The lodger .part 2

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The lodger .part 2A few days went by before John had a chance to speak to Jean,come to my room this afternoon he said,I will be home early from work and we will have a chat.Jean knew this time was coming but now it was set she felt even more nervous. After being caught in his room prying through his private things and being made to pose topless for him she had wondered what he would do next time. He had massaged her breasts which had been quite pleasant despite her fear. In fact she had thought of little else in the following days,and found the memory exciting. She had even walked around her room topless to recreate the feeling and found it felt pleasant ,especially if she imagined she was being watched! She hadn’t told any of her friends what had happened as she was afraid it might get back to her mother. She would have like to talk to someone but really wasn’t confident,although she knew a couple of her friends had experience in that way. Knowing she may have to go topless again she showered and changed clothes and readied her nerves for the coming meeting.she went to Johns room and knocked on the door.John sat in his room wondering if Jean would come to his room. He had planned this for some time and knew that maltepe escort if he could get her in the room a few times she would be in too deep to back out or tell anyone. The trick was to work gradually and not frighten her off. A knock on the door relieved him and he told Jean to come in. Now would be a test for his plan . He told her to stand in the middle of the room and keep still. He approached her and started to unbutton her blouse. Although nervous Jean stood still and accepted the attention.With her blouse off and Jean crimson with embarrassment he said to her I know we have an agreement but if you really don’t want to stick to it I will understand. Jean was already secretly enjoying this attention and had gone wet as soon as he’d taken off her blouse . She didn’t want to stop now but covered her keenness by say I promised so I will stick to it. John was really pleased with himself,he was moving her gradually from coercion to consent,and just had to be patient and control himself. Okay he said we will stick to our bargain. With that said he went behind her and undid the bra,putting it on the dresser and then cupping her breasts from behind her.He massaged them gently for quite a while before escort maltepe taking the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers,noticing that they were hard and erect. He played with them ,increasing and decreasing the pressure as he did so. Jeans legs were feeling a bit weak but she was enjoying being touched and was breathing heavy,now not so worried that he might realise she was enjoying it!. He left her and sat on a chair and told her to walk up and down. She did so self consciously but enjoyed his remarks about her slim figure and firm breast. She was actually really enjoying being the centre of attention. No get the magazine out of the drawer and bring it to me he told her .This she did and he said this time I want you to choose a pose to copy but it must be one of a girl that is completely naked. She opened the magazine and looked for picture that she could copy the pose of without too much shame,but whatever one she chose she still had to strip completely . Finally she chose on of a woman standing normally but naked. While choosing it she noticed that the woman had considerably more hair down below than her and wondered if men preferred that. She undid her skirt ,took it off and,reluctantly pulled maltepe escort bayan off her knickers.John was transfixed,he’d fantasised about this moment and was having trouble controlling himself. He was rock hard in his trousers but had enough control to carry on with his plan. He told Jean to come and stand next to him. When she did he leans forward in the chair a put his hand behind her and he’d her bottom. This felt really nice for Jean who although still feeling embarrassed was getting a lot of enjoyment from this,much of it coming from the fact that she knew she shouldn’t really be allowing this to happen. John squeezed her bottom gently and pulled her towards him,now running a finger gently on the outside of her sex . This really felt so good for Jean that she was breathing heavy again. John said I want you to tell me the truth,have you ever put anything inside yourself ? Jean reddened,and thing he might be able to tell,confessed that she somtimes put her hair brush handle inside herself. John seemed to enjoy heating this and very slowly put his middle finger in her,but not deeply. He moved it in and out and at the same time squeezed her bottom . Jean was dripping wet now and enjoying all of it,and also could not take her eyes off the bulge in his trousers! With time pushing on John told her to get dressed and then said to her if you come back next time as we agreed I will show you this,holding the bulge in his trousers. To be continued

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