The Missing Condom

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The day my condom went missing

I had been down the beach most of the day with my mates. I was driving home to have something to eat when I saw these two girls walking along. I sounded my horn a couple of times and they both turned and waved.

I went further up the road then turned round and pulled up along side them. We chatted and I suggested we could make a foursome I would ask one of my mates to join us. The girl called Linda said she was meeting her boyfriend, and the other girl called Cheryl said she would meet me the next day at 2.0 clock. The next day I met Cheryl I was surprised she turned up. I asked her what she would like to do and she said I’ll leave it up to you Eric. So off we went I was working for the water company at the time and we were out in the hills laying a pipe line.

So I went out towards that way. We stopped at a pub and had a couple of lagers then I drove up this narrow road then along a twisting lane which came to an end. We parked and I took Cheryl through some trees which opened out into a beautiful view of the countryside.

As we made our way back towards the car it started to become very cool.

We both ran back to the car and we sat for a moment to get our breath back. Cheryl had on a white illegal bahis blouse and a short pink skirt that come above her knees. We started kissing and within minutes my fingers had undone a couple of her blouse buttons.

After kissing some more I tried to find the clasp for her bra then Cheryl guided my hand to the front of her bra it was a front fastener. With her bra undone I was kissing and fondling her tits which were a nice size with lovely nipples. Then I tried to slid my hand up her skirt but was soon stopped by her hand and her legs clamped shut.

We kissed and fondled but it looked like I was only going to get to feel her tits, every time I tried to go up her skirt she stopped me. Eventually I gave up and then spent twenty minutes or more trying to convince her to go further.

Then suddenly Cheryl said “Ok Eric you put your rubber thing on while I take my knickers off”. As I fumbled with the condom but at the same time watching Cheryl reach under her skirt and pull down her white knickers. I had to wank myself a little to get me hard again after our chat. I lowered the front passenger seat then climbed between Cheryl’s legs.

With very little room I asked her could she guide my cock into her pussy. It was tight illegal bahis siteleri and took a few short thrusts in and out before I was fully inside her. I then began fucking her but I couldn’t get comfortable. I asked Cheryl can we move to the back seat.

She agreed then picked up her knickers and climbed over into the back and I got a lovely blimp of her bare arse and pussy. I kissed her as we lay on the back seat then went to put my cock in her but could not resist and went down to lick and finger her cunt.

Cheryl pulled me up from her pussy and my cock seemed to find its own way in. With her legs wrapped around me and it was not long before I came. I lay on top of Cheryl panting then when I had recovered I pulled my cock out and to my horror the condom had come off.

We both looked for it at first we thought it might be under Cheryl but nothing there. I asked Cheryl to lay back down while I had a look inside her cunt. After fingering and poking two fingers up her, Cheryl then helped by pulling open her pussy. I delved inside and managed to pull out the sponk filled condom.

We both laughed and I asked Cheryl how many times had she had sex. Cheryl told me it was her second time, while we talked I kissed her nipples canlı bahis siteleri and fingered her pussy. We kissed and I had become hard again. I opened another condom and slipped it on then fucked Cheryl on all fours. I whispered to Cheryl would she let me go inside her without a condom to help me cum quicker. I told her I was good at pulling out and she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Cheryl said, “she didn’t like condoms and I could go inside her”. I tossed the condom out the window and with Cheryl on her back I entered her wet pussy. We both moaned as my cock went fully in and my balls rested against her.

I started thrusting and felt her legs grip around my arse Oh fuck that feels nice and Cheryl moaned Oh Oh yes as I thrusted faster. I only just felt it was time to pull out, I quickly started wanking my cock looking at Cheryl’s wet pussy I groaned as I spurted out my sponk over her pubic mound and her thighs and belly.

Cheryl asked me for something to wipe my sponk up with, I looked around but found nothing. So Cheryl said, “I’ll use my panties”. When we arrived back and I stopped to let Cheryl out and say goodbye. I took her in my arms and we kissed while I was kissing her I slid my hand up her skirt she closed her legs at first but then opened them. Her pussy still felt moist as I slid a finger in then another, Cheryl moaned and placed her hand on my now hard cock. I pulled away from her telling her she should go before I want to shag her again. Cheryl smiled and got out the car.

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