuff. I don’t think you can, like, get pregnant or anything from butt sex.” She pinched Tracy’s nipple and tugged on it.

“I’m not sure either, but I’m too afraid to ask him now. He might stop letting me come over to suck him off,” Tracy rationalized, then she hissed when Tabitha pulled too hard.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Tracy. Did that hurt?”

“No, it’s okay. I like it. It feels illegal bahis really good,” she said and Tabitha resumed caressing her breasts while Tracy planted tiny kisses on Tabitha’s inner thigh.

I decided I’d intruded on their conversation enough and turned to leave.

“What do you think about BD?” Tracy asked, and I turned right back around.

“What do you mean?” Tabitha asked in return.

“Do you think he’s, like, handsome?”

“I…I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“I do,” Tracy said.

“Oh…,” was all Tabitha could think to say in response.

“Yeah. And you can tell he’s, like, really big too.” Her voice was wistful.

“Sure…I guess so…”

“I wish he would ask me to give him a blowjob.” Tracy’s pink tongue snaked out and licked Tabitha’s thigh. “What about you?”

“What do you mean? Like, would I give him a blowjob?”

“Yeah, why not?” Tracy asked. She spread her legs and her short maxi skirt puddled between her thighs.

“I don’t know…he’s, like, you know…kind of old. Like, dad old.”

“So? Like, let’s say he walked up to you…and he unzipped his shorts…and he pulled out his big dick…and he said, ‘Tabitha, I want you to suck my dick.’ You’d say no?”

“I…uh…hmm, I don’t know…,” she said.

Tracy gripped the fabric pooled between her legs and bucked her hips.

“Uh-uh, not me. I’d drop to my knees and open my mouth for him. I’d lick and suck his big dick until he shot it into my mouth and then I’d swallow everything he had to give me. Mmm…”

Dear god. My pulse whooshed in my ears and my cock responded to her confession, swelling with blood. For a brief moment, I contemplated strolling over, but I didn’t want to intrude on their private conversation any more than I already had.

“You would?”

“Mm-hmm, I’ve been thinking about sucking his dick all night. It’s all I can think about.” She hugged Tabitha’s leg and her voice turned sad. “But I don’t think he’d ever ask me. Julia is sooo much prettier than me and she’s got big boobs and you can tell she really likes him. Or Ronky. She wouldn’t stop talking about him.”

“I…yeah…I don’t know…”

Tracy pressed her cherry red lips against Tabitha’s thigh and gently suckled on the soft smooth flesh. Tabitha responded by massaging Tracy’s small breast and tweaking her nipple, which elicited a satisfied hum and another hip grind.

I backed away and returned to the salon, my heart pounding. Their conversation had been so…raw, so honest, that it wound me up. I tried to cool off, but thoughts of Tracy’s full red lips around my cock prevented that. I took a deep breath, then heard murmured conversation and soft laughter coming from up top.

I considered ignoring it, but the fact that my rule had been broken on the very first night didn’t sit well with me. The girls needed to understand that I had rules for a reason, so I quietly ascended the flybridge stairs to confront the rulebreakers.

As I poked my head up through the hatch, I saw Bianca and Ronky in the hot tub, sharing a joint and engaged in hushed but animated conversation. I came around the helm and only then did I notice they were topless. Their backs were to me, and neither noticed as I approached until I was near the edge of the tub .

“Oh, hey, BD,” Ronky said, completely unconcerned. She stood up, giving me a full view of her nude body, and I got the sense from her nonchalance that she’d been waiting all night for me to “catch” her naked in the water. Her eyes fell to my crotch and she noticed the bulge in my shorts. Bianca coughed a cloud of smoke and tried to cover her tits with her arms.

“Hey, what the fuck, pervert!” she screeched. “We’re naked! Get the fuck out of here!”

Ronky flashed her an admonishing look. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m sure he’s seen naked chicks before.” She turned her attention back to me and held out the joint. “Why don’t you come in here and party with us?” she said, eyeing my crotch and smirking.

“He can’t come in here!” Bianca said. Her tone was panicked, a blend of hysteria and embarrassment. “Hey! I told you to get the fuck out of here!” She finally noticed my erection. “Ugh, gross! You’re such a fucking perv.”

I looked between the two girls, a stern expression on my face.

“Rule three,” I said, and Ronky laughed.

“Oh, come ON! Are you fucking serious, dude? Look, stop fucking around, okay? Just take your clothes off and come in here with me. Bianca, you can leave if you want.”

Bianca stared at Ronky, incredulous, and was about to say something but I cut her off.

“Yes, I’m serious. I told you, the flybridge is off limits unless I say otherwise.” I shot her a glare. “This is the second time you’ve broken my rules, Veronica. Do it again, and there will be consequences.”

Her mouth came open, then she closed it and put a hand on her ample hip, a wry smile on her lips.

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Trust me, you don’t want to find out. Come on, now. Out.” Ronky tossed the joint into the water where illegal bahis siteleri it died with a sizzle.

“Man…what a fucking buzz kill,” she muttered and climbed out of the hot tub. She stood in front of me, defiant. Then she shook her hair, dowsing me with water.

“Oops, sorry.” She stepped closer and brushed her fingertip lightly against my shaft. “Dude, you don’t know what you just missed out on.” She slipped on her cover up, scooped up her bikini, and headed for the stairs.

“You too, Bianca. Out.”

“Get out of here!” she screamed.

I crossed my arms. “Now.”

She scoffed and carefully climbed out of the tub, struggling to cover her big tits with her arms. Unlike Ronky, she still wore her bikini bottoms. She snatched her top off the deck as she hustled to the stairs, and I barely heard her call me a fucking asshole as she disappeared into the salon. The mess wasn’t as bad up here and I figured I’d have the girls clean it up later.

I descended to the galley to make some coffee and eat a bowl of cereal, then returned to the salon with a hot mug to man the primary helm. Ronky stood at the bar, pouring herself another drink.

“If you’re not planning to go to sleep soon, would you please clean up a bit?” I asked as I sank into the leather captain’s chair and transferred ship’s control to the station.

She sidled over, her cover-up hanging open, and stood before me with a drink in her hand.

“Hey, for real. What’s the story?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I checked the GPS.

She looked around. “There’s no one else here, dude,” she said, then lowered her voice. “Hey, it’s totally cool. I’ve fucked lots of older guys before.”

“I know.”

“You…how do you know?”

“I know everything there is to know about you, Veronica.”

She chewed on the inside of her cheek, thinking about how to respond to that. I took the opportunity to study the radar. There were scattered showers ahead but nothing strong. It would be relatively smooth cruising today.

“Forget about it. I don’t care. I’ve got nothing to hide.” She opened her cover-up to prove her point. “Come on, don’t you want to fuck me? Or here, how about if I just suck your dick,” she said, trying to swivel my chair. I grabbed her hand.

“I…appreciate the offer. I really do. But I have work to do. Will you please help me out? The place is a mess, okay? I understand you weren’t the only one partying last night, but if you’d just clean up some of it, that would be a huge help. I’ll have the other girls chip in when they wake up. Will you do that for me, Veronica? Please?”

She’d held her breath and when she finally inhaled, her breath was stuttered. I thought, for just a second, she might cry.

“I really like it when you call me Veronica,” she said in a husky voice.

It must have been the ecstasy. Even I sometimes got emotional on the come down over relatively minor things. I smiled and squeezed her hand and she smiled back.

“Okay,” she said, “I’ll stop bothering you. For now. But just know, the offer stands.” She leaned in. “I’ll be thinking about you when I’m rubbing my pussy later,” she whispered before pulling away and my pulse quickened once again.

* * * * *

While Ronky cleaned, I studied our course. We would travel south for several days before turning east, threading between Grenada and Trinidad. After that, it was a straight shot to the island, a couple hundred miles off the coast of Guyana and Suriname.

Ronky made short work of the mess, cleaning most of the trash and running empty cups down to the galley. When she finished, she plopped down onto the large u-shaped sectional. I peeked out the forward window. Tabitha and Tracy had fallen asleep on the foredeck, cuddled in each other’s arms. I fixed a drink at the bar and strolled toward the stern.

Ronky reclined on the couch, masturbating, her chubby pale legs spread. She moved her fingers slowly over her pussy and massaged her small tits. When she saw me, she smiled and beckoned me with a finger.

“Come over here and fuck me,” she said.

Watching Ronky lay there, so completely uninhibited, pleasuring herself without a concern in the world, was incredibly erotic and I felt a resurgence in my shorts. She used both hands to lewdly pull her labia open and rubbed her clit, her eyes focused on my growing bulge. She paused to lick her fingers and smeared saliva over her turgid nodule.

“Did you happen to look under your mattress yet?” I asked. She slowed down but didn’t stop playing with herself.

“You want to go to my room? Yeah, we can do that.”

“No. I asked if you looked underneath your mattress yet.”

She appeared confused. “No…why?”

I shrugged. “You might like what you find.”

Ronky slowed to a stop, curious, and then stood and hurried downstairs. I continued out onto the open deck and stared out over the stern of the ship, mesmerized by the frothy white foam churning behind the yacht and the twin, v-shaped wakes trailing behind us. From horizon to horizon, nothing canlı bahis siteleri but deep blue water. I took a sip of whiskey and breathed deeply.

A few minutes later, Ronky returned with a bottle of lube and a large dildo.

“I didn’t realize there was storage under the bed. Did you put all that stuff in there?”

She resumed her spot on the couch to lube up the dildo. I nodded. One point two million dollars buys a lot of sex toys.

“I already told you, Veronica, I know you and I know what you want. I know what all of you want. This trip is going to be…special for you and the other girls. There’s something here for everyone.”

Ronky rubbed her hand over the dildo, spreading lube and jacking it off.

“Mm-hmm, something for everyone. Got it,” she said under her breath. She leaned back and placed the head of the dildo between her legs, parting her labia with her fingers. It slid in easily and she took a sharp breath.

“Oh, f-fuck yes…,” she whispered.

She pushed and pulled, probing deeper with every thrust, until she fucked herself with long, deep strokes. I sat on the other end of the couch to watch, kicking my feet up on the table and draping my arm over the back of the seat. She stared at me while she fucked herself with the large, blue phallus, plunging it into her eager cunt over and over. Her breathing quickened and she bucked her hips, trying to stuff it inside even deeper.

The plunging dildo made a soft, moist smacking sound, a combination of her slick vaginal secretions mixing with the lubricant. Her shallow breaths came in short gasps and her eyes narrowed to half-lids. She must have been pent up and very aroused, because she rapidly approached her orgasm.

“Hey, slow down,” I said.

“Why?” she asked but slowed anyway.

“You’re going to cum way too fast.”

She plunged the dildo slowly and deeply and I could actually hear her wet pussy gripping the rubbery dick.

“But I want to cum.”

I shrugged. “But then it’ll be over too quick,” I said, and she nodded slowly.

“I get it. This is your thing, right?” she asked. “You like to watch?” She leaned back and spread her legs wider, gripping the dildo with both hands. “You want to watch me fuck myself.”

“I think you want me to watch,” I countered.

“I do. I’d love it if you watched me.” While she fucked herself with the dildo, she studied my reaction. “It should be you inside my pussy right now,” she said in a husky voice. “Don’t you want it to be? Don’t you want to fuck me right now? Fill me up with your cum?”

She could tell I did. My cock laid like a log across my lap, straining to be free of my shorts. I controlled my breathing and took another sip of whiskey. She increased her pace, the dildo moving faster and faster. As it picked up speed, her breathing quickened in response. Her mouth opened and she made high pitched noises from the back of her throat. She was going to climax if she kept it up.

“Slow down.”

She opened her eyes and smiled, but she slowed down. Beads of sweat formed on her brow and on her acne-covered chest. She hooked her arm behind her knee and pulled as far back as she could, spreading her legs wider. Her small brown asshole winked with every thrust of the dildo.

“Take your cock out,” she said. “I want to look at it while I fuck myself.”

I took another sip but didn’t move.

“Please…I get that you don’t want to fuck me for some reason, but you can at least do that for me, right? Just let me look at it.”

“You saw it last night, remember?”

“Yes!” she hissed. “I did and I wanted it sooo bad.” She plunged the dildo into her pussy faster. Her breathing increased as she visualized me naked in her mind’s eye. Once more, she was on the verge of cumming.

“Slow down, Veronica.”

She dropped her leg and grunted in frustration, but she slowed down.

“Ugh! But I want to cum,” she whined. “I can’t stand it,” and even as she said it, she started going faster again.

“That would be a shame,” I said.

“You won’t fuck me and you won’t let me see your cock and you won’t let me cum. Why are you doing this to me?” she asked, straining to hold herself back.

I stood up and stretched, accentuating the outline of my cock, its thick shaft and large ridged head pressed tight against the thin material. A spot of precum darkened the front of my shorts. She stared at it and fucked herself faster. The large dildo disappeared into her eager pussy over and over again. She panted. Her mouth opened and her face screwed up. She squeezed her eyes shut. Once more, she was on the verge of an orgasm.

“Veronica, don’t!”

This time, it was spoken as a command.

Her eyes opened and she let out a long breath. She panted and looked like she might cry.

“Why?” she demanded to know. I fixed her with a stern look and held up a finger.

“Rule one.”

She slowed almost to a stop and thought. “Wait, which one is rule one again?” she asked, and then she remembered. “Oh…”

She flopped her head back on a cushion and gasped for breath. Then she draped one arm over her head and slowed to a crawl, pulling the dildo out of her aching pussy until just the tip remained inside, only to slowly push it back in. I walked to the bar and poured more whiskey.

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