The Love of a Cowboy

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I galloped around the herd sizing it up with the experienced eye of a lifelong cattle driver. Satisfied with my primitive inventory, I headed back to camp where my three companions waited for me. I was always the first in the saddle in the morning and the last back to camp at night. Being a woman working with men in a man’s job meant that I had to work extra hard to gain my share.

The men I traveled with now treated me fairly, which was why I was still with them after three years, but I had worked with crews in the past that had slighted me my pay and other things as well. I had gotten lucky one winter when I heard about a crew looking for an extra hand and met Boss and his men Jacob and David.

All three were good men who worked their share and didn’t taunt me. Boss was a mature man with dark hair and frosty wings of gray at his temples. It was hard to pin down his age exactly and we all deferred to him because it was his herd and his crew, but also because his quiet commanding presence demanded nothing less. Jacob was a slight man who was nonetheless strong and capable. He was intelligent and an exceptional horseman. He was good with the cows too, he attended all the birthings of the calves and we had lost no calves or cows since I had started with them. David on the other hand was a big man. Not fat at all, but burly like a blacksmith and he always had to cut the sleeves from his shirts to accommodate his large arms. He was a happy man who found pleasure many places and was slow to anger.

When I reached the camp, the three men had already finished supper and the coffee was still brewing. We ate and talked some, but we were all tired and we went to our bed rolls early. This night I felt a presence near me and a hand touched my shoulder. I turned to see Jacob looking down at me. I smiled and reached my hand up to his face and he bent in to kiss me. I picked up my blanket and we moved away from the fire to a place where we could spend the night alone.

I had always granted sexual favors to the men in the crews I was working with because I had learned that if I didn’t give them, they would be forced upon me and when we were in the wilderness I could get no help. I never felt any danger from this crew and in the beginning, it was merely habit, but they had gotten used to it and I didn’t mind, so I had lain with David and with Jacob on many nights and, on a few occasions, both at once.

Tonight I spent with Jacob who was an intense lover. David was a quiet and powerful lover. I had never spent a night with Boss. He knew what we did and never said anything about it. I never actually offered myself to him because it made me feel shameful somehow. Something that I had never felt before. It canlı bahis had always been a matter of practicality.

The next day, we prepared to move on. We pulled up camp and loaded the wagon. We stopped at dusk and began to pitch camp. It soon became apparent however, that we didn’t have everything. We were missing the box with most of the food in it. Boss rarely got angry, but now he was livid.

“Can’t I leave you sons-of-bitches alone to do anythin’ right?” He bellowed at us. “You boys wander around lettin’ yerselves get distracted” at this he turned his head to look right at me. Again I felt the shame roll over me. “Y’all are gonna go back and get that godammed box tonight and bring it back here!” we all got up and went to saddle our horses because we all knew that Boss meant NOW.

“Not you.” Boss pointed right at me. I was surprised and exchanged glances with Jacob and David. They silently mounted their horses and left. I stood where I was until the other two men were out of sight. Then I looked at Boss. His expression was unreadable, but I knew that I was about to be kicked off the crew and that he had sent the men away to keep them from interfering. I would be gone before they returned and the best job I ever had would be gone. Boss looked at me for a moment then turned away. He took off his coat and laid it over his saddle and dropped his hat over that.

He then turned back to me. He still had not said a word to me. He then reached for his waist and began to unbuckle his belt. A swelling of hope came upon me. Perhaps he would simply beat me and let me stay on. He removed his belt and laid it over his jacket next to his hat. Now I was confused. What was his plan?

He then looked me right in the eyes and said, “You ride around all day. The saddle makes you horny, don’t it? Well you’re not the only one. You fuck those boys nearly every night and yet you’ve never offered yerself to me.” There was a pause then softly, “Why?”

I was taken aback. I had no response for him.

“I can hear y’all at night ya know? I can hear yer moanin’ and their gruntin’ like a couple o’ animals in the brush and I can’t help it, I have to touch myself to get any relief.” he moved his hand to the front of his pants where the fabric of his jeans bulged. He looked me up and down and then moved closer.

“Those boys ain’t got nothin’ I don’t got.”

He stood before me for a moment, then his right arm came up to encircle my body. He began to lower and I silently followed him to his knees where he gently lowered me onto my back. It never occurred to me to resist. No man had ever talked to me this way, and I was transfixed.

I still could find no words to say. He lowered his face to mine and bahis siteleri as we looked at each other, I could feel his breath on my cheek. He raised his hand to brush some hair from my face. His fingertips lightly brushed my skin and I pressed my face into his large callused hand as it came to rest at the side of my face. He brought his face close to mine and lightly brushed his face against mine before I felt his lips on the side of my face he continued to kiss the side of my face and down my neck as his hand came to fondle my breast beneath the thin cotton of my shirt. My breath now came hard and rapidly as the wonderful sensations washed over me. He moved his kisses around to the front of my neck and his hand shifted to the buttons of my shirt.

He slowly undid each button down to the bottom. He then slipped a hand beneath the light fabric to pass up over my taught belly up to my breast and erect nipple. He slid his hand up and over my shoulder to slide my shirt off my body. My whole torso was now exposed to his attentions. He continued to kiss his way down between my breasts and then over to the left one. As he tasted my flesh, his hand roamed down my front to my waist where he began to unbuckle my belt. as he did this, I began to unbutton his shirt. After I had slid the shirt from his arms, he slipped his hand beneath my waistband to rest on my lightly haired mound. It rested there for a moment then he pulled his hand out and unfastened my jeans while I fumbled to unfasten his.

He swung his body over mine and gripped my pants on either side of my hips. He looked up at me and I looked at him. I could see his chest now and the lean work-muscles that gleamed under a slight sheen of sweat along with the numerous scars that crossed his body. I wanted to touch each one. To taste them. Feel the emotions and sensations associated with each. My body was shown to him as well. My tight stomach and round breasts. I raised my hips for him to pull my jeans down my legs to my boots which he removed followed by my socks and pulled my jeans the rest of the way off. He kicked off his own boots and jeans.

He knelt there staring at my body with my hands stretched above my head and my knees drawn up. Leaning in, he kissed the top of my knee and placed a palm on each one to gently separate them. I let my legs fall to either side as he settled between them and laid his body over mine. I could feel the warm weight of his body pressing on mine. I could also feel the rigidity of his readiness pressing against my thigh. My heart pounded and my breath came quickly and raggedly. He brought his face down to mine and rested his forehead against mine and with his eyes closed he spoke.

“Maggie.” He whispered. “Maggie, bahis şirketleri I want to say somthin’ before I do this. I wanted you to know that I’m in love with ya, and have been for a powerful long time. You’re a strong woman an’ smart. Ya work hard and ya don’t take no bullshit from no one.” there was a pause here and then he said, “An’ you’re just about the prettiest thing I ever saw. I’m like to go crazy when I look at ya sometimes.”

I gripped him hard to me and said “Oh Boss, what I musta done to ya all those nights when I was with Jacob or David. I’m so sorry. They didn’t really mean nothing to me, I just thought that it might be easier if I…”

At this he smiled and replied “Don’t you mind. So long as you call me Benjamin. That’s my real name.”

I smiled and whispered, “Benjamin.” then our lips met for the first time in a deep and passionate kiss as he entered me. He thrust slowly and deliberately so that I might have the time to adjust to his size. His manhood filled me and I gasped. He was bigger than any man I had been with and I moaned as our kiss continued. He began to thrust with long slow movements. His pace increased as he moved his kisses back down to my neck.

I gripped his hair as I lost myself in a world of pleasure. I knew that there was no one around for miles and I lost all restraint and voiced my increasing levels of pleasure. I could feel the tightening in my belly that meant that I was going to reach my release. I didn’t always feel it. The men usually had their way with me until they were finished and even if I could feel my orgasm building, I didn’t reach it more often than not.

“Don’t stop Benjamin.” I panted. “Oh god, don’t stop. Please. Oh Benjamin. BENJAMIN!”

I felt as though I was sinking in a lake of pleasure, all else disappeared but for the waves engulfing me. I know that several more shrieks escaped my body before I was aware of my body squeezing Benjamin in harsh spasms and his head was now flung back and his teeth were gritted as his cock swelled and he released his seed deep within my womb. Feeling his climax sent me into more small shudders of release.

I hugged his exhausted and sweaty body to me and we both lay there heaving, still intimately joined. I could feel him fall asleep over me and I remained awake thinking. All the other men that had lain with me had either wanted me to mount them and display my body to them as they lay there or had taken me lustfully, almost forcefully. Both ways meant that I was given very little consideration and little pleasure. But Benjamin had given me every consideration and more pleasure than I had ever experienced. Was this love? If he could love me so unconditionally; be so devoted to me, could I not love him as well? What was it that love felt like? I fell asleep contemplating these questions and when I awoke, I saw his face close to mine, watching me.

I looked in to his eyes and smiled “I love you Benjamin.”

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