The Mountain Cabin Getaway Ch. 03

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Dan and Rosana had just finished making love for the second time in just over an hour. They didn’t want to move, maybe couldn’t move. Neither wanted to anyway, so why even try. It was a time to reflect on their relationship and the events that had brought them together here in the cabin in the mountains in the middle of a raging storm, with her sitting naked on his melting cock on the couch, by the fireplace. They had been “dating” for about six months. She had met him at a singles dance, one of those staged events for professional people. Neither had expected to find such a compatible partner there. They both had gone just to dance and have fun. However, right from the beginning, the sparks flew. Do you know how it is sometimes when you meet someone unexpectedly, someone you feel like you could have known forever, and everything falls into place like bricks in a building wall, and you grow together so quickly it almost makes your head spin? OK, so you don’t know. It doesn’t happen that often, and not to everyone. Some go their whole lives and never discover the bliss that these two have shared in the last few months.

This is not like the puppy love thing when you’re a teenager. These are mature feelings of trust, sharing, and a wanting to do and be in similar places, whether together or apart. He was a stock analyst, more of a portfolio manager for the rich old widows. She was in marketing with a technology firm. Both were kept busy with their work, routinely putting in ten hour days and sometimes more. They savored every moment they had together. Even a quiet evening together watching a movie from the VCR was a fulfilling experience. They still enjoyed an occasional night out dancing together, or going to a movie, and sometimes a long walk by the sea, breathing in the fresh ocean air to clear the cobwebs from their active minds. They didn’t “live” together, but might as well have. They didn’t really have to be monogamous. The urge for someone else just didn’t enter their minds.

Dan was trim and fit, about an even 6′ tall, 185 lbs, tan, and muscular from steady workouts at the gym, but not so much that it was an obsession. He had light brown hair that came close to blond in the summer sun. Rosana was almost 5’7″, around 119 lbs, and fit also. She had naturally brown skin that showed off her voluptuous curves to their fullest when she chose to wear something revealing. Of course, almost anything looked good on her to Dan. Her hair was a silken brunette, hanging down past her shoulders when not up on top of her head for working. Her naturally dark eyebrows accented her warm brown face and white teeth when she smiled, which was often. They were a perfect fit for each other in every way. It was a good time to be alive.

The storm raged around the old cabin walls, whistling through the cracks, rattatatattatting on the roof. As they were still sitting on the couch, her on top of him, her back and his legs were toasty warm from the crackling fire, while their bodies provided warmth wherever they were pressed together. Slowly, they regained their senses enough to feel the sticky liquid between their legs drying fast, and the sweat from their lovemaking threatening to bond them together. “Let’s go take a shower while we can still move”, he said.

“OK, That would feel very good right now. We’ve had a long day. But, no hanky panky!”

“As if I could do anything now,” he laughed.

She slid off him and they gathered up their robes and put them on. She followed him to the bathroom for a long pee and a shower. They soaped each others’ bodies and scrubbed each others’ backs until they were refreshed and clean. As they illegal bahis were washing each other, her hands lingered a while on his penis, being sure to get it extra clean. And his large hands ensured that her breasts and pussy were clean enough to eat, so to speak. They toweled off, put on the robes, and refreshed their wine glasses. Dan put some more wood on the fire. It would probably stay warm throughout the night now. They thought of what they could do now. Strip poker came to mind, but there would be only one hand and it would be over. It had been a long day, so they had decided to go to bed for the night.

Suddenly, a large lightning bolt struck with a flash and a loud bang nearby. The lights went out. No problem. Good scouts are always prepared. He lit a nearby candle and they went hand in hand to the bedroom. It’s a good thing they had prepared everything earlier so that everything was put away. There was nothing to trip over, and the bed was easy to find in the light from the candle and the glow from the fireplace in the other room. Dan sat the candle on the nightstand by the bed and turned to hug Rosana. Her arms enveloped his body and his went about her waist. They pulled each other close and tightly held one another, her head on his shoulder. All was safe and secure in each other’s arms.

They helped remove the robes from each other and as they slipped silently to the floor they stepped out of them and into the warm bed and under the covers. She was on the left side, he on the right. Once again, their arms entwined each other. This time, their lips met in a soft kiss. Then, harder, lips parting, tongues exploring each others’. Ummm, nice kisses. Hands starting to explore now. Fingers stroking up and down their backs. Dan held her head with one hand while he trailed kisses over her face, on her ear, down her neck. “Ummm, nice” Rosana sighed. He moved his other hand over the curve of her hip, over her firm buttocks, over the small of her back, all the while trailing kisses over her neck and face.

She responded by grasping his hard butt and running her other hand over his hairy chest, feeling his breath going in and out, quickening by the minute. She playfully tweaked his nipple causing him to squeal out “OH!”. But he liked it and it made his nipple hard and sensitive. He lowered his head to HER chest and gently nibbled her nipple, then changed to gentle sucking. “Oh, Ahh” she groaned, as her chest rose to meet his mouth. Now, as his hand moved up to hold and caress her full ripe breast, his tongue took over, licking circles around the areola. Sometimes sucking the whole areola and nipple into his mouth, wondering if he could tickle his tonsils with it.

“Mmmmmm. Good tongue”. “Keep it up. I can’t believe it but you’re making me horny all over again!”

“Ummm, I will. I could eat you for hours.”

“Promises, promises, you teaser”

“We’ll see who’s teasing. Lie back and enjoy. I’m too spent to do anything else anyway.”

“At least your tongue is still hard!” she laughed.

With that, he slithered across her chest to the other breast, fluttering kisses and tongue tracks as he went. It was feeling left out, so he gave it the same manipulations as the first one, fondling it with his hand, licking circles around it, tenderly grazing on the nipple with his lips and tongue. It responded as well, standing up tall and proud like a rocket cone from her heaving chest. His right hand was still groping the other one, both hands squeezing and kneading them together.

His kisses languished down her cleavage, down to her navel, and in and around it. Then across her stomach and to each side illegal bahis siteleri of her waist, kissing, nipping at her smooth brown skin. He couldn’t really see too much in the pale candle light, but who needed to. He knew the path by heart. Her stomach twitched a bit at his manipulations as her breathing rose from her diaphragm. Her hands went to his head, stroking and guiding it, coaxing it even lower. Pushing the covers out of the way, he slid lower, across her hips and down her thighs, hands following now, encircling her hips. He massaged her legs and knees with his strong hands, molding the muscles into melted putty.

As his hands went to the inside of her legs, she instinctively opened and spread them. His hands rubbed higher up, reaching and touching her soft vulva. He could feel the heat there against his hand. He rubbed his fingertips along her labia around the sides, and to the slit below. He could feel the wetness there now as he rubbed it on his finger, coating it with her juices. He inserted it inside her a couple of inches, feeling the wet heat surrounding it. Then, pulling it out and continuing to rub in her inner labia, up an down until it found her little nubbin sticking out.

“Ahhhh, yes, that’s the spot. Ohhh, you know how to turn me on. Be gentle. I’m still a little sore from earlier. Yes, purrfect! Like that. You really DO have Magic Fingers, you know.”

After rubbing her clit a while, he moved the fingers back down to her vagina and inserted his index finger all the way into her, as far as it would go. Then wiggled it around inside her, moving it up until it reached her “G” spot. “OH, how do you know where that is?” she asked.

“Magic Fingers never reveals his secrets.” He replied as he continued manipulating her there a bit. Then he inserted another finger and moved them both around inside her. Meanwhile, he touched his tongue to her clit and started lapping at it, causing her to groan and gyrate her hips on his fingers.

“Wait!” she exclaimed. “I have a better idea. Lie back. I want some of you too.” They exchanged places, with Dan on the bottom now. She straddled his chest with her legs, facing his feet, and grasped his half-dead penis in her hands. “I get the picture now. You have good ideas. Now where were we? Ah yes, I can feel your cheeks on my chest, and smell the aroma from your honey pot. Slide it back to my face. Let me taste it.” He said.

His cock was starting to respond to her caresses. She bent down to kiss it on the head, then using her tongue, licking around it. Then down to his big balls, licking and kissing them too, until she felt a definite enlargement in her hand. Meanwhile, he had grasped her butt cheeks and was squeezing them while rubbing his hands all over them. Now kissing one cheek while squeezing the other, then the same to the other one. He trailed his fingers lightly down the crack of her ass and across the sensitive skin below her pussy, then continued trailing up her lips to her clit, wetting them as he went. After a few more strokes up and down, he replaced his fingers with his tongue, touching it right to her clit, moving it around in circles, And pressing it to her hardening little nub.

“Uuugh, that feels great. Keep it up.” And with that, she engulfed the head of his rising cock with her lips, licking it with her tongue. She opened wider, letting it slide about 2″ into her mouth, gently sucking, not closing around it tightly. She raised her head, letting it slide all the way out, just the tip touching her lips, then lowered herself faster down over it, even deeper, until it was touching the back of her tongue and throat. She was canlı bahis siteleri still holding the base of it with one hand while fondling his hairy balls with the other. She had done it! He was alive and fully aroused again. No one could see it, but she had a big smile on her face from his hard cock in her mouth and hands, and from his tongue lapping the juices from her warm pussy lips. “Mmmmmm”, she moaned a deep sigh on his cock as she moved her head up and down now, getting into a slow rhythm, squeezing his shaft and balls while going deeper, deeper up her throat.

“AAAHhhhhmmm”, he groaned into her vagina as he spread her lips with his hands and attacked her luscious labia with his tongue, sucking and trailing kisses all over her mound. He rammed his tongue into her pussy hole as far as it would go, licking inside, outside, while running his fingers around her legs, her butt, her ass. She was moving with him now, enjoying the manipulations exquisitely! She was in heaven now, feelings mounting, juices flowing freely, each of them fucking each other with their mouth and tongues. On and on they went, She moving her head around his big stiff cock, he licking her juices and rubbing her ass and clit with his fingers. Seconds changed to minutes, time stood still. They were like a well-oiled machine, pumping, churning, getting higher and closer to their final destination.

She started first with her hips and insides starting to vibrate. She could feel his hard member throbbing and knew he was close too. Then she went off like a firecracker exploding. “Mmmmm. Ahhhhhh” “Mmmmm Ohhhhh” as she came with a copious flow all over his mouth and face; hips grinding, legs shaking, almost passing out from the intensity of it all. She kept it up for minutes, never letting him slip from her mouth. He was doing all he could just to hold on to her as she was thrashing about.

As her orgasm subsided somewhat, she realized that he had not cum yet. Gathering up her strength and resolve, she set about to correct the inequity of the situation. She closed her mouth tighter around him, sucked him in harder, rubbed his big hard nuts in her fingers, pumped her head faster and faster. He had not stopped sucking her either, but only slowed while she climaxed and the sensitivity subsided. “Hmmmm, Suck my cum out. Swallow it deep in your throat” he mumbled between licks. Then he felt the inevitable starting. From deep inside him, he could sense the hot cum boiling up, ready to explode into her awaiting mouth. His hips were pumping now with her thrusts on his cock. His tongue and mouth were all over her wet womb, licking, sucking. She felt the first contraction as his hard cock throbbed and sent the first spinning liquid to the tip. She tasted it and it was good. She sucked and fucked him now with full force, and he exploded with a mighty stream into the back of her throat. “AHHHH, I’m CUMMMMING! SUCK IT ALL OUT! OH AHHH” She almost choked from the suddenness of it. He pumped wad after wad into her pretty mouth, so much that she could not swallow it all and some was running out onto her face and his legs. This triggered her again. With a loud moan, she came again and again over his face as he was sucking and lapping up her juices. It seemed as though every time he squirted, she squirted more too. “Ohhh, Mmmmmmm, NNGHHH Ahhh”

Finally, they were spent. The breathing was returning to normal, blood returning back to their brains to bring them back from nearly passing out from their intense orgasm. She turned around and lay on top of him full length, their bodies fitting to each other like a glove, and they kissed each other sensuously and deeply, tasting each others juices on their mouths and tongues.

“I love you” they both said to each other at the same time.

Laughing, they settled in for a good night’s sleep with the rain poring lightly outside, perfect sleeping weather.

The End

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