Subject: The Mason Twins 2 Steven Mason collected on his bet. Every time Steven saw his brother Danny Mason, he would smack Danny’s ass. One time, when they were in the halls alone, Steven made Danny pull his pants down (Steven told Danny not to wear any underwear that day) and smacked his ass. During lunch, Danny had to suck his dick under the table. It was amazing that they didn’t get caught. Finally, when they were in their last class, they sat in the back of the room. “Take your pants and underwear off.” Steven whispered. “Steven… No.” Danny said. “I’ll tell dad you reneged on the bet.” Steven threatened. Reluctantly, Danny took off his pants and underwear. The kids in the back were the only people that knew what was going on. Unfortunately, some other kid got a hold of Danny’s clothes. “Now, what am I going to do?” Danny asked. He looked like he was on the verge of tears. One of the kids in the back gave him a pair of gym shorts to put on. “Thanks, I owe you.” Danny said. “Yes, you do.” The young man said. He kept the shorts off until the class was let out. Then he quickly put the shorts on. As they were walking home, the young man from class walked up to them. “I wanna collect.” He said. Danny looked at the dude. He was a white dude with blond hair. He was about the boy’s same height. Danny sighed and rolled his eyes at Steven; Steven just shrugged his shoulders. “What do you want me to do for you?” Danny said. “Cum on me.” The boy said. Danny and Steven looked at each other in shock. “And videotape it.” “You know, the only way I can cum is if you suck my dick.” Danny said. “Okay!” The boy said. “What’s your name, dude?” Steven asked. “Benjamin.” The boy said. “Nice to meet you, Benjamin.” Steven said as he shook Benjamin’s hand. “I’m Steven and this is my brother, Danny.” “I know who you two are. I follow your Instagram channel.” “So, you’re a fan?” Danny asked. Benjamin just nodded his head excitedly. “I watch all your videos religiously and your YouTube channels. Both Danny and Steven were surprised. They had only been on YouTube for a year. “Well, I think that deserves something special before we begin. They both kissed Benjamin on the cheek. He looked like he was gonna pass out. Then, Danny pulled out his dick and said, “Now get to work on this!” Benjamin bent down to suck Danny’s dick. As Danny slid his dick down Benjamin’s throat, Steven got behind. “Hey, Ben,” Danny said. “Would you let my brother see that ass, for me, please?” Benjamin looked back at Steven. Then he looked at Danny and said, “Sure. Okay.” Benjamin unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. “Here, let me help you with that.” Steven said. He roughly yanked Benjamin’s pants and underwear down around his ankles. “Damn, dude! You got a real phat ass!” Steven, playfully, slapped Benjamin’s ass. “Mmmm.” Benjamin moaned. “Do that again, bro,” Danny said, “I think he liked that!” So, Steven used Benjamin’s ass as a makeshift drum kit. That made Benjamin’s dick hard. As Steven played drum `solo,’ Benjamin moaned like crazy as he continued to suck Danny’s dick. While Benjamin sucked his dick, Danny motioned to take a picture of the situation. So, while Benjamin was paying attention to the good dick, Steven took some pictures of Benjamin’s pretty white ass. “Man, this ass gaziantep travesti looks real good. I wonder what the rest of his body looks like.” Steven wondered out loud. “Hey, Benjamin. Can you take off your clothes so my brother can see what you look like naked? Please.” “What do I get in return?” Benjamin asked. “What do you want?” “I want to feel both of your muscles. You and your brothers.” Danny and Steven looked at each other. “Okay.” Steven said. Both boys took their shirts off. Benjamin chuckled like a maniac. “You okay, dude?” Danny asked. Benjamin cleared his throat and said, “Yea. Sure.” “First, however, you got to get down on your knees like you worshipping us.” Danny said. “I want him to kiss my feet, first.” Steven said. “I can do all that.” Benjamin said. He got down on his hands and knees. “Both our feet.” Danny said. “And call us `sir.’ “Yes, sir!” Benjamin said excitedly. He got down on his knees and kissed the brother’s feet. Both Danny and Steven were in shock. Nobody had ever humiliated themselves for their amusement. “This is gonna be fun!” Danny thought to himself. The brother’s stripped down. They watched Benjamin start to drool as they slowly stripped out of their clothes. When they were naked in front of him, he was all hot and bothered! “Now, you may get your feel on!” Benjamin was giddy with lust and excitement. He started, slowly, with their legs and worked his way up. He roughly massaged and caressed their legs and feet. “Are you guys ticklish?” Benjamin asked. “Don’t even think about it?” Danny warned. “Are you?” Steven asked. “Yes.” Benjamin said with a smile. “Good to know.” Danny said. When Benjamin got to their butts, Steven said, “Kiss our asses.” Both Danny and Steven turned around. Benjamin kissed one ass then the other. The boys made Benjamin kiss his ass crack. “I think we should call you ass kisser.” Danny said. “How does that sound.” There was a pause for a moment. “I like it.” Benjamin said, “But, I’ll only kiss your asses.” “Sounds good to me.” Danny said. Benjamin got back to feeling on the twins. When he got to their arms, he asked them to flex their muscles. When he saw them flexing, the boy nearly passed out. He rubbed on their chest roughly. That caused their dicks to get hard. “I think you need to take care of this.” Steven said. He stroked his hard dick. “Why don’t you wrap your lips around this dick.” While Benjamin got down on his knees and began to suck Steven’s dick, Danny got behind them and took some pics of Benjamin sucking his brother’s dick. “Damn, you’re a good dick sucker!” Steven said as he grabbed Benjamin’s head, forcing more of his dick down the young man’s throat. As he sucked Steven’s dick, he felt Danny rubbing his ass. “Steven, you gotta feel his ass.” Danny said. “I have never felt anything like this. It so soft.” Steven bent over and felt Benjamin’s ass and said, “You’re right, man!” Steven gripped both of Benjamin’s ass cheeks firmly. “Oooh!” Benjamin moaned. “I think needs a spanking, bro.” Danny said. “Yea, I think so, too.” Before he knew what was happening, Danny put him in a front face lock wrestling hold. Then Steven grabbed Benjamin’s own leather belt and began to give him a spanking from hell. They didn’t hear gaziantep masaj salonları screams, however. They heard moans of pleasure! Steven stopped and looked at Benjamin and asked, you like this, hunh?” “Um. yes.” Benjamin said meekly. “Alright then.” Danny said. “Bend over and take some more of these belt licks!” Danny went to town on Benjamin’s ass. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “You like that?” Danny asked. “Mmmm, yes!” Benjamin moaned. Meanwhile, Steven had let go of Benjamin and went around to Danny and was now grabbing, groping his ass. Danny tried not to react but, damn, it felt so good when Steven groped his ass. “Wiggle that ass!” Steven said. While still spanking Benjamin, Danny wiggled his ass to the left and the right. “You got one sweet ass, bro!” Danny couldn’t help grinning. “Please fuck me.” Benjamin begged. Danny turned Benjamin around to face him. “Of course, I’m gonna fuck you man.” Danny said, kissing Benjamin on the lips, gently. “Can I watch and make a video with my cell phone?” Steven asked. “Are you gonna share it with your friends?” Benjamin asked. “Do you want me to?” Steven asked. Benjamin grinned from ear to ear. “I think he wants you, to, bro.” Danny said. “And you know I don’t mind.” So, Steven grabbed his cell phone from his pants while Danny positioned Benjamin so that he was facing Steven’s cell phone. “Take two quick pics, bro.” Danny said. He put Benjamin in a full Nelson. As he held him, Danny said to Benjamin, “I’mma fuck this ass real good!” Then they took another pic. This time, Danny got Benjamin on his hands and knees. Then Danny sat on his back and grabbed a handful of Benjamin’s ass cheeks. After the photo was taken, before he got up off Benjamin, Danny slapped Benjamin’s ass. “Now, for the main event.” Steven said. “Hey, bro, can you let him suck your dick while I fuck him?” Danny asked. “Yea, sure.” Steven said. “I don’t mind having his hot mouth on my dick.” So, Steven sat down on the ground and Benjamin got back down on his hands and knees. Then he jumped a bit when Danny smack his ass hard. “I just can’t keep my hands off this ass.” Danny apologized. Benjamin got on his hands and knees in front of Steven. “You ready for this, boy?” Steven asked. “Yes, sir!” Benjamin replied with a smile. Danny slid his dick up Benjamin’s hole. “Owww!” Benjamin hollered. “Sorry, man.” Danny said. “Damn, this ass is tight!” “Is he the first person to be up in your ass?” Steven asked Benjamin. “Yes.” Benjamin said weakly. Steven looked at Danny and mouthed the words `Go slow.’ So, Danny, very carefully, very slowly, slid his dick in and out of Benjamin’s ass. “This is what you wanted?” Danny asked. “This right here?” “Yess.” Benjamin moaned. Danny began to long stroke Benjamin’s hole. “Mmmmm!” “Suck my dick, boy!” Steven said impatiently as he shoved his dick in Benjamin’s mouth. As soon as Benjamin’s soft lips touched Steven’s body trembled. “Man, you got a real hot mouth!” Steven said. He grabbed Benjamin by the head and held his head still. “Suck that dick, man!” Meanwhile, Danny was tearing Benjamin’s asshole apart. “Damn, this ass is so good!” He said as he fucked Benjamin like is ass was gonna evaporate any minute! “Get deep in that ass, man!” Steven said. gaziantep escort bayan He had to admit, he like watching his brother fuck this dude. “Tear that ass apart!” At this point, Benjamin was in heaven. He could feel Danny’s dick all up in his guts. He stopped sucking Steven’s dick just long enough to say, “Fuck me harder! I can take it!” Danny and Steven looked at one another and smiled wickedly. Then Danny began to fuck Benjamin’s ass harder and faster. “Oooh! Shit! God damn!” Benjamin cried out. “You wanted it hard, remember.” Danny said. He slammed his dick harder up that tight ass. “Mmmmm!” Benjamin moaned, his eyes rolling back up into his head. At that moment, Benjamin knew his ass would be no more good! “Oooh!” Then Danny made Benjamin stand on his knees. “Hey, Steven, you want something to play with?” Danny asked as he winked at him. Steven grinned as he saw Benjamin’s dick, nuts, and nipples. All for him to play with. He reached out and felt up Benjamin’s nipples. “Mmmm.” Benjamin moaned. Then Steven, roughly, pinched Benjamin’s nipples. “Owww!” Benjamin’s dick started to stir as Steven continued to abuse his nipples. Soon, Benjamin’s dick was rock hard. “Ooooh!” Next, Steven grabbed Benjamin’s dick, stroking it fast. “Ooo, fffuuuccckkk!” Steven bent over and kissed Benjamin roughly and said, “You like it when I’m rough with you, don’t you?” “Yes… sir.” Benjamin said, breathlessly. Then, Steven did something that Danny, nor Benjamin was expecting he bent down and sucked Benjamin’s eight-inch dick! Between getting his dick sucked and getting his back beat out, Benjamin was in heaven! Then Steven sucked on Benjamin’s nuts. “Hey, bro! How did that dick taste?” Danny asked. “Not bad.” Steven said. And his nuts ain’t too bad, either.” Steven said with a smile. Then Steven went back to sucking Benjamin’s dick. The more Steven sucked his dick, the hotter he got. Soon, he was ready to bust a nut! I’M GONNA CUMM!” Benjamin tried to get his dick out of Steven’s mouth before he came but, Steven locked his lips around his dick. Seconds later… “FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Steven smiled as Benjamin’s hot cum flowed down his throat. Steven slurped it all down until there wasn’t a drop left. “Now, that was tasty!” Steven said. As Danny continued to fuck Benjamin mercilessly, Steven kissed him om the lips. Danny tasted Benjamin’s cum that was still on Steven’s lips. “Can you put your finger up my ass, bro?” Danny asked. “Sure, I can.” Steven said. He went behind Danny and slid two fingers up his brother’s ass. He slid them in and out of his brother’s hole. Danny started fucking Benjamin like crazy. “Yea, bro! Fuck his ass! Make it hurt!” Danny was doing just that, making it hurt. Benjamin moaned and groaned loudly. Then it happened. “I’M GONNA CUM!” Danny roared as he slid his dick out of Benjamin’s ass. “FFUUCCKK!” Jets of his cum splattered all over Benjamin’s white ass cheeks. Danny didn’t stop cumming until Benjamin’s ass cheeks were covered in cum. “Now, you were a good fuck, dick sucker.” Danny said. Benjamin just smiled. “You gonna call him `dick sucker’ in school, too?” Steven asked. Benjamin looked horrified. “Only when we’re alone.” Danny said. He saw Benjamin putting on his clothes. Here, let me help you with that.” They helped him put on his pants and shirt. “What about my underwear?” Benjamin asked. “Naw, we’re keeping that.” Danny said. Benjamin just smiled. When they got to putting on his shoes and socks, they began to tickle his feet. “HAHAHAHA! STOPP! HAHAHAHAHA!” Benjamin screamed. “HAHAHAHA!” They tickled him, on and off, for the rest of the evening. The End

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