The Message (Her side of the story)


The Message (Her side of the story)This is her side of the beginning, continued from there in front of her computer, thinking about the past week and her Christmas Holidays, she scanned through different videos, pictures and stories on Xhamster. Feeling both horny, while at the same time angry, hurt and resentful, her mind flashed back to the drunken party…. what a night, of all the blank spots in her memory, the one memory that flashed to the front of her mind was the memory of stumbling through her best friends sister`s bedroom door looking for a place to lay down and hopefully let her head stop spinning, instead she walked in to find her boyfriend standing there, pants around his ankles and her best friend`s sister on her knees sucking on his damn cock. Oh, sure they had fooled around before, they kissed and macked on each other every chance they had, they had even touched and groped each other from time to time when they could be alone and she was in the mood. But she had never let him go all the way. She caught him from time to time checking out other girls, she knew that it was natural, but, he wouldn`t even try and hide it at times. So, she always had this worry that if she let him go all the way with her, he would use her for a good fuck for a number of times and then throw her away and go on the hunt again.She remembered that he had this stupid look on his face as the stupid slut`s head bobbed up and down, then the sudden realization that they weren’t alone in the room, his eyes flashed open, the slut jerking away as if she was about to be hit… the realization of how pathetically small his dick was…..AAAHHHH she just wished that it would stop hurting. But she was young and she was feeling extremely horny. So, now trying to submerge her pain in porn and sexual pleasure. But, none of the videos, pictures or stories were getting her mind off things, she needed something, or someone to truly take her mind off things. So, she decided to check out and see just what guys there was in her area with accounts…. maybe she could find one of interest to talk to.After spending 30 minutes of looking at different guys profiles, most of which were good looking, she came across one profile… the guy listed his age as being 30 and he had very little content in his profile, but there was one folder of self pictures, when sh opened it up, she was greeted a dozen or so pictures he had taken of his cock… she couldn’t get over the view, yeah, she had seen some guys on their profiles with big cocks, but this one had her really turned on. The one picture even showed a 355ml pop can right beside his cock… She couldn’t stop starting at the picture. His cock looked to be about 3 inches longer than the can and looked to be almost as thick!She was incredibly turned on looking at these pictures and was wanting to talk with him, but unsure…. What if she meet him and just let him fuck her? Could she take and handle his cock? Would he just use her like her ex had? Right now she didn’t care, she wanted to talk with him!She quickly Sent him a message “Hey” she said…. biting her bottom lip not sure of what to expect. Minutes passed or it might of been seconds…”Hi there, how is your night going?”With a massive exhale, she said “Good. What are you up to?””Not much, just laying on the couch watching a show. How about you what are you up to?”She was thinking to herself, ‘I wonder if he is watching porn and jerking that wonderful looking cock?’ but decided to answer with, “I’m bored right now.””Oh, well, what would help distract you?”Thinking to herself, ‘You could show me how you like to stroke that beautiful cock of yous’, then quickly answered with, “Well, tell me about yourself? I see you live in the same city as me, what area?”When he answered she realized that the rough location she had given was near her, so she typed out, “You are in the same area as I am!” She then went on to ask if he knew a park that was only a 2 minutes walk from her front door…. Finally she suggested that they should exchange pictures, when he agreed, she quickly jumped up and stripped down, then pulling out her favorite bathing suit, she posed in front of her mirror and took a picture.Then sending it off as quick as she could confident that her picture would firm up this guy’s dick. The picture she got in return showed a young tall man, 30? He could pass for 25 maybe 26. She felt he looked sex and confident, kind, with a look of maturity beyond his years! He had dirty blonde almost brown hair that was cute short in the fashion of a US Marine, he looked tall, and very fit… She was starting to think about what it might be like to give into him and let him take her…… She asked, “How would you feel about meeting me?” worrying about what he might say,”I would very much like to meet you? What did you have in mind? And where?” He said.Feeling more and more horny, her silky moist folds getting wetter and wetter, she took a chance, “I want you to fuck me!” thinking after sending that, ‘he is going to think I am a slut… but I don’t care. I want to feel a real mans hands on her, feel for a time that she mattered to a guy.’, she then quickly continued, “I want you to meet me at the park near by, and I want you to fuck me!”There was a long pause , and then, “Really?””Yes, really!””When were you thinking about doing this?””How about tonight?” She was wondering if maybe she was a little crazy for wanting to do this…”Well, I have to ask… would this be a one time thing? Or something on going?”She realized she hadn’t even thought about it, but quickly answered with, “I was thinking something on going, akkışla escort assuming we both end up liking how things go….””Sounds good” He said.Yeah, BULL SHIT, I be the idea of me wanting you to fuck me is awesome!”How long would it take for you to get there?”Thinking it through quickly, she replied, “5 minutes”He responded with “I can be there in 10, so, how about you head out the door in 5 minutes so you aren’t waiting for me”She jumped up and quickly pulled on some pants over her bathing suit, found a shirt to pull on, and grabbed her winter jacket be for heading out the door, answering the question of where she was going with, I just need to get out an go for a walk and clear my head.” Then quickly walking out the door and heading across the street to the park, she found the closest bench and sat waiting for him to show up. She killed the time by thinking about if she should really be doing this, if she was doing this to get back at her asshole ex-boyfriend or it she was doing this because she was so horny.Looking up, she saw him walking towards her. “Hi” She said while giving a smile then thought to herself as she got a better look at him, ‘Marry me?!?!'”Hi there, I can’t believe you are really here!””Why is that?” she asked as I sat down beside her.”well, the last hundred times that I have had a beautiful woman message me out of the blue like that, have all ended up being cam girls that just wanted my money””Well, that is their loss. I saw the pictures of your cock….” she said with a grin… “Leaniing in a little, he said, “So you were serio…”Before he could finish asking the question, she leaned in the rest of the way, softly placed her lips on mine and started to kiss me in a way that I could only describe as an intimate kiss between lovers. Because she caught hi in the middle of saying ‘Serious’, his mouth was part way open, which apparently made it easy for her to let her tongue slowly slide between his lips and rake over teeth before sucking her tongue back and sucking my bottom lip between her lips!She thought to herself, ‘Oh my god, that was SO sexy, why have I never kissed a guy like that before?'”well… that answers that!” receiving a giggle from her as she slowly stood up and started walking to the trees where it just happened to be darker. Thinking to herself, ‘Oh god, I must be out of my mind, what am I doing?’As she slowly moved away, he got up and slowly followed her. As she reached an area that was rather dark, she stopped but did not turn to face me. Thinking to herself, ‘God, what do I do. Please let him make the first move, I want him to want me! Got, if he waits for me to turn around, I think I might start crying and loose my never to do this’. Then she felt it, he reached out with his right hand, slid it around her shoulder, reached across and set his hand down on her left shoulder and gently pulled her to him. leaning back into him a bit, sweeping her hair from her right shoulder over to her left, then he leaned in, and as soft as a butterfly landing on your hand, he placed his lips between the base of her neck and the top of her shoulder. Then half suck, half kissed her this was, every time doing so, he shifted out and then worked my way back to the base of her neck, and then move up the side of her neck. She melted into him as she was breathing heavily now letting these soft little moans escape from her lips.His left hand now resting on her left shoulder, and her back pressed firmly to his chest, he slowly dropped his right hand in front of her to find out that her jacket wasn`t zipped up, not even zipped up part of the way. As his right hand cupped her left breast, she was left with a feeling that maybe she should have taken off the bikini top she….. she really wanted to feel his hands cupping her breasts.Feel the warmth and tingling sensation.Between softly kissing the side of her neck and starting to caress her barely covered breasts, she realized that his hard on was starting to press against her back which only served to turn her on even more. She then had an idea, she reached back between then and had started slowly and softly stroking his cock through his pants! “Oooohhhh fuck”, was the response she got from him. Then he dropped his right hand down as his left hand left her should and slid in her jacket and I slowly slipped my left hand between her bikini and her breast. That feeling of warmth as water cascades over you in the shower and it is the perfect temperature… her skin was electric to the touch, moist silky smooth, and was she hot! She was starting to press her hand a little harder against his cock, so, time to tease her some more. His right hand slide down over her stomach sending shivers through her body, then sliding my hand down over her pelvis and then slowly between her legs. She let out a low moan.He press two fingers in to her right where he figured her clit was and start to rub, he feel her lift her hips a little and turn to the left a little. He shift my massaging fingers and found what he was looking for.”OOOOOHHHHHH YES!” she hisses out as he hit her sweet spot. then she shifts slightly to her left and looks over her right shoulder to look to his face have him lean his head forward and let his lips find hers, their lips start caressing each other, fighting to suck her bottom lip between his lips and she fights to do the same, their tongue intertwining…….Then there is this muffled “UUUHHHGGGG” that she lets out into my mouth as he kiss her, as he just happened to of splayed his two fingers apart enough for the fabric of her tight pants and clit to slide up between them and then scissor them close and start to gently role her clit between them. If he had not of had his left arm wrapped around her, she very well could have lost her balance from them sudden overwhelming pressure. Now she was trying to really grip his cock through his pants. Through fuzzy thoughts, all she could think about was ‘I wonder just how big his cock really is?’ Her fingers raking his pelvis as she struggled to convince the fabric of his pants to bend to her will and allow her to get a hold of his cock. After a moment, a thought ran through her head, ‘Damn it, i just was to pull it out and make him gasp the way he keeps doing to me!’,so she had popped the button of his jeans, and was working the zipper down. As she parted his jeans, her illusive search ended as he had elected to only put on pants! His cock popped free and her right hand instantly gripped my cock,’OH MY GOD!’ she thought to herself and went on to think, ‘I don’t know if that will fit inside me…. but it feels so good in my hand…’ then started to slowly pump up and down. He now pulled his right hand up, and slowly slide it down the front of her pants, under her thong, and found her smooth, warm moist folds. Resuming his efforts, he slipped 2 fingers over top of her clit, spread them just enough for her clit to spring up between them, and started rolling her clit between them again. “UUUUGGGGHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM” was her muffled by their passionate kissing, all while he kept rubbing her clit and groping her breasts and nipples. Thinking through blurred thoughts, all she could think was, ‘OH MY GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD! PLEASE DON’T EVER LET HIM STOP!’ This was to much for her, as she released her grip on his cock, pulled her hand back and pressed her ass to his cock. then she started working her pants and knickers down while keeping her ass pressed to his cock, and when she had them down far enough for her liking, she reached back again, gripping him, while shifting up on to the balls of her feet and leaning forward slightly, then she pulled his cock down letting it drag between he ass, over her asshole and down to her moist folds. He slid my fingers from her clit down, then gently pushed them into her pussy to find out just how wet and hot she was! While she tight, she was so wet, that two fingers popped in with little effort and no pain. Pushing them deeper she couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. She shifted up on her toes as she gripped his cock harder while slowly pumping it, and with her free right hand, reaching up and placing it on the back of his head, pulling him in to kiss me better and more deeply! She was feeling so sexy, even like she was auditioning for a porn movie. She let out little moans and groans as they kissed, her bikini top having been force up over time from his massaging her breasts and caressing her nipples, Then the sensation in her pussy changed as she felt him shift the position of his fingers inside her. She could feel him start to curl my two fingers inside her pussy as if trying to massage the back side of her clit from inside her pussy. She wondered to herself, ‘What is he doing?’,Then she felt a totally different sensation than she ever recalled feeling before. And overwhelming pleasure and pressure building inside her as if she had to pee, but it felt so good! She started to shake as she let out this half scream into his mouth while they kept kept kissing.She couldn’t believe how her body responded to this stimulation as her started bucking her hips into my hand, moaning louder and quicker. Then her body froze, her mind screaming out and stopping her moans, but only for a second, as her body came back to life with a mind of its own. Thrashed about as her lips came away from his and she screamed out,”OOOOOOHHHH GGGGOOOOODDD!” her mind screaming, ‘What is happening to me, oh god, I can’t hold it back’, as she experienced her first ever squirting orgasm, which actually was more like one big gush. Her thoughts s**ttered from the intensity of the orgasm, she couldn’t believe that she had no control of her body and was thankful that he had his arm around her as it was the only thing that stopped her from falling over. Her legs were like limp noodles, all she kept coming back to was the fact she just experienced the most amazing feeling she had ever felt. She was completely unaware of being bent forward, but all of a sudden she felt his cock raking it hard over her asshole and had only a second to think to herself, ‘no, I’ve never had anything in there’ then she felt the head of his cock stop at her dripping wet entrance, thinking to herself, ‘I’ve never had anything this big inside me, only my small Vibrator or two of my fingers. Thank god I accidentally broke my Cherry a few months back!” Then he thrust forward driving his cock the full 8 inches into her as she let out this deep “UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH”, Her mind unable to believe how full she felt and gasping at the sudden shock. He seemed to just leave it buried in her for a while which she was grateful as it gave her time to adjust and recover from her squirting orgasm.Keeping his left arm wrapped around her and massaging and caressing her breasts and nipples, he place his right hand on her hip so as to help guide her, show her how he wanted her to move. He started slowly pulling back till it was just the head left in her, then slowly push back in.”Oooohh god, how thick are you?”, she gasped out. Thinking to herself, ‘I thought it might hurt having him inside me, but this feels amazing, he seems to know exactly what to do to me and every time he does something new I can’t help but respond to him.'”I don’t know, about 2 to 2 1/4 inches thick, and about 8 inches long. Maybe more so with how hard you have me right now” She gasped at hearing the size, then another new sensation began as she felt him bottom out. Was worried that it was going to start hurting as his cock pushed against what she was sure but she was positive that his cock was pressing against her cervix. Was it possible for a cock to press past a woman’s cervix? Then another thought hit her, the thought of the possibility of this man penetrating her so deeply that he passes through her cervix and ends up cumming over and over again directly into her womb… ‘Oh god’ she thought, ‘That would be incredible, but I am not on the pill.'”OOOHHH GOD! You feel amazing inside me! I Feel so full of cock, i love it” she forced out in gasps. Then, another gasp for air as he started slowly pumping her, his cock easily sliding in and out even though she was incredibly tight. Strarting a slightly faster pace of pumping in and out of her, all he could feel was her clamping down around his cock, while to her it felt like she was getting tighter around his cock which only increased the pleasure for her.”OOOHHH OOOOHHHH OOOOOHHHHH” was all she could get out at this point as he started going faster and pushing in as deep and hard as he could manage before pulling back. She was now positive that his cock was hitting her cervix head on. It only made things more pleasurable for her.He slowed his pace but made sure that every thrust was as deep and hard as he could make it. He wanted her to feel everything now. as her released her arms so i could place my left hand on the small of her back to force her to bend over forward, while reaching forward with his right hand to gently grab her hair and pull back. With every thrust forward, a almost startled hissing gasp was all she force out, “YES, Right then, don’t stop” Keeping an even back and forward going, knowing that his cock was sliding back and forth over her g-spot. She could even feel her G-spot starting to swell up, the feeling was incredible and intense. She was now letting out these whines of “oh my god yes, oh my god yes, please don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Then things change, Her G-spot swollen up, now putting pressure on his cock, then released in one massive gush and she had an even more intense squirting orgasm that earlier. her hips began bucking uncontrollably as her pussy tried to push and force him out. He started pounding her as her body convulsed with orgasm, it was now his turn. She screamed out, “NO< DON"T EVER STOP!" as he kept pounding her, but he was noticing as well, that now, 3/4 of the way in, the head of his cock was mashing into her cervix, her whole pussy was still trying to push him out, and it was doing it the only way it knew how, use every muscle to push him out! While she was still tight, it was completely different in feeling now. She was worried a little about him hurting her cervix, but at the same time not caring,as it felt to amazing.Bent forward at the hips, while arching her back and looking back at him, he leaned forward enough to be able to yet again start kissing her with total abandon. It wasn't passionate, it was more animistic now. They both hungered for each other, needed it, and now, more than anything, she wanted him to fill her pussy with him cum. Not caring about not being on the pill.With one last hard thrust into her, he drove my cock in as deep as he could as I started to cum, emptying my load into her. All she could thing was 'Oh God, its so hot, I can feel his cum blast against my cervix', then she felt the head of his cock buried itself against her cervix, the pressure against her cervix was so much she was positive he would push through to her womb.. Then the next blast of cum felt different. She felt a hot pressure against her cervix, then a new wonderful feeling as jet after jet of cum blasted through her cervix into her womb. The intensity of this mixed with how hyper sensitive she was now, drove her into another orgasm, as squirt after squirt of her own cum jetted out of her pussy. They both fell to our knees weakened for the intensity of our orgasm. Then, fell to their sides where they lay for a while made sure that his cock was still as deep it could go by pressing her ass hard against him. She felt him rocked his hip forward, while pulling her trembling body into his shest. Rolling her head so she could looking to his eyes, she went to say something, but not giving her the chance, he kissed her deeply holding the embrace.Then pulling away, he asked her, "My place or yours?""Your Place", she said, "Defiantly your place. I live with my parents""fair enough, I am over joyed to see you can squirt!" He said with a major grin on his face. She could just make out that he had dimples."I know" She said thinking to herself, 'I can squirt! I always thought it sounded gross, but my god does it ever feel amazing!' then she went on to say, "It makes for the best sex ever. Um, I should tell you, I am not on the pill....""Right now, I really don't care, that was the best sex ever" He said with a shit eating grin. "Yeah, totally!" She thought to herself, 'would it really be bad if I did get pregnant and i stayed with him forever? He doesn't even know it was my first time and yet he made it amazing and there was no pain!', then she continued, "So, how do you feel now having popped my cherry""SAY WHAT!" He blurted out in shock."Yeah, you are my first" Them she though, 'And i hope me second, third and forever!'"Well, I think you are wrecked now, most guys won't take the time or spend the effort to make sure you get off the way you just did, you know?! Think you will just have to keep me around" "I think you are Right!" she said thinking, 'Oh, I hope he means that he wants to date me!', "Well, how does 16 year old tight pussy feel to you?".............. And that is how it all began!

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