Subject: The Master Swim Team 11 This is a fictional story about a young adult who joins a Master’s Swim team full of older men. If you like this story, please consider donating to Nifty so they can keep providing access to all your favorite erotic fiction. If you don’t like it, please still consider donating and let me know why you didn’t like it. Thanks! ************************************************************************** Chapter XI � The End of Summer The feeling hit John like a punch to the gut, sending a shock through his whole system. His lungs skipped a breath. He knew their parting was coming�he had known for weeks their time was limited�but it wasn’t until they were pulling out of his driveway that the full weight of the moment hit him. He looked over at Dennis and saw the young man was calm, a faint smile on his face, as if he knew everything was going to be fine. John wished that, in that moment, he felt the same, that he had the same sense of optimism. But he didn’t. Deep within, he knew things were about to change. And after the initial shock wore off, what was left was nothing but a twisted feeling in his gut�something he had only felt a few times before. “All right there?” Dennis asked, seeing the look of worry on John’s face. John shook it off. “Sure thing, kid,” he replied, reaching over and placing his hand on Dennis’s. He patted it a few times then gripped it firmly. It was meant to reassure Dennis, to tell him once more that everything would be all right. If only it worked both ways. “You don’t seem all right,” Dennis said. “You look kind of tense, but also goopy at the same time.” “Goopy?” John questioned. “What the hell does that mean?” “You know, like if your bones were suddenly gone and you turned into a pile of mushy skin.” John took his eyes off the road and glanced at him. “So, I’m tense but mushy?” “Yeah.” He couldn’t help but laugh. “That makes absolutely no sense!” “Neither does you saying you’re all right when you’re clearly not.” John put his eyes back on the road, and both men sat in silence for a few moments. After some time, John stated, “The summers really do go fast.” It was all he could think to say. The other words weren’t there yet. “At least you don’t have to go back to school,” Dennis replied. “No, but I have to lose you.” The statement hung there, hovering in the air between them, echoing in the solemn voice John had said it in. Neither one had broached the subject of Dennis leaving yet. Sure, they had gone through the motions, and were still doing so at that moment; but, up until that point, their parting ways had been unspoken. It was easier that way . . . at least until it wasn’t. “I wish I had your youthful naivete,” John finally said. “I really do. But things change, kid. Summer ends. Before you know it one of the best things that has ever happened to you goes back to the city and gets on with his life.” “Things only change if we let them,” Dennis said. “That’s not how life works, Dennis. You’ll see that someday. You’ll go back to school, maybe meet someone nice, and get on with your life. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. A young guy like you isn’t supposed to end up with an old fart like me. Our time is up.” Dennis had never planned on there being a John in his life. When he thought about his future, it had always been settling down with a nice woman, having kids, and building a family together . . . you know, like a normal guy. No matter his attraction to older men, he just never saw that in the long-term plan. But now that he had spent a summer with John, he didn’t know if he wanted that anymore. It was still there, but maybe not the priority. It had only been three months, but those three months were enough to let him know he didn’t want a life without John. He couldn’t even picture it. “I’ll always make time for you,” Dennis replied, putting his own hand on John’s. “I may be going to school, but I’m not going anywhere.” “Do you really mean that?” John asked, looking at Dennis. “I know it’s not the most practical thing, but yes, I really mean that.” John didn’t escort izmit say anything in return; he simply returned his eyes to the road, a joyous smile creeping its way across his face. Before they knew it, they were across town and in front of Dennis’s house. John pulled into the driveway and shifted the car into park. “Do you need help with your bags?” “I just have the two suitcases and my backpack. I think I can manage, but you can come in, if you want.” “Might as well,” he replied. John followed Dennis inside the house, and they found Bill and Mary waiting for them in the kitchen. “Oh,” Mary said, gushing when she saw John. “Looks like Dennis brought some muscle.” John flashed her a smile, much to the chagrin of Dennis and his father. “I’m just here to help in any way I can.” Dennis brushed right past his mom, ignoring her blatant flirting. He turned back to John, who was locked into whatever was going on between the old man and his mother. “Hey, Mr. Just-Here-To-Help . . .” He snapped out of it. “Oh, right.” He shot Mary another smile. “We’ll just be a minute.” “Of course,” Mary replied, blushing. Dennis was already in his room stuffing some last-minute things into his bag when John made it up the steps onto the second-floor landing. The walls of the hall were lined with family photos, mostly of Dennis and his older sister Maddie, along with the occasional group shot of the whole family wearing matching outfits. For Dennis, it was a lifetime of memories; for John, it was a glimpse into this family that he for some reason found himself drawn to. It was just another reminder of the hole he’d be feeling later that afternoon after Dennis left. “I saw your pee-pee,” John said as he entered Dennis’s room. “Huh?” Dennis asked. “The photo of you in the bathtub. You were a cute kid.” “I was two,” Dennis said, brushing off the embarrassment of the photo. His mom insisted it stayed there, despite his protests. “Yeah, well you were much cuter then.” Dennis zipped up his bag and tossed it aside. “Well, I’m a much better fuck now,” he said, reaching down and grabbing John’s crotch. The act sent the knot in John’s stomach spiraling and his groin surged to life. Without thinking, John leaned in and kissed Dennis, wrapping his arms around him, and pulling him in tight. “I don’t think we have time for this,” he said through kissing lips. “They can wait,” Dennis muttered back. Not wanting to argue, John reached down and pulled Dennis’s shirt over his head, revealing the smooth swimmer’s body of the young man. He pushed Dennis back onto the bed and climbed on top of him. Dennis worked his way down John’s body, unbuttoning the old man’s shirt as he went, until it was loose enough to pull off him. Pressing all the weight of his hairy belly against Dennis’s smooth torso, John plunged his tongue deep in Dennis’s mouth. It seemed strange to think they wouldn’t be doing this again for some time, so he wanted to make the most of it while he could. Dennis let John in, his tongue retreating into his mouth, where it wrestled playfully with John’s. He loved the feeling of the belly rubbing against him, and it wasn’t long until both his and John’s cocks were fully erect within their pants. “Need some help with that?” John asked with a devilish grin. He didn’t wait for an answer. He slowly worked his way down Dennis’s torso, stopping to pinch at the kid’s nipples as he gently kissed the hairless body. When he got to the crotch, he quickly unfastened Dennis’s trousers and yanked them down. Dennis’s cock flopped out, swinging down to point at John before snapping back flat against his stomach. John grabbed it, running his tight grip up and down the shaft. Kneeling on the bedroom floor, John looked up and locked eyes with Dennis as he opened wide and slid the cock into his mouth. A bit of sweet pre-cum oozed out on first contact. John pulled out and licked the slit, wanting to taste all of Dennis’s juices. Once that was gone, he slid back on, gripping the shaft tighter and tugging as he sucked. Dennis let out a quiet moan. He had never had sex in his bedroom izmit rus escort before, and the realization of doing the deed when his parents were just downstairs suddenly freaked him out. It wasn’t so much that his dad might walk in�they had already been there, done that. But his mom was still entirely in the dark about his extra-curricular activities with John. He didn’t think she’d react too kindly to the fact, especially since she was into John herself. It was probably better she didn’t find out . . . at least for now. He put his hands on the back of John’s head and forced his cock deeper down the man’s throat. The old man gagged but held steady. He wanted it all. He pulled off and then choked it down again, driving his nose into Dennis’s pubes. Dennis moaned again and his balls tightened. That was John’s sign to stop. He stood up, towering over Dennis. “Where do you keep your lube?” “Top drawer.” John dug through the drawer and pulled out a tube of Astroglide. He dropped his pants to reveal his hard, fat cock. Squeezing some lube into his hand, he rubbed the gel onto his dick until it glistened. “Get `em up,” he told Dennis. Dennis lifted his legs in the air, and John rubbed some of the cold gel on his hole. Then, resting Dennis’s legs on his shoulders, he lifted and pulled him to the edge of the bed. “Ready?” he asked. “Always,” Dennis said hungrily. John forced his cock inside and drove it home. Dennis really had opened up to him quite a bit that summer. When they had first attempted anal sex that day in the locker room, Dennis had been so tight it had taken several tries to even get inside. Now, the kid took his cock like a champ. He no longer felt any pain when taking John’s cock, and John was glad he wasn’t hurting him anymore. After the first thrust, John knew he was good. He reached up to grab Dennis’s ankles and began driving his hips. His bare cock slid in and out of Dennis’s hole like a knife into butter, and with each thrust, his head rubbed against Dennis’s prostate, causing the boy to moan with glee. Their eyes locked once more and, as Dennis stroked his cock in sync with John’s thrusts, the feeling in John’s gut came back. It was a slight twisting feeling, which threw John off. His last thrust went in hard, ramming into Dennis’s prostate with such force, he had no choice but to shoot his load when Dennis’s hole squeezed tight around him. As the warm cum shot into Dennis’s ass, Dennis yanked his own cock until his own load erupted from within, showering himself in a sticky, hot mess. Breathing heavy, John smiled at the kid and he leaned in for a kiss. Dennis kissed him back and then reached up and rubbed his hand through the sweaty mess of hair on John’s chest. It was hard to believe that that was it. “Who knows when we’ll get the chance to do that again,” Dennis said. “I’m not done yet,” John said, his cock still rigid. He was still inside Dennis and, using his own cum as additional lube, he began thrusting again. But, just as he began, the door opened behind them. John turned quickly, his eyes wide open. A look of terror washed over Dennis’s face. Through the door poked the head of his father. “Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Bill said, as he pushed his way into the room. “We don’t have time for this. Get dressed; we’ve got to go.” And with that, after a longing glimpse at John’s cock, which had slipped out of Dennis’s ass, Bill was gone. John turned back to Dennis. “That could’ve been worse.” “Yeah, at least it wasn’t my mom.” “Well, I don’t know,” John said. “That could’ve been�” He stopped short as Dennis chucked his shirt in his face. “What?” John asked, pulling the shirt down. “It would’ve . . .” Dennis tugged his pants on and pulled his shirt over his head. “Let’s just go. And no fucking my mom while I’m at school!” “I make no promises in that regard.” They grabbed Dennis’s luggage and headed back to the kitchen. Bill gave them a look as they entered, but Mary was none the wiser. “Do you have everything?” she asked. “I think so. If not, it’s only a half hour away.” Mary moved in and squeezed kocaelide escort her son. “First Maddie and now you. What I am going to do without you?” “Try spending some time with your husband,” Dennis said even though he knew he shouldn’t. Bill gave him a stern look saying that was enough. Mary paid no attention to it. “When can we come visit?” “I don’t know, mom. I don’t have my schedule yet. I’ll let you know.” She let go of him. “You do that.” Her attention turned to John. “And what about you? Are you going to come around once he’s gone? Or are you leaving us too?” For once, John was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. He looked at Dennis, who shook his head no, but spending time with Bill and Mary could be fun. “I’ll be around,” he said coolly. “You better,” Mary responded. She gave Dennis another quick hug and told her she loved him, then turned to John and pulled him in for a hug, too. “We’re going to be late,” Bill said again. “All right, all right. Go,” Mary said, ushering them all out the door. They threw the bags into the back of John’s Studebaker and climbed in. Dennis let his dad have the front seat, even if he wished he could be up front with John, and they headed toward the train station. There wasn’t a lot of talking on the way to the station. Bill tried to start a conversation a few times, but it was clear that he was sitting between his son and his son’s lover. For John, the feeling inside him was back. He tried brushing it off, but as the moment of departure got closer, the feeling got worse. He caught a glimpse of Dennis in the rearview mirror and his breath caught in his lungs again. This wasn’t going to be easy . . . If it weren’t for Bill’s reminders, they truly would have been late. There was only five minutes until Dennis’s train departed when they arrived at the station, so there wasn’t much time for goodbyes. They dragged his bags to the platform where the train was already waiting. “I guess this is it,” Dennis said. He turned to face his dad and John. Looking at John, an entire summer flashed before his eyes. It was hard to believe that just three months ago he was still a virgin dreaming of doing all the things he had been able to do that summer. John had really opened the doors for him. And he had seen a new side of his dad that he never knew of before; and in turn, his dad had learned about his dirty little secret. Things would never be the same between the two of them, but that was okay. They were both the better for it. John stepped forward and put his arms on Dennis’s shoulders. “I’m going to miss you, kid.” “I’ll miss you, too. You’ll have to come visit me in the big city.” “I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” John replied, a few of the words getting choked up inside him. He squeezed Dennis tight, feeling the shape of him in his arms. He didn’t know when he’d get to do it again, and he never wanted to let go. “Hey Dennis . . .” he started. Dennis couldn’t remember another time John had called him Dennis. It had always just been kid. It sounded strange. “Yeah?” “I, I�” He stopped. “I hope you have a good year at school,” he said, and he left it that. “Thanks,” Dennis said. “Dad?” “Remember what we talked about. Be safe.” “I know. I’ll see you soon.” “Goodbye, son.” And with that, Dennis grabbed his bags and boarded the train. He took a window seat looking down at his dad and John. He could see a slight glisten in John’s eyes, and he felt his own eyes begin to tear. He really would miss the old man and all his friends on the swim team. But he’d be back. Nothing could keep him from coming back to them next summer. Nothing could keep him from John. He gave one final wave as the train pulled out of the station. Bill and John waved back, and once the train was out of sight, the feeling hit John harder than ever before. “Fuck,” he said, fully feeling its impact. “What?” Bill said, turning toward him. “I think I’m in love with your son.” The End. �2020 ************************************************************************** For those of you still reading this story, I thank you for sticking with me this far. While this is the end of The Master Swim Team, stay tuned for Volume II of Dennis and John’s story in the coming months. As always, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. I’d love to hear from you hoo.

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