The Money Shot

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I was sufficiently lit by the time Stefan got here. Earlier in the night I had joined about 50 people at a comedy club and, since I knew Matt the bartender, I get all my drinks for free. I sort of took advantage of him…as a bartender of course. I had given Matt mind blowing head last February so he let me get away with it. Luckily, it wasn’t one of those awkward hook-ups that led to uneasiness. And it could have, as the club where he worked hired me to do PR for them a few months later. I have never again tried try get him to dip his pen in my mouth…err…company ink.

The whole night I kept checking my watch. Stefan and I had agreed to meet at 10 at my place. It had been 4 whole days since we had been together last and I swear my hormones could have rocketed me back across town when he called at 9 and said he was on his way to meet me. Lissa and I left the club sufficiently sauced.

“What’s your rush? ” she asked. “Nothing…just have to finish some work.” She knew the deal about Stefan, but I didn’t want her to think I was blowing her off for a guy. Okay, I was, but dammit I’m allowed after months of celibacy!

I arrived home in time to hop in the shower and clean up my apartment. I always set the stage-candles, music, beers on the table. Naked in my candle-lit bathroom, I rubbed some vanilla oil on my pussy and prepared to shave it bare. I then dabbed the oil on my stomach and breasts. Touching myself like that got my nipples taut. Why let them go to waste? I slipped a sheer white “wife beater” T-shirt that showed off my obviously hard nipples. Then I slid on my 4-inch open-toed sandals. Okay, I just bought them today. What can I say, lo…I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mean sex makes you do crazy things. I’ll pay my con ed bill next week, instead. I could feel my thong start to get wet as I waited for my buzzer to ring. He was bringing dinner, but to be honest, the last thing I wanted to do right then was eat. I pinched my nipples keeping them hard so I could give him a bit of a show when I opened my door. My finger slid inside the waistband of my panties. The skin was smooth and soft. I began to think of Stefan on his knees in front of me eating me out. I had to stop or else I’d end up coming all over my fingers. Seconds later-saved by the bell if you will-Stefan arrived.

I opened the door and, as expected, his gaze went from my face to my breasts to my shoes and back to my tits. At that point, I don’t think he was hungry, either. At least not for Chinese food. I walked in front of him to my desk. I bent over the chair to turn off my computer. That’s when he pounced. His hands went right up my shirt to tweak my nipples. He licked and sucked on the sweet spot on my neck. Fuck dinner, I thought. Chinese food is much better cold anyway.

He ground his crotch into my ass. “You wore the shoes. Nice. Very dirty, aren’t you? You want to feel my hard cock inside you?” All I could do was nod my head. I reached behind me and ran my hand up and down his bulge. I swear his dick had grown an inch since Saturday. “Tell me how bad you need to be fucked.” he commanded. “So bad. So deep. ” I whispered back. It’s all I could manage at that moment. His hand crept down into panties. “I want to feel how wet you are. Mmmmmm….look güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri how wet you are.” His finger slid up inside me while he palmed my breast and breathed hot air on my neck. My mouth was open, but no sound came out. It just felt so damn good.

“I love your tattoo. I was thinkin’ about that tonight when I jacked off. I want to stare at that tatt while I fuck you.” he said. I had gotten a small Japanese Kanji symbol for strength and power tattooed on my lower back last summer. Now I knew why it was so powerful.

I had planned on having us going over to the bed and make “sweet sweet love” under the sheets but I was too turned on for that. We could make love any time. Now I wanted to fuck.

“I’m your little slut, tonight, baby. Why don’t you fuck me right here.” With that I jutted my ass out a little further inviting him to pull off my thong. Which he did in one swift motion. I wanted to be dirty. I didn’t want the looks or the soul kisses. I wanted deep, hard fucking.

“Bend over.” He eased my hands down onto my desk. I arched my back in towards the chair. I could hear him unbuckle his pants and take off his boxers. I looked back briefly to see his jeans around his ankles. I loved it. The heels had me raised at the right angle to provide easy access to my pussy. I listened as he tore the condom wrapper off and rolled the sheath onto his shaft. Then he pointed the tip at my now very, very wet entrance. I was used to his girth now so he slid in easily. His hands grabbed my waist as he pumped back and forth.

“You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you? You got me so fucking hard the other day. This is what I güvenilir bahis şirketleri would have done to you in that bathroom.” I felt absolutely slutty…bent over a chair in my heels and getting slammed from behind. He reached around and rubbed my clit. I was so close to coming. But, since he had beaten off just an hour or so before, his stamina was in place. He slowed down his thrusts, pulling his cock almost all the way out and teasing me with his tip before jamming it all back in. He rubbed my clit furiously until I shot my body back up against him, grabbed his head and came. He put his hands through my hair and brushed it out of the way.

“I like watching you come.” He bent me down again. It made him fuck me harder. I could hear our skin slap against each other.

“Fuck…you are so fucking tight. Your pussy just grips my cock.” I clamped my pussy walls down tighter on his shaft. I was going to milk every drop of cum out of him. He grunted each time I did this. Finally everything was just a mass of slapping and groaning. He was in his zone.

“I’m gonna come now. Oh yeah… I’m gonna come.” I pulled away quickly and got down on my knees.

“Come in my mouth.” Hell, why not complete the fantasy? He looked absolutely jubilant.

“Yeah?” he asked. “Fuck yeah.”

With that he started to stroke his cock up and down. “You want it? You want me to come in your mouth?” I had a devilish glint in my eye as I shook my head and opened my mouth. That was all the provocation he needed. He leaned up against the desk to support himself and then loudly blew his load onto my outstretched tongue. Dinner was served.

Once we had calmed down and washed up, we sat on my bed and ate dinner.

“That,” he said as he motioned to the desk and chair,” …was a PSE.” “A PSE? What’s a PSE?” I asked. I had heard a lot of phrases for sex, but never that.

“A Porn Star Experience.”

I grinned smugly to myself.

That it was, I thought. That it was.

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