Subject: The Lockwood Rowing Club – Part 1 This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any similarities to real people or scenarios is purely coincidental. Feedback is very welcome! ail The Lockwood Rowing Club Part 1 Some boys are born to be cocksuckers. Some are natural athletes, some are class clowns. Some become womanizers, bookworms, stoners. Some follow in their father’s footsteps and become family men. But some boys are naturally drawn towards penis. Servicing alpha men, giving up their bodies, their mouths, their assholes, their hands, feet – for the pleasure of cock. It doesn’t mean they’re necessarily gay, many boys aren’t. It doesn’t mean they are weak, or live a life on the outside as betas, or followers. It just means they were built for penis. With a lust for the male form, for the smell of sweat, hair in an armpit, big swinging nuts, biceps, shoulders, the muscle and brawn of an athlete, the taste of cock, of a man’s humid asshole, the thick warmth of semen on their face. It brings these boys a satisfaction that no grades, no job, no love of family or a woman could ever provide. Jesse Wickham was one of those boys. His father Rob knew it before he did. They’d take trips to the YMCA together where Rob could work out, and Jesse could swim with his brother Chris and their friends. Rob always remembered Jesse’s fascination with the locker room. Even at age ten, wandering off, exploring down the rows of lockers, the urinals. He’d find him in the communal showers, watching a group of older teenage boys soaping up their dicks and asses, under their armpits. He’d stare at them until Rob came by to pick him up and carry him out to the pool. One time Rob caught an eleven year-old Jesse masturbating in his room, a pair of Rob’s dirty briefs over his head. He’d quietly closed the door and let him finish before having their first sex talk. His wife was none the wiser. Jesse began sneaking into his older brother Chris’ room at night, and sleeping in his bed. Chris never thought it was strange, they were raised to be close. Jesse relished the smell of Chris at sixteen or seventeen, the sweat and musk of a high school wrestler. Full of hormones and testosterone. Jesse would lie next to him under the covers, inhaling his brother’s scent. He never felt he was gay, once he knew what being gay was. He did like women, and saw himself marrying one day and starting his own family. But at fourteen, he was absolutely starting to come to terms with his very deep and primal lust for the male form. An obsession with cock that he never seemed able to sate. Girls were pretty, they smelled nice, their skin was soft, and he wanted to be around them, hold their hands. But men were a necessity, their smell and their taste, they made Jesse want to submit, to offer his body to them and give them pleasure. On a crisp fall day, in Poughkeepsie, New York – the Wickham’s were getting ready for a send off party. Chris had enlisted in the military, and was being stationed in Maine for training. Chris’ mom had been sad, but they’d known Chris was destined for this path from an early age. Chris was the brawny one, Jesse was the bright one. Rob was exceedingly proud of his son, as much as he’d miss him. His father was a veteran, and while Rob had started his own mechanic’s business at a young age, he was happy his son would continue on the Wickham military legacy. Jesse was upset when he’d first heard. He was entering into his junior year of high school at fifteen years old, just as his older brother was graduating. He assumed Chris would go off to college, or start working somewhere – but a whole new state? While his days of slipping into his bed at night were waning, he still loved being around his energy. A man’s man, star of the wrestling team, always with a girl on his arm. He looked up to his older brother. He’d snuck into Chris’ room the previous night, and stolen one of his jockstraps. A memento to remember him by while he was gone. He held it up to his face, inhaling his brother’s nutsack musk, the smell of teenage testosterone and sweat that he’d saved up. Jesse just hoped the smell would last for him over the next couple years. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He was naked, about to get changed into a suit for Chris’ send off at some fancy restaurant downtown. He hated dressing up. He admired his body in the mirror. He was by no means an athlete like Chris, but he kept in shape. He swam almost every morning, and played soccer with buddies on the weekends. His dark brown hair was swept messily to the side. His chest and armpits still mostly hairless, but his dick and balls had a newfound dusting of light brown hair. He was immensely proud of his small bush. He smiled at himself as he ran his hands over it. From a crack in the door, Rob was about to knock to see if Jesse was ready, when he caught his son looking at himself. Grazing his hands over his teenage body. Rob stopped. Undid the button on his suit jacket, and put his hand on his hip. His other hand rubbed his salt and pepper stubble as he grinned to himself. It was finally time. He watched as Jesse pulled on one of Chris’ old jockstraps, before interrupting him with a knock. “You ready to go, kid?” It was a nickname that had stuck with Jesse since he was much younger, but still fit. Jesse was `kid’, Chris was `bud’. Jesse rushed to pull on his dress pants, as though his father hadn’t already seen him in one of Chris’ jocks. “Y-yeah dad, be down in a sec.” The Wickham’s extended family from town all joined the dinner, sat at a table for twenty at the restaurant. Everyone was in their nicest clothes, with Chris in his fatigues. He was so clearly excited to hit the road and start on this next chapter of his life. Having grown up in a town as small as theirs, he felt a looming kind of expectation on him, and every decision he would make. He was excited to get away from the town for a while, forge his own path. He had a girlfriend in town, but secretly looked forward to being around men for a few years. Training with the boys, meeting some new people, discovering a new, brave side of himself. Especially at this moment, with his mother on one side, and his girlfriend on the other. He grinned at Jesse across the table, reaching over to tousle his hair to make him laugh. They’d had their goodbyes earlier, and Chris promised to text or e-mail whenever he could, and they’d chat often. After the toasts were done, and everyone had eaten, the group started to disperse. Chris left in a van with a few other boys in town to the airport. Jesse watched them drive off, and felt a kind of longing for his brother. Not a sexual longing, but a kind of bond between men, a magnetism that only brothers had. The material of his dirty jockstrap hugged his penis and nutsack close to his body. Rob came up behind him, putting a strong hand on his shoulder. “I know you’re gonna miss him kid. But he’ll be back before you know it, and in the meantime, you’ve got high school to get through. Some of the best years of your life, I promise you. We’ll get you on the swim team, soccer if you like…and tell you what. I’ll talk to your mother about it, but I think it’s about time I brought you to the Club for a visit.” “The Rowing Club?” Jesse glanced up at his dad. He always thought he was incredibly handsome. A blue collar guy with a man’s jawline, which seemed perpetually covered in stubble no matter when he shaved. Dark black hair and light eyes. Even if he wasn’t the smoothest, richest, or smartest man in the room – in a suit, he seemed to always be the one in control. Jesse could smell his aftershave, the same one he’d used since Jesse was a boy. “You bet. Chris and I have been going together for a few years now, and with him gone, I need somebody to keep me company. You’re old enough now.” Jesse had heard rumors about the Lockwood Rowing Club since he was a young boy. Only men were allowed, sometimes with their older sons. Nobody really knew the membership fee, but rumor was that it was at least $5,000 a month. The Wickham’s were financially comfortable, but Jesse was never sure how they’d be able to afford something like that. Rob had started going when they first moved to the city, when the boys were eight and twelve. Soon, Rob started bringing Chris on the weekends. Jesse wanted to join, but his mother insisted that the club was “just for men”. Eventually his curiosity had dwindled, as he assumed it was more for athletic types, men’s men. But now, something had changed. “Yeah…I’d love to go, dad.” “Good, kid. I’ll pick you up after school on Friday and take you over there.” ________________ When the weekend finally came, and Rob rolled up outside Jesse’s school in his black pickup truck, Jesse knew that something was different. Something had changed in his relationship with his father, now that his older brother was gone. It’s not that Jesse had felt a disconnect from his dad, but he knew that he and Chris shared a different bond. Chris was always more into sports and video games, things he could bond over with Rob. With Chris gone, Rob was eager to get to know Jesse more, get closer to his youngest son. When Jesse stepped up into the truck and pulled his seatbelt on, Rob smacked his thigh. “You excited, kid?” Jesse was. He’d been thinking about it all week. He’d had images in his mind of what the Lockwood Rowing Club was since his father had started going there when he was eight. Located miles out of town in the Catskills, on Cooper Lake – he knew it was a place that only men were allowed. Why it was this remote, why there was such a hefty membership fee, and why his father had only now just invited him were questions that had been spinning in his mind all week. “I can’t wait, dad.” Jesse noticed his father’s black gym bag in the backseat where he threw his backpack. “I didn’t bring a gym strip or anything, should I have?” His father placed a strong hand on his fifteen year old boy’s shoulder, and smiled at him. “Just what you’re wearing is fine for now.” Rob pulled out of the high school’s roundabout, down several sidestreets, until he was pulling out of town and onto the winding road that lead to the club. It was about an hour drive, just long enough for Rob to pick Jesse’s brain a little. “I think you’re gonna love it here, Jesse. Chris and I have been going since he was about your age. Did he tell you anything about the club?” Jesse shook his head. He hadn’t. For the first few months it had been a point of contention for him, his father and brother having a secret he wouldn’t be let in on. But at ten years old, he chalked it up to being the same as drinking, going to a bar or a strip joint. It was something for older men, and one day he’d find out what it was all about. “Good. Lockwood is a place for men to be themselves. Bond with other men in nature. No pressure to be anything you aren’t, pretend to like anything you don’t. No wives or girlfriends breathing down your neck, telling you where to be or what to wear. Don’t get me wrong, I love your mother – she gave me you boys, after all. But at the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of a brotherhood like this. You’ll see.” Rob took a right turn down a beautiful street lined with cottonwood trees, that eventually winded down into a deep river valley. Jesse admired the views, as his dad glanced over at him. “Are you still wearing Chris’ jockstrap, Jesse?” He smiled to himself as he stared forward now, sensing his son’s embarrassment, feeling the heat of his flushed face beside him. Jesse began to stammer, when he interrupted him. “It’s okay, son. I know you loved your brother. It’s totally natural to want to keep a piece of him when he’s away. A brother is one of the closest relationships you can have with someone, besides maybe a father. I’m glad you cherish that. Glad you still want to keep a part of him around.” Jesse smiled over at him. “So are you?” “No. I left it at home, in the back of my underwear drawer.” “In the back? Why? You embarrassed by it?” Jesse wasn’t sure what to say. He couldn’t explain to his father why he’d worn it to the dinner in the first place. He couldn’t tell him that the smell of his brother’s sweaty bulge made his penis twitch, that the feeling of his mesh pocket over his hard cock, the straps over his back and ass made him feel safe, like he was in his brother’s arms. “Why did you wear it to dinner if you were embarrassed?” Jesse’s face flushed anew. His father wasn’t letting this go. “I guess…I kind of like the feel of it. Feeling what it might be like to be a wrestler like Chris. I like how it looks on me.” “That makes sense, son. I guess they don’t really have you wear a jockstrap for soccer, do they?” They pulled up to an imposing wrought iron metal gate, surrounded by a large stone fence that stretched as far as Jesse could see. Rob rolled down his window, scanned a card on a lanyard, and punched in a six-digit code. A man’s voice came over the intercom system. “Hello, Mr. Wickham – will it just be you today?” “No Peter, I’ll be registering a new entry today. My son, Jesse.” “Wonderful. You can pull into spot 58, and meet me at the front desk. I’ll get the paperwork ready.” Rob thanked him, and glaced one more warm smile over to Jesse as the gate slowly opened. Jesse noticed most of the cars in this place we’re much nicer than his dad’s truck. Big, shiny Rolls Royce’s, Tesla’s, and a fleet of towncars he assumed might belong to the Club itself. The complex inside was much bigger than Jesse had anticipated. Outside, it looked almost like a castle, three stories of dark grey stone, with archways, and large windows that looked out onto the parking lot. They ascended some stairs, and into the main lobby. Inside was modern like a hotel lobby, with an enormous fireplace in the middle that reached to the ceiling. Leather couches around the lobby were sporadically occupied by businessmen reading newspapers, a few guys congregating with tumblers of whiskey and chatting by the window. Rob and Jesse went to the front desk and registered with Ian, a friendly young man who had worked at the club şişli travesti for the last few years. Jesse and Rob each filled out a form, and they took copies of Jesse’s learners license and health care card. He was given a provisional membership card, which wouldn’t get him in the gate itself, but into certain other areas of the club. He’d need to be with Rob to get in. And because the card was provisional, he’d need to re-register a month from now to continue attending. It seemed like a rigorous process just for an athletic club, but any apprehension Jesse was feeling melted away when he caught his father’s reassuring and approving smile as he signed the forms. They continued to the other side of the lobby, and Jesse saw to the other side of the building. A large, mahogany bar took up the centre of the room, and beyond looked like a restaurant or lounge, with floor to ceiling windows that looked out on the rest of the grounds, and Cooper Lake. It was incredibly beautiful. Further down past some elevators, Jesse spotted a kind of rec room through large glass doors, with a billiards table and a dart board, with another fireplace just beyond that. A man was practicing pool by himself, drinking a dark amber beer. Rob gave him a wave across the lobby, and made his way over there. “Come on, I want you to meet someone.” Through the doors, Jesse could smell the faintest whiff of cigar smoke and leather. This was a more private area of the lounge. His father and this man shook hands. He was very handsome, with a mess of light brown hair and a beard. He had on a white polo shirt that showed off a bulkier physique, like a rugby or football player. He smiled a toothy grin, pulling Rob in for a hug as Jesse watched. “Jason, this is my younger son Jesse. Jesse this is Mr. Garrison.” “Jason, please. Great to meet you, Jesse.” The man extended a powerful handshake to Jesse, and then also pulled him in for a hug. Jesse noticed the hair on the man’s forearms as he reached for his glass of beer and took a swig. The bulge in his khakis. Rob and Jason began to talk. Mr. Garrison. Jesse recognized the name. His son Rhett went to Jesse’s school, and regularly taunted Jesse in the locker rooms. He recognized it now – the same kind of bulkier build, the same smile. Jesse was scared of Rhett, but his father seemed so kind and welcoming. And was clearly very close to his father. The two men spoke about Chris leaving for the military, and how much he’d be missed at the club. Rob said a quick goodbye, saying he’d check back in with Jason before he left. “Nice to meet you, Jesse”, Jason said as he gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Hope to see you around here more often.” As they left the room, out of earshot, Jesse confessed to his dad – “His son Rhett goes to my school. He’s….” Jesse stopped himself before saying “asshole”, searching for a more subtle word to get his feelings across, when his father interrupted. “I’ve met him, believe it or not. He came to the club once or twice, but never really fit in. I think I know what you’re getting at, but I hope you give his father a second chance – he’s a great guy. We used to play tennis together.” Rob led Jesse by the shoulder towards a door, which buzzed as they approached, and they headed downstairs. Jesse could smell the chlorine of a pool, the humidity of a sauna or a steam room, and the distinct scent of a men’s locker room. Sweat mixed with aftershave and cologne. It smelled clean and fresh, but still primal and masculine. They rounded the dark stone tiled hallway, into an open locker room. To the left and through large windows, Jesse saw a 25 metre swimming pool, with a few men swimming laps back and forth. One man wore tight black shorts, and the others were naked. It seemed out of place for a public gym – but Jesse caught himself. This was no ordinary gym, and it was just for men. Why couldn’t they be naked? He followed his father into the main locker area. It was mostly lit by the afternoon sunlight shining in from windows along one wall. Dark grey stone tile ran the length of the entire floor, and up to built in benches between each row of lockers. Men around him were in various states of undress. Some clearly coming from having worked out, some fully clothed and engaged in conversation, some walking in just a towel, some drying themselves off, standing in front of their lockers. It reminded Jesse of when he used to go to the YMCA with his dad and brother. But there was a kind of ease to this that felt different. In junior high and high school, the locker room experience is fraught with tension, every decision and every move you make loaded with some kind of meaning. Boys stealing glances at each other penises to see who has hit puberty. How they size up, learning how each other’s cocks differ, all while trying to keep up the guise that you couldn’t care less. Men working out or playing sports come back into the lockers loaded up with testosterone, feeling strong and competitive. They strip down and shower, spit and piss, talk about women. They shave and groom themselves, get themselves ready in the company of men to re-enter the real world. All of the amenities here seemed the same, but the atmosphere was distinctly more social. The men who were nude were not rushing to put their clothes on. The clothed men socialized with the nude men as though nothing we’re different. There was that same feeling of masculinity and testosterone, but a welcome feeling, not a threatening one. Jesse already felt he fit in, in a way he never had in the company of men like this. He initially thought he was the youngest person in the building, until they passed a fifth row of lockers, and he saw a boy potentially two or three years younger than him. He was fully nude, a small circumcised penis and ballsack, with just the smallest dusting of pubic hair. Jesse was always on the lookout – a holdover from being self conscious about his own hitting puberty this year. The boy was talking to an much older man, maybe in his late sixties, who was taking off his shirt in front of a locker. Rob could see Jesse observing them, as they pressed onward to the last row of lockers, and turned down into them. The end of the row was a large window that looked out into a forest of trees, light penetrating through and softly illuminating the stone bench between the lockers. Rob stopped and punched in a code to unlock his locker. He threw his bag in, and then turned to Jesse as he sat on the bench. He caught his eye. “So, what do you think?” “It’s nice. Really nice. I still can’t believe mom lets you come here so often. How much did you have to pay to get me in?” “Nothing yet. This is just a trial – we’ll see if you like it, and then look into making an arrangement for you to come more often.” His dad straddled the bench in front of Jesse, facing him. He reached over with a smile, and began pulling Jesse’s shirt up over his head. Jesse hesitated for a moment, but raised his arms. “How much did you have to pay for Chris to come?” “Don’t worry about all that now, it’s fine. Your mom’s happy you’re coming here with me, don’t worry about the cost.” Jesse was comforted. His parents weren’t frugal people, but they also didn’t tend to splurge on things like this. Even hotels when they went on family trips tended to be on the cheaper side. His father lifted his shirt off his body, and began folding it in front of him, placing it in the locker. “I don’t have a gym strip or anything dad. Or a bathing suit.” “Some men don’t wear them here, Jesse. It’s no big deal.” He motioned for Jesse to stand. “Really? They can just walk around down here without anything on?” “Not only down here. Anywhere on the compound. So don’t be shocked. It’s relearning some old habits from outside. There’s no women, no authority telling us what’s appropriate. We’re all men, we all have the same parts – so what’s the harm in being one with nature?” Rob reached over and undid the button on Jesse’s pants. He lowered the zipper, and let them fall slightly to Jesse’s knees. Jesse found it odd that his father, a mechanic, a man’s man, was speaking like some kind of liberal hippie. He was always caring and thoughtful, but he almost seemed stoned at the moment. Like his whole demeanor changed as soon as they passed through that gate. He softly grabbed Jesse’s leg, and one at a time, Jesse stepped out of his pants. Next came his socks, with Rob taking each piece of clothing, folding it, and placing it in the locker. The idea of being casually naked with a group of men seemed foreign to Jesse, but exciting. He decided it was like the Romans he’d just learned about in school. They used to exercise, and even compete naked. At the first Olympics all the men were naked. Maybe this was more natural than he realized. Jesse stood in front of his father, now just in a pair of navy boxers. “My boy. You’re almost getting chest hair kid.” He reached over and felt Jesse’s chest. His hand seemed so large and rough, but the warmth of it was nice against his skin. Rob pulled down Jesse’s underwear, and he stepped out of them. Jesse instinctively turned toward the window and away from his father, pretending to admire the view. Outside, he saw a group of three men in their thirties casting fishing lines into the lake. He covered his penis with his hands, as he realized how exposed he was in this locker room. His father wandered over, also pretending to admire the view, as he glanced down at his naked son. “Beautiful, isn’t it? I can’t wait to get you out on the lake sometime. They have a boat we can use, we can go fishing, waterskiing. You’ll love it.” Jesse smiled, still covering his genitals with both hands, trying to look inconspicuous. Rob placed a hand on his shoulder. “You really don’t need to cover up son. Think of this whole place like a regular locker room. You can explore the place, be yourself, no abandon, no judgement. I want everyone here to meet my boy just how he is.” Jesse hesitantly took his hands off his uncut cock. Rob had seen both his sons penises many times. Chris had a thick one, and had been circumcised as a child, which was popular at the time. Into adulthood, Chris developed big swinging balls, too. Jesse’s penis was smaller, but nothing to scoff at. He was uncircumcised, at Rob’s insistence. And his boy’s scrotum appeared nearly hairless. Though he was familiar with both his sons in this way, he hadn’t really gotten a look at Jesse’s since he’d begun to emerge into adulthood. Since testosterone began to work its way into every cell of his being. Plumping his penis and nutsack, giving him pubes. “Will you get naked too, dad?” Rob walked back over the locker, picking up and folding Jesse’s boxers along the way. He placed them in the locker, closed it, and locked it back up with a `beep’ of the pinpad. “Nope. I’m here all the time. I want you to experience this place as you are. Me wearing clothes only enhances that. Get you more exposed, more used to the feeling of being seen. Think of it like diving in the deep end. It’s a kind of rite of passage here.” Jesse felt his penis start to stiffen. A familiar feeling from previous experiences in the locker room. Usually he could occupy himself with putting his clothes away, or cover it with a towel. But at the moment, his father had locked all of his clothing away. The talk of his being exposed, of people purposefully admiring his body, and his cock, made his mind swim. He glanced once more at the men outside fishing, and felt surrounded. He quickly sat on the bench in the middle, leaning forward onto his elbows, as his penis grew thicker and thicker with each heartbeat. “Jesse?” Rob wandered over. He could sense exactly what was happening, by his son’s flushed face, and how he averted his eyes towards the lockers. “Stand up.” Jesse continued staring ahead, as if by not moving his dad would forget and give him a moment to go soft again. “Son, have you got a boner?” He smiled down at his boy. “Stand up.” Jesse looked up at his father’s reassuring face. He trusted him. Jesse stood, his hands clasped in front of his now raging boner, pressing it up against his stomach. He saw his father’s eyes first on his penis, then back up at his face, expectantly. Jesse unclasped his hands, and his boner throbbed into view, still pointing upwards, his foreskin just barely starting to pull back from the head. Rob hadn’t seen his youngest boy hard. He admired how much foreskin he had, admired the prominent vein down the length of it. And he especially noticed how Jesse’s balls had grown, hanging low in the humidity and warmth of the locker room, but starting to pull up as he became visibly more excited. Rob guided Jesse a few steps back toward the window. “We’re all men here, Jesse. We all have dicks and balls, we all get hardons, we masturbate, we have sex, we cum. When we can get over our own social hangups about these things, acknowledge that they’re universal, then we can grow as men. Bond together over these commonalities. Enjoy ourselves and each other so much more. Does that make sense?” Jesse looked out the window at the three men putting away their fishing gear on the dock. Rob waved over to them, and they all caught his eye, noticing the naked young boy beside him. Jesse waved back, and they smiled as though nothing was out of the ordinary. Jesse’s erection grew stiffer as he noticed their eyes moving down his body to his penis. One of the men nudged the other, and commented while looking his way. They smiled and nodded again to Rob. It was a look of approval, not mocking, even Jesse could sense that. It all served to only make his boner grow harder. Rob could sense Jesse was still feeling out of place. Still unsure of how different Lockwood was. “Tell you what, if it makes you uncomfortable–” “I could put my underwear on?” “Do you actually want that? I think your cock says differently, kid. Plus I don’t think you tenting those boxers would draw any less attention.” Jesse blushed anew, but acknowledged that his embarrassment was laced with excitement and sexual freedom. “When I used to get a boner in the gym lockers, or beylikdüzü travesti the urinals, I’d crinkle my toes really tight. Flex my calves and my leg muscles. That kind of tension will make your boner go away eventually, promise. Try it out.” Jesse did as he was told, and though it was difficult for him to even fathom losing his erection with the prying eyes of his father on his dick, his penis started to bob down to normal size. “You know you’re lucky, most guys would kill to be able to be boned so quick. And it won’t last forever. I feel like most guys fluff up their cocks in a locker room to show off a bit. No need for you to do that, hey son?” He smiled. “I promise you, all the guys here would admire your stiffy. You’ll see.” He patted Jesse on the back, and walked back towards the main locker room area where they’d entered. Jesse’s dick was now hanging on his nutsack, still a bit engorged, but not nearly the proud erection he’d been sporting for the past five minutes. Rob signaled for Jesse to stand and join him, and he did. Rob watched his youngest son’s unit dangle in front of him as he walked, his foreskin covering his penis head and slapping lightly against his thigh as he walked. The slightest wetness at the tip of his penis signaling his earlier arousal. He tried to suppress the biggest smile. Every suspicion he’d had about Jesse since he was a kid was being proven correct. He’d fit in just perfectly at Lockwood. Rod led Jesse further into the lockers and around the corner, where he found a large hot tub room which looked out onto the lake. Partly enclosed by glass block, and surrounded on one side by lush vegetation, Jesse guessed the hot tub sat nearly 25 men, though now it was empty. Steam rose up from the water, and all he could picture was stepping into it, the water surrounding his naked body. But his father moved them onward. Around another corner was a bathroom area, with a large trough-style urinal along one wall, and three stalls adjacent. Jesse had mixed emotions about these types of urinals – while he liked the dangerous prospect of seeing another man’s penis, he was always aware that they too could see his, and became pee shy. This type of metal trough was at all the big stadiums in town, where thirty or forty men would line up at a time, their rivers of piss combining in the drain. Jesse would often duck into a stall instead. Opposite the urinals was a row of metal sinks and large wall length mirror, where a fit black guy was currently shaving his beard. He had a towel draped over his shoulder, and waved over at Rob as they passed. “Robert, nice to see you man.” “Tate! This is my son Jesse, just showing him around the club.” Jesse noticed Tate’s enormous penis that hung well past his low hanging nutsack. He was hairy, too, and Jesse suddenly wanted nothing more than the chance to just examine it up close. His dad said men here were comfortable and open about these things, after all. But he did his best to avert his eyes and Tate stepped over and shook his hand with a smile. His dad continued, “Mr. Rockwell here is a personal trainer at the club. Maybe you can show my boy around the gym at some point.” Tate agreed with an even wider smile to Rob, and they carried on past the bathroom. Past a window, Jesse could see the gym. A large space with half a black rubber floor, and half cement, that opened up with sliding floor to ceiling glass doors to the forest beyond. Rows of machines along one wall, benches and weights along the other, and a few racks toward the windows. One man in workout shorts and a tank top was bench pressing. Another ran on the treadmill in a jockstrap, his package thumping along with the pace of his legs. And one man was standing facing the mirrors, completely nude, bend slightly at the waist doing dumbell rows. As they passed, Jesse could just barely see the man’s hairy asshole, his back and butt sweating from the workout. His dad was right, this place was different than any place he’d ever been to. But so far they’d only really seen the gym and fitness centre – Jesse knew there was much more to the building and the compounds that he’d seen as they drove in. Further down, they entered an area with a hardwood floor that looked not like an enormous, well-appointed living room in a mansion. A wet bar along one side, and three large leather sectional couches faced a TV screen. Behind the couch was what looked like a poker table and a couple other rec games. This already felt more like Jesse’s space. However he immediately became far more aware of his nakedness. For the first time, they were in a space where this felt truly forbidden. Like if someone were to come in, he would feel the need to rush back toward the lockers. As they rounded the corner, there was a man sitting on the couches. But he was fully naked as well, which immediately comforted Jesse. It was the older man they’d passed earlier in the lockers, with the young boy, who now knelt in front of him. The boy was naked as well, and had his face buried in the older man’s crotch, his legs spread wide. The older man was preoccupied watching the baseball game on the TV, as the younger boy continued slurping and sucking at his junk. Jesse was nearly stopped in his tracks, but couldn’t stop staring at the scene. Rob approached casually, and caught a glimpse of the television. “Forgot you were a Carindals fan. How are they holding up?” “Garbage the past month. What else is new. You know my grandson Travis, yes?” “Yes, I believe we met last year, he was here for the youth triathlon, right?” Travis removed his mouth from his grandpa’s nutsack and nodded up at Rob, but the older man quickly pushed his head back down on his balls. “His father is taking his wife to Hawaii for their tenth anniversary, and said young Travis here could stay with me for the weekend. Little belated birthday present!” Rob purposefully held off on introducing Jesse just yet, knowing he might find all of this to be a bit of a shock. Duncan Cabot had been coming to the club since it opened, well before Rob had joined. His son Marco had also been a member, but left some time ago when he married, and relocated to Las Vegas with his wife and son, Travis. They still came by from time to time to visit, and Duncan always made a point to bring them both back to the club to see everyone. Jesse watched in amazement behind his father, a bit agog at what was happening. His father and the older man kept chatting about the game, as his grandson was lapping at his testicles. The old man’s penis was half erect, and he occasionally pulled at it from the side, his focus taken up by the game. He pushed his grandson’s head a bit further down as he started masturbating, now tonguing his asshole, his legs pulled up a bit off the couch. Still, they both continued the conversation as if they were out at a public bar, save for the occasional sigh from grandpa, or puckering sound from the boy. “Jesse, come meet Mr. Cabot. Duncan this is my son, Jesse. It’s his first time at the club.” Jesse suddenly became acutely aware of his rock hard penis, pointing straight at the sky, throbbing at what he had witnessed. His name jolted him out of this euphoric state, and his hands immediately covered his raging hardon, out of habit. His father looked over, and nodded for him to walk over. He hesitantly did, but kept his arm covering his erection, half hiding behind his father. “I’d heard about Chris enlisting,” Duncan continued. “Brave boy, you must be so proud.” Rob nodded, taking Jesse by the shoulder and ushering him to stand between he and Duncan. The boy looked up at Travis from his grandpa’s asshole and smiled. “And look at this, a younger model. Welcome to the club, Jesse, I’m Duncan, but you can call me Duke. This here is Travis, he’d shake your hand but he’s a bit preoccupied. Only here for the weekend.” Duke reached a hand out toward Jesse, who hesitated. Took a step closer, but hesitated still, his arm the only thing blocking his erect penis from Duke’s sight. “Shake his hand, son.” Rob grinned. Jesse reached forward and shook Mr. Cabot’s hand, his hardon springing free. Duke’s eyes fell immediately upon Jesse’s boner, which was already glistening again, his foreskin just barely starting to pull back from his mushroom head. “Wow, look at that.” Duke looked up over Jesse’s shoulder for a moment to Rob, then immediately back down at Jesse’s penis. “I see your boys got a drippy cock, dad. Look at his erection, pointing right up at the sky, dripping all that precum on the floor. You’ve got two boys to be proud of.” Jesse hadn’t noticed, but his boner was leaking more than it usually did, and a thin stream of slippery juice had dribbled down to the floor. His face flushed with embarrassment, as Duke looked him in the eyes and smiled. Jesse went cover his penis again, but felt his father’s arm loop around his, holding both arms loosely behind his back. He looked up at Rob who smiled back down assuringly at him. His boner now pointed straight out at Mr. Cabot, the stream of precum still beginning to pool below him. It all served to make his penis even harder with each second. Jesse knew if he were to just pull back his foreskin, the sensation would be enough to make him shoot his load. His boner throbbed anew. This was the exact kind of diving in the deep end Rob had been expecting and hoping for. Getting Jesse used to the idea of being naked in the company of men was one thing, hell most athletes get used to that at an early age. But conditioning yourself to not be ashamed or embarrassed of your erection, your ejaculate, all the normal functions that come with being a man in the company of other men, that was a bigger hurdle. He knew Jesse was already leaps ahead, and soon would learn to embrace everything about this place. “Someone’s gotta clean that up,” Mr Cabot continued. He pulled Travis’ head from his groin, and the boy crawled over and licked up the small pool of precum on the floor, moaning and clearly savoring the taste. “Always been a fiend for the stuff.” Travis looked up at Jesse’s cock from below, and thanked him. For a moment, he thought the boy might lick at his penis, but he quickly returned to pleasuring his grandfather. Jesse had always been attracted to women, but he also acknowledged this other side. It seemed to him that no rational human wouldn’t walk into this scenario and not be at least interested, at least have their interest piqued at the sight. It was taboo, and it was strange – but it’s often those strange things that get us out of our comfort zones that we are most drawn to. He was surprised by his immediate erection, but once it was acknowledged and seen by everyone in the room, it became normal. Almost non sexualized. Jesse let out a deep exhale, and quickly became more settled in the room. “Was great to meet you Duke. And Travis.” Rob and his son carried on out of the rec room, past a set of double doors leading outside toward the lake. Along the building, they passed by the big open windows to the gym, where Rob waved at the men inside. The man in the jockstrap was now on the pull-up bar. They continued on past the windows to the hot tub, where Tate Rockwell, the personal trainer, was now relaxing. Jesse could see his penis bobbing in the water, still impressed with its length. Rob turned down a cobblestone path towards the lake, where the three men who were gathered earlier fishing, still stood. Jesse felt more naked than ever, being in the great outdoors. But he’d lasted this long, and was beginning to feel confident with his father by his side. His boner bobbed along with each step, only starting to soften as they approach the three men. They were putting away their gear as Rob greeted them. One man was quite a bit older, maybe in his sixties, with medium swept back grey hair. The other two were in their thirties, the younger was a blonde guy, muscled and tall, the older with dark brown hair just greying at the temples, and enough stubble to almost be called a beard. He smiled at Jesse as they approached, and Jesse’s penis began to stiffen to full mast once more. They continued down the dock towards the men, and Jesse got his mind off his cock for a second to admire the view. It was really amazing, a mist over the beautiful lake, the trees just beginning to change to shades of yellow and orange. To his right were what looked like four or five small cabins. A few were dotted around the lake as well, with other small docks, and some boats moored nearby. To his left was a roped off swimming area with a beach and several canoes and kayaks. Jesse’s erection bounced as they neared the end of the dock. “This must be Jesse, who I’ve heard so much about!” The oldest man with the grey hair took a step towards them and extended his hand. “I’m Richard Hampton, the owner of Lockwood Rowing Club. So glad to have you here, Jesse. I see you’re already enjoying yourself. My goodness…the glory of youth.” He grinned back at the other men, clearly enjoying seeing Jesse on full display. “May I?” He looked toward Rob as he extended a hand down towards Jesse’s genitals. Rob looked to Jesse, who only offered a slight smile to show he was still enjoying himself. Richard Hampton took Jesse’s nutsack in his hand delicately, just barely grazing them. His balls tightened slightly at the touch, sending a shudder down Jesse’s back. His erection was throbbing again at the attention, his penis head still slick with precum. The other two men approached as though nothing was happening. The blonde man shook Jesse’s hand as his penis was being examined by Richard. “Hey Jesse, my name is Ethan, and this is Will. We work at the firehouse back in Poughkeepsie. Great to meet you man, hope we see more of you around here.” These were the youngest men Jesse had met so far, with the exception of Travis. It was reassuring to him that there were people he could see as mentors, young men in their prime. The man with the darker complexion and beard stepped toward him and offered a hand as well. “Will Packard.” His voice was raspy and deep, and made Jesse’s prick stiffen even more. “Will istanbul travesti I heard you and your wife are expecting!” Rob cut in. “Expected, he arrived just two weeks ago, actually! This is my first time back at the club since. She let me get away for a day of `boys time’ before it’s back to dirty diapers and 3:00am wake up calls!” They laughed, as Richard’s other hand extended down Jesse’s shaft, his fingers just lightly pulling his foreskin back over his head, little by little. Jesse shuddered as his cock throbbed, pushing out a bead of precum. Richard was now nearly hunched over, clearly enjoying the up close view of Jesse’s penis. “It seems like just yesterday when we were doing the same with our boys. They grow up before you know it” Rob continued. Will smiled, and Jesse’s cock became even harder. Something about this man’s essence, his masculinity. He wished it was his hands on his cock, examining his foreskin. Richard pulled Jesse’s foreskin completely back, and then gently grazed the length of it again, smiling up at Rob before standing with his hands on his hips. “Yes indeed, I hope we see a lot more of you around the club Jesse. I think you’ll really enjoy it here. Rob, please bring him back next weekend – I’ll be going over recruitment files and would love to chat further about Jesse’s membership!” After saying goodbye, the men carried on with their fishing equipment down the dock, back toward the clubhouse, leaving Jesse and his father out on the lake. Jesse had forgotten for a moment about his boner. His father waited until the men were out of earshot before beaming down at his son. “Whaddaya say kid? You want to free up some time next weekend to come back here?” “It’s amazing, Dad.” They continued back down the dock towards the clubhouse. “You know, Chris fit in really well here, but it was a month before we secured his membership. Pretty amazing, Mr. Hampton seemed to warm to you right away.” Jesse’s mind swam with all sorts of images of the possibilities of this place. The masculine energy, the smell of the outdoors, of sweat and men. All the penises he’d already seen, Richard Hamton’s hand groping at his penis, while his Dad looked on, so proud. Jesse already felt like he fit in. They continued on up an outdoor staircase that led back to the billiards room where they’d met Jason previously. He was still there, practicing pool on his own, the TV upstairs playing the same baseball game as before. Mr. Garrison was finishing up another lager as Jesse and Rob entered through the french doors to the patio. “Hey look who’s back! Welcome. Did you guys want a drink of something? Rob, you’re a Rickard’s man?” Rob chimed in “I”ll grab us a round…Jesse, you want anything? Coke?” Jesse nodded sure to his father, who went towards the bar in the adjacent room, leaving Jesse and Jason alone together. He felt newly exposed in this public room upstairs, without his father by his side. His penis reacted to this new environment as it had all day, bobbing further up the air, stiffening with each passing second. Mr. Garrison walked over and stood in front of him. “Great boner kid. And uncircumsized too, lucky guy.” He softly batted down at Jesse’s erect penis, making it slap back up against his belly. He chuckled a bit and looked up for Jesse’s approval. “I’m uncut too. Bit hairier than you though, boy.” He continued just barely swatting at his penis, side to side, watching it harden and return to its rock hard state, pointing straight up at both their faces. “You got to school with my boy Rhett, don’t you?” Jesse started to nod, his face flushing, as his dad returned with the three drinks. “Wouldn’t have guessed your boy had his foreskin, Rob! Wasn’t Chris cut like you?” “Yeah the first was my wife’s decision. Was trendy at the time to circumcise boys. But I insisted for our second.” “He’s a lucky kid to have that in tact. Makes it so much easier to masturbate, don’t you find, Jesse?” He wrapped his big fist around Jesse’s hard cock, gripping it tightly and watching the head throb and turn pink in his hand. “My boy Rhett is uncut like me.” There was a bit of a competitive tone in his voice. Jesse pictured his high school bully Rhett, captain of the football team. He’d never seen his penis before, but could almost picture it exactly now that his father was describing it. His cock throbbed in his hand. “Can I see his asshole, Rob?” Jesse’s eyes darted to Rob, taken aback by the bold question. Rob didn’t seem phased, but raised his eyebrows at Jesse. It was clearly his choice. Jesse wasn’t sure why Mr. Garrison was so interested in seeing his ass. He certainly wasn’t going to have sex with him or something. Jesse looked at his father and smiled slightly, giving his approval. “We haven’t showered him yet or anything.” Jesse noticed his father’s language `we’ instead of `he’. He did shower alone this morning, but he supposed it was later in the day now, he could probably use one. Jason perked up “You know I’ve never minded that in the past.” They two men laughing knowingly with each other, about what Jesse could never guess. Jason took a swig of his beer, placed it on a nearby bar table, and in one sweeping motion, cleared the remaining billiard balls off the table. He tapped on the table top and smiled over at Jesse. Jesse hesitated, but then slowly raised one leg up on the table, climbing onto it. His father walked to the other end and caught his eye. “Get on all our fours Jesse, I wanna check you out. Don’t worry I won’t touch or anything.” Reassured, Jesse bent forward with his hands on the table, looking at his father. Rob motioned for Jesse to put his head on the table, bending further forward. His face now against the green felt, facing the TV screen. He heard his dad’s voice, now behind him. “Why don’t you reach back and pull your buttcheeks apart for us, son?” Jesse did as he was instructed, reaching back, his face now pressing into the soft felt. His penis was harder than it had been all day, being exposed like this. Rob now stood beside Mr Garrison, beers in hand as they sipped and admired the view. He admired his son’s nearly hairless hole, small and puckered. It had clearly never been touched before, or at least he guessed. Maybe a finger when he was masturbating at some point – kids were getting into that younger and younger these days. “Wow, you’ve got a great hole, Jesse. Keep it just like that.” Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, taking a quick picture of Jesse’s asshole. Rob smiled at him, admiring the picture himself. “May I?” Jason asked, as Rob nodded to him. Jason leaned forward and took a deep inhale of Jesse’s asshole. He grinned back at his father before delving in a bit further, his beard just barely grazing Jesse’s exposed anus. Jesse let out the slightest moan at the touch. “Very nice, boy” Jason proclaimed as he stepped back again and retrieved his beer. Moments later, Jesse got off the table, and the men continued their conversation. He was a bit in shock that he’d just showed his asshole to his father and this stranger. The fact that his dad complied, the fact that this stranger’s son was his bully, it all combined to make him terrified and horny at the same time. He finished his Coke listening to the men chat about work. Eventually, they said their goodbyes, Jason bringing in Jesse for a close hug again, patting him on the ass and thanking him for showing off once more. Jesse and Rob turned the corner and entered the elevator. When the doors closed, Rob turned to Jesse “What do you think son, you want to get showered up and head home soon?” Jesse nodded, his head filled with too many questions and thoughts to process at once. But one thought was top of mind. “Dad…what if Mr. Garrison tells Rhett about this? I heard his camera take the picture…what if he shows someone?” Rob smiled down, “You don’t need to worry about that, I promise you. For one thing, Mr. Hampton has a very strict policy about the gates here. Once you’re inside, everything becomes strictly confidential. When I signed up to be a member, I was read of a long list of things I’m allowed, and not allowed to do. People always abide by the rules. It’s the reason why the screening process is so exhaustive – they want to make sure that everyone here respects everyone else, and that what happens in the club, stays in the club. And it’s why they try and keep things in the family when they can.” “But even just telling his own son? Or his wife?” “Even his own family. Your mother doesn’t know much about this place, and we both like it better that way. She knows it makes me happy. Plus, in the Garrison’s case – Rhett has already been here.” “What?” Jesse was shocked. “He tried bringing him here last year. Didn’t quite fit in, and Mr. Hampton didn’t take to him like he seems to have you boys.” Jesse felt a strange kind of pride that he had this on Rhett. Not only had he been to the club, probably stripped down and paraded around, but he then didn’t get to come back. Knowing that what happened inside the gates stayed inside the gates was definitely reassuring to Jesse. He wasn’t sure what all of these new feeling within him meant, but he liked them. It was exciting, and very scary. Rob led Jesse back to their locker, punched in the code, and began to undress. It had been years since Jesse had seen his father naked, since they used to go to the YMCA together when he and Chris were boys. He was much fitter than he remembered, with a darker complexion, and hair covering his chest, stomach and legs. He wore grey briefs, which Jesse noticed had a damp spot to the right, where he assumed his penis had been. As he slipped them off, Jesse caught the first glimpse of his dad’s hanging dick. He was much hairier, and his cock was thicker than his boys. He jostled his big dad ballsack loose as he stood, placing his clothes into his locker and then leading Jesse back towards the bathroom area. Jesse was now fully erect again, and glad his father was walking ahead of him so he didn’t notice that he was the subject of his arousal. As they rounded the corner past the bathrooms, they entered the shower area. In the middle were two communal shower posts, with four heads on each. And along each wall, another four shower heads. Beyond this area was a steam room and sauna. At the moment there was one man in the far corner, soaping up his body under the water. Rob led his boy to one of the communal shower heads in the centre of the room – better to show him off. He turned on the warm water, and let it flow over Jesse’s body and hair. He noticed his boy’s cock was still stiff. As he pumped soap from the dispenser, he looked back and noticed that Jason had followed them to the showers, and now stood in the entryway. Still clothed, he pulled his uncut penis out of his zipper and began masturbating, witnessing Rob as he showered Jesse. Rob and Jason had jacked off together many times at the club, usually in the hot tub or steam room. Talking about their wives pussies, the girls they fucked in college, playing out their wildest fantasies for each other, turning each other on. Rob began lathering up his son’s body, soaping his back and butt, grazing a finger in circles over his anus, down between his legs and rubbing his taint. He turned him around to face Mr. Garrison, sure Jesse had noticed him now, as he felt his penis stiffen in his hand. “I remember when I used to bathe you boys as kids just like this. Your penis needed to be cleaned differently because of the foreskin. Like this.” Rob pulled back his son’s foreskin gently, sliding it down to reveal the sensitive pink head, letting the water trickle over it, sending shivers up Jesse’s spine as his cock hardened. Jesse was throbbing in his hand, his father groping his cock as Jason watched, masturbating in the doorway. He wanted to put on a show for his friend. “Did you have fun today, kid?” he asked, while starting to stroke Jesse’s cock. “Yeah, dad.” Jesse said between breaths, his eyes locked on Mr. Garrison’s thick uncut cock. “What was your favorite part?” Jesse was at a loss for words, overwhelmed by what was happening, so Rob started guessing, teasing him with his tone. “Was it seeing Tate in the bathroom? Have you ever seen a penis that big son? It hung so far down over his big nutsack. Or was it seeing Duke with his grandson Travis? Licking at his ballsack and his asshole? What about being out on the water, showing off your hard penis to the guys? Did you like showing off your asshole to Mr. Garrison, Jesse? I know he liked that. He’s masturbating to you now, son. What’d you like Jesse?” “I liked all of it dad.” “I can tell, kid. Tell me when you’re going to cum.” Jesse continued staring at Mr. Garrison across the room, watching as he shot his load on the tile in the entry way. Stream after stream of white cum hitting the wall and dripping down, off his cock. He pulled back his foreskin and gave one last tug of his dick before zipping back up and giving a wave to Rob. “I am dad…I’m about to…” Rob suddenly pulled off his son’s dick and held his arms by his side. Jesse felt his orgasm begin to subside, his nuts tight up in his body, ready to sperm. He groaned as his dad spoke in his ear. “I want you to hold off for one week, okay? We can come back next weekend.” “Oh god. Dad I want to cum so bad…can I cum?” “Not right now son.” Rob made the water overhead slightly cooler, and Jesse shuddered for a moment, looking up at his father, smiling. “Think you can hold off? You’ll be able to cum in one week.” “Okay.” Rob finished rinsing off his son, then shut the water off. As his father dried him, Jesse was reminded there was another man in the shower area who had witnessed this all, but seemed unbothered. Jesse was embarrassed for a moment, but quickly remembered that this place was different. A thought returned to his mind that had been brewing all day. Something he had never really contemplated saying out loud to his father, nevermind in the company of a complete stranger in the corner. As his father began to lead him back out towards the lockers to get dressed and go home, Jesse stopped him in his tracks. “Dad?” “Yes, son?” “I want to try sucking a cock.” His dad looked at him for a minute, surprised at the question. He then smiled warmly. “Of course son. You can try sucking a cock. We’ll come back next weekend.”

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