The Loan Officer Ch. 02

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I woke up Saturday morning and still had a smile on my face from what had taken place the afternoon before, Just the thought of my afternoon encounter with Jessica sent shivers through my whole body. The day seemed to be dragging on like evening would never come, and with every passing second I grew more excited about seeing Jessica again.

Of course with all this time to think I couldn’t help but wonder if she would actually show up I mean after all she is a married woman with two kids. I decided to try to get some work done around the house to kill some time but it was no use, my mind was else where.

Finally 7:30 had arrived and I decided it was time to head to the movies. I knew I would be early since the movie didn’t start until 9:00 but I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed a shower to get ready and to help relieve some of the excitement that had been building all day. Just the thought of this encounter had given me a hard on that would just not go away. I lathered my hands up with soap and jerked my cock with intensity like never before. I must admit it did help relax me a bit.

I threw on a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt and headed for the movies, when I arrived I was disappointed that I didn’t see her car in the parking lot, but was hoping it was just because I had arrived so early. I bought my ticket and stood in the concessions area waiting for her to arrive. After about an hour of waiting Jessica finally arrived and I will admit I was a bit relieved and amazed as well. I watched her waiting in line to pay for her ticket, damn she looked good. The whole time she was waiting in line she never took her eyes off of me. I could feel the erection beginning to grow again as I watched her, she had on a red flower print sun dress with spaghetti straps that held up the low V cut part covering her perfect breast. Her dress stopped about 6 inches above her knees showing off her long silky legs.

I must have been in a daze, because as I was daydreaming I felt a tug on the belt loop of my jeans. “Been waiting long?” canlı bahis she asked.

“Too long” I replied as I reached my hand to my belt loop and caressed her hand.

She pulled her hand away and reminded me that we were in public and in full light. I nodded and we headed for the movie theatre. It was a movie that had been in the theatre for awhile and we knew there wouldn’t be many people at the late show. As we walked into the darkness of the theatre I reached ahead and put my hands on her hips and lead her to the back row. We took our seat in the middle of the aisle and sat there talking, waiting for the lights to dim and the movie to start. I was holding her hand and lightly running my hand up and down her arm. As we talked all I could do was stare into those deep green eyes, they had me in a trance. In the middle of one of her sentences the lights dimmed and the move started.

As soon as it went dark she moved her hand over to my leg and was running it up and down my thigh. I slid my arm behind her head and was lightly stroking her jet black hair. I felt like a teenager on my first date and was staring into her eyes when she leaned into me, I followed her lead and leaned in closer to her as well, our lips met and we embraced in a passionate kiss. As we kissed I was running my finger under the strap of her sundress, she stopped the kiss and leaned into my ear, “I have been thinking about this since yesterday” she whispered.

I smiled and leaned into her neck and began to kiss the length of her neck, lightly running the tip of my tongue up to her ear lobe and gently sucked the tip of her ear into my mouth, I could hear her moaning softly as she gripped my leg a little tighter with her hand. As I was kissing and nibbling on her ear I slid the strap of her dress off of her left shoulder and her dress slid down just enough to expose the top of her left breast. I kissed my way back down the length of her neck and continued to kiss my way to the top of her breast. As I was doing this her hand had moved up my thigh bahis siteleri and was stroking me through my jeans.

She pushed me back from kissing her and pinned my upper body back in my chair with her free hand and was fumbling for the button of my jeans with her other hand. It only took her a few seconds to get my jeans unbuttoned, and with that she slid her hand down inside my jeans and was stroking my cock with soft slow strokes. “Lean back and enjoy the movie” she whispered.

I leaned back in my chair and stared at the movie screen as she continued to fondle me, without warning she had moved out of her chair and was on her knees in front of my chair. She was tugging on my jeans to move them down enough to let my cock free, I had a hard on like I didn’t think was possible at this point. She was still rubbing and stroking it as she leaned her head down into my lap. My cock was fully exposed now as she lightly licked the head with the tip of her tongue. I looked down at her and watched her work her magic. As she was licking the tip she took the head into her mouth while continuing to lick the tip inside her mouth. Her hand was now fondling my sac as she took my cock deeper into her mouth. I am not sure if it was the setting or just her skill but I knew I was going to explode in her mouth quicker than normal.

My cock was going about 6 inches into her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down in my lap. She had been sucking on my cock like it was her last meal for 3 or 4 minutes when I felt the eruption brewing. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down until all 9 inches of my cock where buried in her mouth, I moved her head up and down the full length of my shaft 4 or 5 times when I felt myself exploding in her mouth. She didn’t try to pull away, but I guess I didn’t let her as my hand held her head tight down in my lap as I blew 2 or 3 good shots down the back of her throat. I figured I may have gone too far by pinning her head down, but when I removed my hand from her head she slid my cock out of her bahis şirketleri mouth and used her tongue to lick the tip clean.

She got up and sat back in her seat, using a napkin she wiped the corner of her mouth clean and reached over and continued to stroke my still exposed cock with her hand. I leaned and gave her a kiss, she slid her tongue into my mouth and I could taste my cum on her tongue. As we were kissing I slid my hand onto her thigh and moved it up until I could feel the wet spot on her panties. She let out a moan as I ran my thumb along the crack of her wetness. I took her right leg and lifted it up over the arm of her chair giving myself a bit more room to work with. She reached down and moved her soaked panties off to the side giving me full access to her sweet spot. I moved my fingers up and down the outside of her wet lips while kissing her neck. It was driving her crazy. I continued to tease her for about 30 seconds when she reached down and took my hand in hers and guided my fingers inside of her. I moved 2 fingers slowly in and out of her as I watched the expressions on her face. It was driving her crazy, she started moving her hips towards my fingers trying to get me deeper and hoping I would pick up the pace of my movements. I obeyed and began to finger fuck her at a fast pace, within 45 seconds of this she was reaching orgasm. I kept up the pace and she was lost in the moment as she pulled her left breast out of her dress and began to pinch her nipples with her hand and reaching down with the other she began to ravish her clit.

On the verge of a huge orgasm she was thrusting her hips like crazy and biting her lip to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs when a bright light hit me in the face. It was the usher asking us to leave the theatre or he would have to call the police. We got our selves fixed up and left as we were asked to do. I walked her to car as she was telling me how mad she was because she was so close to a huge orgasm. “My place is empty” I told her.

“I will follow you home, my husband is gone for the night so I have no reason to hurry home” she moaned in a soft voice.

I climbed in my car and pulled out of the parking lot with Jessica right on my bumper in her car.

To Be Continued.

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