The Masquerade Ch. 03


This story is a continuation of The Masquerade Ch.1 and Ch. 2. To get the full background of the story, please read the previous chapters. All feedback is welcome. These are my first stories I’ve shared with anyone and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Chapter 3

Alex slipped into her darkened room. Her shades were drawn with dark curtains to block out the light. She kept Mark’s hand in hers as she walked to the other side of the room. She let go of his hand as she took the lighter on top of the dresser and lit the candles there. As she lit the last one, she felt Mark’s arms encircle her once again. His hands caressing her as they made their way to the gentle curve of her stomach. He nuzzled her hair out of his way and fastened his lips once again to her neck.

Alex put the lighter away and moved her hands to the side of Mark’s legs, pulling him tighter to her. She moaned as his mouth licked and gently bit it’s way down to her shoulder and back. She shivered and couldn’t help the pressure of her hips back into him. She heard him groan as she felt him harden against the small of her back.

Alex pressed into him, forcing him backwards as his hands played with her breasts and his tongue tickled her ear enticingly. Her hands wrapped as far back around his legs as she could reach from her position and willingly moved her head so he could feast on the other side of her neck. She felt him bump into the side of her bed and turned in his arms.

Mark sat on the edge of her bed as she turned. He pulled her close, her legs straddling his as he undid the clasp of her bra. She let the straps fall, holding the bra otherwise in place for a moment. She watched Mark’s eyes darken, looking almost dangerous in his desire. He tilted his head at her, his fingers playing at her waist, silent as he waited for her next move.

Alex leaned forward and let her lips touch his again and when he slid his tongue against hers, she let the bra fall and pushed him back onto the bed, laying over him, feeling her skin against his. She heard him groan as his hands wrapped around her, pulling her hard against him before sliding a hand down over her waist and muscular leg.

Alex let her mouth wander from his mouth to his neck. She nibbled her way over his collarbone and let her lips and tongue play with a nipple before bringing her mouth lower. As she moved lower his hands moved over her waist, the side of her breasts and tickled into the hair at her nape. She slipped to her knees as Mark propped himself on his elbows to watch her.

Alex’s dark hair, at some point free of it’s pins, waved over her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes glittered up at him as if some dark amber flickered in the candle light. Alex held his gaze as she slowly slid his boxers down his legs and off of his feet. She flickered her gaze to his hardened cock and heard Mark groan again as she licked her lips.

Alex felt her stomach flutter at his size. She smiled as she met his gaze and let her tongue touch just the tip. He jumped a little and his eyes rolled up just before he closed them.

“Oh my god.” Mark growled out as his eyes shot open and he stared down at her when her hot mouth enveloped his head. When he sat up a little more to see her better, she let her fingers wrap around his thighs and licked from base to tip. Mark’s hands moved to her shoulders when her tongue licked the drop at the tip of his cock.

Though Mark neither pulled her to him or pushed her away, his hands tightened at Alex’s shoulders as she slipped her mouth over his head again. She moved her mouth farther down, feeling him jump in her mouth as she twirled her tongue around his cock. When she brought her mouth back to the tip, she pressed her tongue to the sensitive underside of his head and sucked hard for a moment.

“Alex, Alex, Alex.” Mark whispered over and over and she met his gaze again. Her eyes never left his as she slid her mouth up and down, pushing him farther and farther in, sucking gently and then hard. Mark started to buck his hips under her.

Alex let his cock slip from her lips when she felt him push at her shoulders. Mark pulled her to her feet and then on top of him again as he laid back. “That was amazing, but this would end quicker than I would like if you continue, honey.”

Alex laughed in the back of her throat, which turned into a moan as his mouth captured hers again. Deepening his kiss to a passionate play of lips, tongue and teeth, he rolled her over and lay half on top of her. She felt his hands play down her sides as his mouth wandered to her neck. She heard him chuckle deeply. “My turn.”

Alex whimpered as his lips gently brushed a nipple, his hands cupping her breasts. Her whimpers turned to moans when his mouth enveloped a nipple, tongue dancing over it. His thumb brushed over her other nipple and she felt lighting spring from her nipples to her cleft. Mark let his mouth play with porno hikayeleri one, then the other nipple until Alex was moaning and squirming under him. Then he started making his way over her stomach.

Mark kissed a hip, the juncture of her thigh and pelvis, down to a knee and then up the other. He teased with tongue and lips over the neatly trimmed hair of her mound. Alex had moved to her elbows to watch him as his mouth teased closer and closer to the place she wanted it most.

“Please. Please Mark.” Alex’s hands slipped into Mark’s hair, not pulling him, but clutching, hoping. She felt his low laugh and then gasped as his tongue slid into her cleft. The touch of his tongue made her dampen further as he slid his tongue over her lips, brush gently and quickly over her clit. His tongue slipped between her lips and she felt him gently push his tongue into her. Alex’s whimpers heightened as he brought his hands to her thighs.

Alex’s hips bucked gently when his tongue returned to her clit and he slipped a finger inside. “Oh god, oh god, oh Mark!” Alex breathed out when he sucked, his finger sliding in and out. Alex’s breath quickened and quickened more as he sucked and twirled his tongue. Alex was unable to stop the restless movement of her legs as she was brought closer and closer to ecstasy. She exploded with a scream against his mouth when he stretched her with a second finger inside.

Mark held his mouth to her clit and stilled his fingers inside her as Alex came apart. When her movements and breathing slowed again he gently slid his fingers from her and kissed his way slowly back up her body. Alex opened her eyes to find Mark gazing down at her, a smile playing on his lips. He brushed a finger over her cheek and into her hair. He brought his lips to hers again, a slow, gentle kiss.

Alex responded to the kiss, her hand wrapping around his head and bringing him closer to her. She heard Mark growl when she deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue against his. One hand played with his hair, and she pulled him on top of her with the other. She moaned when she felt his hardness pushing against her cleft. Alex felt his hips move against hers and shuddered at the feeling of his hardness sliding over her.

“Mark,” Alex said, her mouth against his.

“Mmmm?” Mark kissed the corner of her mouth, her cheek, her nose.

“Wait just a moment.” Mark pulled back and looked at her. She smiled up at him and wiggled up the bed a little. She reached into the nightstand drawer. Mark slid off to lay his body next to hers, his hands exploring her sides and stomach as if on trails. Alex shivered into his caress and slowly slid the condom over his hardened cock, letting her hand squeeze down the shaft.

Mark growled into her hair and pulled her over him. She straddled him, his cock nestled against her slit. Alex braced her hands on his chest and raised her hips. She heard his groan mingle with hers as she slid down onto his cock. She lowered, and raised her hips slowly, working him farther and farther in. Alex’s eyes held Mark’s as she brought him farther and farther into her body.

She felt his hands on her hips tighten as she finally lowered onto his full length. “You feel so good.” Mark breathed. Then slightly louder, “So tight.” Mark shuddered underneath her when she rocked her hips. “So right.”

“So full.” Alex sighed. “Oh god. Mark.” She breathed when he slowly started rocking his hips with hers. Alex felt one hand on her hip tighten, as they found their rhythm. Mark’s other hand trailed up her waist to cup her breast. She shuddered over him, the sensation of his thumb brushing over her nipple as she rocked on his full length almost too much. “Mark. Mark. Mark” Alex breathed, her hips rocking more frantically.

Mark moved both his hands to her waist and held her to him as he pushed himself into her with long, slow strokes. Alex’s eyes fluttered close, her breathing quickened. Alex’s head fell back, her hair trailing down, playing against his fingers at her waist as she moaned at the feel of his cock at her walls.

When Mark quickened his pace, she felt a shudder start at her core. The feeling of electricity coalesced between her legs and she felt everything tighten. Then she shattered around him, her hands tightening on Mark’s chest.

Mark continued, but slowed his strokes as Alex came down off her blissful high. She met his gaze again and smiled slowly. She leaned down and kissed him and felt him shudder under her. “Your turn.” She slipped off of him and heard his moan as he slipped out of her warmth.

Alex pulled him over her as she rolled and he settled his legs between hers. “Please, don’t wait. I need you inside me again.” She raised her legs around his waist. As his mouth met hers, his cock slid once again into her warmth. He slowly entered her. Then, once he completely filled her, he started his slow, long strokes. Alex groaned against his mouth as he palmed a breast. Then he settled his hands on either side of sex hikaye her shoulders, keeping some of his weight off of her.

Mark quickened his pace, looking into Alex’s eyes. With his stroking in and out, Alex felt the tightening of her core again. “Please. Mark please,” she moaned, raising her hips to his. He stroked harder, faster, his eyes never leaving hers. Then he eyes closed and he stroked harder and faster, pounding into her.

“Alex. Oh god Alex.” Mark shuddered into her one last time and she felt him erupt against her, setting off another orgasm. She bucked under him for a moment. When she opened her eyes again, he was smiling down at her. Alex pulled him against her, brushing her lips against his. He kissed her gently, then nuzzled her neck, laying against her.

After a moment, Mark slipped from her, Alex whimpering at the loss of him. She heard his chuckle as he lay next to her. He wrapped an arm around her as she lay her head on his chest. They let their breath slow, reveling in the aftermath of their bliss.

“You are amazing, you know.” Mark’s deep voice reverberated with her head on his chest. Alex let a finger play in his chest hair.

“I’m pretty sure it’s you that’s amazing.” Alex smiled and kissed his chest. “You certainly made me feel amazing, anyway.” She liked the sound of his laughter from his chest.

Mark’s finger caressed her arm, slowly trailing it up and down. They lapsed into a comfortable silence for a few minutes. He started a little in surprise when Alex shook her head against his chest. Then he laughed when she asked, “What’s your favorite color?”

“Green. A deep forest green.” Mark kissed the top of her head. “What’s yours?”

“Blue. A deep cerulean blue.” Alex replied.

They were quiet again for a few minutes before, “Alexandria?”


“What’s your last name?” He asked with a low chuckle.

She laughed and raised her head from his chest. She dropped a kiss on his nose, which he then wrinkled at her. She sat up with her bare legs under her and reached a hand to his.

“Alexandria Anouk Maebh Oliver”

“Mark Adrien Underwood.” Mark shook her hand and looked at her quizzically for a moment. “Alexandria Aw-nook May-ve Oliver? Is that two middle names or two last names?” He asked, keeping her hand in his, stroking his thumb over her palm.

“Good pronunciation!” Alex’s smile twinkled in her dark eyes. “No one usually gets it on the first try.” She switched to criss-cross sitting, her knees at his side. She pulled the sheet around her and tilted her head, her dark hair cascading down her shoulder and back. “Anouk is eskimo for ‘grace’ as in ‘it is a grace that it is a girl and not another boy.'” Alex’s smile turned impish as Mark laughed. “And Maebh is irish for ’cause of great joy.’ That is what my mother always said. When I looked it up later I really like the other meaning as well.” She stopped and ran her fingers over his collarbone and caressed his neck.

“Mmmmm. And that is?” Mark asked, his eyes glinting up at her.

“Intoxicating.” Alex purred.

Mark chuckled low in his chest and sat up. He kissed her deeply, his hands entwined in her hair. When she moaned, he chuckled low in his throat and pulled back, taking a moment to catch his breath. “Most definitely intoxicating. I’m pretty sure that means we should eat something so tomorrow I can get through my classes without my students thinking their prof is a lush.”

Alex laughed out loud as she slipped away from him, pulling the sheet with her as she stood. She sashayed her hips at him as she walked to the door, grinning at Mark’s wolf whistle of approval.

Alex moved out of eye sight, and then peeked her eyes back into the door. She crooked her finger at him and watched as he stood. She let her eyes drink their fill as he moved gracefully, almost a cat-like stalking towards the door. His broad chest tapered to a slender waist. Trim hips led to long legs that were muscular enough to ripple a bit when he walked. His shoulders were wide leading down to muscular arms.

And while she admired his toned body, it was his eyes that called to her. Like hers they were a dark brown. But his eyes, when he looked at her intensely, it was like they were black. A color so dark, one would they could inspire fear. But Alex felt warm and tingly, sexy and desired. And she felt a heat from the gaze that had nothing to do with violence, anger or other dark emotions. This heat was a connection between them that tugged at her heartstrings.

Alex shook her head as she watched him close the distance between them, his eyes darkening to that wonderful black. ~Not my heartstrings~ She thought. ~I haven’t even known him forty-eight hours yet.~ Pushing aside her thoughts, Alex stood on tip toe and kissed his chin, as far as she could reach when didn’t lean down. She laughed, tickled his side, and when he made to grab at her hand she eeled away from him.

Alex heard his playful growl as she turned and ran, leaving seks hikaye the sheet behind her. She ran down the hall into the kitchen, Mark not far behind. She couldn’t control her giggling as she ran around the breakfast bar. He chased her around it, closing the distance between them. Alex sprinted to the bathroom, sliding into the door as Mark got ahold of an arm. She felt herself spin, and finished the spin so she was pushed up against his tall frame.

Alex felt his naked body against hers, both of them breathing deeply. Mark’s eyes glinted down at her and she couldn’t help herself. Alex stuck her tongue out at Mark, laughing. He leaned down and whispered next to her. “Careful, I was told once that sticking out your tongue means ‘kiss me quick and don’t slobber.’ Is that what you want, sweet Alexandria?”

Alex shivered as Mark’s smooth voice wrapped around her. He moved his head back and stared into her eyes. She tilted her head, considering for a moment. She smiled a slow sexy smile. And stuck her tongue out at him. She felt his chuckle in his chest as he leaned down and captured her mouth in his. She responded, deepening the kiss, her hands sliding up to his neck. The lightening from his kiss sent sparks down her spine as his hands slide to her waist.

Mark slowly stopped the kiss and Alex opened her eyes to a mischevious smile, but was too late to stop the hands from tickling her waist. She slapped at his hands, laughing trying to get away as he followed her deeper into the bathroom.

“If you want a shower you’ll stop tickling. I don’t shower with people who tickle me!” Alex laughed, caught between the sink and Mark.

“You sure?” Mark asked his hands stilling, spanning her waist. “Cause I’m willing to keep tickling you.” He leaned down again, his mouth a breath from hers, “but I’d rather get wet with you.”

Alex leaned up and kissed him. Even though she just gave him a peck, she felt the lightening rushing down her spine. “I’ll always prefer to get wet with you than get tickled, Mark.” She said, running her hands up his arms.

Mark chuckled lowly as Alex moved around him to start the shower running. When she leaned over she felt his hands at her hips, running over her low back and heard a deep “mmmmm.”

“I thought you were hungry?” She laughed, straightening up and turning in his arms.

“Oh, I am.” he teased back.

“Maybe I should turn on the cold water, hm?” Alex smiled and stepped into the shower, holding the curtain open for him.

“Oh no, I don’t want you to see me in cold water just yet, honey.”

Alex laughed as she stepped back and let the water drench her hair. She felt one of his hands stay on her hip, as if he didn’t yet want to lose any connection with her. She smiled and shook her head, spraying him cool droplets from her hair.

“Hey, now,” Alex heard and then felt Mark pull her to him and turn, so he was in the water and now she was facing the spray. He was tall enough that he had to duck to get the top of his head wet.

They showered, taking their time, enjoying the simple pleasure of washing each other’s bodies. Alex wondered at the butterflies in her stomach as his hands moved over her soft curves and hard muscles. She loved the feel of his hard arms and trim waist gliding under her hands. They spoke in small sighs and light moans. When they were clean, Alex stayed in Mark’s arms until the spray turned chilly and he shivered against her.

“I think we should get out now, before I turn into an icicle.” Mark said against the top of her head. Alex laughed quietly and stepped back from him, opening the curtain and getting out. She heard him turn off the shower as she wrapped herself in her towel. She took a clean towel from the bathroom closet and gave it to Mark.

Alex glanced frequently at Mark as she toweled herself dry, finding his eyes on her each time. When she was done she took another towel and wrapped her hair, walking to the bedroom. She rummaged through her closet as he found their clothes and dressed. Finding clean underwear she slipped into them and then toweled her hair dry. She slipped into the clothes Mark brought from the living room.

When she finished, she turned to find Mark sitting on the edge of her bed. “So, what would you like to do for dinner?” He asked.

Alex finger combed her hair as she thought. “I think I have a couple of steaks, and the makings for salad. How’s that sound?” She asked

“I’m not sure that sounds quite fair. After all, you already fed me once. The least I can do is feed you.” Mark said.

“Oh, that’s not necessary.” Alex started but Mark interrupted her, coming to stand before her.

“Oh, I think I definitely owe you, sweetie.” He said, brushing a finger over her cheek. He chuckled when Alex blushed. “First, you didn’t make mince meat out of me when I grabbed your arm and pulled you onto the dance floor. Second,” Mark continued over the top of her argument. “You didn’t make me wait too long before calling, and made it so it wasn’t a waste of Sunday. Third, you bought lunch. And fourth, you invited me in for tea. And while I never tasted the tea, I tasted something much more pleasing.” Mark chuckled as Alex blushed again.

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