The Mansion


As she drove up through the front gates, she thought to herself “What the hell am I doing here?.” She had met him only the night before at the club where she usually went to relax after a hard day at work. Admittedly, she found him very good looking, tall, rugged looking, deep blue eyes… but to be going to his “Mansion” after only a few drinks and small talk?

She had prepared herself to what she considered perfection. Black form fitting summer dress, strapless and backless, giving her a seductive look that she was sure would attract his attention. Makeup done to perfection, and just a hint of her favorite perfume made the ensemble complete. She nervously headed out her front door.

She arrived at the address that was written on the slip of paper. She knew it was a mansion, but she never imagined it to be THIS big. As she pulled up to the front door, the towering structure made her even more uneasy about the evening. He was waiting for her. Standing there in a pair of tight fitting dress pants and a sport coat, she suddenly remembered why she had accepted the invitation… LUST… pure and simple.

He greeted her at the driver’s door and, as she knew he would, he opened the door for her so she could exit the vehicle more easily. She hesitated for a moment, making sure that he got a good look at her long legs as they slid out from the confines of the small vehicle. He took her hand and escorted her through the huge front doors and into what appeared to be a sitting room off the main foyer. The day was turning out to be very hot, and the blast of air conditioning felt wonderful to her sensitive skin.

“I gave everyone the day off, so we are all alone. I hope you’re not too nervous?” he said… his soft, husky voice sending shivers down her spine.

“Well, I AM a bit nervous, seeing as we only just met yesterday and all. But, I think I will be OK… I’m sure I’m in good hands with you” she answered, her voice giving away just how nervous she really was.

He showed her to the loveseat, motioning for her to sit down in the comfortable looking seat. “Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

“Sure, a white wine would be nice” she shyly replied.

He moved to the bar in the corner of the room and she took a good look at him this time. She liked what she saw. He was tall, maybe 6’3″ or 6’4,” broad shoulders, a slim waist, and a GORGEOUS behind. She always loved a good set of cheeks, and his seemed to be just right. He also had a full head of hair, slightly gray, which went down to just above his collar. She liked seeing longer hair on a man.

As he returned from the bar, he stopped and put on the stereo… soft music began playing and he also dimmed the lights slightly before returning to her side. He handed her a drink and sat down on the opposite side of the loveseat.

“A toast… to new friends” he raised his glass towards her.

“Yes… to new friends” she replied, extending her glass towards his, gently clinking them together as they met.

They began innocently enough, small talk about work, social activities, and things like that, and she felt herself settling in and relaxing. They were laughing out loud at little jokes, sighing at hard times stories, and generally enjoying each other’s company. They began looking deeper into each other’s eyes as the night wore on, and she began having “those” thoughts… the kind she hadn’t had in a long time… the kind that made her pulse start to quicken, her knees start to get weak… the kind she WANTED right now. She could see some longing in his eyes as well, and she knew this day was going to turn out better than she could have hoped.

It seemed like they were talking for hours, and the conversation was getting more and more personal all the time. They were talking about past loves, future plans, even touching on fantasies, and she was feeling more and more relaxed the more they talked. All of a sudden he stood up, extended his hand saying, “I’ve been so rude. All this time and I haven’t shown you the rest of the house yet. Let me take you on a grand tour of the place. “

She eagerly took his hand and stood up, the wine taking its toll on her as she stumbled briefly. “Wow” she said. “I guess the wine got to me already”

“That’s OK” he said, as he steadied her. “We’ll take it easy for a bit. “

He gently guided her through the huge house, making sure to show her every little detail about each and every room. She was awestruck by the sheer size of the place, but she felt safe being so close to him.

As they exited the rear of the house, her eyes opened wide to the site of the ocean. She knew the road the porno hikayeleri house was on was close to the ocean, but she hadn’t even thought of the properties backing onto it. She had lived in this town for over 2 years, and had never been to a beach or even to a lookout… She thought to herself “This is beautiful” and held his arm a little tighter.

“There is over 300 feet of prime, secluded beach out here,” he stated. “Maybe later we could enjoy some sunshine, maybe even have a picnic on the beach?”

“I love the idea of a picnic, but I didn’t bring a bathing suit, so I guess swimming is out for today.” She seemed to sigh at the last part of the statement, which definitely caught his attention.

“Well then, picnic it is. As for the swim… well, we can discuss the options later. ” He was eyeing her up and down with this last comment, taking in her form and smiling. He led her back inside to finish the tour of the house.

She couldn’t believe how large the house was. It seemed to have more rooms than she had ever seen in one place, except for maybe a hotel. She was eager to ask him about how he came to own such a place, but thought it would seem rude, or worse, like she was more interested in his money than his person. That was the furthest thing from her mind.

“Well, that’s my “little” home. What do you think?”

“Absolutely incredible. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. “

“Well, what say we go to the kitchen and get the fixings for that picnic lunch, I’m starving. “

“Mmmmm… me too. I’m famished”

He took her hand and they went to the kitchen. They prepared some sandwiches and grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses. He reached into a nearby cupboard for a blanket and placed everything on a table by the sliding doors leading out to the beach. “Come with me and we can take care of the clothing situation,” he said, motioning for her to follow him upstairs.

“Sir” she cried, trying to sound like an innocent lady of olden times. “Just what did you have in mind?”

“Nothing like that. My wife’s clothes are about the same size as yours, and she had quite a few bathing suits that you could choose from. “

“WIFE” she shrieked. “YOU HAVE A WIFE?”

“No no… she passed away a few years ago. I could NEVER do something like that,” he answered humbly.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Had you been married long?”

“Only 2 years. She had a heart problem that nobody knew about. One day she just laid down for a nap and never woke up. But let’s not talk about it OK? It brings back too many painful memories. “

“OK, I understand. Now lets see what there is to wear. ” They were in a small bedroom now, searching through the cupboard. There were so many dresses and bathing suits hanging on the racks, it looked like a store display. “Why have you never given these things away?” she asked.

“I don’t really know? I guess I never wanted to get rid of anything that reminded me of her. “

“Won’t it be awkward seeing me in one of her suits?”

“I think she would be happy to have you wear one. And I’m sure I’ll get over it. ” He laughed as he said this, which put her at ease.

“Mmmmm… a 1 piece or a 2 piece. Which would you prefer?” She asked coyly.

“Well, if the choice is mine, I’d prefer the 2 piece seeing as you have such a lovely figure. “

She blushed, “Thank you. A 2 piece it is then. Meet me out on the beach, I’ll be ready in a couple of minutes. ” She pushed him out the door, closing it firmly behind him. She checked the selection in the closet. “Mmmmm” she thought to herself, “He thinks I have a good figure? Well, let’s find something to prove him RIGHT.” Then she spotted it. The smallest looking suit she had ever seen. Did she dare? “What the hell” she blurted out. “Let’s see how turned on I can make this guy.” She giggled aloud like a schoolgirl as she began to remove her clothing. She stopped to take a look at herself in the full-length mirror, noting that she looked damn good, firm breasts, flat stomach, and a great butt. She was proud of her body and now she was going to show it off. She put the suit on and again stared at the figure in the mirror. “Yep” she thought, “This should get him going,” and she headed out to the beach.

The hot sun felt good on her skin as she exited the house and headed down to the beach. She could see him sitting near the water with his back to the house and decided to sneak up on him. She moved like a cat, silent as she stalked her prey. She got behind him and placed her hands around his head, covering his eyes. “No peeking” she said. “OK, I won’t look… yet” he replied. She removed her sex hikaye hands and moved to stand in front of him. “OK, you can look now” she told him. He slowly opened his eyes. Was he in heaven? He thought he must be because standing in front of him was a genuine angel. “WOW” he exclaimed. “Is that all you have to say?” she questioned. “Just… WOW, I’m speechless. You look… well, WOW” was all he could manage to get out.

She giggled and sat down beside him; very aware of the effect she was having on him by the rising bulge in his already too small bathing suit. “I can’t believe I actually wore this thing. It’s not like me to be this brave around someone I hardly know.” She was making small talk to try and ease her nervousness around him. “Well, I’m glad you did. It definitely shows off that gorgeous body of yours. ” He replied. She giggled again and took the glass of wine he held out for her. “Are you trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me?” she asked as she took a sip from the glass. “I would never do that” he said, a coy smile coming over his face. “Too bad. I can be very receptive when I’ve had a few drinks” she said giggling again. He smiled a devious smile at that comment, but did not make any kind of move towards her. He wanted to be sure before trying anything.

They sat and talked for quite awhile, the sun constantly beating down on them, the sweat glistening off their bodies. They began to move closer to each other, focusing their eyes into each other’s. Without either one of them realizing it completely, they were soon mere inches from each other’s faces. Finally, he could not hold back any longer and moved to kiss her. Their lips met and they could taste the salty sweat from each other’s lips. The kiss was long and very arousing for both of them. They began to explore each other’s mouths with their tongues and each of them put their arms around the other at the same time. They slowly lowered themselves to the ground and he pulled her tightly against his body, his now fully erect penis pushing hard against her thigh. She moaned. His hands started to move first, slowly checking out the curves of her body. Down her sides, across her firm buttocks, and down her legs they traveled. When he could reach no further, he began to bring them upwards again, along the inside of her thigh, missing her most sensitive area, up her flat stomach, until he was caressing her breasts through the flimsy bathing suit top.

She was not going to be left out in this exploring session, and she started moving her hands along his body as well. Across his chest, down his flat stomach, and straight to the object of her desire, the huge bulge in his bathing suit. She started rubbing him through the small suit and, hearing his moan as she touched him, she moved her hand along the outline of his shaft. She reached the bottom of the swimsuit and found that he was sticking out the bottom of it. She started rubbing the head of his hard cock, rubbing the small drops of precum over what she could of his member.

He had worked his way under her bikini top and was now lifting it over her swollen breasts, exposing them to warm air as well as his gazing eyes. He moved from her lips and started trailing kisses down her neck until he was able to take one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He started sucking on it slowly, teasingly and she could only lay back and enjoy the sensation. His hand had started moving down her stomach towards her waiting sex flesh. He ran his hand over her pubic bone, which sent a shiver up her entire body. He was cupping her through the bikini bottom and she could feel herself getting extremely wet there. He moved his hand slightly upwards, then moved his fingers under the fabric. She felt like she was on fire as he touched her there. His fingers began to trace the outline of her pussy, and then slowly he worked one finger inside her. She jumped to his touch, which made his finger go even deeper inside her, where he left it for a few seconds before starting to move it in and out. He removed his finger long enough to force the bikini bottom down her legs. She kicked it out of the way as he returned to her waiting pussy. With his other hand had removed her top completely and she was now naked and eager for his touch.

She was not idle during this either. She somehow managed to lower his trunks, which he threw off to the side. She could feel his erection against her leg and was eager to feel it inside her. As much as she was enjoying his touch, she was going to be the one in charge… at least for now. She rolled him over onto his back and began to kiss him with extreme passion. Her hand went immediately seks hikaye to his throbbing member and she began to stroke the shaft, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. She began to kiss her way down his body, stopping at his nipples to suck on them and gently bite them as well. She moved lower. Down his flat stomach towards his solid shaft. She reached it and started by slowly licking around the head, tasting his precum and running her tongue around the small opening on top. She then took the head into her mouth and slowly began to lower her head over it. Deeper and deeper she took him, until she had him completely in her mouth. She started to move up and down his shaft, cupping his balls as she did so. He was moaning loudly now and she knew that she was pleasing him. She could feel him getting even larger as she sucked him and she knew it would only be a matter of seconds before he shot his load into her mouth. She started bobbing even faster, wanting to taste his hot load. She stroked him when she was at the top, then deep throated him all the way down to his balls. He couldn’t hold out any longer and she felt him tense up just before he let loose a huge amount of sweet tasting cum into her mouth. She kept her mouth firmly in place, not wanting to lose a single drop, and sucked the remaining juices from his throbbing cock. When he was finished cumming, she raised her head and gave him an evil looking smile. “Damn, that was incredible” he stated. “I know,” she answered. “And that was only for starters” she giggled.

He knew it would take at least several minutes before he would be hard again, so he rolled her onto her back and positioned his face between her legs. “My turn now” he said, and with that, he started to run his tongue over her pussy lips, tasting her juices that were already flowing freely. Her moaning told him that she liked what he was doing and he always liked to please the ladies. He found her swollen clit and took it into his mouth, gently sucking on it and flicking it with his tongue. She was moaning herself now and thrusting her hips up to meet his thrusting tongue. It didn’t take long before she screamed out “Oh GOD, I’m CUMINNNNNNNNNNNNG.” And with that, she started bucking wildly. He grabbed her hips to keep his face firmly planted against her as she thrashed around in orgasmic bliss. As she settled down, he moved to her lips and gave her a soft, tender kiss. “There, now we’re even” he said. “But I hope we’re not finished yet?” she asked. “Not on your life. Let’s go inside so we don’t get completely burned by this scorching sun.” They both got up and, without worrying about their swimsuits, went inside the house and up to the master bedroom.

Once they had both settled on the bed, they began kissing and fondling each other. It didn’t take long for him to become fully aroused again and, seeing this, she rolled him over on his back and positioned herself over his erect member. She lowered herself and took his cock in her hand, rubbing it along her again very wet slit before placing the head of his cock into the opening of her waiting pussy. She held herself there, with just the tip inside her, for a few seconds before slowly lowering herself down on top of him. He slid in easily and she was soon completely filled by him. She began rocking back and forth, savoring the sensation of his cock inside her. She then started raising herself up to the point where he was almost out of her then lowering down again to the base of his cock.

The sensation for both of them was incredible and soon they were both moaning out loud. He was raising his hips to meet her on every stroke, the two of them moving as one, working towards what they both hoped would be an explosive conclusion. She was leaning her upper body back, trying to get as much penetration as possible and she could feel herself almost ready to cum again. “Oh, ohhhhh yeaaaaaa baby. I’m gonna cum. I’m going to fucking cum any second. Cum with me baby, shoot that hot cum deep inside me.” She was almost screaming at this point and he could feel himself ready to explode as well. He felt her tighten around him as she screamed out “I’m cuminnnnng… god yes, I’m cuminnnnng” and he didn’t hold back any longer, pumping his hot cum deep inside her, so much so in fact that some started seeping out of her, running down his cock to his balls. She collapsed on top of him as their orgasms subsided and they started to gently caress each other as the intensity of their lovemaking slowly settled.

They made love several more times throughout that day and night, slower and more relaxed than the first time, and by the time they finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, they were completely worn out.

As they slept, they were each thinking about how the new day was going to go… and hoping it would be just as “HOT” as the one they just had.

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