The making of a Whale (cunt)


The making of a Whale (cunt)The making of a Whale (cunt)(The real bit)We had chatted at length, my darling sub and I, about how things would go if we ever met in person. The outfits, the toys, the acts of depravity…I had cum so many times I found it hard to have an orgasm without our little “chats”.Now just to be clear, I can understand the level of irony of referring to another “larger” woman as a whale, but that is something that developed between us and through our chats and through our love for each other. My whale loves to reveal her blubbery body to me, her sweaty folds glistening.She has shown me the depths that she will degrade herself to me (in private as most of it XH wont allow) and because of that I love her more because she is so willing to seyhan escort abandon any identity and totally give herself over to me (that’s not to say I am pure as driven snow…wink wink).You should check her out, just looking at her drives me wild:[user][/user](The fantasy bit)We had been speaking for months about me travelling to the States and visiting my whale in person. Her GF would have to be kept completely out of the picture, so I had booked a private holiday apartment nearby so she didn’t have to travel too far (which is handy because of what she will be wearing). The first meet of my visit was actually going to be a coffee joint in the nearby town, just so we could tufanbeyli escort make sure we were both ready to go that one step further in our relationship. I dressed smart casual so as to not look too out of place (no panties of course…I do have standards hehe), however I told the whale to wear something tight, like bulging tight so I would know it’s her.As I sat outside the coffee shop in the sun and enjoyed something with a name far too long to be sensible, I looked around trying to spot my darling whale. With seconds to spare before being late, I noticed the truck which matched the description she had given me as it pulled up across the street. She picked me out almost immediately and made her way hurriedly yumurtalık escort across the street, her tits and belly jiggling perfectly as she jogged. The t-shirt was way too small, her braless 42J tits bounced around like loose melons, but the piece d’resistance was the shiny black whale skin trousers and heeled boots. They were a central part of our play and they drove me crazy.She sat down next in the chair next to me, almost touching me, her face red and her breathing rapid. She turned to look at me, meeting my expectant gaze, and uttered one word that meant she was mine and would always be that way….”oink”I took her hand and kissed it softly and said “thank you my love”, before taking said hand and carefully and without trying to arouse any weird looks, slide her hand under my skirt, tracing her willing and pliable fingers along the crease of my bare, wanting pussy. The almost inaudible gasp as I clenched her hand hard between my legs was all I needed to hear. Leaving the remains of my coffee, we moved to her car for the short journey to the hotel…

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