The Minstrel

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Ryk was a simple man. He played his harp in the inn, took his coin, and spent it on ale and whores.

Simple man with simple needs, he told himself. He wanted nothing else.

Or so it was until this night.

It was one of his lucky days. Enough copper coins had been flung at him after he finished his day at The Winking Lass inn.

Enough for bedding Lucy, anyway.

He had been dreaming of that sweet whore for a long, long time. But everytime he came near the price that bitch demanded, a goblet of fancy wine or a cheaper wench would come in and snatch it away.

Ryk hadn’t sated Yollo for about a week. Yollo wanted cunt or he would burst in his master’s pants.

Jess, the new serving wench, came around with an empty tankard in her hand and brushed her hips rather vigorously against the minstrel’s front on her way to the back room.

Ryk didn’t have his eyes on the barely adult girl. But Yollo did.

“What the hell!” Ryk said as he decided to obey his cock. It’s not everyday a girl wants to be fucked for free, he told himself as he followed her.

Ryk closed the door behind him and wrenched the girl closer. The way he kissed her, an outsider would have sworn he was trying to eat her face. But Ryk was in no mood for tender lovemaking. After he had ravaged her tongue with his own, he pushed her away. Long fingers gripped her canlı bahis grimy, threadbare serving shift (purposefully so) and ripped it to shreds. The girls gasped as her breasts jumped free.

“I do not like you!” Ryk growled at her as he twisted on her nipples.

“You hear me?”

Jess could not answer. How could she, with her throat so dry? After all, half her fluids were running down her legs. Ryk had his hands on her bare buttocks now, threatening to split them apart.

“Did you not hear me?” he said as a finger slipped into her hips.

“Yes! Yes!” she yelped as Ryk tripped her on the rough-hewn stone floor and spread her legs wide for him.

A single hand was all it took for the singer to unlace his tunic and breeches. With his other hand he yanked on Yollo.

The girl’s eyes widened as she saw his manhood grow into something hard and dangerous.

And so did her legs.

Yollo had in length what he lacked in girth. Yet he was somewhat odd in shape. Not rare, but uncommon. Jess has seen cocks as straight as a sword. She had seen them curving up towards the sun.

“Plants turn up to face the sun.” said Ryk, as if reading her mind. More like reading her expression.

Yollo was curved downward. And where Jess was, she felt as if the long, slit-eyed monster was staring at her.

She convulsed in an orgasm when she saw bahis siteleri Yollo jerk his big, red head. Ryk looked down at his feet, drenched in cunt juice. Then at her.

It was too much for Jess, now that both of them, Ryk and Yollo were watching her. She felt another wave of pleasure roll across her nubile body. But this time Ryk plugged her with his big toe.

“Somebody has to be punished, ain’t that right, Yollo?” Ryk whispered while looking at her. He flexed, making his cock jump, as if nodding in answer.

Jess moaned as he stuffed more of his foot inside. Her hands were mauling her breasts on their own accord. She came again when Ryk wiggled his toes inside her.

Ryk pulled his foot out with a nasty squelch. He’d have to tread carefully now. He didn’t want to slip on the wet floor and crack his head.

“It’s time now, Jess.” he said solemnly, “I’m going to fuck you, wench. I’ll fuck you hard, and fast. I’m going to Silent Wisps whorehouse tonight. So you understand what you’re doing here? You’re nothing but a hole which would get the edge off Yollo.”

He pushed his cock in her gaping hole. The odd curve touching spots other cocks never did.

Ryk bent over her, the sparse hair on his chest rubbing against her swollen breasts. His head was beside her’s when he bumped into the end of her hole, threatening to enter her womb. bahis şirketleri Jess could hear his calm breathing in time with her own ragged gasps.

“So do you still want to do this?” he whispered. His lips almost touching her ear.

She did not answer. Instead, she wrapped her legs around him.

Jess could feel him smile at her ear. He began to withdraw, the harsh ridge behind Yollo’s head snagging and pulling at all her inner folds. Before she could complain, he thrust back in. She screamed before he slammed his palm across her mouth.

“You do know what you are don’t you? You’re nothing but a cleaning rag for my cock.” he growled inside her open mouth.

Ryk set a rhythm, thrusting back and forth. Soon, Jess couldn’t guess if he was stabbing in, or dragging out. Blood and cum were squishing out of her with each movement.

“And does anyone care if a rag gets torn while cleaning? Hmm?” he said.

When he didn’t get an answer, he latched onto a brown nipple and sucked out a screaming NO out of her breasts.

By the time Ryk exploded, Jess had froth accumulating at the corner of her mouth, her eyes were glazed, her fingers were bleeding from scratching at the sine floor, and the entrance to her womb had been torn asunder.

Ryk got up and put his clothes on.

“Wash up” he said to her. “You were a rather good rag, but no one uses a dirty one for cleaning.”

Now we’re off to find Lucy, he told himself.

“Unlike Jess here, dear Lucy wouldn’t be a cleaning rag. Do you think she’ll be silk, or velvet?” he asked his cock.

Yollo twitched.

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