Subject: The Mack Daddy Adventures Chapter 9 WARNING: The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males and incest between an adult male and a teenage male. This content is for mature audiences. If sexual activities between consenting males is illegal where you are, you are under the legal age in your location, or you find such material offensive, please exit this story now. This is a work of fiction and does not represent any real person or place, and any such similarities to any real person, living or dead, are entirely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights to this story, and no duplication is permitted without consent, except publishing on this archive. If you enjoyed this story, consider making a donation to the archive here: fty/ . Nifty Archive is brought to you by the many wonderful donations by people like you. Thank you! Chapter 9 The following Tuesday was the day of my court hearing. Luckily for me, my lawyer had presented all of our evidence and a testimony from Robert and the judge issued a summary judgment. The company had agreed to settle the claim, and they paid a lot of money to do so. I was happy that it was finally over. My wife and I went home to celebrate the end of the court battle, and to prepare for her next trip that weekend. I would be going back to work the next week, so we had arranged for my daughter to spend the weekend with my mother-in-law so that I could get some rest while she was gone. Friday night came and my wife left for her business trip. I had gotten a message from Robert Tuesday asking when he could come over again. My wife knew that Robert and I had become friends throughout this whole experience. On the occasions when we would be together for different functions, we always spoke to each other, so she had become curious why he was suddenly talking to me. I had replied to his text to let him know that she would be out of town that weekend and that he could come over Friday night and we could drink some beer and hangout. He agreed to come over after she left. I heard the unmistakable sound of his truck rumble into the driveway and quickly turned off the TV. I had been wearing an old t-shirt and shorts for comfort, and I panicked as I thought I should have worn something else. The sound of the door opening jolted me from my thoughts as Robert walked inside the house, followed closely by Brandon, one of his oldest friends, and a man that I would have loved to take to Pound Town right there in the kitchen. “Brandon,” I said, surprise evident in my voice. “This is a surprise.” I looked at Robert. “I didn’t know you were coming over tonight.” Brandon stood shyly by the door, looking back and forth from me to Robert. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said. “Of course he doesn’t mind,” Robert said, winking at me. “Do you?” “The more the merrier,” I replied, eyeing Robert suspiciously. “Come on in and make yourself at home.” I turned to lead the way into the living room when Robert’s strong arms grabbed me around my waist, pulling me into him, his hard dick pressing against my ass. “Now hold on there,” Robert cooed in my ear. “We came all this way to see you. Why don’t you show Brandon some of your special hospitality?” I pulled back and turned to look at him. Robert’s eyes were twinkling with what I could only describe as mischief. I hesitated and Robert pouted. “Please,” he said, a whine in his voice. “For me?” He released me and I turned around fully, looking between him and Brandon, still standing by the door. “Is that why you came,” I asked Brandon. “Has he told you all about my ‘hospitality’?” He nodded. I let out a single laugh as I looked at Robert. “You are unbelievable.” I crossed the kitchen to stand in front of Brandon. I lifted his head so that I could look him in the eye. “And what would you like for me to do?” He swallowed, trying to avoid my eyes. I let my hands travel slowly down his body as I took in every curve of muscle. My hand travelled down past his belt, coming to rest on his crotch. I squeezed his dick as it hardened in my grip, Brandon moaning as I tempted his phallus. His eyes fluttered as I moved my hand back and forth along his hardening rod, enjoying the pleasures I brought to him. Robert came to stand behind me, his hand covering mine as I worked Brandon’s sex organ. Robert’s mouth connected with my neck, kissing gently along my exposed flesh as he moved towards my ear, nibbling it gently. “Wouldn’t you like to taste him,” Robert escort bayan asked me. I smiled and rolled my eyes as I knelt in front of Brandon, pulling his belt free to undo it, opening his jeans and allowing them to fall. I leaned forward and sucked on his cock through the fabric of his boxers. Brandon moaned and bucked his hips as I sucked on him. I let my hands roam over his chest, pinching his pierced nipples, making him moan louder as pleasure wracked his body. My hands journeyed south again, grasping the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down, his dick springing free of its captivity. It was a glorious dick. Brandon was shorter than Robert, but not by much, and he was thick! I’ve seen beer cans that weren’t as thick as Brandon’s slab of meat. I licked along the length of Brandon’s cock, swirling my tongue around the tip, before closing my head around it and sliding down the throbbing length. I have come a long way since I started things with Robert, but even I nearly choked as I felt the large mushroom head hit the back of my throat. I took a deep breath through my nose and swallowed, taking it into my throat, squeezing it. Brandon moaned his pleasure and put a hand on the back of my head, pressing hard as he thrust his hips against my face, trying his hardest to bury himself even further into my throat. I put a hand against his hips and pushed backwards, urging him to ease up on his rough assault. I pulled off in order to take a breather and looked up to see Robert and Brandon making out. They had lost their shirts and Robert was tweaking Brandon’s nipples, Brandon squeezing Robert’s large tool through his open jeans. I turned slightly and took Robert in my hand, pulling it upward slightly as I leaned forward to lap at his balls, sliding my tongue along his engorged member and swallowing it to the base. Brandon noticed the lack of my mouth on his dick and broke his kiss with Robert, looking down at me slobbering along Robert’s dick. He grabbed my hair and gently pulled, urging me to suck on him instead of Robert. I alternated between the two of them, sucking one and jerking the other. They continued to make out above me, Robert squeezing and twisting Brandon’s nipples, Brandon attempting to do the same, his hands mostly still in pleasure. I guided Robert’s hand to Brandon’s dick, indicating for him to stroke the other man. I moved one of Robert’s legs onto my shoulder as I licked and sucked along his dick, slathering his balls in spit as I inched closer to his hole. Robert seemed to know what I was doing and dug his heel into my shoulder, pushing me towards his puckered entrance. My tongue met Robert’s tight hole and he growled, pushing me closer, trying to get my tongue further into his hole. I lapped hungrily at Robert’s puckered entrance as I milked his dick in my hand. Robert panted and moaned into Brandon’s mouth as they continued to make out, Robert’s tugs on Brandon’s dick slowing as he was overcome with pleasure. Robert bucked and moaned and his dick twitched in my hand as he erupted, his cum spraying out and splattering on Brandon’s stomach, dripping down onto his dick. I pushed Robert’s leg off of my shoulder and released his spent appendage, standing up to face Brandon, taking his dick from Robert’s slackened grasp. With my other hand I scooped the warm cum from his abdomen, wiping it on his dick, spreading it along the hardened length. “Seems a shame to let it go to waste,” I said, looking him in the eye, leaning in to kiss him again. I broke the kiss, pulling him by his dick as I backed towards the island. “Now, why don’t you put that to good use?” I hopped onto the counter, spreading my legs to expose my waiting ass. Brandon let out an audible growl as he stepped up to me, placing his leaking head at my hole. He was looking down, and I reached over and tilted his head up so that I could look him in the eye. My legs pressed into the back of his hips, urging him to enter me. His hips rocked forward, and he split me open with his fat cock. I released a sound somewhere between a scream and a moan as I dug my heels into Brandon’s hips, pushing him forward, urging the beast of a cock deeper into my ass. “Oh my God,” Brandon, Robert, and I said in unison, though for very different reasons. “Goddamn,” Robert swore quietly as he came to stand beside Brandon. He reached down to stroke my leaking erection. “That’s fucking hot right there.” “You said his ass felt amazing,” Brandon panted, his head dropping tuzla genç escort down so he could press his forehead against mine. “You may have been underselling it.” Brandon’s dick moved in my ass, eliciting a whimpering moan from my lips. “God, Brandon,” I groaned, pain and pleasure coursing through my body, despite the fire that seemed to spread from my aching hole. “Your dick…is a…beast!” I panted as said dick moved back and forth inside of me. “It hurts so good, I don’t ever want it to stop.” Robert hopped up on the counter next to me, stroking his own hard erection in his hand. “I guess I’ll have to settle for your mouth then,” he said, placing a hand on the back of my head and pulling me over his throbbing member. I allowed him to guide me to his dick, which I gladly took into my mouth, swallowing him to the base. He sucked in his breath and his hips bucked slightly, shoving the last inch into my throat. I worked Robert for a while as Brandon’s monster wrecked my hole. The position finally became too much for me and I pushed Brandon off, climbing off the counter and bending over Robert’s cock. Brandon was soon behind me again, pushing his dick back into my ass, shoving until he had bottomed out, the head of his dick slamming against my prostate. I shot upright as I moaned in delight. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I grabbed Robert’s legs and pulled them up and onto my shoulders, lining my dick up with his waiting hole. As Brandon slid back into me, his whole body pushed me forward, forcing me into Robert’s tight entrance. Brandon withdrew again, lining up for another shot, his motions increasing in speed. As Brandon shoved back into me, he pushed me forward again. My hands found Robert’s head and pulled him down into a hungry kiss as my angry dick unleashed its load in Robert’s waiting ass. I stilled, holding onto Robert as if I would die if I let go. Brandon grabbed my hips and slammed into me, once, twice, three times. He buried himself to the base and flooded me with his warm seed. Brandon stayed like that for several moments, panting quietly in my ear. Robert reached up and clapped a hand on the back of his head. “Told you,” he said, grinning devilishly at Brandon. Robert leaned past me and took Brandon in another kiss. I noticed that Robert had sprayed a load all over himself and scooped some of the tangy seed with my finger, bringing it to my mouth and tasting Robert’s load. Brandon separated from Robert and slowly pulled out of my ass with a pop. I moaned at the emptiness as Brandon came to stand beside me, bending over Robert to lick his spent cum from his abs. We shared the tasty snack, our tongues travelling down to Robert’s hole where my load was leaking out. After Brandon and I had cleaned Robert up, we all made our way into the living room. Brandon lay across the couch as I knelt in front of him, lifting his legs to get to his virgin hole. Brandon moaned wildly as my tongue snaked back and forth across his entrance, probing into the tight chute. As I lapped at Brandon’s hole, I felt Robert cleaning Brandon’s load from around my own puckered sphincter. Robert knelt behind me, lining up with my freshly abused hole and shoving in slowly, burying himself to the hilt. Brandon’s load had felt enormous, and as Robert plunged himself into me, his dick was coated with the seed of the other man, lubricating it as he moved in and out of my wrecked entrance. Robert grunted and moaned happily as he assaulted my aching ass, pumping his large dick forcefully, coaxing his load out. As my tongue continued to massage Brandon’s sphincter, I slid a finger in, penetrating the tight space. Brandon whimpered and shifted on the couch, his hips rolling back and forth on my digit. My mouth dragged up, licking over his balls, up the shaft of his dick, enclosing around the engorged head. As I moved downward on his hard phallus, I added a second finger, pushing into with curved fingers that reached up to press against his prostate. Brandon moaned and bucked his hips, working his ass on my invading fingers. Robert, never to be outdone, grabbed my hips and railed into me with all his might, fucking me deep in my guts. His powerful hands gripped my hips, pulling me backwards to meet each of his forceful thrusts. He was panting behind me, the speed of his thrusts increased as he pounded into me. My own fingers had gone into hyperdrive inside of Brandon, a third finger added to the barrage as I slurped up and down on his tuzla kendi evi olan escort hard shaft. Brandon’s hand found the back of my head and held me in place as his hips gave a sharp jerk, pushing his monster of a cock down into my throat just as the head began to spew its contents. Robert’s fingers dug into the flesh of my hips as he pulled me hard, burying himself to the hilt inside of me, unloading his own seed, filling me from both ends. Once the flood ended, Robert released my hips, easing himself from my ass. Brandon had loosened his hold on my head and allowed me to slip off of his dick. Robert climbed up onto the couch next to Brandon, panting contentedly. Brandon’s eyes were heavy, pleasure written all over his face. I stood, grabbing his legs as I did, spinning him around onto the arm of the couch so that his legs hung over the end. Taking his legs in my hands, I placed the backs of his knees on my shoulder, reaching down to pull his ass cheeks apart. Brandon’s eyes locked on mine as I lined my dick up with his virgin hole. I pushed forward, sinking into the warm entrance. Brandon grunted and winced as I invaded him slowly. I bottomed out and stilled, allowing him to get used to my dick inside of him. Robert reached over and rubbed up and down on Brandon’s chest and abs, pinching his nipples, rolling the nubs between his fingers. Brandon sighed, noticeably relaxing. I pulled out until only the head of my dick remained before pushing back in to the hilt. Brandon moaned loudly as the pleasure coursed through him. Brandon’s moaning and whimpering only encouraged me and I fucked him harder and faster as I got closer to orgasm. Robert got off the couch and came over to stand beside me, taking me in a deep kiss, a hand coming to rest on my ass, pushing gently to encourage my movements. I moaned into the kiss as I felt one of his fingers run down my crack to tease my hole. As I pulled out of Brandon, Robert pushed the meaty digit into me, sliding in to the second knuckle. He twisted his finger and pressed on my prostate, pushing me forward into Brandon and over the edge. I moaned hungrily into the kiss as I spilled my seed inside of Brandon’s welcoming hole. Brandon gasped and moaned wildly as he was filled for the first time. With Robert’s help, I removed myself from Brandon’s freshly deflowered hole, wobbling over to collapse on the couch, Robert dropping on top of me. We kissed gingerly for a while, Brandon shuffling from his previous position to turn towards us. My lips left Robert’s and connected with Brandon’s. We made out while Robert gently ran his hands over our skin. We finally separated, unwillingly, a sigh escaping my lips. “We have to go,” Brandon said. Robert rolled his eyes. “Someone has to get home to his wife,” he mocked. “Careful not to let her see that cum leaking from your ass.” Brandon looked down sheepishly, mumbling for Robert to shut up. I punched Robert on the shoulder. “Be nice,” I scolded. Robert pulled me up off the couch and we all went into the kitchen to fetch our clothes. I watched in disappointment as the two of them got dressed. I walked over to Brandon, circling my arms around his neck, pulling him into a short kiss. “You come back whenever you like,” I said, our lips barely touching. Brandon smiled at me, his hands on my waist, kissing me again. “Oh, I think I just might,” he said. He released me and started to open the door, turning to look at Robert. “Don’t take too long,” he said with a wink. Robert grabbed me around the waist, pulling me close as Brandon slipped outside to wait by the truck. He leaned in and took me in a deep kiss. I moaned as my hands travelled up his arms and down his back, resting on his firm ass, pulling him into me. “Thanks,” Robert said softly. “I wish I didn’t have to leave.” “Just come back soon,” I said, running my hand along his hard dick, feeling it pulse beneath the fabric of his jeans. Robert moaned in my ear and bucked his hips slightly. “How about you fuck me one more time,” I whispered Robert grabbed me and shoved me against the counter, bending me over forcefully. His pants were open in a flash and his dick was buried to the hilt inside my ass. We both moaned wildly as he started moving back and forth, fucking me hard and fast. He panted and moaned as he railed into me, working another load out of his aching dick. He pulled me against him as he slammed into me, roaring as he emptied his seed deep in my ass. Robert pulled out and zipped back up as I turned around, smiling. “You’re an animal,” I teased. “Get out of here before I jump you again.” With one last quick kiss, he was gone. I watched out of the window as Brandon and Robert got into the truck, hearing it roar to life. In an instant, they were gone.

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