The Most Beautiful Weekend


Day 1

Nearly a year had gone by since we last saw each other. That amazing woman with whom I’d shared such a brief intimate encounter with had gone back to Estonia after finishing her exchange, and we’d shared our last deep embrace in the late days of the previous year. We’d kept in touch, thankfully, and now I was growing very excited with the news that I had been accepted into The University of Helsinki in Finland to finish my master program in engineering. Firstly it was really incredible because the school had such a reputation as being one of the foremost schools in Europe, but really my heart began to beat faster with the realization that I’d be coming so close to her — that we would have a chance to meet each other again, whatever that would bring.

We talked quite a lot after I arrived, and I even went to visit her for a day in Tallinn — we’d both been very enthusiastic about the meet, and I’d wondered over the whole trip whether or not something would happen, if that spark was still there. It turned out that we definitely still had that attraction; as I spotted her when my ferry landed, I walked up to her, and immediately our lips were locked together. But, we didn’t have much time, or a place really, to do much more. We’d just enjoyed each other’s company and had dinner together before I left back to my place across the Baltic Sea. It wasn’t until later in the semester that she came to visit me in Helsinki, where we would share one of the most amazing experiences of either of our lives…

It wasn’t exactly the most beautiful weather during that time, but as I walked to the port to meet her that rainy night the anticipation of seeing her face, her sexy lips, those devil eyes, had me burning under my woolen coat. I walked down to the docks where I knew the ferry came between Tallinn and Helsinki…where the ferry I knew of came at least. Already frustrated with the anticipation, it wasn’t the best news to find that I’d gone to the wrong port! So we decided on a meeting place in the city, and I walked very quickly to the shopping center/transportation hub not far from my hotel. My feet barely touched the ground…I was exhilarated, nervous, impatient, excited…many feelings were going through me at once. I stopped at the Starbucks in the lower level of the center to enjoy a holiday brew only sold around this time of year. I remember watching people as I waited for her. Watching the many travelers moving to their terminals; couples parting, family members reuniting. I would watch, trying to take my mind off the tension, then catch myself waiting to see her face on every girl that came down the escalator or walked past my table.

Eventually the crowds started to thin out as it was starting to get late, and I remember feeling even more anxious. I wasn’t worried; I knew she was in the city, but we didn’t have a way to call unless she was near Wi-Fi. I paced around the large hall, thinking to myself about the weekend we would share together. Thinking about many things…

Finally she managed to send a message, and we figured out where we would meet up. I walked out to the main court in front of the huge building, lit a cigarette and eagerly waited. I didn’t know how I would feel when she did show. I knew we would embrace, I knew I would kiss her…don’t think, I thought. Just take in the air, the city, the lights, in this cool, wet, Finnish autumn night. Then, at last, I saw her; a lone small figure slowly walking across the open space of concrete. I smiled as I saw her pale face, and saw her smiling just as broadly as she came closer. We reached each other and embraced, firmly…it was so amazing to feel that, I think I was surprised. She looked up at me, and almost before we could say, “hi,” our lips were already entwined. Our lips opened to each other, our tongues exploring, and we melted together in another of what would be a long series of amazing surprises this weekend. I never forgot how amazing it was to kiss her, though it had been a while since our last encounter, but I was still amazed at how good it was…how deep it was with her. I knew at that moment something I had been fighting back and forth about in my mind those several weeks before; I was going to make love to her tonight…again, and again, and again… And it was a strange and incredible feeling, considering the circumstances of our relationship. So many conflicting feelings and thoughts, fears and exhilarations. But in that moment, for the most part, they melted away into what became one of the most passionate days of my life.

So we walked together, like the two lovers we were about to become, back to my hotel. Ah, the scandal of it! Here we were, meeting like this on a dark rainy night, walking in each other’s arms, going to a hotel room to fuck each other senseless for the next couple of days…just magic. We reached my door at last, having stopped so many times along the way unable to keep our lips separated. There wasn’t any Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir more nervousness that I can recall as I opened my door and lead her inside. I wasn’t thinking about what would happen next, how it would go, anything like that. I was just in this incredible moment. And it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because before a second had passed after I closed the door we were in each other’s arms again, pushing our lips together hard, wrapping each other and tossing aside our jackets.

I remember the look on her eyes; that nervous hunger she always got when we met up after a long time apart…she had it the last time we met, near her home. I imagine I did too, as we really didn’t know what to expect. But this time it was subtly different. More passionate, more eager… I can’t really place it, but it made my heart skip. We devoured each other, and my hands were all over her in an instant…as hers were on me. Our tongues and our lips and our hands danced everywhere, and after a long while, who knows how much time could have passed in that frozen moment, we realized with some humor that we were still standing with our clothes on.

I remember I laid her back against the mattress then, looking down over her beautiful face, looking at those eyes that burned with the same passion that I felt in my whole body. I stared into those amazing hot lips that I could barely wait another moment to devour, and ran my hands along her thighs — so sexy clad in the elastic material of her leggings — and up under the hem of her short black skirt…oh my god, those leggings! Her whole body dripped of sensuality as she looked back at me, seemingly as much in the moment as I was… Her position under me, her body language, the way her eyes burned into mine, all was telling me she wanted to be taken right then. And was I ready to take her! I leaned in and melted into her lips again…I craved them so much — to feel her, taste her…it was like the need to breath! I leaned closer into her, and felt her wrap around me. Both of us shivered with this feeling, with the sensations, with all the anticipation culminating into this heated moment. It was incredible. Slowly we started to lose our clothing; my sweater was pulled off over my head, and soon I’d pulled off hers and tossed to the floor. I ran my hands over the material of her undershirt, feeling her soft form underneath, and soon I pulled this cloth away and her chest was bare to me – apart from her black bra. I began planting my lips all along her beautiful skin…so smooth, so warm, so soft… I couldn’t get enough of her! We moved and danced on the bed, tangled together as the heat of our passion increased more and more.

After a while, needing to catch a breath, we broke off the kiss and just moved our hands over each other. I was getting tired of those straps in the way, so I unclasped her bra and released her wonderful tits as I tossed the dark garment aside. I looked over her and couldn’t help but smile…she looked incredible. I couldn’t wait to run my lips and my tongue over her…and I’m pretty sure she couldn’t either. As I bent forward to take her erect nipple into my mouth, I heard her gasp and sigh out loud from the sudden sensations. Oh, god, the noises she made in pleasure…I could almost cum just from hearing her. She cooed and sighed as I teased her, her whole body getting into the movements of my teasing. I felt her hands pulling on my own shirt, and soon it was gone to join the other clothing beside the bed. I felt her hands all over me, over my back, my chest, my belly, and I shivered against her touch. I felt her hands move lower and more mischievously towards my belt buckle, her fingers beginning to pull on the strap. I felt a slight release as my jeans popped open, finally releasing the hardness that had been growing painful since she’d arrived. The tight uncomfortableness was soon forgotten, though, as I felt her fingers begin to explore along my shaft…it felt so good to feel her touch there again! She slid along my length over my underwear, and I suckled her even harder with my lips. I was rewarded with some more sensual moans as she took me more firmly in her hand… She started to rub up and down, mimicking the motions of slow lovemaking and sending more shivers through my body. I breathed harder against her soft skin, breathing her scent as I devoured her. She was so intoxicating, and I was becoming lost in these surreal sensations…

I gasped as suddenly I felt her fingers on my bare skin; her hands now having pushed down the fabric of my boxer briefs. I looked up at her, finding her hooded eyes gazing back at mine in erotic bliss. Her sensual lips were parted as I looked down at them hungrily…I really was addicted to her kiss! She watched me intently as she played over me, her gentle fingers tracing up and down my length, then twirling and teasing over my swollen tip. My breath became heavier as she played, İstanbul Escort and soon my hand was drawn back to her body — moving slowly starting from her hip and trailing up over her belly and to her chest. Slowly I made my way back down, passing the fabric of her skirt which was now bunching up around her waist as we laid tangled on the bed. I looked down at her as I touched her, taking in the sight of where my hand was exploring — taking in every detail, every curve… I moved lower, down over her incredible legs. My god, did she have amazing legs. Just seeing her perfectly shaped thighs under that sheer fabric made me twitch in her hand. She was so beautiful. I ran my hand along those legs, both of us shivering from the contact as I made my way slowly back up. This time I traced my fingers along her inner thigh and up beneath her skirt, teasing closer and closer to the heat between her legs. I heard her breath shudder as I came almost to her valley, and then briefly retreated only to tease all the way back. I tor my eyes away from her legs to look into her eyes…she was still staring hard into me as I looked at her, and when I saw her expression I almost tor off the rest of our close and took her in that instant… I still can never fully explain that look. It’s immediately apparent when she shows it, and it makes me weak in the knees…makes my heart pound in my chest. It drips of passion, of sensuality, of desire…and through all of it was that inexplicably deep connection. So familiar and so intimate…so beautiful and at once so incredibly sexy. Her eyes were also pleading with me…begging for the touch. If only she could know how much my fingers ached to touch her – to pleasure her, to take her to incredible heights. There was a magical love affair with my fingers and her body, and it thrilled me incredibly to watch her cum again and again when I played in her and over her…

At last I slid my fingers all the way up, looking deeply into her as she felt my fingertips brush over her cloth-covered pussy. I could feel her heat and her incredible wetness as I slid over her slit. Her mouth formed an ‘O’ and her eyes widened as the electricity of the touch shot through her body. A moment later she moaned out loud, and I pushed more deeply into her softness. Her hips began to rock against my movements, her hand moving more urgently on my throbbing cock. Her breathing soon became ragged, her body beginning to shudder against me. I teased over her clit and rubbed all the way up and down her slit — dipping slightly into her entrance as much as was possible through these remaining layers of clothes. She shuddered with a short orgasm and let out a gasp of air, pulling me harder against her. I kissed her forehead and all over her face before we once more locked together in a heated kiss.

A few moments later she pushed up and I turned to lay back against the covers. She leaned up, looking at me like she was going to devour me. She undid the clasp of her skirt, sliding it down and off her body before hooking her fingers in the band of her leggings and pulled them slowly down along with her panties. I’m sure I was staring rather obviously in this moment, watching her expose herself fully to me. I exhaled a deep breath, looking over her…so beautiful standing over me. She tossed the rest of her clothes aside and straddled me, and I could feel at last her bare heat against my hardness. We started slowly rocking our hips together, sliding each other together and teasing ourselves intensely… All the while our eyes were locked in our sensuous gaze, in an instant sharing so many things that words could scarcely begin to touch. Our movements started to become heated, and I could feel my tip catching in her entrance with every thrust, threatening to push inside with our increasing passion.

“Should I get a condom?” She asked between heavy breaths. She wasn’t on birth control at that time, so it was better to be safe despite all of our fantasies of throwing caution to the wind.

I nodded. “Yes…”

I was ready.

Slowly, and almost reluctantly, she rose up off of me and walked to her bag to retrieve the small packets. We only had a few, and at this point we both realized it wouldn’t be nearly enough for the coming days. But for now, we just needed one. She sat next to me back on the bed and tor open the foil. I helped her unroll the slippery rubber tube over my engorged member, and sat up to kiss her. I took her cheek in my hand and pressed deeply into her. I don’t remember the last time I was so deeply connected with someone, or wanting something so badly as I wanted her in this moment. I turned us and laid her back in the bed and slowly took my position over her as I looked once more over her naked form. I couldn’t believe what was in front of me… I leaned in closer and kissed her again, and asked if she was ready. She nodded, biting her lip…neither of us wanted to wait any longer.

I Escort İstanbul rested between her legs and positioned myself at her entrance, feeling my tip part her swollen lips. I could feel her amazing heat, feel her open to me, feel her whole body drawing me, wanting me, needing me…and in that moment I needed her! I pushed forward, and we both sighed as I began to slide inside.. She was so tight, but so incredibly wet! I felt her intense heat engulf me completely, and soon I was resting buried to the hilt inside her. We had to take a moment for her to adjust to my girth…but oh my god, the feeling of being with her again, connected with her, after so much waiting, so much playing, so much teasing…so much raw anticipation! Finally, we were making love! After a few moments we began a slow rhythm, gently and sensually moving together…and it was unlike anything else. This was not the first time for us…far from it. But the level of our connection, the electricity, the chemistry…whatever supernatural forces were at work with us, this was one of the most incredible things I had ever felt. And, I was to find, it would only get more and more intense… As we got the feel of each other, as the sensations of my stretching her began to build into strong waves of pleasure, we soon began to move harder together and the room became much less quiet…

Our sighs, our moans, our breathing filled the small hotel room. After a while she was crying out as I pushed hard into her, feeling her legs pull me deeper with every thrust. Her hands and fingers dug into my back as her second orgasm of the night crashed through her. Her mouth opened, her eyes widened, and her breath suddenly stopped as I felt her whole body tense inside and out before she shuddered hard. After a few moments her body collapsed back against the covers and she let out a long loud sigh… It was heavenly. The more I drove her crazy, the more I wanted to take her, and the crazier she made me! This was a thousand times more intense than making her cum with my lips and my fingers, and just watching her before was almost enough to make me cum as she squeezed my fingers like she was now squeezing my cock buried in her incredible pussy.

She looked up at me, that inexplicable look ablaze with an almost mad passion. She was almost glaring at me, growling with every one of my thrusts…

‘Fuck me!’ she shouted to me with her eyes. ‘Fuck me harder!”

And I obliged. I took her flushed cheek in my hand, increasing the intimacy in this already indescribably intense moment. I pushed into her harder, deeper…willing myself as far into her as I could go. I wanted to take her completely, to devour her, to take everything as I gave everything. We breathed each other in as we made love with greater abandon. We became wild together, and more of her growling, her moans, her screams, filled the room (and undoubtedly rooms adjacent to ours). It was absolute bliss. As I began to feel her tense with another impending orgasm, I could feel the start of my own welling inside me. The sounds she was making, our movements, the incredible sensations flooding every sensory input I had, was driving me quickly over the edge.

“Oh god, Lisa…I’m gonna cum…” I breathed to her.

“Oh, fuck yes…me too!” She sighed back. She started to pull me harder into her as our expressions and our movements intensified.

“Fucking cum with me, cum inside me!”

I so loved to hear her talk dirty. That was one thing I’d never really had in any of my relationships. The girls I’d been with, most of them enjoyed sex but they never really let go; got so into it like she did then. And with her it fired me up like nothing else…I still read some of the texts we’d sent to each other, teasing ourselves before we could meet like this. I have never cum so hard alone as I do when I read her deepest darkest thoughts with me…it’s unbelievable.

“Ohhh…fuuuuck…!” That was it for me… I erupted hard into the condom, throbbing again and again inside her tightening pussy. And that sent her over as well. She shuddered intensely again, her breath catching in mid-scream, until she clamped down hard on my spurting dick and collapsed back onto the bed. I fell over her, and both of us were spent – struggling to catch our breath.

“Holy shit…!” I breathed.

“I fucking know…!”

I felt her squeeze me as I rested inside her, still rock hard even after such a strong orgasm. We both looked into each other, smiling, amazed even more at the intensity of our connection. We had finally made love; after all the anticipation, all the texting fantasizing about what we would do with each other, we found out just how incredible our compatibility was after all this time. Just insane…

After we caught our breath I began to soften, and I slowly pulled out of her and pulled off the condom. I laid back against the bed and we tangled together, feeling our naked skin so perfectly against each other. We just stayed like that for a while, snuggled close and enjoying the post-coital glow. I turned to see her watching me, and I smiled — slowly leaning in to kiss those lips again. We melted together, our lips dancing, our tongues sliding so perfectly together. This was so good it was dangerous…

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