The Nanny

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My name is Leda. I’m of Greek-Armenian ancestry, I turned 52 two Springs ago. I taught part-time at a community college then until I was laid off due to budget cuts. I enjoyed the job and especially the diverse student body and was totally devastated when my lover also dumped me at the same time. Fortunately I found an interim job as a Nanny a few months later with a lovely yuppie Black couple.

To a city dweller like me, the house on the hillside way out in the country, with a sweeping view of the lake in the distance seemed serene. With the continuous symphony of sounds made by crickets, birds, and the rustle of leaves and grass in the wind…

All of this complimented by the whiff of lavender and other blossoms of the flora and fauna. This is the sort of place I’d like to live in for the rest of my life, I thought as I sat by the poolside in the back garden. Reveling in the sultry heat of summer and enjoying a much needed respite from the stress of city life and from work.

Tasha and her husband Rick had just bought the brand new country home on Lake Eden. As people of color, they seemed to have been well received by their mostly white neighbors in a truly upscale residential area.

I’ve been on the job for three days and I loved it. Sitting by the pool late that Friday morning, listening to Jazz, gorging myself on cognac and smoked shrimp, enjoying the laughter of the three year old twins at play.

I have been described as a striking woman, with long prematurely greying hair hazel eyes and thick black eye-brows. My hips and ass curve beautifully. My shapely legs unusually hairy. My diaper size black bush with strands of grey, covers my entire lower abdomen and is very thick over my cunt. My attractive face is devoid of make-up but glowing, enhanced by the white abalone earrings that I like to wear. I was to look after the kids Monday thru Friday and occasionally stay over when Tasha and Rick had to attend a social function or go on a trip. I lived in the nearby town of Darwin with my 20 year old daughter. I am divorced. Being a mother myself, I was very good with the twins.

A recent discovery by me was a stage in menopause, characterized by a resurgence in my sexuality, after a period of deep sadness and emptiness.

Now I was in search of new experience, driven by an inner urge for adventure, erotic or otherwise, having been thru a long period of sexual dormancy and hibernation, after my divorce. Women my age sometimes exude power, wealth, self-confidence beauty and desirability. Other times depressed, lonely, bewildered, unsettled and confused. But always audacious in their sexuality, their femininity; their salt-and-peppery elegance. They have eyes that hide sadness but need love…

I arrived on the job one morning only to meet Omar, Tasha’s older brother who was visiting. A suave athletic smooth talking handsome dude in his mid-30’s. Within 24 hours we both knew that something was happening between us. As we talked Omar’s darkly attractive presence began to excite me. I sensed his thoughts flowing into me caressing me. I was seduced and captivated by his gracious artfulness…My ardent response to his sugary glances and soft talk had generated deep canlı bahis erotic desires in me. With the twins fast asleep I went into Omar’s room naked knowing he was waiting for me.

The mid-afternoon sun slanted thru the window, falling across his naked body on the bed. My eyes swept over him, up then down, then settling on his big, rigid cock, assessing him. We stared at each other in silence.

His wanton gaze devoured me inch by inch and especially my crotch area taking in the veritable jungle of wild, unruly hair, “how resplendent and glorious” he said of my hirsutism. His cock stood bolt upright at the sight of my glorious body,

“You have the smoothest, most lovely brown skin I’ve ever seen Omar” I said softly. We lay entwined on the silk sheets of the bed, caressing, stroking, licking each other…His dark, brownish-bronze skin seemed to merge with my honey-dark-olive hue. He inhaled the sweet natural scent of my cunt, like the succulent fruit of summer. He took my breasts in his hands, kneading, the nipples quivering towards him.

Cupping my soft rounded ass, he caressed the hairy cheeks into the thickly-haired vulva, around the swirl of my anus fringed with mossy fuzz, moist, dark. I moaned with feral sounds deep in my throat as his fingers found my hard clitoris and stroked the turgid nodule of flesh, as my cunt heated up…His lips fastened on my hardened nipples, sucking, pulling, biting, licking…

I squirmed uncontrollably, my creamy cunt juice slowly leaking out. I let him pleasure me as he wanted in a prolonged foreplay.

My moans became louder, pleading insistently; “more, deeper, stronger…O God, fuck me” as Omar thrust deep inside my pussy with relentless vigor, fucking me gloriously for a very long time…It was awesome. My cunt was filigreed, wide open, bursting with life quivering, sucking, and devouring his dick.

I cried out loudly as a series of orgasms began to shake my body violently, my finger nails scratching his hard back as I thrashed about, and the hard cock surged into my swollen deep cunt, penetrating my appetite. Then his powerful explosion, spurting a truck load of cum, creating deep implosions within my jerking, swallowing womb…We continued to fuck much of the day, until the twins woke up. Omar fucked me a few more times until his departure. I felt sad and dejected for a while until Rick’s buddy Malik came to visit. An ex-footballer turned businessman, he was in the area on business. Malik’s terrific sense of humor had me in stitches much of the time. The next day Tasha and Rick took the kids on an outing all day. They tried to take me along, but I insisted on total relaxation. Somehow I knew Tasha was suspicious of me and Malik as well as with Omar. She has a knack for smelling things before they come out in the open. But she kept her silence.

I arrived at the house around 10 am with some spicy sea-food and other goodies. Within an hour we were camped by the poolside with booze, food, cassette-radio, and rubber mattress covered with large beach towels.

When we were sufficiently stuffed with food and booze, I rubbed Malik’s body with aloe Vera oil, admiring Mlalik’s massive cock which I fondled for long moments. And OMG bahis siteleri it was so thick I could barely wrap my fingers around it He marveled at my gorgeous hairiness, my full breasts which he compared to fresh loaves. I giggled a lot, feeling happy.

He rubbed my vulva, my turgid clitoris, gently with his fingertips, inspecting my burgundy-colored cunt, searching into my twat in awe, with wide open eyes…”Let your sexual energy flow, worship my cunt”; I said to him.

I coaxed the hard, huge heavy dick into my cunt, rubbing it into my wet slimy flesh, my eyes fixed on his.

He pounded my cunt into fucking wet sounds, his two fingers pushing into my anus simultaneously…He fucked me lavishly stretching my cunt every which way. And it felt so fucking good

He fill me from the tip of my clitoris to my innermost depths. I opened all my floodgates and he fucked my dripping cunt until the poolside reeked of my tart, musky odor, and the noise of our fucking split the sky…Malik continued to plow deep into my pleasure-and-peace giving cunt and I began to tremble and croon softly, wordlessly, rocking gently beneath him like a gentle wrestling match…A fragrant orgy on a hot afternoon…We were pollinating, spiraling, spinning in orgasm after orgasm; vibrations flowing thru us…We soared on gossamer wings of lust, as he inundated my pussy with torrents of cum. We rested silently in each other’s arms for a long while.

We ate more food and drank more booze. Malik smoked a joint but I was not into that. “I’m sure I’ll be smoking that stuff if I hung out with you long enough” I said with some sarcasm. Then we plunged into the luke-warm water, frolicking as the water lapped in waves around our bodies. He played with my thick, heavy black pussy hairs floating in the water like a black anemone, a sea creature. The piano music of Erik Satie poured from the cassette deck and flowed thru our souls as music was meant to. I dragged him to the shallow end of the pool and wrapped my arms and legs around him, urging him to insert his rigid cock into me.

My cunt felt expansive under water…”Push it in further, I want more”, I whispered.

The water whirled and rippled around us as his rhythmic thrusts pounded into me like a stallion’s, hitting me hard and deep, fucking my soul…”I haven’t had this much pleasure in years” I declared, holding Malik tight, shuddering, moaning, whispering “Oh Malik, I love you”.

My body tensed and then exploded; my cry of ecstasy echoing around the pool. I shuddered for a long time gripping his dick tightly with my cunt as he came into me. We crawled out of the pool and onto the mattress like beached whales, leaping into a deep post-coital sleep…

Two days later on Sunday my day off, Malik showed up at my house to my utmost delight, as he departed for Denver the next stop on his trip. It was so hot I was totally naked which turned him on. Within minutes we were on my bed and his huge hard cock was pounding my cunt mercilessly. My pelvis arched under him as he stroked into me penetrating me deeper and deeper. I began to howl and pant as Malik moved inexorably inside me with long sure strokes. Thrusting deeper and deeper, scattering drops of bahis şirketleri my juices…A slow deep fuck. We looked into each other’s eyes with shared lust; inexorably in the mood for heavy fucking for pleasure; I was damp and slippery on the honey run… My hips rotated slowly as the hard cock vibrated deeper against my pussy walls. The universe rumbled beneath us in the force and the deep rhythms of sex. My cunt seemed to get tighter as my vibrations swelled and my scented secretions leaked out, my hips rolling free in their sockets in response to the intense, unrelenting fucking…

Thrusting deeper and deeper to my core, again and again; my hips rocking circling slowly, subtly as his thrusts got stronger, longer. Holy shit the dude knew how to fuck a woman silly.

My hands gripped Malik’s back pressing him into my body, moaning crying, as I plunged into the final moment of dissolution…I started to climax violently, thrashing about on the bed, my body wracked with intense spasms. On and on and on, I continued to cum, howling silently. I held on to him, thru my tortured explosions, amazed at my capacity for such a prolonged orgasm. I came and came again for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally my orgasms triggered Malik’s own release, a living holy stream of semen that exploded into me in heat and Sulphur…

He rested inside me for a while, as I undulated my body gently beneath him, scissoring him with my legs, my lips fastened to his. I ached to be fucked continuously. Malik’s cock remained hard inside my cunt throbbing…

I was bereft and lethargic after Malik’s departure missing him sorely. My cunt ached constantly; I was very horny a lot.

Tasha asked me to renew her registration at her horse riding school on my day off. The place was closed temporarily for maintenance. A cowboy by the name of Buck, was the supervisor. He was very tall and big; very affable and easygoing. He seemed to be in his mid-30’s. Buck wasted no time hitting on me as he showed me around, then entertaining me with booze and snacks in his den attached to an office…I’d become mellow with the booze and the ambience.

“I like older women Cougars; they know how to fuck” he said. A little later I was sucking his massive, pink 12 inch super thick cock bulging with big veins, on the futon bed. Then he ate my pussy, lapping up the juices, sucking on my pebble-hard clitoris. My twat opened up quivering, pulsating with musky fragrance and flooded with thick juice… Buck fucked me hard, while my juices cascaded and spattered.

“God, the exquisite smell of a soaking wet cunt is such a powerful aphrodisiac”, said Buck, his huge cock fitted my cunt very tightly, plundering my slick, slimy twat with deep heavy thrusts excavating my depths. The more he plunged the more I writhed and moaned and cried in pleasure so deep, which in turn drove him deeper in hard rhythmic strokes. Buck fucked me hard in every position imaginable and I came and came, again and again. He fucked me for hours. Every nerve in my body sang in jubilation as he fucked me with dedicated intensity. He finally exploded with a roar flooding my cunt with gallons of hot cum. When he finally pulled out of me a river of cum rushed out of my pussy to puddle under my ass…Oh my God, it was simply incredible. I decided to visit him again soon. I never imagined that being a Nanny could bring so much wonderful fringe benefits.


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