The Neighbor

Big Dick

Sandy lives next door to Ryan and they see each other every other day. She is in her 20’s and he is 18 with little experience and lives with his parents. He’s in his room, which happens to be right across from hers, with his blinds open. With anticipation she watches him take his clothes off and is getting extremely wet. With her vibrator in hand Sandy starts to slide it in as Ryan takes his underwear off. She just can’t believe that an 18 year old could be so big.

Ryan sees Sandy’s shadow as she’s using the vibrator on herself and he starts to get hard. He makes his way to the bathroom so he can shower. He keeps imagining Sandy and her vibrator and gets even harder. His hand grabs his long, hard cock and begins stroking until he cums.

The next day Ryan is outside sitting on his porch and Sandy is watering her flowers. They catch each others eye and say hello. Sandy decides to go over to Ryan and ask him how he’s doing. They start talking about everything and for some reason Ryan tells her that his parents will be out of town for the weekend. He proceeds to tell her that he gets a little lonely ankara escort sometimes when they leave and asks if he can come over to her house and hang out. Of course Sandy is overjoyed and tells him he is more than welcome.

Friday evening comes around and Sandy hears her doorbell. To her amazement, it’s Ryan with a movie. He asks her if she’d like to watch a movie. Ryan comes in and makes himself at home and puts the movie in. “Are we ready” Ryan asks and pushes play. With her eyes as big as they can be Sandy looks at Ryan with a questionable look. “Is this porno movie okay” he asks. Sandy is speechless, so Ryan leans in for the kiss. Sandy is thinking to herself, for someone who isn’t very experienced he sure knows what he wants. Of course she’s loving every minute of it.

They stop and look at each other for a moment. Ryan stands up and takes his clothes off. He tells Sandy he wants her so bad. “I want you too Ryan” Sandy says. Ryan positions himself in front of Sandy and she grabs his semi hard cock and sticks it in her mouth. As it gets harder and harder Sandy starts to deep-throat so ankara escort bayan she can get it all in her mouth. His moans get louder and louder as Sandy sucks and fondles his balls.

Ryan removes Sandy’s clothes and goes down on her. He has never tasted a woman before and is loving the way Sandy tastes. He licks her clit and fingers her, the way they do it in the movies. He realizes he’s doing it right when Sandy starts screaming that she’s cumming. Ryan is getting more excited and fingers Sandy until she cums.

Sandy pushes Ryan away and tells him to enter her. “Oh Ryan! You feel so good!” Sandy exclaims. Ryan tells her to bend over so he can enter from behind. “You are so tight, I’m gonna cum soon” Ryan says after a while of slow hard thrusts in and out. Just before he cums he stops.

Now it’s Sandy’s turn for another orgasm he thinks. Sandy lays on her back with her legs over Ryan’s shoulders. Sandy tells him that he can go deep in this position. “Oh Yes!” they both scream. “Harder Ryan, harder” she says. Ryan goes harder and faster. They both cum together.

A few minutes escort ankara have passed and they start over again. They start out in the 69 position this time. Sandy can still taste herself on Ryan’s hard cock and she loves it. Ryan found Sandy’s vibrator and dildo earlier so he trys to use them both on her. Sandy tells him to put the dildo in her wet pussy and the vibrator slowly into her ass. He does as she tells him and licks her clit at the same time. He can’t keep Sandy from squirming, and realizes she’ll cum soon if he keeps it up. He sticks a finger inside next to the dildo and that does wonders for Sandy. She starts squirming more and is about to cum. Ryan asks Sandy to stick a finger in his ass to see how it feels. “Oh wow, now I know why you like it so much” he says.

“Don’t stop Ryan, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Sandy shouts. She finally cums and now it’s Ryan’s turn. So he stands up. With her mouth and a hand on his hard hard cock and a finger in his ass, Ryan starts to move a lot with the motion of Sandy’s finger in his ass. “Oh Sandy, oh yeah, that’s it” he says. Sandy can taste it coming and strokes his cock with her hand. Ryan cums all over Sandy’s face and mouth and she licks him clean and he can’t stop twitching.

Both of them agree that that was the best they’ve had. Ryan now spends more time at Sandy’s house than before.

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