The Lingerie Party

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Our story begins with nine women in a large room sitting around in sexy lingerie talking about their sexual conquests. The women, Rebecca Springs, Shelly Francis, Donna Flowers, Paula Auden, Christine Victoria, Clarise Dean, Yvette Holloway, Lauren Ramsey, and Sheryl Brown all arrived at around the same time. The oldest Yvette Holloway who was a Cabaret dancer in Paris during WW2 went first. She was still stunning at age 72.

Her story goes back to WW2. She was dancing in the Cabaret and met a twenty two year old gentleman. He was an English spy named Darien Baldwin. She was dancing and Darien came in and though, he had plenty of girls to choose from he couldn’t keep his eyes of Yvette. She had grown up both in the U.S. and Paris. Her mother married a U.S. Serviceman during WW1, Sergeant Frank Holloway. Her mothers name was Gabriella Cantona. Yvette wanted to live in paris and so did her mother so Sergeant Holloway complied in 1938. At the time Yvette was 13 and studying ballet. When WW2 began Sergeant Holloway enlisted in the French armed forces. He was killed trying to defend France from the German Blitzkrieg. At 16 young Yvette got a job in the Cabaret and soon became a star. On the night she met Darien Baldwin she had just tossed her bra into the crowd. When she saw Darien studying her ever curve in awe. After her performance she put on a robe and walked over to his table and introduced herself.

Yvette Holloway- I’m Yvette.

Darien Baldwin- My names Darien. Can we go someplace quiet.

Yvette Holloway- Sure, we can go up to my apartment.

Darien Baldwin- That would be fine.

When they arrived in her apartment.

Darien Baldwin- Listen I’m an English Spy and I need you to get this message to the French resistance.

Yvette Holloway- I want the Nazi’s out as bad as you do. I have friend who can get you out safe with the message.

Darien Baldwin- Thank you, I also wanted to ask you if you would like to dance. You are the sexiest dancer on that stage.

Yvette Holloway- I get my looks from my mother.

Darien Baldwin- My full name is Darien Edgar Baldwin. Edgar was my fathers name.

Yvette Holloway- Darien is a sexy name. My last name is Holloway.

Darien Baldwin- your father was American.

Yvette Holloway- Yes, but my mother is French.

Darien Baldwin- come with me to the underground. I’m being sent to the States.

Yvette Holloway- I can’t, my mother is here.

Darien Baldwin- Then give me one night to remember you by.

Yvette Holloway- I’d like that. Your a sweet young man.

Yvette undressed showing Darien her who sexy body as he pulled her warm body close to his. They made love to each other by candlelight. Darien kissing her legs, arms, breasts, neck, and forehead. Yvette holding on tight wanting just to hold Darien forever and feel his loving hands upon her body. She sat on top of his cock under the sheets. They wrapped blankets around each other as they fucked. The next morning Yvette found her friend and got Darien safely to the Underground. They parted with a kiss. 9 months later Yvette had a baby boy who she named Darien Jr. All she had to remember Darien Baldwin his father by was a tattered old photo taken the night they met. She tried and tried to find Darien again and he tried to find her. Both thought the other was dead. Darien was now 76 years old. He lived in New York but had traveled to Los Angeles to look up an old war Buddy. For no reason at all he asked his buddy Max Crow to see the phone book. He found in it a Miss Yvette Holloway and told Max about it.

Max Crow- I think you should check it ou.

Darien Baldwin- I will.

SO Darien set out in search of Miss Yvette Holloway. Neither one of them had ever married. Yvette was at her next door neighbors Paula Auden for the party. Yvette was wearing a luxorious terry-lined satin robe in a rich paisley print of mind calf length. The next one to tell her story was Paula Auden. Who at 22 was the youngest of the nine women. She had a beautiful body and loved to put her hair in a ponytail. She originally was in Illinois but moved to California with her boyfriend she had met him on a trip to Ohio. His name was Chad Vincent. Chad was also 22 and was a personal trainer at Guido Ricardo’s Health Club. Guido took over the business from it’s previous owner after faithfully working for the man for twenty years. Chad was 6-3 and 230 pounds. He had short dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes and firm muscles all over. Chad took over for Guido as Head personal trainer when Guido took over the business two illegal bahis years ago. But Chad left for California with Paula. She talks about this night about the 1st weekend they spent together. Paula was in Ohio on Business and went looking for a fitness club. She happened to know of the one Chad worked at. See he told her about it in one of his letters to her. Paula didn’t tell Chad she was coming in. She figured to surprise him with a visit. She paid the woman at the front desk the daily workout fee for non members. She rode the stationary bike first, she had on a pair of skintight white workout shorts and a kiwi sport bra top. She saw Chad walk by and decided to change into something sexier to workout in. So she put on a black bike unitard. She saw Chad again and asked him to help her workout. He was shocked to see Paula. She was so sexy he just wanted to make slow passionate love to her. It was 7 in the evening on a Friday night when she arrived. The club closed at 9 but Chad closed up and usually stayed until at least 10 to relax in the Whirlpool.

Paula Auden- So Chad will you work me out.

Chad Vincent- Yes, I’m just surprised to see you.

Paula Auden- I though I’d come here and shock you.

Chad Vincent- don’t worry, I know just how we will spend tonight.

Paula Auden- I hope you do, because I just want to feel your body next to mine.

Guido Ricardo- So Chad who is this lovely lady.

Chad Vincent- My date for tonight and another new Client.

Guido Ricardo- keep up the good work and you might someday just break my record.

Guido leaves back to the office and Chad begins to work out with Paula until closing. Then she showers and meets him in the Whirlpool. He goes over to her puts his arm around her and begins to kiss her shoulder. Then he began kissing her breasts and rubbing her pussy. They got out of the Whirlpool and changed. Paula put on a leopard print mini dress and Chad put on a pair of parachute pants and a sweater. They left the Club arm and arm and Chad drove Paula to his Cabin for the weekend. It was close to Valentines day and very cold. Chad made a fire and the two of them cuddled up under an afghan. Paula had on a hot pink satin negligee and Chad had on a pair of gray boxers and no shirt. Paula was running her soft silky hands all over Chad’s chest, Feeling his bulging muscles. They kissed making it so hot in the Cabin that the windows steamed up. Chad carried Paula to the bed right next to the fire. He turned off the other lighting and they made love by candlelight and firelight. Kissing each other all over. Paula was only halfway through her story. Two men had been outside watching the women through a telescope from across the street. They were Ken Dawson a bald man with glitter on his head and his partner Lance McDowell. They looked at these women with bad intentions in mind. In the meantime Paula continued her story.

Paula and Chad continued to kiss each other by both Candle and firelight. Chad took Paula in his arms caressing her body. He kissed her breasts as he pulled her closer to him. her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed her forehead. Chad then slowly slid his cock into Paula’s waiting pussy. She wrapped her legs around his back and arms around his neck as he kissed her neck all over. They eventually fell asleep under a couple quilts on the floor next to the fire. The next morning Chad made Paula breakfast and afterwards they made love again. That evening they went out to dinner and then went back to Chad’s apartment and made slow sensuous love on his couch.

The next woman to tell her story was Shelly Francis a stripper from Texas who also worked in New York and now was working in California. Her story takes place while trying to get a job in a New York strip club. She was on a New York Radio show about Sexual fantasies with host Leonard Reeves. Reeves told her to strip for him. She had on a pair of Jeans and a midriff top showing off her sexy stomach. She took her top off and then pulled off her jeans revealing a pair of white lace panties in which you could see the image of her pussy because of the tightness of the panties.

Leonard Reeves- I’ll make sure you get a job here.

Shelly Francis- I look that Good!

Leonard Reeves- your the sexiest woman ever on this show. What would one of your biggest fantasies be.

Shelly Francis- to have sex over the airwaves.

Leonard Reeves- That can be arranged.

Shelly Francis- I’ve heard about you for years.

Leonard Reeves- I’m 42 years old and have been in this business for 15 illegal bahis siteleri yrs. Do you want me sexually.

Shelly Francis- it would be fun and exciting to have you fuck me over the air.

Leonard Reeves- Then lets devote tomorrow nights show to it.

Shelly Francis- I can’t wait.

At this point Lauren Ramsey cuts in with her story. She is 24 and also has a story to tell about Leonard Reeves. She had sex with him a week before Shelly. Lauren met him at a bar recognizing his voice and walked up to his table.

Lauren Ramsey- are you Radio personality Leonard Reeves.

Leonard Reeves- yes beautiful I am.

Lauren Ramsey- you meeting anyone in particular tonight.

Leonard Reeves- I think I just found her. Would you like to come back to my place for drinks.

Lauren Ramsey- of Course.

They go back to Leonard’s place and have a couple glasses of champagne. Lauren licks it out of the glass. She gets up on the bar flipping up her dress, revealing the fact she wasn’t wearing any panties. She begged Leonard to fuck her on the pool table. They still had cloths on and Leonard spread Lauren out and pushed her breasts up against the table and felt her pussy with his hand, unzipped his pants and stuffed his thick cock inside her love tunnel. Then she got on her knees and he fucked her some more. He turned her around and started to kiss her stomach and began frenching her pussy. Then he took her in the kitchen and fucked her pussy with a carrot, while he got her up the ass. when he was ready to cum he unleashed his load all over her tits. Then Shelly Francis finished her encounter with Mr. Reeves. On the night of the taping Shelly came in with a long trench coat and nothing underneath. Microphones were placed all over the studio to capture the sounds. Shelly’s pussy was very wet when they began. She started by sucking on Leonard’s cock to make it nice and hard for her ass. He sprawled her on the desk and started to fuck her ass hard. Then he flipped her over sticking his cock in her pussy and licking her breasts. Needless to say that nights show got ratings higher then ever before. The session lasted a half hour between Shelly and Leonard. Next to go with her story was Donna Flowers a school Principal who seduced the Janitor of her school Don Elmore. Donna was 41 yrs old and Don was 26 yrs of age. One afternoon after School he was called into her office. She knew he was single and she thought he was sexy.

Donna Flowers- Don I called you in her because I want you to be my Stud Muffin.

Don Elmore- I’m very flattered.

Donna locks the door behind him and takes off her overcoat. She had on a red lace bra, black stockings with red flowers and red panties with a black garter belt. She sat Don in her office love seat and sat next to him wrapping her leg around his as she began to kiss him and caress his body. She took off his shirt and kissed his chest. She unzipped his pants and started to kiss his inner thighs. She then leaned back on her desk and took off her bra and panties. She handcuffed Don’s hands to the desk with two sets of handcuffs and she wrapped her legs around his back forcing his cock into her pussy. She was leaning up against the desk asking his whole member inside her. She undid the handcuffs and let Don caress her body. He caressed her breasts and sexy legs. Pushing his cock farther into her. When they were done they frenched. Donna and Don carried on with each other as lovers for months. To this day they still are lovers and have even gone out on a few normal non sexual dates. Most of the time they made love in Donna’s office. Don had chances to leave and bid on higher paying Janitorial jobs but chose always to stay where Donna was.

Our Next story is told by three of the women. Clarise Dean a 39 yr old Widow of a Millionaire had her own live in lover and escort Blake Fuller. She sometimes shared Blake with her neighbors Rebecca Springs and Christine Victoria. Blake was 20, Christine 26 and Rebecca was 29. One evening Blake had sexual encounters with all three. 1st he did Christine in her bedroom on her round bed. She had on a long robe and nothing underneath. He kissed and caressed her breasts, rubbed her feet and kissed her shoulders. He was fucking her when Rebecca walked into the room and joined in. She began rubbing Christine’s clit while Blake fucked her. While this was going on Rebecca was using a dildo on Christine’s ass. Rebecca and Christine began kissing each other and caressing each other while Blake went back and forth between the two of them fucking them in the canlı bahis siteleri ass. They were on their hands and knees kissing each other. Then Rebecca got on top of Blake’s cock and Christine sat on his face. The two women continued to kiss and Blake was fucking one and then frenching the other ones pussy. When Blake was through with the two of them he went over to Clarise in the hot tub. He got in and began kissing her all over her precious body. Clarise and Blake then went out to dinner. Blake Fuller- To see you like this tonight is like the cherry on top of the Ice Cream.

Clarise Dean- your so sweet Blake. I want you to be mine forever. When we get back home lets lock ourselves in my bedroom and make love for hours.

Blake Fuller- I very much want to make passionate love to you from dusk until dawn.

They got back home and go straight to the Master Bedroom.

Clarise puts on a long sexy silk nightie. Blake takes her in his arms kissing her neck everywhere and moving down her breasts. He slowly slips off her nightie and gives her a massage next to the bedroom fire. He massages and caresses every part of her body. They get into bed and touch each other all over. Blake slowly slides his cock into her awaiting wet pussy. He gave her what she wanted from him. They made love for hours. The happiest occurrence though was 9 months later when Blake and Clarise had a bouncing baby boy. After their long sexual encounter Blake and Clarise stayed in bed most of the next day. Blake only got up to make Clarise dinner in bed. They shared together a steak and a Pineapple salad.

* * * * *

The Lingerie Party Part 2

Now for our next story.

Sheryl Brown was an owner of a chain of shoe stores one of her employee’s was Bill Stone. Sheryl was 45 and Bill was a brash young 21 year old Store manager. Each store sold a different type of shoe. Some sold only athletic shoes, others just woman’s shoes. Stone was the manager at one of Shery’s athletic shoe stores. She came in one day at closing time to talk with Bill. She had on a short Navy Blue Skirt and a Suit Jacket. She asked Bill a question.

Sheryl Brown- Bill do you want to move up in this company.

Bill Stone- Yes!

Sheryl Brown- Your new job is to be seen with me. You will be my lover and escort on business trips. Do you have a problem with that?

Sheryl sealed the deal with a long passionate kiss. Bill was a virgin at the time and tried to fight Sheryl’s seduction off. he gave in to his desires and began kissing Sheryl’s neck. They went back in the store room and began fucking on the couch. They didn’t bother to take off their cloths. Bill just pulled down Shery’s panties and stuck his stiff cock in her pussy. They went at it for hours in every imaginable position. After they were finished Bill received a raise and an executive position in the company. Now our story takes a strange turn. Ken Dawson and Lance McDowell barge into the house and attempt to attack the women but are stopped by Blake Fuller who was in the next room, Darien Baldwin who had just arrived outside and was sitting next door on Yvette’s porch. Bill Stone also helped stop Dawson and McDowell he had been in Paula’s basement. Dawson was 51 yrs old and McDowell was 37 years of age. The police arrived to haul them away. Yvette Holloway and Darien Baldwin recognized each other immediately and made love next door at Yvette’s home.

Yvette Holloway- How did you find me?

Darien Baldwin- I was in town and by accident for some unknown reason wanted to look in the phone book. That’s where I found your name and address. I figured it had to be you.

Yvette Holloway- Nine months after you left I had a baby boy and named him Darien jr.

Darien Baldwin- so he would be 54 now. Do you have any photos of him.

Yvette Holloway- He knows your his father. I only had that one tattered photo of you to look at all these years. Here is the box of photos I have of Darien Jr.

They looked at the photo’s of him for hours then called Darien Jr. And his wife up who live in San Diego. Darien jr. played professional soccer and now is a broadcaster.

Darien Jr- yes Mom what is it

Yvette Holloway- your father and I finally found each other again after all these years.

Darien Jr.- I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon.

The next day Darien Jr. His wife Melody and their 16 yr old son Jason went to L.A. to meet Darien Sr. It was a fabulous reunion after all the years had gone by trying to find each other. Paula Auden and Chad Vincent were next door sitting by the fire making wild passionate love. Despite all that happened the night before with the break in. The party was a smash and Paula was showing Chad what she learned as they ate dinner naked by the fire and made love to each other again and again and again.

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