The ‘Long Distance Relationship’


A thought I was having…

I was daydreaming and remembered you once picking me up from the airport once at night – wearing one of your innocent yet sexy summer dresses, and your slingback heels. We meet up and hug and kiss, and then grab my luggage. Then we find your car and start to drive back to your apartment.

I’ve been feeling horny the whole flight over as all I could think about was the moment we fall into bed together. I start to run my hands up and down your leg as you drive, my hand slightly slipping up inside your skirt and around your thigh – deliberately not making eye contact with you as I don’t want you to stop me.

Then I tease my hand around your panties, threatening to rub against your pussy but never actually quite doing it. Then I make eye contact with you, and we’re both smiling…but instead of stopping while we’re locked in eye-contact I lightly graze my finger over your panties against your pussy lips. My finger continues over the hood covering your clit just to watch your reaction as you drive – and you bite your lip and, say I better stop unless I want you to crash the car! I acquiesce, and just leave my hand gently rubbing up and down your thigh as we continue our journey.

A couple of miles down the road, we’re just talking about nothing and you hold my hand and move it from your thigh over to mine – just enjoying being able to hold hands again after a couple of months. Then without warning you let go and slide your hand into my pants and start to touch my cock, which immediately gets hard as I’ve been aching for you for so long.

I can see from the expression on your face you’re enjoying the effect you’re having on me, and without warning again you start to pump my cock with your hand a few times, just to make me gasp. Just as I think you’re going to continue all the way through to making me cum, you let go and say you’re not nearly ready for me to finish – and you proceed to hike up the bottom of your dress so I can see your pussy through your underwear, and then proceed to ask if I like your new nail polish on your toes.

I can see in your face that you’re loving having this sexual power over me – which makes me smile and want to regain some back for me.

After driving a bit more, knowing what’s waiting for us when we get back to your place, I wait until we stop at some traffic lights and we’re pretty much alone on the road in a dark area. Then, without you suspecting anything, I cup your right breast in my hand, and release it from your bra so I can clamp my mouth down on it and suck hard on your nipple, making you gasp in surprise. With your nipple still in my mouth, I look up at you and make eye contact fleetingly, and then run my index finger against your pussy through your panties eryaman escort – and I can feel just how damp you are down there.

Soon we arrive at yours both pretty much sitting in silence as we don’t know what to say even though we both know what we want as soon as we can close the door behind us. Then you stop the car, and I just say I can’t be bothered to carry the luggage in just yet, and that I’ll grab it later. We then walk hand in hand saying how happy we are to see each other again – but as loving as we’re feeling towards each other after being reunited again, we both know it’s overshadowed by the carnal need we have for each other’s bodies.

As you approach your front door and start rifling around in your bag for your keys, I approach behind you and in one movement press my now hard cock against your ass whilst also grabbing your tits through your dress, and kiss the back of your neck – which surprises you again and you drop the keys.

I let go and tell you to pick them up, and as you I press my palm against the front of your panties to see how wet you are. You shoot back a look at me that says you know what I just did was wrong, but you can’t stop me.

Then you ask me if I’m going to let you open the door without touching you up, and I step back and say that I can’t really make any promises, but let you get on unhindered with letting you get us into your apartment.

I close the door behind me when we’re both inside, then you completely surprise me by pushing me against the door and smothering me in a hot deep kiss, which immediately sends what feels like shock waves down to my throbbing hard cock pressed against your body. I run my hands all over your back and ass as we kiss hard with you pinning me against the door.

I pull one of your legs up so it is wrapped around me, and when I feel the heel from your slingback digging into my ass through my trousers it drives me wild, and with my right hand I reach under your dress and grab one of your tits, and I can feel the effect that has on you as you moan into my mouth as we kiss and slightly shudder as I do it. I’m at the stage now where I am just dying to be inside you, so I swing us round and push you against the door.

We continue to kiss as I rub firmly around your clit through your panties and guide your hand onto my cock. You proceed to pull down my trousers and pants so my cock is finally unrestricted by them, and in the same movement, I pull down your panties, but you’re only able to slip one foot through so they’re still hanging on your other foot. Now we’re stoking each other without abandon, vocally expressing our mixture of sexual pleasure and release of built-up frustration.

I’m sliding my fingers in and out of your pussy which is soaking escort ankara wet now, making sure it’s ready to receive the full girth of my cock soon. You then stop kissing me, make eye contact with me and slowly drop to your knees, all the while with my cock in your hand. Without warning, you then take me in your mouth, and start to suck and rub your tongue up and down my throbbing penis – which causes me to moan out loud.

Seeing you look up at me on your knees with my cock in your mouth is almost too much for me to bear, so I pull you back up, kiss you hard, and slide two fingers inside you, making sure you are wet and open enough to take me. I then withdraw my fingers, make eye contact with you. You sense what is about to happen, and ask me to be gentle. I want to promise I will be, but I know I can’t guarantee it because I need you so badly. I part your legs, and slowly slide my cock, which is already nicely lubricated from you sucking it, into your already wet pussy.

You have an almost pained pleasurable look on your face as I slide my full length in, and when I reach the hilt I let out a relieved gasp of pleasure – after all this is just where I’ve wanted to be for the last couple of months. We then start to slowly grind against each other, you adjusting to having me inside you once more, me just savouring how it feels to have your tight pussy wrapped around my cock again.

After a short while, I look you in the eye, and you know what I’m thinking and just nod…which lets me draw all the way back and plunge my cock deep into you, which I repeat again and again, harder and harder. You start to moan with every thrust, and I appreciate how powerless I’ve made you feel, with you pinned up against the door, unable to get away even if you wanted to.

We continue like this until I lift you up and turn us both around, and rest you on the arm of your sofa, all the time staying inside you. You then wrap your arms and legs around me and we continue to go at each other, you pulling off my top and scratching my back, which in turn makes me moan and pump harder into you.

Now as I’m naked I want you to be too, so I slide out of you, pull off your dress and bra, and slide off your slingbacks. Just as I approach you to continue with what we were doing, you lift your leg up and tell me to kiss your foot, and I can see in your eyes you love the fact you can regain the power from me in this way. I smile and do as you command, enjoying you playing with me as you know my desires for you. Then you part your legs and tell me you want to feel my cock inside you again, and I say I’m willing to give you what you want.

I then pull you by the arm and turn you round, and push you slightly so you are standing but bent over sincan escort your sofa. In one quick movement I then slide all the way inside you which makes you moan hard, as it feels even tighter from this angle. I then pump away, knowing I could easily lose control and cum at any moment as it feels so good.

I have the added visual of the reflection in the patio doors of your tits shaking with every time my cock thrusts inside you. Whilst this is going on you bend one leg and proceed to rub your foot against my balls, which feels amazing and makes me think I could cum there and then. I then suggest moving over to the bed, and you agree.

On the way over you grab my cock, and tell me to lie down on the floor. I proceed to look confused, which then makes you slightly push me so I get the message. I lie down, and you tease your pussy over my cock, then in one movement position your pussy so it is over my mouth, just so I can taste you.

Meanwhile you have a tight grip of my cock with your hand, and move back and slide your pussy over my cock until I am deep inside you again. You then grind against me, leaning back so I can admire your entire body and see your tits in their full glory. Eventually you completely surprise me my speeding up and fucking me like you’ve never fucked me before, and you can see the surprise and ecstasy in my face, which spurs you on to go even faster, which has me moaning hard.

We make eye contact again, and I think I can read you wanting me to take control and make you cum, so I roll us over, and start pounding into you as hard as I can, whilst at the same time you grind your g-spot against my throbbing cock. I pump and thrust, encouraged by your loud moans, scratches, slapping my ass and feeling your legs wrapped around me, your feet pressed against my ass pushing me in to you harder.

I’m really close, and holding off as best I can as I want you to cum, and it seems from your breathing, whimpering and the concentrated look on your face that you are close, so I continue with the same motion, keeping my cock deep inside you but rotating and grinding against your pussy walls.

You then shout that you’re going to cum, so with one last effort I start to pump hard into you again, whilst making sure I watch your reaction as you cum. Your pussy tightens on my cock and you let out some loud cries with a look of almost pain and ecstasy on your face. This in turn makes me feel like I want to cum and just as your whole body goes limp and all you can do is breathe I feel my balls tighten and my hot cum run through my shaft and shoot deep inside you. This in turn makes me cry out as my orgasm ripples through me and thrust until I can’t anymore.

I then roll over and lie next to you on the floor, with us both exhausted but satisfied – with a couple of months of frustration just taken out on each other.

A few minutes later I then manage to gasp that I can still barely move, and that somehow we’re going to have to bring my luggage in….

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