The Masseuse

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At last I was alone. For so long I had wanted to have a vacation in a spot like this with no worries about work or life back home. There were any number of men around, but they all seemed plastic. I mean they were all cast from the same mold and all used the same line. That was bothersome because I had hoped to meet some nice guy and get laid. Sort of blunt, but that’s the truth. I had been here six days and had seen the one I wanted, but he sat across from me at the tiki bar and though we made eye contact, he made no indication that he was interested so I just hoped and waited. Now I was at the point of desperation.

It’s now four in the afternoon and I’m in my room waiting for someone to come up and give me a massage. I had never indulged myself very much but now I was determined to think about myself and to hell with the rest of the world. I had called down almost a half hour ago and they said someone would be up at four. They were late and I lay nude on my bed waiting. This was going to be a first for me so I really didn’t know what to expect. As I lay here I thought about all sorts of things, mostly about that guy at the bar and that got me started. Here I was nude and ready and all I had going for me was a massage. My thoughts wandered to him and my imagination took over. I wondered how big he was, how he would be in bed, all the usual things I think about when I get myself excited and masturbate. I sort of played with my nipples until they stood erect and hard, than let my hand wonder down to my shaven pussy. It was throbbing and wet as I toyed with it. My fingers know exactly where to go and what to do and I was moments away from an orgasm and completely oblivious to the world around me. The room was semi dark and my hand now shook more rapidly knowing that it would be only a matter of seconds before I peaked and would cum all over my slippery fingers. My ass lifted up in anticipation when I heard a slight noise at the doorway and turning, I saw him. I could have died. Oh my god, it’s the guy from the bar.

He smiled down at me and in that sexy low voice said: “Finish, I’ll wait.”

I let my ass drop and jerked my hand away from my pussy. I was mortified. Who? The Masseuse? “Yes” he softly answered “or her substitute. She was overbooked and since I know a bit about how to give a massage, I volunteered. And if you would like, I can do other things too.” Than he asked, “would you like me to finish it?” I sort of wanted to be a smart ass and tell him to get lost but than he might just leave and I was in no condition to let that happen so I just lay there. Than he walked over, set his gear down on the floor and sat on the bed next to me. I couldn’t speak or even move as he reached out and placed his warm hand over my pussy. I felt foolish and yet he had me so damn hot that I just let him do it. I mean I let him run his warm hands across my thighs, down my tummy and finally dip his fingers into my wet opening. I didn’t last more than two minutes before I felt it coming. He smiled down into my face and than moved his wet fingers away and began to stroke the insides of my thighs. He had me almost over the top and deliberately stopped. At first I thought he didn’t realize how close I was but no sooner had I calmed down a bit, than he began again. By this time I was getting frantic. I normally am very quiet when I masturbate and cum but this was different. I wasn’t controlling this nor was I exactly prepared for what he was doing to me. His touch was something new and quite frankly the newness of it was making it much more intense.

He did things that I never thought could be this exciting and I began to softly moan to myself. My ass twisted and turned and my legs kept moving farther apart. I could feel my hips begin to lift and drop almost as if he were fucking me. And those fingers and his hands were teasing me in ways I never thought possible. Beyond just stroking my hot pussy, he was slowly letting his fingers wander from one sort of activity to another. First he stroked me, than he gently took my inner lips and sort of rolled them between his fingers, next his finger or fingers would twist and turn as they worked their way into my wet cunt. Now they would draw out and spread my own wetness up and down the hot sensitive surfaces that lie deep between my lips. Than he would press down with two fingers on either side of my clit and force it to protrude, hard and wet, between them. With his other hand he wet his index finger and stroked the protruding and exposed head of my clit. Again I was sobbing to myself and desperate to cum but again he played his little game of teasing. Again it began to ebb but now he began to let his wet fingers caress the entrance to my ass. His fingers seemed to be gliding over the tight little star shaped hole, taunting it even as his other hand was resting on my breast and gently rolling and tugging at my hard nipples. I was delirious by now. I was sure I was going to make it this time but he must have sensed my closeness because again he changed his caresses and let me drift back.

Within the next illegal bahis fifteen minutes he turned me into a quivering mess. He went back to stroking the insides of my thighs and again my legs stretched even further apart. I was frantic and closed my eyes more to avoid looking at him, but just to enjoy what he was doing. Now I just lay there and felt him. The next surprise made me groan aloud. His mouth was hovering over my nipple and his warm breath teased me with the expectation that he was going to put his lips over it. Than it happened all at once. His lips pressed down around my nipple and sucked, his tongue lashed back and forth across its sensitive surface sending convulsive messages to my pussy and he was now entering my vagina with those hot wet fingers. They began stabbing in and out of my oozing opening as I grabbed his neck and pulled his mouth down hard on my breast. I orgasmed as never before and I heard my voice scream out. OOOOOOOH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD! MORE! MY GOD DON’T STOP! FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR FINGERS. THEREEEEEEEEEEEE! RIGHT THERE. MY DEAR BABY YOUR KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

If I were doing myself, I would have stopped. I was spent and actually weak from the contractions. The muscles in my groins were burning from the long and unending orgasm and I let my hands slowly slide from around his neck. Now I opened my eyes and looked into his face. My god. Oh my god what he did to me. Was it good Barbara? Honey, that was indescribable. Perfect, I answered. You are a woman’s dream. And, and I don’t even know who did this to me. What is your name?

Blake. Just call me Blake that’s about what everyone else calls me. O.K. Blake so your massages are what dreams are made of. But. I mean does it have to be the end? What I’m trying to ask is, well, could we spend some time together so I can give you a reward or something? I smiled at that prospect. Blake smiled and asked. Do you think you owe me a tip? I mean this really was what you needed more than just a massage don’t you think? Oh yeah I nodded. It sure was.

Than he stood up, turned and bending down kissed me. My arms flew up and ringed his neck trying to make it last, but than he drew away, looked down and whispered, I have to go now. I’m glad I could help, but I really must go. And with out looking back he picked up his things and left as quietly as he had come.

I just lay there, sort of in a twilight glow and closed my eyes and envisioned making love to him. I was becoming obsessed with this man and I had only seen him twice, once at the bar and the second time just now when he took me to places I had never dreamed even existed. I lay there for long moments than went in and soaked in a tub of hot water. The muscles in my thighs and the long hard contractions deep inside my womb had left me aching and throbbing. Later in the evening I walked the entire resort looking for him. And finally found him sitting on a bench looking out at the rolling waves as they hissed up on the sandy shore.

I stood on the patio just outside the dining room and stared down at him. I now began to wonder about myself. I suppose it was an inevitable question. Am I a nymphomaniac or just a woman with a huge appetite for sex? I mean I never really thought about it because whenever I felt horny I just took care of myself, or if my boyfriend was available we would make love, but now something had changed. Now I realized that on average, I make myself cum two or three times a day and on some occasions I can finish several times in a row. But that man sitting by the shoreline had awaken something I had buried in my mind for so long. I had a hunger now that only he could satisfy, and yet I hadn’t even made love with him. Ever since earlier this evening he was constantly on my mind. I wondered so many things about him. Did he always smile the way he did at me? Does he always touch a woman the way he touched me? Does he have someone in his life? And always that question, what would it feel like to have him deep inside my pussy or my mouth. Than there were other questions. Often I had wondered about some of the more daring ways to give and receive pleasure. Anal play for one, bondage for another. After all, I had closed my eyes tightly this afternoon and found each surprise touch to be an erotic adventure. I wanted to walk down to him, but would I dare? I started down the steps to the beach area several times before getting enough courage to continue.

I moved to stand behind him. I don’t think he even knew I was there because of the sound of the surf washing on the sands but than I moved to the side of the bench and slid down to sit next to him. He turned to glance at me. Than his gaze returned to the ocean. “It’s so peaceful isn’t it Barbara? The moon sending a path of white light across the water like that.” Yes it is. It’s almost unreal, I commented. Than he turned to me and smiled. I leaned my face towards his in anticipation of a kiss, but he hesitated and I was about to lean back when his lips brushed mine. I began to float. He had done such intimate things to me earlier, but a kiss illegal bahis siteleri wasn’t a part of that. Now his warm breath was touching mine and my arms lifted to wrap around his neck. He responded beautifully. His warm hands slid around my waist and drew me close and as I parted my lips I felt his tongue slowly move inside my waiting mouth. My mind was crying out. It was so long ago that I had felt like this and I had forgotten the warm flush that goes with this sort of kiss. It lasted an eternity, but still not long enough. When we broke apart I let my cheek come to rest against his. I wanted to say so many things but nothing was spoken. Oh Blake, sweetheart, just stay here a moment longer with me, I thought. I just wanted to share these few moments with him. I corrected that statement in my mind. Not just a few moments Blake, an eternity. But thoughts are never spoken so he never knew.

Now, with one arm around my waist and the other on my thigh he gazed into my eyes as if he knew. I broke the silence and asked the one thing that drove me to come to him. Will you visit with me again tomorrow? I mean do you work here? Are you a masseur? No he answered. I know the girl who runs the shop and she was overbooked and just asked me if I’d help out. That’s all. Other than that, I’m a visitor here just like you.

I was devastated. But, I mean could you see me again tomorrow? It doesn’t have to be like this afternoon was, it could be different. He smiled at me and whispered “not like this afternoon?” I mean we could just be together or something I answered. That smile now turned to a grin and his deep voice seemed to whisper, something different, yes I think it would be different Barbara. Perhaps yes. I’ll give you a call if I’m free and we can arrange something. Again that panic coursed thru my body. It wasn’t a yes, it was a maybe and I felt the tears of disappointment whelm up in my eyes, but they only blurred my vision, never running down my cheeks. That would be wonderful I answered and than standing he took my arm and lead me back to the patio and into the bar.

We sipped those tourist drinks and chatted. I couldn’t ask the questions I so desperately wanted to but the answers could wait until I held him in my arms and felt him moving within me. When he asked me to dance I seemed to leap into his arms and I honestly don’t know if my feet ever touched the floor. He led me around the floor and it was as if no one else in the world existed. In the end he walked me to my room and I tried desperately to think of a way to get him to come in with me, but I had to settle for another long hot kiss and a polite good night. I shut the door and leaned against it. I was still floating and with each piece of clothing I discarded I thought about him and how I would give him all the pleasure my body could offer. I was inadvertently working myself up into one of my horny moods again and as I slid nude beneath the sheets my hands immediately moved to cover my pussy. Again it was wet and throbbing and even my nipples stood at attention, hard and sensitive as the sheets moved across each. I dipped my finger within my warm slippery opening, dragged it up and over my clit and within short minutes, orgasmed with a suddenness and force that startled me. It was so fast. God I thought, I am a whore. But I love it. And so I drifted off, thinking about tomorrow and Blake.

I slept late. I mean I didn’t get out of bed until nine. Oh I lay awake thinking. It was sort of an afterglow of the dream I had. I woke up and found that I had taken the extra pillow and crawled atop it and slept with it tightly nestled between my thighs. As a result of the dream, or dreams, I had quite literally soaked the thing with a glistening coating of my own making. I had humped the thing any number of times during the dark hours of the evening and even now my pussy throbbed with that urgency that can be satisfied in only one way. I lay there sort of stroking the wetness on the pillow with my fingers when I decided to reach for my favorite toy. It’s a bit noisy, but when I place it over my clit and sort of hold my labia tightly against it, the thing quiets down to a soft purr. So I placed it atop the already wet pillow, rolled over and spread myself apart and pressed my pussy down. It was slow in coming but I did succeed in satisfying my need. But it was nothing like what Blake had done to me.

Showering and dressing I went down to get breakfast. I had sort of hoped Blake would be in the dining room, but though it was rather crowded he wasn’t among the diners. Finishing my coffee, I went back to my room and slipped into my bikini and went to the pool. Oh I did turn heads, but all the wrong ones. I swam for about a half hour and than lay down on a lounger to dry my hair and get a tan. During that time I had to fend off three guys who fancied themselves to be god’s gift to women. I am beginning to hate these egotistical asses. I even got a pass by one of the other women. Desperation drives people to do some strange things. She never came right out with a proposition canlı bahis siteleri but she came rather close to it. Around noon I woke up and found that I was dry and slightly pink from the sun. Getting up I walked up to my room and as I got out of my bathing suit I noticed the dark streak of wetness that outlined my pussy in the light blue of the bottoms. God I thought, I can’t even hide my thoughts any longer. I called the lodge operator and asked her to page me in the lounge if I got a call and after dressing I went down. I would have masturbated until exhausted if I stayed in my room so now dressed in a very tight sheath with a low cut blouse and a bra with stays that held me firmly up, I ventured down.

There were two women sitting at the bar so I joined them, sitting so I would have a good view of the door. Two drinks later I saw him enter. My heart jumped and pounded so hard that my face felt flushed. I had my legs crossed so I wasn’t aware of exactly how wet and sticky I was getting until I uncrossed them to stand up. He walked towards me and as I stood shuddering, he slid his hands around my waist and tipped my chin up to meet his lips. That was a kiss that would never be forgotten. I parted my lips, partially opening my mouth and my tongue darted in. His tongue darted past mine and than he began to suck. I felt my knees give and I sort of moved my lips around his to get all from a kiss that was humanly possible. Than a thought passed quietly thru my mind. If his mouth were to do this to my pussy I would die. I wanted him so badly. We must have stayed like that for the better part of a minute before breaking apart. Normally I’m shy but not now. I didn’t wait for him to move; I slid my hand down to take hold of his hand and whispered in his ear. My room. Let’s go now! I wanted to be alone with him. And he took the lead as we walked to my room. I fumbled for the keys and the door slowly swung inwards. He followed me, kicking the door shut before meeting me midway between the living room and my bedroom. I had turned, waiting for him to walk those four or five paces to me. I watched him approach and saw the expanding bulge that stretched his slacks. I drew a quick breath and as my knees began to buckle I very nearly went down to kneel in front of him and draw the zipper down. I caught my balance and steadied myself as he again slid his warm hands around my waist and drew me close. My nipples grew taunt as they pressed against his chest and I had a fleeting urge to reach up and bring my breasts out.

I slid my hand between our bodies and did just that. Now the stays in the bra were forcing my breasts to rub against his jacket and the friction was making my pussy gush. I pressed my lips to his as he swept me up in his arms and began to carry me to the bedroom. I held one arm around his neck for support and let my other hand caress my own breast with its turgid hard pink nipple standing erect. He bowed forward and laid me gently on the bed.

I was anxious to undress but just lay there, toying with my nipple and watched him strip. I was waiting to see his pants go so I could see what was the most important thing in the world to me at this moment. He had discarded his loafers, his shirt and now he turned away from me and took off his slacks. His shorts were snugly hugging his ass and I watched as he drew them down. I gasped when I saw the firm round hard globes of his buttocks. My eyes moved to watch the pendulous swaying balls between his legs but I couldn’t see his shaft. Turning I understood why. He was magnificent. It stood out and upward almost six or seven inches and perhaps two inches thick. The plum colored head of his circumcised shaft seemed to glisten and I knew he was excited. Now as he came to me, that phallus swayed from left to right with each step and leaning over me he first removed my skirt, than my blouse and bra. My breasts seemed swollen and my nipples stood up hard and waiting. Patiently he wiggled the panties from my hips and down my legs and as they were drawn over my ankles and tossed to the side, I felt his breath puff warmly on my dripping pussy. My legs spread wide before I could control myself but quickly regaining my thoughts I drew them together.

Blake, Oh Blake I want this my way baby. Just lay back here next to me and let me have my moment with you. And obediently he did just that. His shaft though erect now rested atop his abdomen and extended almost up to his navel. It was oozing pre-cum which slowly dripped onto his tummy and turning to him I sat up and reached for his cock. Now I ran my fingers up and down his thighs before cupping those balls in my left hand and lifting his shaft up to greet my parted lips. I extended my tongue and lapped the wet droplets, savoring the sweet taste before pursing my lips and plunging his shaft deep down my throat. He reacted with a start but than relaxed again. I was torn between taking all his cum in my mouth and waiting for him to recover or just teasing him to the point of cumming as he had done to me yesterday. I decided on the latter. I moved his shaft in and out of my mouth; my saliva mixed with the clear fluid and seemed to run down his cock. I worked it in and out of my mouth, occasionally driving his hard shaft deep down my throat before returning to twisting my lips around the rim of its head.

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